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Checkout Your Cart Price. Martin Kamenski, a practicing CPA, unleashes years of tax experience on the creative community. He offers explanations in language that is easy for the most number-illiterate to understand. His Chicago-based practice serves clients nationwide and offers artists and creative professionals the explanations they need to make sense of the tangled web of the IRS.

Kamenski provides guidance about when to treat yourself as a business. He will advise on the important considerations before incorporating. He will shatter some of the most prevalent and costly myths existing in the artistic community. Suitable for any actor, writer, musician, dancer, photographer, director, model, visual artist, band, production company, etc.

The playing field is about to be leveled. Prepare to feel in control of your financial future! Although most found Squarespace relatively straightforward, it did prove a little trickier to use than other website builders like Wix and GoDaddy. The aesthetics of the Squarespace templates are by far the most visually appealing. I would be mindful who I recommend this product to, there is no way that I would recommend this to my mum, who has very limited technical capabilities.

You can think of it more as section-based, with each section bringing something different to your web pages e. Try hovering your mouse over a photo on your Squarespace template and seeing what happens. Your photos automatically appear on the page, where you can start adding text and dragging certain elements around the page. They move slightly when you edit other elements, but their position is largely dictated by the template you chose. Click an element in your chosen template, and the left-hand sidebar of customization options will change to display just the options for that element.

Previously, you had to keep checking a preview, but now what you see in the editor is what you get when you publish your website. This has made Squarespace much easier and more satisfying to use. Squarespace has made sure its small but perfectly-formed collection covers a good range of industries. There are ready-made templates for portfolios, online stores, blogs, weddings, restaurants and more. If you know any CSS code, you can use it to customize your Squarespace site even further.

Click here to see our full review of Squarespace templates. Best of all, though, is Squarespace live chat. Squarespace offers plenty of ways to get help. Squarespace provides an extensive library of video tutorials that guide you step-by-step through using the tools. We found these videos incredibly helpful when figuring out the basics of using Squarespace, and they saved us a lot of time. The best way to get a feel for the forum is to click the tags under Popular Topics on the right.

If you need to troubleshoot a particular problem, use the search box — it may have been asked and answered many times before — or click Ask A Question. Squarespace is a great choice of website builder for launching or expanding your online store or small business. Squarespace used to only support one payment platform: PayPal , by contrast, works in more than countries. Good news for your store and your customers. Quite the mouthful, but all it means is that you can sell across other channels, such as social media and marketplaces, as well as your website.

Squarespace allows you to connect to Instagram and tag your products directly on the platform. This means social-happy browsers can click on your photos and buy your products, without ever having to leave Instagram! SEO search engine optimization — the art and science of getting your site up the search rankings — has become a vital part of running an online business.

So far, so similar to other website builders. It lets you customize your website address for maximum search performance, and automatically creates a sitemap that helps Google know where to crawl and index. You can submit the sitemap to Google through Google Webmaster Tools. This can make your site much more SEO-friendly. Squarespace Analytics includes hourly, daily, weekly and monthly traffic reports; information about visitors who visited your site using mobile devices; sites that referred visitors to your site; which of your content is most popular, and much more.

Squarespace also supports Google Analytics, which you can link with your site to track your visitor statistics. The answer may surprise you. While it looks after hosting and domains, you can focus on building your website and other more important things such as marketing, or life in general! But the tech feature that really sets Squarespace apart from many of its rivals, including Wix, is that it lets you export your site into WordPress.

As with most other website builders, you save money overall if you pay annually instead of monthly. For more details, read our Squarespace ecommerce review. Whatever plan you choose, Squarespace is a little more expensive than other website builders with similar features click here to see our comparison chart. Squarespace certainly saves you a ton of cash compared with hiring a designer. But, Squarespace does offer a day free trial, so you can try out the website builder and all its features before committing to a paid plan.

