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He is one bud of many, opening into a beautiful bloom as he opened himself to God? A bonus is an appendix with outlines of his other works. Geoff Waugh's life and ministry has influenced people all around the world. The story of his life and ministry will be of interest not only to those who know him - you will find yourself reflecting on your own journey with Jesus.

While he has written "Flashpoints of Revival" recently updated recounting revivals in the past three hundred years around the world and many books of bible studies, this new book has a different focus, and it is an exciting and easy read.

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Geoff traces his journey from strong roots which remained the solid core of his life from childhood to marriage to active retirement. Geoff's journey is like a rose bush with strong roots and branches.

He is one bud of many, opening into a beautiful bloom as he opened himself to God's leading into an exciting journey. His reflections fit naturally, showing how his personal journey has relevance for others. A bonus is the appendix with full details of contents of his other publications. Revival - stirs both curiosity, excitement and anticipation in God's people. See all 5 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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View or edit your browsing history. My assistant lecturer invited me to a church he had established. People there responded quickly, loved praying for one another, and expected healing and miracles. A student in our class invited me to her home to pray for her sick daughter. The little girl slept on her mattress on the floor, so I just rested my hand on her and prayed. Next day her mum brought her to enjoy our air conditioned classroom, happy and healthy. During the class seminars, my students reported on various signs and wonders that they had experienced in their churches.

Many of them expected God to do the same things now as he did in the New Testament, but not all! So he interviewed a Pentecostal pastor about miraculous answers to prayer in their church. That student reported to the class how the Pentecostal church sent a team of young people to the local mental hospital for monthly meetings where they sang and witnessed and prayed for people.

Over 40 patients attended their first meeting there, and they prayed for 26 personally, laying hands on them. A month later, when they returned for their next meeting, all those 26 patients had been discharged and sent home. In Manila I joined the team of Servants Mission in their guesthouse base. They worked with the poor in the slums and most lived in the slums with the people they served. They lived simply, identifying with the people, trusting God for his supernatural intervention in personal and social needs.

I found it moving and challenging to visit the slum homes where Dorothy Mathieson and Judy Marsh from Gateway Baptist lived and worked. That was the cheapest way to visit Ghana on mission. We drove, for over an hour in torrential rain to our first evening open-air crusade meeting in Ghana, West Africa. Our hosts from a small independent church, co-operated with other local churches for these meetings. As the guest speaker, on my first visit to Africa, I wondered why the meetings had not been switched from the market area to a church building with a roof. They explained that they always held crusade meetings outside in the market area where the people gathered.

But what about the rain? We arrived at the mountain town of Suhum in the dark. Torrential rain had cut off the electricity supply. The rain eased off a bit, so we gathered in the market area and prayed. Soon the rain ceased. The host team began excitedly shouting that it was a miracle. And we had not even started the first meeting yet! We had clear skies all that week. I asked them again why they planned outdoor meetings in the monsoon season.

They told me that if I could only come at that time, then they trusted God to work it all out. Soon the musicians from one of the local churches had plugged in their instruments to the sound system. The loudspeakers did not face the faithful Christians gathered in the fluorescent-lit open area, but pointed at the surrounding houses, the stores, and the hotel.

I think he preached his own sermon based on some phrases of mine he understood or guessed, and apparently he did well. When we invited people to respond and give their lives to Christ, they came from the surrounding darkness into the light. Some wandered over from the pub, smelling of beer. They kept the ministry team busy praying and arranging follow-up with their churches. People reported various touches of God in their lives. Later that week an older man excitedly told how he had come to the meeting that night almost blind but now he could see clearly.

Each day we held morning worship and teaching sessions for Christians in a church, hot under an iron roof on those clear, tropical sunny days. At that point the African Christians became very noisy, vigorously celebrating and shouting praises to God. A fresh anointing seemed to fall on them just then. The following week we saw floods in Ghana reported on international television.

