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Lyubimenko and labor union organizers of structural divisions: The focus of our organization's work is to assist members of the faculty, members of the labor union, in solving problems that arise in the sphere of social and labor relations.

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The faculty has formed a good tradition of constructive cooperation with the administration of the faculty, in particular with the dean prof. Gavrish on the solution of these problems. Each year, the organization of the FMM is involved in the implementation of the labor union committee of the KPI in the sphere of the organization of health improvement, rest, help to families with children, financial support of union members. Our employees have the opportunity to receive partial compensation of the cost for traveling to university rest facilities, to use the pool of the sports complex of the university, to rehabilitate children in children's camps with the compensation of the trip cost at the expense of the labor union organization, to receive financial help.

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There is a good tradition of labor union organization to hold seminars for members of the union. From May 3 to May 5 this year it has been held another seminar, on the 25 anniversary of the FMM labor union organization on the theme of achievements, experience and tasks.

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The outgoing seminar is a pleasant opportunity for travel, rest, fruitful discussions, constructive criticism, and the formation of plans for the future. This year the seminar was held on the route "Golden Horseshoe of Lviv Region". The seminar was attended by 29 employees.

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The topical issues of pay and working conditions were discussed. Members of a labor union organization have expressed their critical remarks and wishes to improve the further work of the labor union department. The FMM labor union organization already exists 25 years and his members are full of creative plans and belief in their implementation.

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