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Obituaries in American Culture

That theory has solid confirmation from still another credible source called Funeral Information Services. FSI published a column that paints a historical picture of U. Published in , the Series features a selection of word obituaries that were later consolidated for re-publication in print book form that chronicled each lost life at Ground Zero.

Besides that, Cyberspace provides at least two more ideal experimentation platforms for news publications that integrate multimedia content and obituary blogs. A prime exemplar is Obit Magazine, which is a virtual domain that deals exclusively with everything and anything that may pertain to death and posthumous tribute.

Celebrity Deaths in Literature

Indeed, obits are little windows through which to view America's cultural history. In the nineteenth century, they spoke of a person's character, in the twentieth of a person's work and wealth.

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In the days when women were valued mainly in their relationships with men, their obituaries were about the men in their lives. Then, as now, important friendships make a difference, for sometimes a death has been deemed newsworthy only because of whom the deceased knew.

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In when a year-old Virginian named William P. Custis died "after a long and wasting illness," readers of The Daily National Intelligencer learned about his generous hospitality, his sterling business principles, and his kindness as a neighbor and husband.

Obituaries in American Culture: Janice Hume: Books

Custis's obituary not only recorded the fact of his death but also celebrated his virtues. Paula Fox, whose children's books won numerous awards, died Wednesday, March 1, , in Brooklyn, according to multiple news sources.

Mom writes brutally honest obituary for her son

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Harlan Ellison, 84 - Donald Hall, 89 - Richard Peck, 84 - Philip Roth, 85 - Tom Wolfe, 88 - Anita Shreve, 71 Anita Shreve, the best-selling novelist who explored how women responded to crises past and present in her native New England in favorites such as "The Pilot's Wife," ''Testimony" and "The Weight of Julius Lester, 78 - Julius Lester, an author, musician, civil rights activist and university professor who made a late-life conversion to Judaism, has died, according to The Associated Press.

Kate Millett, 82 Activist, artist and educator whose best-selling "Sexual Politics" was a landmark of cultural criticism and a manifest for the modern feminist movement, died of a heart attack in Paris on Wednesday, John Ashbery, 90 - John Ashbery, an enigmatic giant of modern poetry whose energy, daring and boundless command of language raised American verse to brilliant and baffling heights, died early Sunday at age 90, Florence "Fabulous Flo" Steinberg, 78 - Florence Steinberg, the pioneering publisher of independent comics who was Marvel Comics editor Stan Lee's secretary when Marvel was a two-member staff, died Sunday, July 23, , according to Spencer Johnson, 78 - Spencer Johnson, a medical doctor turned writer known best for his blockbuster motivational book "Who Moved My Cheese?

Michael Bond, 91 - Michael Bond, the English author who created the Paddington Bear character beloved by generations of children the world over, died Tuesday, June 27, , in London, according to multiple news Pirsig, 88 - Robert M. Bernie Wrightson, 68 - Bernie Wrightson, the acclaimed comic book artist who co-created the horror creature of "Swamp Thing" fame, died Sunday, March 19, , of brain cancer.