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Plants with a small root system or that are generally slower to put on growth than other varieties prefer this smaller pot. A slightly cheaper alternative which when dealing in large numbers can save money, yet still large enough to give an impact. A larger pot size offering a large root system and larger foliage clump.

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Popular for those who want it now! Generally peonies, deep rooted plants or plants that grow to a considerable height or width. The pot allows the plant to put on sufficient growth to ensure a fine specimen prior to planting in your garden. All plants sent out during winter or dormancy periods are checked for good, healthy, roots and in most cases the plant shows little or no top growth.

Raven's Wing Memo Book 3-Pack | Field Notes

The pot size generally reflects the amount of fresh growth that will appear in the spring. If you have not bought perennial plants at this time of the year before, please remember that you are buying a good root system and the promise of a good plant emerging in the spring.

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