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Sin embargo, un gran olvidado es el sector rural, especialmente El Noviciado. Por ejemplo el Dotaciones y equipamientos para los centros poblados rurales. Los impactos migratorios en las comunidades rurales. Un espacio donde se dan cita empresas agroalimentarias de zonas rurales y naturales de toda Europa. Saquemos la parafernalia de palabras justicieras, ha dicho uno de los principales dirigentes rurales.

St. Augustine Cathedral, Talca

Hotel rural Casa Alodia En la actualidad, con dichos fondos, se financian 15 proyectos anuales que tienen prioridad en el desarrollo rural. Los estudiantes asisten a establecimientos educacionales de la zona urbana y rural de la comuna. Esto ocurre en la zona rural La Paloma. Sin embargo se siente que existe una gran deuda con el sector rural y campesino. Diferentes pueblos rurales argentinos trabajan en cooperativas buscando el desarrollo local.

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Las zonas rurales y suburbanas de los municipios de Cajeme tienen Temas de relevancia ambiental para los productores rurales de Montevideo. Diez han sido los beneficiarios de esta fase, tanto rurales y suburbanos como urbanos. Por un lado, la comunidad rural ha conseguido mejorar su calidad de vida. El medico rural, una manera de llevar la medicina. Ya se llevan visitadas En su trayecto llevaron ayuda a escuelas rurales. Hotel rural Casa de Labranza Las actividades tuvieron lugar luego en el Paraje rural La Vertiente.

All emergencies in Spain: Call 112 (no area code needed).

Escalating violence over the last year is linked to rivalry between new organized crime gangs that have settled in the area. More than half of Spain is wreathed in air containing excessive levels of particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and ozone. Vandals have defaced the plaque paying tribute to the young student murdered by far-right militants in The National Archaeology Museum will return the important find to the northern province next year.

Madrid's property black market is offering empty homes to buy or rent for a period of two years — the time it takes the repossession to go through the courts. Innovative villages like this one on the Swedish island of Gotland are leading by example in the effort to repopulate rural areas in a sustainable way. There are sister communities in several parts of Spain.

An EU program is helping youths who are neither in education, training or employment gain access to the job market. The socially conservative country has reduced the gender pay gap but is still one of the most unequal nations in the European Union. Thanks to EU funding, the archipelago no longer fears a repeat of the flooding which killed 49 people. In these extracts from his new book, former US ambassador to Spain James Costos talks about throwing parties for Michelle Obama, seeing history made from his living room and negotiating uncomfortable political situations.

Roberto Polo is not easily defined. The owner of a vast art collection, some of which is being shipped to Toledo and Cuenca, he was friends with artists, bankers and celebrities in s New York. He also did jail time, had a close call with death, and was born again. This larger-than-life character has a motto: Take a trip from the wetlands where the rice is grown to the restaurants where it is transformed into haute cuisine.

A year on from the terrorist attacks in Catalonia, we look at how ordinary youngsters were radicalized into Islamist terrorism and the political and social response to the jihadist phenomenon. Students know it as a place of learning and partying; visitors come for the history, the architecture and the food. We started with an initial selection of municipalities with a population of 10, or under, and these came out on top. Do you know who the first pilgrim was on the world-famous Way of Saint James?

Hotel Rural del Medico Lodge, Regumiel de la Sierra

Take a look at our guide to nine award-winning restaurants that are fit for all tastes, preferences and budgets. While appearing to be of little interest to the general public at first glance, the institutions that sponsored them and the credibility of their authors make these warnings difficult to ignore.

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While Trump was busy frightening supporters about an imminent refugee invasion, American women were getting out the vote for women candidates. In January , Donald Trump said: Two rising Latin American leaders have figured out voters are hungry for messiah figures, not lectures about the institutions that limit presidential power.

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Relying on colored pieces of paper for our transactions will soon become a thing of the past. Deepfake is a new and powerful weapon in the arsenal available to the merchants of lies.

We speak to James Blick, a travel journalist who is fronting an online gourmet guide to Madrid. A sexologist, an activist against sexual robots and the founder of this new business venture reflect on the ethical concerns raised by these hyper-realistic dummies. This season of the Netflix show follows the Guadalajara Cartel, once the biggest drug empire in the world. Spain enjoys plenty of hours of sun, but yet apartments and houses are often completely shut off to natural light. The cabinet meeting will be held in this room.

Catalan pro-independence activists block highway for 15 hours Dani Cordero. El Ejido, where Vox is now the top political force.