Squarespace has four premium plans. Read our Squarespace Pricing Review for a full breakdown of how to choose the right price plan for you. You can save money by signing up to a yearly plan rather than a monthly one — plus check out our official Squarespace offer code for a discount. Squarespace currently supports six languages: You can create multilingual sites by creating different pages for each language.

Squarespace is not a specialized ecommerce builder like Shopify, but it does offer great ecommerce features which are integrated into its professional template designs. These features include a built-in shopping cart, unlimited products, the ability to sell physical, digital and service-based products, as well as accepting payments through Stripe, PayPal, and Apple Pay in 13 different currencies.

Read our in-depth Squarespace ecommerce Review for more details. Squarespace has all the standard SEO tools built in to help your page rank in search results, such as title tags, keyword targeting, and mobile friendly pages. But Squarespace also allows you to customize your website title to be different from your URL and automatically creates a sitemap to help Google process your website in its indexing.

Squarespace gives you all the tools you need to create a designer website, without needing to know a line of code or hire a designer. Its templates are gorgeous. This makes it the ideal website builder for anyone in a creative industry. Photographers , restaurateurs , musicians, artists and bloggers will feel right at home, and the superb templates are perfect for wedding websites.

If you hit a snag at any time of day or night, summon up Squarespace live chat for help. You can send an email if you prefer — the team will get back to you within an hour. We think Squarespace is a fantastic choice of website builder, whatever your ability level and whatever type of website you want to build. If you sign up for a Squarespace account you automatically get 14 days to try out the service and build a site, completely free. Did this guide help you?

13 Key Things To Know Before You Use – Wix Review 2018

Leave a comment below. Do you know anyone who can benefit from this guide? Send them this page or click on the share buttons on the left. Please note the insight contained within this article is for general information purposes only. For further information, please contact Website Builder Expert directly via email at info websitebuilderexpert. Email will not be published required. I understand I can transfer my domain name to spacespace and getting up running again. I would like to keep all the emails and transfer them to Microsoft outlook.

Any idea how to do that please? Thanks for your comment. The guide has a section on moving email records that may be able to help you. Thank you, Great Work! Hi Joann, Thank you for sharing your feedback! Thanks for your comment, Lucy. I should be done in a week. With Squarespace, can I allow people to sign up or register as members of my website non-paying? How does membership on a Squarespace site compare to Wix or Weebly?

Hi Lauren, Welcome to the community. When you say members are you looking at member only areas? Wix and Squarespace build these features into the builder, whereas Weebly you will have to add this in directly from their app store at a potential cost increase. I hope this helps clarify your concern.

Thanks so much Natasha! Yes, I am going for a forum where members only can post and comment. Do you know about the pricing for membership with Squarespace? I found this information and the video extremely informative! It was more information than what was provided on other sites.

Growing and Scaling a Successful eCommerce Business: The Ultimate Guide

I think the reviewer is very friendly and honest! Hi Lisa, thanks for the comment, great to hear you found the review helpful. Did you go with Squarespace in the end? I do appreciate that you were making an unbiased comparison of SquareSpace and Wix — and not necessarily a review of actual use! The number of people using Square Space giving VERY negative feedback of their experiences has really given me cold feet. I really regret creating my online store with SquareSpace. I have to enter them manually, which is time consuming and easily done incorrectly.

I would strongly discourage anyone in California from creating an online store using SquareSpace…go with Shopify or the like.

Minding Your Business : A Guide to Money and Taxes for Creative Professionals

Thanks for the really interesting insight! In our experience Shopify is certainly a market leader when it comes to payment options. Hi I currently have an Etsy store and want to have my own website. Any advise would be appreciated Thanks Debbie. I would suggest scanning our comparison chart for ecommerce builders: A general rule of thumb we like to recommend is that if you want to sell more than 10 products, Shopify is the best bet for starting an online store.

I cannot stress enough on how easy, simplified and straight to the point using squarespace is! I was able to get my website up and running from buying the Domain name, to choosing a theme and filling the content in 2 hours only! I love Squarespace for the reason you listed below — it has such stylish and elegant templates. That said, I want clients to be able to book and pay for appointments online. What do you think of Squarespace for that purpose?

