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I had only read her historical romances and this was definitely a switch.

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And one that I really enjoyed! Kathryn was a wonderful character. I liked how she had her own individual and really didn't need a man in the beginning of the story. She has a lot of self- confidence but isn't arrogant. I have never read a heroine who was so sure of herself. It was a nice change from the needy, doubting or wimpy heroines that are often in romances. I also enjoyed reading the developing relationship between the 2 main characters.

Although the couples 1st meeting is rocky it seemed very real. I felt that the main characters actually got to know each other and have hot sex!! The 2 really complimented each in and out of bed. I could actually see them in my mind as a real couple. Lighthearted, sexy and really fun to read I loved this story and the 2 charming main characters! Mar 24, Elizabeth Bennet rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I read this book a few years back and was pulled into the temptation it offers.

I have recently read the other books in this series Sudden Pleasures and Forbidden Pleasures and felt no need to rewrite my opinion on them. This time my experience was different on this one. The couple are in their middle to late 40's with the h being 5 years older. This had a big impact on me because while others may not be bothered by this I guess it was different for me.

I want my H older. He wa A revised review. He was a traditional man with great morals and a dog lover. Tim Blair is the new principal who gets off on the wrong with Kathryn St. John but it is soon rectified and the two find several things they have in common. The relationship in this starts with him courting her for the sake of appearance. The other issue I have is past relationships mixing with current ones.

The very popular channel is Kathryn's life. She works and hides behind satisfying her needs there. The man in charge is of course symbolic of the devil while it is not spelled outright it is clear his job is to seduce and tempt women to the dark side through their fantasies. There are other books in this series which show just how that works but Kathryn is a good girl and while she loves the fantasies she has created it is clear she is too good to be swayed to the other side. Nicholas aka Lucifer Nicholas devises this plan to take away the channel in the hopes that she will become so desperate to get it back she'll do whatever it takes.

Then she becomes wrapped up in to Tim and suddenly there is no need for the channel. Now as I said past relationships enter into the equation because Tim lost his fiancee years ago and he refers to her as though she just died at first eventually he makes it clear that she holds n candle to Kathryn but that piled along side with Kathryn's past lost love added to my angst.

When they were together the first time Tim actually brought up his fiancee during asking Kathryn if she liked dirty talk because he and his ex enjoyed it. I found it tacky and reason to cuff him upside the head. I want the two to think of just them but it is not just this alone it is also Mr. Nicholas and the part he plays in all of this and the biggest part is he was Kathryn's first. At books end they give their daughter the middle name Nicole.

Tim has no clue why but when her brother asks her where she came up with the name she holds it inside where she drew her inspiration as she believed it was due to him that her and Tim ended up together, again tacky, borderline betrayal in my opinion. The effect the book had on me original changed somehow this time around but I still give it 3 stars because it wasn't all bad. Jun 01, Aurian Booklover rated it it was amazing. For decades the St. John females have been unmarried, and the local librarians.

After all, their family gave the town its library so it is only right that a St. John takes care of it. Kathryn is over 40, and content with her life and her little cottage just across the library. Her big brother is holding the purse strings though, and he expects her to behave according to her station.

Lucky for Kathy, she has the Channel to live out her dreams and fantasies. Still, he never expected to feel like this again. And so he keeps pursuing Kathy, even though she is reluctant to even communicate with him. But her friends keep pushing them together, and after all there is nothing wrong with being friends with a man at her age, is there? And when even her brother approves of the new principal, well, perhaps there can be more, even though there is an age difference.

For centuries, the St. John men have fallen easily in Mr. And now he has a soft spot for Kathy, but she is just too good a woman to fall.

Passionate Pleasures Bertrice Small Book Trailer

Even though he was her first lover, and they are still friends. It is time to cut her off from the Channel, and give her a chance at real love with a real man. Kathy has been in love only once before, and she lost him to the war. Her brother nor his family knew about it, as she would have married way beneath her station, but she loved him all the same. Does she dare risk her heart again at her age? Another lovely book in this erotica series I enjoy so much.

