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I read study guides, questioned third- and fourth-year students, researched forums, and began studying early.


Having read that the Step 1 score was among the top criteria competitive residency programs use to narrow their pool of applicants, I made it a goal to give the exam my best effort. Concentrate on high-yield knowledge and concepts.

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Try to understand, especially, the ways in which the knowledge and concepts are connected. To test your understanding, see if you can comfortably explain the main points of a disease process to a friend; be sure you always know the diagnosis, pathophysiology, and management of a disease.


Know that the USMLE is designed so that it is difficult to answer questions by simply regurgitating medical knowledge. Study First Aid and be sure you thoroughly understand the concepts. The bulk of questions asked will be found in core sections in First Aid. UWorld helps illustrate the significance of the high-yield facts and the circumstances in which they are important to consider.

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UWorld questions closely mimic the setup of the actual exam in that a single question may require you to simultaneously diagnose, understand the pathophysiology, and decide on a treatment. Read the explanation for every answer stem when reading question banks, even the wrong ones. Resist the urge to move quickly through UWorld because you may unknowingly rob yourself of the chance to learn high-yield concepts.

Try to develop test-taking habits that are beneficial when working on practice problems. Spend some time early in your study schedule considering which strategies work for you. Return to home page. A free 6-month account means exactly that - it's free for 6 months.

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Will you use my e-mail address for other purposes? Why not take a free demo? Am I on track to pass? How do I compare to others? All the features you'd expect.

USMLE Step 1: Integrated Vignettes

Introducing the knowledge tutor. PassMedicine constructs a histogram based on other candidates scores which is updated on a daily basis.

25 High Yield Facts for USMLE Step 1: Cardio Anatomy and Physiology

This not only allows you to see where you are in the pecking order but also helps predict whether you're ready to take the exam. Revision mode, timed tests, extensive performance analysis and powerful question review functions.

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Not only are PassMedicine questions accompanied by answers there are also revision notes under each question. Flag questions, add your own revision notes and much more As well as our established, conventional question banks PassMedicine has developed the knowledge tutor.

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We've taken the results of the latest trials in memory science and applied them to medical revision. What this means in practice is a powerful system that drills key, high-yield, exam-relevant facts into you.