In our experience, Wix is the market leader when it comes to fully-integrated booking features. Just take a look at WixHotels! My site is down and their email-only customer service tells me it will be DAYS until I can expect a response. If your site is just for fun, then by all means. Their front-line customer service people have quick, friendly answers to easy questions that appear in their knowledgbase.

Hi Alison, Thank you for sharing your current experience with the rest of the community. Have you been able to identify the cause to your site being down? When you spoke to SquareSpace were they able to communicate the reason back to you? You can find the live chat support page here just note that the live chat only works between the hours of 4AM and 8PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday:.

Hopefully, you will be able to reach someone much quicker and then get to the bottom of the issues. I hope you get this resolved soon. Hi and thank you for the great review. I have to say — after seeing the Keanu ad during the superbowl — it made me research the site. I am completely NEW to starting a website and blogging. My goal is to start up a blog by the end of Feb. Do you have any articles about blog sites in general — maybe a comparison of all of them??

Any recommendations from anyone would be helpful! Or you can opt for a more sophisticated platform like WordPress, which is a lot more customizable BUT requires you to have at least a basic knowledge and understanding of coding to really max out its potential. A good place to start comparing website builders is our comparison chart.

We have a medium sized fashion label we currently stock in 50 stores internationally. We have had a quieter year and took consultancy advice. Is this true or just industry design snobbery? Would a consumer really know? And surely SEO is the quality of your content and back links? This is the only way a consumer would know your site is built on Squarespace, unless they really looked into the page source code — but who really does that?!

As for SEO, Squarespace is generally pretty well regarded. They even provide helpful SEO tips to guide your optimization efforts. Maybe test out a redesign with a different template every few years, but otherwise you should be golden! Thanks for sharing this review! No mobile editor is a deal breaker for me. I understand your frustrations. More and more people are using their mobile phones and tablets to browse the internet, so having a website that looks good on the go is really important. This should ensure that your Squarespace website optimizes itself for any and all screen sizes.

This information was enormously useful in helping me to decide how to proceed with a website redesign for a non-profit. As a sports photographer, I need a webage where I can I upload hundreds of photos after an event. This will remain on the site for purchase. The next event will repeat the process. This review does not mention a review and selection platform. One thing to be aware of though is that Squarespace can be a little sluggish sometimes if you are uploading lots of large, hi-res photos at the same time, which might prove to be a real time-drain if you intend on uploading large albums for clients.

Thank you for the review. It helped me get to know better about SquareSpace besides all the places they advertise at through sponsorship. Think about what you want your users to be able to do on your website. Is it there just for information purposes or do you want to accept bookings, or maybe some other functionality?

In your situation, I would recommend signing up for a free trial with Squarespace and then having a browse to familiarize yourself with what can be achieved. You should also have a look through the app marketplace to see if there are plugins that can help you achieve the functionality you want to. It might be worth considering your options too though as Squarespace is normally used for clean, image-rich websites such as portfolios — not always. Wix would be another good option to consider, as it offers a lot of similar functions to Squarespace and the editor is more intuitive to use.

I have site hosted elsewhere. I assume Squarespace has to host. How does that work with present site? Our site is non ecommerce, visitors encouraged to call or email? There are two types hosting: Web hosting is where your website content is stored, which in this case will be Squarespace if you use their web builder. If using a Squarespace premium plan then you can use your existing domain name or purchase one to use with your site. There should be no reason why users cannot contact you as long as you provide them with the information they need.

As an alternative you could look into either Wix or Weebly , who both offer the ability to create forums without the need for additional 3rd party plugins. This is usually enough for most users as the level of depth included in these answers is pretty good. On the other hand, Weebly offers online chat, email and phone support, while Wix offers email and phone support which helps to add a level of real-time support not offered by Squarespace.