I liked both characters, how Tim perseveres but never pushes or becomes a stalker. How they slowly go from friends to lovers, and never rush things. The dates they go on. Yes of course some hot love scenes, and no, I never skip them in a Bertrice Small book. You must have figured out who mr. Nicholas is by now.

Aug 29, Angelina Justice rated it did not like it Shelves: I was so disappointed in this book. I remember Bertrice Small from my furtive smut reading sessions as a teen. Her historicals were smoking hot and full of great characters.

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That was the primary reason I picked this book up. About the only thing I loved about the book was Kathryn's library And the fact that an almost middle aged librarian and middle school principal could find both emotional and sexual satisfaction. Too bad she told me instead of showing me. Like many previous reviewe I was so disappointed in this book.

Like many previous reviewers I found lots of extraneous babble and choppy sex scenes that left me disgusted, confused or apathetic.

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  • Would a couple that was breaking down sexual barriers and experiencing each other for the first time really neatly fold and lay clothes over chairs and such? And did I, as the reader, need to know anything beyond the fact that they were OCD enough to fold them or lay them neatly? Did I really need to know which piece of clothing and in what order it was removed, since it wasn't a sensuous act?

    There is no sensuality in this book.

    Publication Order of Channel Pleasures Books

    The closest thing I can think of is a descripton of the feel and look of a slightly provocative sweater. Any sensual moments that might have happened before or during sex scenes was usually spoiled by stilted, out-of-the-blue dirty talk. The general plot line promised a titillating read.

    The delivery was more deflating than titillating. May 12, Loretta rated it really liked it. This is the first erotica book I have ever read. I understood what The Channel was, but I was unclear if it was virtual reality, or if somehow the fantasies were actually happening to Kathryn. This isn't the first book in the series, perhaps if I read them in order this would be clear to me.

    Kathryn and her brother Hallock were so pompous at times that it was really annoying. Hallock's preoccupation with his family reputation really made me want to scream "get over yourself" time and time again. Kathryn wasn't as bad, but she had her moments. Overall, I did enjoy this book and have another in the series; I would like to eventually obtain all of them. Aug 27, May rated it liked it Shelves: After reading a couple of her more recent historical romances, I can finally say "Hallelujah! A book by her that I finally liked.

    I found the sex scenes to be okay, nothing shocking or anything but at times, a little tiring and repetitive with the mild BDSM. The gradual romance between Kathryn and Timothy was nice although I could done without the surprise pregnancy in the end.

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    I had to After reading a couple of her more recent historical romances, I can finally say "Hallelujah! I had to laugh out loud when Kathryn cut off her Rapunzel hair and killed the 3 Musketeers in her dream. Overall, a good read on a cold overcast day. Apr 29, Judith rated it liked it.

    Small is a great writer. This did not resonate with me quite as well. It may be that I like historicals better, or that I just couldn't get into this story very well. But Small's writing is superb and it is filled with sensuality and the heroine's fantastic "fantasies of the night.

    Perhaps that is my own bias. See what you think. Oct 31, Catherine rated it it was amazing. I really liked this book. Librarians are expected to be a bit stuffy. But not Kathryn St. Miss Kathy keeps everyone up to date with the latest trends, literary and otherwise. She's content in her career, and with the fantasies on the Channel, that secret interactive cable network known only to women. Her favorite literary heroes can become her lover on the Channel, while her public life remains scandal free. Then Egret Pointe's middle school principal.

    Passionate Pleasures

    One look at Kathy and Tim Blair wants I really liked this book. One look at Kathy and Tim Blair wants her to give up her fantasies for reality. Feb 20, Dottie Hill rated it it was amazing. I absolutely must find the other 4 books in this particular series. Although they may be read in any order they are a fast paced read and well worth the time. I literally read this book in 2 sittings, only because my night at work ended with 3 chapters left to go during the first!

