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This belief is again considered base less by the historians of India.

Taj Mahal Myths

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Black Tajmahal -- A reality or a myth | Sulekha Creative

Agra Tour By Car. The interpretation that the cenotaph of Shah Jahan was not meant to be placed here appears to be superfluous.

One of the world’s greatest memorials to love remains a place of mystery

Whether it's a myth or a reality, there are evidences in the existence of black marble mausoleum on the opposite side of river yamuna in the excerpts of historian. This will be a debating issue for a long time to come. If this had come true, it would have been a perfect architectural monument of love placed side by side in white and black marble Home Talk Property Beat. Search Member Search Keyword. Black Tajmahal -- A reality or a myth.

However, there are evidences in the history where black taj mahal was mentioned: Paris, "I witnessed the commencement and accomplishment of this great work, on which they have expended twenty-two years, during which twenty thousand men worked incessantly. The report from a rchaeological survey of India is as follows: There is, however, one exception. The odd placement has led many to believe he never meant to be buried there at all. Occaionally, the monument is given a spa day.

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One of the allures of the Taj Mahal is its constantly changing hue. From dawn to dusk, the sun transforms the mausoleum.

It may seem pearly gray and pale pink at sunrise, dazzling white at high noon, and an orange-bronze when the sun sets. In the evenings, the Taj can appear translucent blue. Special tickets are even sold for full moon and eclipse viewings.

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Local lore says that Shah Jahan wanted to construct a shadow image across the Yamuna River—an identical, but opposite Taj Mahal hewn from black marble—where he would be entombed. It was said that construction came to a halt after Shah Jahan was deposed by his son ironically, a child of Mumtaz Mahal and imprisoned at the nearby Agra Fort. Some historians have dismissed this story as folklore, too. Accounts have shown that, as a leader, Shah Jahan was more ruthless than romantic.

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