Give our Wix and Weebly reviews a read and see what you think.


If the forum is your end goal, I would definitely point you towards Wix over Squarespace. I want to create a site that will be a forum, primarily, but will grow into a large one. Appearance is less important than ease of use. Would you recommend squarespace or another program? They are a premium membership tool that can integrate with Squarespace. From my understanding they can turn your website into a paid membership website too.

For newsletters you could sign up to Mailchimp. I like the SEO reviews and that they have clean urls, I believe. Like the 3 highest priced services? I think they have pro, premium and super premium, or something like that. I would like to use one of the lower priced ones and still have what I need. Not going over products.

Oh since they only do Strip as a payment possessor, can one put ones own business PayPal button? Stock photos are the kiss of death for a web site. I noticed that Pixar feels the same way. Everything on the site is their content — as it should be for any site. Part of the video just showcases some templates with stock images that comes default as part of the templates. You can swap them out with your own images or any content as you wish. So you have complete flexibility to do that. The images are just there as a starting point. You can delete it and insert your own.

Have you asked their customer support team? That is the intent anyway as most users want to customize the look and feel of their own websites. Do you understand why Squarespace specialists cost so much more? Perhaps the specialists that work with Squarespace are much higher end? Or perhaps they are located in developed countries much more expensive than those located in developing countries?

We have a guide on how to find good freelancers. You might find it helpful. This was super helpful! Squarespace is a really good website builder to showcase portfolio. Give Squarespace a try and see how you like it! Thanks for all the information — I just have a quick question. I run a small restaurant that delivers mainly to college dorms in my area. Is it possible, with squarespace, for me to customize the delivery options so that it shows the dorms in a drop down menu? Or maybe there is some way to edit the code so that I have this option. Basically I want to only allow delivery to certain dorms on campus and none of them have a standard address.

Just create a new, separate page for each dorm and each of these pages can have a place on your menu bar. With Squarespace, you do have the option of exporting a lot of your content into WordPress. See Point 9 above for more details. I have a serious question. And it requires a serious answer. I am a intermediate photographer, recently upgrading to a full-frame DSLR camera, and am inquiring as to which site is best to pay for. I have enough saved for a one year subscription. I want to get my photography better noticed and marketed.

My question is…which of the following would you experienced users have a beginner, try: After reading extensive reviews…and cancelling-out other alternatives. These seem to be the three best. So…which would you pick. Or would you say that any of the three are worth investing into. Generally speaking, all website builders will have a free plan or at least a limited time trial offer so you can check out their tools and platform to see if they are suitable for your needs. This way, this gives you more time to explore using the website builder and also gives you the flexibility to cancel your plan if you happen to change your mind.

Thanks for your great analysis. If I have an external Australian domain already that is a. Also, I think I saw in one of your articles that Paypal is now an integrated payment system for Squarespace sites, is that right? How do I find this out from Squarespace? Or other site builders? The main and logical reason is that Squarespace or whichever website builder you use will not want to be held accountable for your content. The website builder would not want to be responsible for such content. Jeremy, many thanks for your review. Ive been researching website builders for some time and have discovered most reviews-like yours to be strongly in favor of it and I see they have won numerous awards for their customer service.

I was very close to moving forward with it, until I discovered a website that was established solely as a platform for customers to leave reviews about companies. Squarespace had about reviews and received extremely poor ratings. Review after review expressed great frustration about its usability and gave strong warnings to potential customers considering using it. People loved the design but said it was a nightmare to use. Much like one of the comments you received a bit ago stating the same thing.

Out of reviews it received a trust score of 2. I say all this not to put people off, as I myself are still strongly considering Squarespace. But Im doing so with much greater hesitancy.

I find it very confusing to find a seemingly legitimate site with so many negative reviews from users, yet mostly read only great reviews elsewhere. I guess Im just curious to hear your thoughts about this. I was leaning away from Squarespace but then came upon your review and am now once again reconsidering based on your strong review. Its not my intention to spread negative reviews which is the reason Im not naming the website, but I can if you would like to see the comments yourself.

