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Rage offers a powerful new case in point, as Delaware and LAPD homicide detective Milo Sturgis revisit a horrifying crime from the past that has taken on shocking and deadly new dimensions. Troy Turner and Rand Duchay were barely teenagers when they kidnapped and murdered a younger child. Troy, a remorseless sociopath, died violently behind bars. But the hulking, slow-witted Rand managed to survive his stretch. But the young killer comes to a brutal end, that conversation never takes place. Has karma caught up with Rand? Or has someone waited for eight patient years to dine on ice-cold revenge?

Because fear in the voice of the grownup Rand Duchay—and his eerie final words to Alex: Alex Delaware—Kellerman's famously successful clinical psychologist whose cases get darker and more complicated over the years. This is Rubinstein's 19th audio outing as Delaware, and he pulls it off brilliantly: Rubinstein also brings to instant life dozens of other male and female characters, from love interests to at-risk teenagers and sex criminals—giving each a distinctive personality.

An earlier case resurfaces when the teenage boy who abducted and killed a two-year-old girl is released after eight years in detention and calls Delaware to set up a meeting. Or something like that. She has split from her recent boyfriend and is all alone except for Spike. Not able to stop and deal with Allison and Robin, Alex, with Milo, pursue and interview a truckload of wicked mean adults and adults who meant well and failed - but which ones are responsible for what?

Not knowing Robin is in the wings waiting as her understudy, Allison is tired of Alex hanging out with Milo and forgetting he is a psychologist and not a cop.

The good doctor has a lot to think about. The only one giving Alex any joy is Milo. Milo is tired of his job. He can't remember working on such a depressing case.

Alex wonders what Milo is planning - after all, Milo has his minimum 20 years before retirement done. Don't it make my brown eyes blue The author has never written a plot without stretches and holes in the fabric of his plots, and this one isn't any different. The only changes I've noticed throughout the series is Jonathan Kellerman has made Davenport less of an avenging superhero fighting cartoon villains and more of a detective with a psychology doctorate helping Milo understand the crackpots, predict responses after interviews and poke sticks at suspects hoping they will get defensively stupid.

Readers can easily ignore the gaps of story and logic they aren't that bad, anyway , and settle down for a fun mystery. Apr 14, Miranda rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I love the Alex Delaware books. This one was meh. Not horrible, but it didn't cruise along at fast a pace as previous Alex Delaware novels I've read. Nothing really stood out for me in this novel, other than something Alex said about religion.

And it explained a lot about the Bible-thumping perv Drew Daney, whom Alex and his cop pal Milo spent the novel tracking and suspecting. Wha I love the Alex Delaware books. What became of Cherish or Barnett? The novel just ended without resolving where they ran off to. This novel started about two teen-agers who killed a toddler, but soon evolved into a pervy foster father who diddled his wards. Was Rand as guilty in the murder of Kristal as Troy? Rand was killed before he could talk to Alex.

Was Barnett Kristal's biological father? There's a lot of questions that didn't get answered, but that makes the plot seem like reality. How often do things elude answers in real life? Jul 05, Jerry B rated it it was amazing. Alex Delaware in great form - brainy thriller for sure! We're big fans of J. Kellerman, but find that sometimes the Alex Delaware stories drift so far from his child psychology specialty that it's tough to believe either the action or the detective work.

But in this latest "intellectual" thriller, we spend much of the time reading dialogue between Alex and cop buddy Milo Sturgis dissecting a variety of perplexing clues; their skills at finding motives and posing possibilities are tasked to the li Alex Delaware in great form - brainy thriller for sure! But in this latest "intellectual" thriller, we spend much of the time reading dialogue between Alex and cop buddy Milo Sturgis dissecting a variety of perplexing clues; their skills at finding motives and posing possibilities are tasked to the limit.

The tale starts with the killing of a toddler by two tough teens. Alex interviews them to help determine whether trials as adults make sense, but a plea bargain puts them both in youth prison without courtroom proceedings. One of the youths is murdered a month later, but the other survives eight years in jail with scars galore and comes out wanting to talk to Alex again, presumably with new information about the murder. Before the meet can take place, this youth's murdered body turns up and the race is on to figure out what is going on.

Before it's over, the toddler's parents are involved, some "spiritual advisors" and foster parents are involved, and a clever but insidious killer is eventually unearthed. The application of justice at book's end is a fascinating conclusion, even though it seemed the novel ended a bit abruptly considering how totally absorbed we were in reaching the outcome. Kellerman has crafted an intriguing plot, one that requires plenty of cerebral work on the part of both his leading men and the reader. Unraveling the eventual truth created tremendous suspense, sustained without some of the silly cops and robbers type action of some of the other Delaware stories.

Delaware's love life was mostly on vacation as well, although new love interest and fellow doc Allison seemed to be losing the spark. Meanwhile, long-time ex-partner Robin has returned to LA, having dumped her singer boy toy, and we're left to wonder might happen there in what is bound to be our author's next release. It sounded like a tiring Milo is having thoughts of "pulling the pin" retiring as well -- will he?