Later on we received letters telling us how the church where we held our morning meetings had grown, expanded their building, and had sent out teams of committed young people in evangelism. Through that experience, God showed us a glimpse of what he is doing in a big way in the earth right now. Even the economy changed. Previously, people selling at the market made little or no profit. After God removed evil spirit everyone did well at the market. I met Francis Nyameche, a youth evangelist from Kenya, when he studied for his Bachelor of Ministry degree in Brisbane, graduating in His father, Samson Nyameche, founded the Believers Fellowship Church in Kisumu, Kenya, with attending, and established over 30 churches.

He runs an orphanage for 50 children on his family farm. Frank had a vision of Jesus when he was five, and was powerfully filled with the Spirit as a teenager. Frank evangelized in many places in Africa. Supported by his wife Linda, Frank began Nairobi Believers Mission church in the slums of Kibera where a million people live, jammed together in small mud brick homes with rusty iron roofs. In spite of poverty and political unrest, their churches continue to grow steadily. Before the Kibera slum church moved into their corrugated iron shed they met in a community hall.

I taught leaders there, and spoke at their Sunday service with about 30 people. We gave them real bread for communion, not just symbolic cubes. The Spirit led me to give them all the bread we had, just three loaves not five barley buns as the boy had in Scripture. Then everyone took a large handful of communion bread, and most put some in their pockets to take home later. We shared real glasses of grape juice in plastic glasses, thanking the Lord for his body and blood given for us. After my return to Australia I heard that the bread apparently multiplied, as those who took some home had enough for their families to eat.

My glimpses of revival in Kenya with Francis in the slums, with his parents in the orphanage and teaching pastors and leaders from over 30 of their churches, reminded me that God uses the weak things of this world to confound the mighty. People with limited or no resources still see the Kingdom of God come powerfully among them.

They encouraged many pastors there, most with small house churches, facing hostile opposition. Most pastors have been imprisoned, many of them severely beaten. During several visits to Nepal from , usually with a team from the Renewal Fellowship visiting and working with Bob and Jill, we had meetings in Kathmandu the capital, in East Nepal with Bhutan refugees and churches, and in Maoist dominated West Nepal. About 40 house church leaders gathered for our first meetings in West Nepal, sitting cross-legged on the floor with Bibles opened. I was led to call people who were, if necessary, willing to be martyrs to come for prayer.

As the team prayed for them, most had open visions, and many were healed without any prayers for healing. The meeting closed around mid-night but after that these leaders kept on praying and worshipping through the night. During some meetings in West Nepal, we walked the 20 minutes from our accommodation cabins to the church, past unfriendly or suspicious villagers. The two pastors sent to collect us in a jeep took another route and missed us.

They panicked, thinking we had been abducted. After that they insisted that we wait to be collected each time! In Kathmandu, on that same visit, we stayed in a Buddhist retreat house, because that was a safer location than hotels we had used previously. Some hotels had been bombed. He walked around tapping his stick loudly so that nearby soldiers would not mistake him for a terrorist!

Pastor Raju Sundras organized most of our visits. We first met him as a young evangelist who had already been imprisoned and beaten severely many times. Raju, with his wife Samita, began Hosanna Church in Kathmandu which grew to over by , one of the large churches in the nation. Each time we visited them we found they had expanded their premises. They planted other churches in Nepal, Tibet, India, and refugee communities from Bhutan and networked with churches by Ten years ago it took a decade to add people to a church. That now happens in six months or less.

They have a 24 hour prayer room where many of their people go to fast and pray. They believe in miracles, and see many. We saw many leaders filled with the Spirit, many people healed, and many gifts of the Spirit poured out, including revelations and visions. I heard a young man in East Nepal, and an older man in Kathmandu, both pray eloquently in English, although neither of them spoke English. That was a beautiful gift of tongues, which blessed me profoundly. The Lord continues to do great things in this land, we have not much to do but to praise Him and thank Him for every good gift raining on us from Him and only Him.

It was a great blessing from the Lord to send us a team from Australia mid April. The fellowship, the Word from God, the mighty touch of the Holy Spirit, the love of Christ flourishing from our Australian brothers and sisters, the awesome presence of the Lord throughout the rushing schedule of conferences, trips, and visits, overwhelmingly expressed the great love of our Lord Jesus Christ towards this nation.