I suppose one of the best ways forward is to test out their website builder yourself. They offer a 14 day free trial and I believe this could be extended to 21 days. So this should give you plenty of time to build a test website to see if you enjoy using their website building tools. After all, technology is never perfect.

Even my iPhone acts up once in a blue moon. I enjoyed working with Squarespace very much. Tell me more about Integrated accounting via xero for example: So when someone goes through your checkout process, you can add an option so your visitors can select to be added to the mailing list. We currently have a national company doing the maintenance of our website.

My question is; what is the security like on Squarespace? Hi, great review, I am really considering using this service, just wanted to know if Squarespace allow you to create a. You can most definitely connect a custom domain name to a website built with Squarespace. There are 2 ways to do this:. The convenience is that you can connect it to your website very easily as the domain name and your website are all managed by Squarespace.

The benefit is that you can disconnect the domain name from the website at any time, if you want to connect it to another website. We have a domain name guide that will go into this topic in more depth. I found this information very helpful. Iwill be using this website builder for myself. Thank you for a great review, Jeremy! I think you use SSL for all Squarespace plans. How do they actually get businesses to use them? I am in the process of looking for cheaper alternatives now that I realized this. Thanks for the article. Yes it will be fine. If someone visits your website from Japan for example , it will pull your data from a data center located in Asia.

Thanks so much for this, really helped me out, very concise, well written and easy to follow, cheers. Thank for the article. You can also test them out for free for 14 days and get a feel of how their technology work, to see if you are comfortable with using them. It takes time, effort and a lot of perseverance — just like anything in life! We have a website builder SEO guide here that will shed a bit more light on this topic.

Will SS website hosting be quick enough with their servers located in the US? I want my viewers to have a good user experience in the UK. Squarespace uses CDN global content delivery network which simply means that your website content is distributed to servers all over world. So your website will not be loaded from the US servers. Does that make sense? As far as I know, Squarespace websites can be viewed across all mobile devices and mobile browsers.

What you can do to verify this yourself, is to sign up to a test account, publish a test website and just try to load it with your mobile devices. You should see that your website will load perfectly! If I register a domain name through Squarespace do I own it completely? Once you register for a domain name and pay for it, you own the domain name. Squarespace will only host it for you so it exists online, so to speak. Hope this make sense. We have a more comprehensive discussion about domain names here. Thanks for the awesome reviews. The only bit that is still keeping me on the fence is my location.

I know nothing about coding so WordPress seems pretty daunting. We have more details about that approach here. But just beware that while most reputable widgets will work most of the time, there is a slight chance that a widget may somehow conflict with Squarespace since external widgets and Squarespace are developed independently.

If having full customization control is important to you, WordPress might be the way to go. Squarespace makes building websites easy and code free. But if you want more technical access, then this website builder might not be suitable for you. We do have an article comparing WordPress and Squarespace here — you might find it interesting. Hi Jeremy, Great review! I have a few questions…. I have limited design and technology experience so A. As we can sell products through the site, is that easy to set up?

We require a few different email addresses, is this available via SS? Can we link updates to our FB and IG pages or vice versa? I think you answered this but can people fill in a form to request more information or make an actual booking? Thank-you, I appreciate your time. May you have a blessed weekend!

Wix Review Video

The best thing to do is sign up to a trial account and test them out yourself. That will give you a good idea if you want to work with them. Squarespace partners with Google Mail, so you can get custom email addresses through Google directly through Squarespace. We use custom Google mail ourselves and it works great. If you publish a new blog post, you can share the blog post on Facebook as each blog post has social sharing buttons. But you can create an image for your blog post and share that on IG separately. Squarespace does have IG sharing button for your entire website not individual blog posts.

So you can insert that so people can click on it and follow you on IG. So you can sell tickets to events that way. Best to to see if that works for you is to sign up for a trial account and dig into that tool!

