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Investigators are going through every inch of the accident site searching for any clues that might help them figure out what went wrong here.

1 dead, 7 hurt as spinning Ohio State Fair ride breaks apart, tossing passengers

The fireball at the ride at the Ohio state fair broke and people went flying. This morning new details about the ride behind that fatal amusement park accident. It busted and people went flying. Documents show the fireball passed state inspection by four different inspectors just hours before the deadly accident killed one and injured seven riders. The documents from the Ohio department of agriculture say the ride, which earlier this month was used without incident at a state fair in New Jersey passed more than 35 inspection criteria on Wednesday checking off items like no visible unsecured items and motors, clutches and controls functioning.

But this morning, questions about what exactly went wrong. I saw their face before death like they knew they were hitting the ground. They knew they were about to die.

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The ride's manufacturer instructing officials everywhere to cease operation of the ride until further notice. The fireball manufactured by kmg swings riders 40 feet above the ground spinning them at 13 revolutions a minute. The company now among those investigating what happened to cause one of the six spinning gondolas to detach from its supporting arm. According to the cpsc there have been 22 known fatalities associated with amusement attractions since Whether it be bolts, whether it be welds, whether it be metal fatigue Sr.

Something along those lines it obviously had to do with the structure but what and what caused it, we'll have to wait for that. This morning the family of Tyler Jarrell, the year-old victim who enlisted last week to be a marine, wants answers. In addition to one fatality, seven people were also injured -- several critically -- and have been identified by authorities as Tamika Dunlap, 36; Russell Franks, 42; Keziah Lewis, 19; Jacob Andrews, 22; Jennifer Lambert, 18; and Abdihakim Hussein, A year-old boy was injured but his name has not been publicly released.

A spokesperson from the U. Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC said it is aware of 22 deaths associated with amusement attractions since , including the incident at the state fair, but excluding waterpark and work-related fatalities. The CPSC estimates there were 30, injuries "associated with amusement attractions" at emergency rooms in -- a Senate committee hearing on health care costs Soon: Senate committee hearing on detained children Soon: Teen's death on Ohio State Fair ride results in no charges for inspectors.

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Death at the Fair - FRANCES MCNAMARA

Trump directs release of new portions of warrant tied to Russia probe. Two were later released with one patient in critical condition, a hospital spokesman said. David Evans told reporters that "multiple passengers were ejected at high speed, at high energy more than 20 feet or more. He said four patients were in intensive care, one of whom was in surgery.

Ohio state fair ride accident kills 1, injures 7

The victims vary in ages from teenagers to at least one in their 60s. There will be complete transparency," Kasich added.

Rob Portman, R-Ohio, also issued a statement, saying he and his wife send their "deepest sympathies to all those who were impacted by the accident. The swinging Fire Ball pivots and swirls as high as 40 feet at 13 revolutions a minute, according to specifications from Amusements of America, the carnival operator that deployed a fleet of rides to the fair.

Videos circulating online and on local news stations show a sense of chaos as the incident unraveled. In one video, the six gondolas with four seats each rocketed from the top of a parabolic arc.