During the short stay of about two weeks with the team of eight people we had the privilege to see the ministry of the Holy Spirit through them in several occasions. Some of the group along with me had a short trip to the Tibetan border. We started early morning and arrived there about noon time. The towns of Liping on the Nepali side and Khawsa on the Tibetan side are connected through a bridge on Bhotekoshi river and right in the midst of the bridge is the border white line showing the boundary of each country.

At the end of the bridge on the Tibetan side is the entry gate which is controlled by Chinese guards and immigration officials. After praying on the bridge we approached the Chinese officials to get a permission to enter Tibet. The first official refused but the second one nodded approvingly, taking the four Australian passports from my hand as security, and let us go free of charge!

This could happen only by the supernatural intervention of our Almighty God, Hallelujah! We had good prayer inside Tibet especially on those individual shopkeepers whom I would grab and pray on without any resistance from them! On 21 April all the eight of Australians and I had a trip to Gochadda in west Nepal and held a three days conference over there at Easter.

While driving toward the destination I shared the Word with the driver of the private bus and during the inauguration of the conference he approached the altar and accepted Christ as his personal Saviour. On the same day a Christian brother whose hand was partially crippled for six years was touched by the Holy Spirit and healed absolutely. He was shaking in his whole body and raising his hands, even the crippled one already healed, praising the Lord with all his strength, he glorified the Lord for his greatness, Hallelujah!

Out of about participants in the conference by the grace of God of them were baptized in the Holy Spirit praising the Lord, singing, falling, crying, and many other actions as the Holy Spirit would prompt them to act. About ten of them testified that they had never experienced such a presence of the power and love of God.

Some others testified being lifted to heavenly realms by the power of the Holy Spirit, being surrounded by the angels of the Lord in a great peace, joy, and love toward each other and being melted in the power of his presence. Many re-committed their lives to the Lord for ministry by any means through his revelation. On the second day of the conference the trend continued as the people seemingly would fall down, repent, minister to each other in the love of Christ, enjoy the mighty touch of the Holy Spirit, singing, prophesying, weeping, laughing, hugging, and all the beauty of the Holy Spirit was manifested throughout the congregation by his grace and love.

One woman of age 65 testified that she never had danced in her life in any occasion even in secret, but the Lord had told her that she should now dance to him and she was dancing praising him with all her strength. For hours this outpouring continued and the pastors of the churches were one by one testifying that they had never experienced such a presence and power of God in their whole Christian life and ministry. Some 60 evangelists from Gorkha, Dhanding, Chitwan, Butwal declared that they were renewed in their spirits by the refreshing of the Holy Spirit and they are now going to serve the Lord in the field wherever the Holy Spirit will lead them to be full fledged in His service.

In the last day of the conference while praying together with the congregation and committing them in his hands, many prophesied that the Lord was assuring them of great changes in their ministry, life and the area. While the power of God was at work in our midst three children of years old fell down weeping, screaming and testifying about a huge hand coming on them and touching their stomachs and healing them instantly.

After the prayer all the participants got into the joy of the Holy Spirit and started dancing to the Lord, singing and praising Him for His goodness. Ten churches unitedly participated in the two days gathering where about people participated. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit continued in this conference refreshing many in their spirits and bringing much re-commitment.

Some cases of healing were testified. In one case the brother testified that he had received healing from the Lord and his swollen feet and the high Uric Acid had disappeared from his body, confirmed by the Holy Spirit. We showed the Transformation video brought from Australia. On 27 April we held a one day conference in Hosanna Church where the touch of the Holy Spirit was tremendous and people blessed by the Holy Spirit and his might were manifesting his power and presence in the place. You have forgotten to pray about it but I have not forgotten what I have promised to you through the vision!