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Well, it took a lot longer than I had expected to built my website. To get the style and functionality I wanted, I had to adopt and inject code snippets from answers. Before I chose Squarespace I looked into specialized website builders for photographers and into wordpress. I had a bilingual site in mind with a stock photo section which links to my agency istockphoto and a portfolio to present my work. Eventually I opted for Squarespace not only because it offered a way to include a second language.

I get almost everything from one source, updates, hosting and SEO included, a great and fast email-support, a great knowledge base including explanatory videos and not to mention the beautiful templates. Despite all obstacles I am now happy with my Squarespace site at http: Without the help of the following resources and people my website would not exist. Omg, Ulrich your comment just assisted me in taking my coaching business to the next level! I love the fact of having your website in different languages! Could you explain me how you got your header to be sticky?

I currently just launched a new clothing line and need a website. There are so many to choose from and I see lots of them have hidden fees. Which would be the best for me to choose from. Thanks for any pointers. All the fees are outlined on their pricing pages or discussed in our reviews. Some of the leading website builders include Wix, Squarespace and Weebly. You can see our comparison chart for them here. If you are looking for ecommerce website builders so you can sell your clothes online , then have a look at Shopify.

I love the clean sophisticatd lines of Squarspace. Getting them through the door is essential. The name of a business has to hook potential customers. This being said, I still am torn as which website builder is best for my needs: I have an on-line candy business called Sugar Crack! I also want to have a blog attached as well as a donor page that is similar to crowd funding. I offer my candy with merchandise with my business logo on it. The merchandise depends on the amount of the donation. A key difference is that Shopify has much more advanced online store tools than Squarespace.

So if you want to access more advanced tools, Shopify is probably a better candidate. So Squarespace might be sufficient. Shopify is a bit less flexible in this regard, as their templates are set up in certain set layouts and you might have to edit some codes to configure layouts. I think the best thing to do is sign up for free trial accounts with both Squarespace and Shopify, so you can get some first hand experiences with using each platform. I hope you can help me out here. I really love how polished SS templates look!

My main issue is that I live in Cairo, so Stripe for payments is out of question. After a bit of digging, I discovered the Shopify Buy Button. I can use that to add the commerce functionality to my SS website. My question is about Shopify-Squarespace integration. I want the products page to display my products in a grid layout. Especially with getting a grid layout of 2 and 3 images in a row, as well as having 2 or more rows on a single page. What you can consider doing, is signing up for a free trial with Squarespace and with Shopify, and try to integrate both of them.

Hi Jeremy, Great article. I have a question. Can Squarespace do all this? Most website builders, including Squarespace, will allow you to insert blogs, videos, landing pages, sell products and include tools for SEO. Squarespace is one of the rare website builders that include podcasting tools for you. If you want a built-in newsletter tool, then take a look at Wix their email tools is called Shoutout.

Is a personal squarespace web plan good enough for that? How should I go about integrating the calendar and payment acceptance? I took a closer look at Squarespace as a result and learned that they do not except at this time, transfer of other domains. I have six domains with another web host. I can point the domains to my squarespace website but that is all. It means I have to keep paying the current webhsost as well as squarespace. The advantage with keeping a domain name with Squarespace is that they make it easier to connect the domain name with the website.

We have more discussion about this in our domain names article here. It could be cheaper there. What an incredibly thorough and helpful review for someone like me who needs to build-their-own website again and was feeling rather lost before this. Very detailed and helpful review. Had a WordPress site for quite some time but the constant babysitting is really taking up too much time.

Wanted to start over with a new template but that would require me to build the new site from scratch. Check out this page here , where Squaerspace lists out some specialists that you can consider hiring. We need to create a web site for a small student inner city school. Did you get an inexpensive template for that purpose?