    The characters are realistic and you can simply see them interacting as you read along. Not to mention there are some rather racy adult moments in the book which make it fairly steamy as well from time to time! Apr 02, Glittergirl rated it liked it. Although I adore Ms Small's books, this series is not my favorite. I liked this story of a spinster librarian who has a truly good heart that isn't corrupted my Mr. Nicholas' channel even though she definitely loves it.

    The love story that developed between her and the new Middle School Principal is sweet. I'm glad I got back to her stories This erotic story was such a good autumn read with a nice plot. I already knew about the channel having read the rest of the series but this story was different than I expected. I really liked it! Librarian Kathryn, age 48 and major channel user, meets the new middle school principle Tim, who is five years younger. Aug 25, Maggie rated it liked it. This is only the second book of this series that I've read and I like it okay. There is a lot of sex scenes which make this book very racy but since they are hidden within "the Channel" these scenes don't lend much to the actual plot.

    Very frank speaking in this book, a little too many "C" words for me. I like the characters in this series a lot which is why I continue reading it. Mar 10, Beatrice Drury rated it really liked it. Bertrice Small has always delivered good characters, interesting story-lines and satisfying sex scenes. The Channel series is fun and enjoyable. My particular enjoyment of this book revolves around the characters' ages. They are actually gasp both in their 40's. How exciting to realize that there are some authors who actually understand that love and sex can be discovered at any age.

    Oct 13, Kristin rated it it was ok Shelves: It was okay, good in parts, but mostly kind of a thrown together mess. I know erotic fiction is all about gratuitous sex, but it wasn't very sexy, at least through the first half. Just not my thing, I guess. Jul 04, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: Actual romance, not one of the books in this series that is about crazy women.

    Pleasures Series

    One of her good friend introduces her to a special channel that plays most of her secret dreams. Before she knows it, she is living in two different worlds. One of the world is the reality she is living in and the other is the secret and sinful and sensual world with Kyle. Unlike most of her previous books, this book is a little bit different from all the other books that Beatrice is used to write. Private Pleasure is a book that is not just about sex but also it is about the life of a unhappily married woman and her cheating husband.

    The storyline was very interesting. Carla is a nurse by profession and has been married for more than 30 years. Things gets out of hand when a pirate she had not created comes into the island and gives Carla, the best sex she has ever had. Apart from Carla, we are also introduced to Nina. Nina is a widow who is in her late fifties. She is en joying her independence and the fact that all her needs are being met by the channel. Since the channel meets all her needs, Nina is not looking for a relationship.

    But it does not take long before she meets Robert who knocks her off her feet. But is she going to choose Robert over the channel, only time will tell. Apart from Nina, we are also introduced to another character Nanny Maureen. Maureen has been hired by a romance novelist in Egret. Thus she is forced to live behind her entire family and takes the position of a live-in nanny. Additionally, she is also given a free subscription to the channel by a good friend and female employer. In her fantasies, the male protagonist is a warrior by the name Toryn.

    Toryn is a Celtic warrior of the a Thousand Pleasures. Jane Patricia is also another character who is also introduced in the book. Apart from having an exceedingly difficult childhood, Jane Patricia still managed to create a name for herself in the writing industry. While on the channel, Jane creates a perfect and domineering male lover named Charles Peel.

    Ever since she met Charles in the channel, Jane has ever since refused to live the channel. Upon finding out that Jane has refused to get out of the channel, the CEO becomes exasperated and thus he offers Jane a bargain. He was willing to turn Charles Pell into flesh and blood if that was what Jane really wanted. Additionally, we are also introduced to another character, Tiffy. Apart from being the perfect wife, who rarely visits the channel, Tiffy has been committed to her husband Joe for many years. It does not take Tiffy long before she is convinced by Carla to live a little and create a male person who does not look anything like Joe.

    Along the way, Tiffy becomes addicted to her new found persona and begins even to give up some of her sleep to spend some of the stolen hours in the channel. With that being said, if you are looking for a rather mindless book that will assist you to relax, then this is the book. Apart from having a paper thin substance, Channel Pleasure series books also have unforgettable plots that will keep you the reader entertained at all times. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below.

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