We're more than happy to recommend "Rage" as Kellerman and Delaware in the very fine form of his earlier works -- enjoy! Nov 04, Judy added it. Another good Kellerman book. I really enjoy his writing and sometimes complex stories he devises. And Delaware and Sturgis are such a good team for solving mysteries. I'm not sure what is going to happen next in Delawares love life. I've read some of Kellermans later books, and am filling in with the ones I missed. So, I don't think it's absolutely necessary to read them in order. Still I usually do,and feel as though I'm following a good friend. Sep 04, Gordon rated it liked it Shelves: He isn't even armed, is he gonna throw a show?

So, I've been cherry picking the series according to reviews as 'side candy' while my main dish of 'The Great Gatsby' is just like going thru school again, trying to see the metaphors, looking up words etc This kind of book is perfect to put in between when the other gets too intense.

Either way, its an entertaining read albeit I still have a serious misgiving that a place like L. Feb 25, Kelly Alex Delaware is a child psychologist -- intelligent, calm and empathetic. Milo Sturgis is a dogged, gruff and sarcastic homicide detective.

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Alex is intuitive; Milo is calculated. Alex is confident; Milo is cocksure. Alex is a handsome, educated man. Milo is a massive, gluttonous man. Together they find themselves solving crimes using their unique personality traits. The best books of this series allow the differences of these two men to be amplified and to cause hilarity and tension. The best o Alex Delaware is a child psychologist -- intelligent, calm and empathetic. The best of these books do not stray from the initial premise, where they solve crimes involving children. In recent volumes it seemed that Delaware changed his specialization.

Here he is back and I liked it. I still do not like the relationship with Allison. She bores me, and although she is meant to be a very smart and educated woman, I find her to be submissive. She is too nice. Dec 07, Robyn rated it really liked it Shelves: The Book A two year old girl goes to the mall with her mother, where she is then taken and later murdered.

The alleged perpetrators are two troubled boys; Troy and Rand. Alex is asked to assess both boys for their trial. Both boys are convicted and sentenced. Unfortunately it seems the wheel turns; Troy is murdered while still behind bars. Rand meets the same fate on the very evening he calls Alex 8 years later. The bodies are piling up sending Alex and Milo on another race-against-time investigat The Book A two year old girl goes to the mall with her mother, where she is then taken and later murdered.

KILLER: An Alex Delaware Novel by Jonathan Kellerman

The bodies are piling up sending Alex and Milo on another race-against-time investigation. My Thoughts I am a huge fan of Jonathan Kellerman , I find his writing to be captivating, his books seldom leave me disappointed or with any sense of needing more. Rage had me expecting much the same as other books, but turned out to be far more than that. It is dark, chilling and bordering on depraved.

I will warn my fellow bibliophiles that there is a potentially huge trigger - child abuse. While it does take some time for this to come through in the book, there's a fairly obvious lead on to it though nowhere near sufficient in letting the reader know just what they're in for. As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed Alex and Milo's interactions. I find Milo was slightly more enjoyable as a character in Rage, I'm not sure exactly what it is but he seemed far more Either way there was a change I felt in him which was great. Jonathan does an awesome job of portraying his characters in a realistic manner which I always appreciate and enjoy.

And interesting dynamic was that of Alex and his beau. They crash heads in a most unlikely way and I enjoyed the potential for investigating the impact of the psychology profession on two trained individuals in a relationship. Do I feel like the book closed well? I'm still not sure. I appreciate the open ending we're given as there isn't the usual arrest and closure for the reader, but it still felt weird from what I am used to reading. There is a fairly well configured closure for the characters though, one I sort of expected, but didn't at the same time.

I am so looking forward to completing my collection of the Delaware series! Sometimes Kellerman gets lost in the demons he conjures up. As a reader I need to care at least a little about the victims or give me a bad guy that's charismatic so I can at least enjoy the ride. Rage is dark from beginning to end. The Devil's waltz was creepy and dark but had a intriguing villain and plot. Rage's plot is completely crushed under all the weight of the bad and disgusting things that are revealed. This is too much reality intruding in my murder mystery for me. I h Sometimes Kellerman gets lost in the demons he conjures up.

I have a high threshold but enough is enough. I don't mind open ended conclusion or if the bad characters get away with it. I love Minette Walters the queen of the weird endings and bad guys getting away with it for me. I mind when things don't make sense in the end. This is my limit. For Delaware and Milo to do nothing was out of character. In the end you have no idea why the creep had the young girl murdered by the two boys.

Because she was his and he couldn't stand that?

Rage (Alex Delaware, #19) by Jonathan Kellerman

It's all theories and conjunctures. Even the execution of the bad guy is botched up in a way because it's again all conjunctures about the motivations of the executioners. I mean, please, no. Robin gets on my nerves with oh, I have this new man in my life but I still want you Alex.

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At least Allison is honest about her desires and what she wants. I'm a bit miffed that Kellerman is having Robin back in Alex's life. Mar 23, Christy rated it it was ok.