Is it also possible to have this website in multiple languages? It takes me every time hours to search on Google and Youtube for solutions and support is not always helpful. So I am thinking at Squarespace and hope it will be easier than WordPress and that I can make this website also in different languages. Take a look at this article here where we discuss how to create multiple language websites. Can you touch on that, also? Yes you can integrate Aweber and Wufoo with Squarespace. Thank you so much for all of the info! You have really helped me a lot! However, I do need some advice.

I have narrowed it down to Wix or Squarespace. I am actually leaning toward Squarespace because I love the templates and some of the flexibility it has over Wix, but I am wondering about apps. My question is how necessary are apps and plugins? One of the things I like about Wix is that they are constantly introducing new and advanced features including more apps in their App Market. Having said that, Wix does offer you a lot more tools via their App Market, than what Squarespace offers you.

OMG, thanks so much for all of the info that you are sharing here. Once again, thank you! So it includes all the features from the lower plans, including the ability to create Cover Pages. I am a first time website builder, and am seeking a single page website. However, it is critical to my design that that single page include a fillable, submittable form check boxes, drop down menus, text, and ability to attach files that would submit to my email.

Can such a fillable form be added to a Squares pace Cover Page? Can you suggest the best web-builder s to create strong and easy to create fillable forms? You can also check out Wix. I used squarespace in the past. And I have now come back to it. Other options like wordpress can be more powerful, but they suck all the the time out of you — not on content. I want a simple one pager. So, I will see what I can do. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

It resonates with the discussion we have comparing Squarespace with WordPress here. In regards to cover pages, you can definitely use it with your existing Squarespace website. Take a look at this tutorial here. I recently decided to move from WordPress to Squarespace. I had been using self-hosted WordPress for over 2 years, but was just finding I was spending most of my time solving site, technical, and performance issues, instead of building content, which was always my goal. You can learn about my thought process as to why I made the switch in a recent post I made to my site:.

Thanks for sharing your experiences in regards to WordPress and Squarespace. Cost is not only defined as money, but also time and energy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, and I think a lot of readers will find your comment helpful and constructive! I hear using plugins through WordPress is ideal and choosing BlueHost since they are highly compatible.

Could a newbie figure things out in a decent amount of time? Bluehost do work well with WordPress sites. We have a quick discussion post here that you might find helpful. There are some excellent membership or online course plugins available for WordPress. But as mentioned, you will need to be a bit technical to piece everything together, and also to configure your website properly. You can always hire professionals to help, of course. There is a membership widget called Sentry Login that creates a paid membership function for Squarespace or Wix or Weebly.

But the benefit here is that you can quickly launch a working website all by yourself no coding required. I was also wondering, if I was hoping to start off my website on a free domain, how difficult would it be to move it onto squarespace if possible? None of the website builders including Squarespace will give you a free domain name. The best they can do is offer you a free subdomain name such as jael. So you will have to purchase a custom domain name yourself. If you purchase a domain name from a domain name registrar such as GoDaddy , you can connect it to your Squarespace website.

We have a guide to domain names here which should hopefully clear up some of your questions! HI Jeremy, just found out about Squarespace. Squarespace will work for you, as long as you sign up to use Stripe as your transaction services provider to power your shopping cart. The reason being that Squarespace only integrates with Stripe. The transaction fees are quite reasonable and a lot of big and small companies use Stripe.

Hi Jeremy, Thank you for the in-depth review of Squarespace. I have a domain name that is currently at Google. Is it possible to use that with Squarespace? You can also check out our Beginners Guide to Domain Names where we cover some key issues to consider when it comes to domain names. However, I wonder if you can me a little further. I did a lot of research and Squarespace seemed to be the one everyone loved. Also, I need to have a sticky header but finding it impossible to add CSS code that works! You just have to become good with working with their system, if you want to really customize your website via codes.

Squarespace does open up its code base to users, but one will have to be pretty proficient with codes to use it effectively. They offer a 14 day trial with an option to extend for another week I think. I completely understand that it takes time for a designer to complete a site with the client signing off, but I think that will most likely take much longer than the 14 day trial, and even with an extension of the trial period. If having an unlimited free account is crucial to you, take a look at either Wix or Weebly.

Both allow you to use their web builder for free, without any time limitations as to when or if you must subscribe to their premium plans. So if modifying codes is important to you, definitely check them out. If you feel that the Personal plan is sufficient for you, then go with that one! You can always upgrade later on if you have the need to. That is still a bit cheaper than the Business Plan. Very useful and thorough review. I am a composer and a disabled lung transplant patient looking to create a web site to make my music available for donations to a charity to help with my medical expenses.

Would SquareSpace allow me to link my website to a charity website that collects the money for items in this case, music manuscripts sold on my webpage? Thanks for your question. So you should be able to link your Squarespace site to your charity page. I am currently looking at building a website for my cake decorating business. Based on reviews, squarespace seemed like the right choice for me based on no previous website building experience and their drag and drop options.

Have you any thoughts on this? In general, my own view is that the impact of platform on SEO is insignificant. There are over ranking factors that Google evaluates when determining where they should place your webpages in search results. I wished it was that easy! Of course, to get other authoritative websites to link to your site, your website content and who you represent has to be top notch. To do that, you will have to put in the work to build a brand and become the expert in your field. Squarespace works around the world, no matter where you are located unless the country has some level of content restriction, such as in China — as an example.

But even if a specific country has some level of censorship, your website visitors from other countries will still be able to see your website. One thing to consider is whether you are using the ecommerce features. So if you are planning on running an online shop out of those countries, this can be an issue for you. But if you keep your bank account in the UK, you can continue to use Stripe. If yes, what functions exactely am I not going to be able to use that work with stripe? Sorry, one more question; so if I keep my uk bank account open, I can still us sqarespace with all of its e-commerce tools woorking with stripe?

But If I prefer paypal than stripe? Not a lot of people have stripe account or are familiar with it. As long as you keep your Stripe account open in one of the countries that is accepted by Stripe, you can keep it integrated with your Squarespace website. In any case, your shoppers will not know that you are using Stripe to process payments. All they will see is a check out form where they can insert their credit card and related information. Ecwid is an ecommerce add-on widget. If done well it might work. Just wanted to leave some objective comments. I have been a WordPress user for years for my own website.

I love the platform, but the security risks with it are extensive with it being the most popular web platform out there. I got tired of trying to keep everything up to date on my site instead of being able to create artwork and content for it. I signed up for a free trial of Squarespace and was impressed enough that I signed up after 2 weeks.

You cannot remove the reference to it. In some cases Typekit fonts can be over k to download. That is quite annoying and I emailed support about it. The responded fairly quickly, but said that they were unable to remove that reference to the Typekit font from my site. I am going to assume that this is because of some kind of deal struck between them and Adobe. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with us. Sorry to hear about the Typekit issue. I think the reason for your migration from WordPress to Squarespace or any other drag and drop website builder is quite an important one.

Further, one has to be proficient with codes in order to use WordPress effectively to make design changes, etc. In your case, it sounds like you had to commit time to manage the technical aspects of operating a website, instead of focusing all your time on content creation.

So moving over to Squarespace probably freed up quite a bit of your time. This is one of the central themes we discuss in this article we have concerning Squarespace and WordPress. Hi Jeremy, I have had a look at some of the Squarespace templates and whilst they are very professional and arty looking I cannot see how any of them can suit my business as a heating and gas engineer. They seem very much focused on the more ehereal rather than someone offering a basic but important service business like I have.

Would you agree with this and have you any suggestions? That particular design worked really well for them. They can even help you build it. Take a look at their services here. Also have a look at Weebly as well. Question, we have a website with about , monthly visitors. Will Squarespace have any problems handling that kind of traffic? But if you want to be sure, reach out to their support team to see if they have any specific concerns.

Hi Jeremy, Thank you for sharing the review. I want to check if one can add rich snippet for a local business or person.