I started weeping and with a feeling which words cannot explain I was thanking the Lord for His goodness, I was laughing in the Spirit for the repetition of the vision which I could see again. I have to thank the Lord for His great outpouring of the Holy Spirit and I have to thank the Lord also for my Australian brothers and sisters who took up the burden to come over to this place and minister to our people.

Raju also reported on further developments the next year: During the past two months in we have experienced a new wave of outpouring of the Spirit on the congregation. Many instant healings of people suffering from fever, flu, unconsciousness, blood discharge, boils and tumours, stomach problems, chronic headaches. The fame of the healings in the Church has reached many unbelievers through the congregation and numbers of unbelievers are coming to seek the healing, most of them ending up saved! The Church is growing rapidly in the Spirit, many standing in faith are experiencing prosperity, good health, spiritual satisfaction, close intimacy with the Lord and moreover a hunger and thirst along with zeal of God to know Jesus intimately and to do his will whatever it may cost.

This new wave of revival in the Church is another assurance from the Lord that in the days ahead he has got great and marvellous plans to be revealed and carried out by the people he has called to fulfil his purposes. This revival is quite a new movement of God in the Church and the leadership of the Church is waiting on the Lord to receive revelation if there is anything to be done or just let it grow to maturity as it is growing by the Holy Spirit. Since the start of the year the leadership of the Church is busy to pray on almost every individual of the Church for receiving the gifts of the Spirit as well as counselling them in the Word and praying with them at the time of need.

Hosanna Church musicians led the 2, people there in singing their Nepalese version of Carols by Candlelight, as they held their candles: Travelling with Geoff by Don Hill. In every place we saw people touched by God in many ways, especially being filled with the Spirit and healed. They had strong, simple faith. Dr David Mangratee hosted our visits to Darjeeling.

A gracious, pioneering Apostle in the Himalaya mountains, David said our visits opened new doors for him to work among all the churches. People from many churches joined together for our meetings on renewal and revival. His own congregation at Mt Hermon had experienced revival, rapid growth, and launched missions to remote regions.

Here is part of his reports about previous revivals: Revival broke out in Darjeeling in The person God used in this great revival was Rev. Born into a Hindu family, I had a wonderful birth. I asked the Lord, when I had a vision of the Lord, whether my father had died before he was born and had lived again, for I was told by my parents that my father died in the year He was to be taken for burial.

People had made everything ready. He was kept inside the coffin ready for taking him the burial place. But before they could take him he woke up and lived again. After this my father lived for another 20 years and died again in never to rise again. During my vision I asked the Lord whether this was true. I accepted the Lord as my personal Saviour on 3 rd June, , just 63 days after the death of my father. We started a church in Darjeeling with 35 newly converted people.

On Pentecost Sunday in the month of May, , one of our church members got filled with the Spirit of God. She spoke in tongues and prophesied. Then in the month of June that same year the Holy Spirit came upon the believers mightily. They were filled with the Spirit of God and God blessed them with gifts of the Spirit, especially the word of wisdom and the word of knowledge.

By this, lost money was found, lost souls traced, sick healed and sin uncovered. Many miracles took place in the ministry, even raising the dead.

Journey into Mission | Renewal Journal

The work faced a lot of opposition in the beginning but the changed lives of the first Christians made their mouths shut. Many national missionaries are working now in Nepal or Bhutan and different parts of India like Assam, Manipur and Nagaland. The Nepalese, among whom our major work was concentrated, and also tribes like Bodos, Santhals, Nagas, Rajbansis, and many other tribal people, got saved.

We are praying to him who in a covenant keeping God. Dr Paul Pillai and his family pioneered India Inland Mission, sending out thousands of evangelists and pastors across India. Their Bible College, the largest in India, has students studying under-graduate and post-graduate courses, with evangelists sent out each year. I had the humbling honour to speak to their students, and also pray with the staff. Most of their graduates face hostile communities as they plant churches in Hindu villages and towns.

We heard about two of their graduates shot dead in Nepal when we held our meetings in West Nepal in I first met Paul Pillai when he stayed in our community home while he spoke at churches in Brisbane. He told us how he and his evangelism team had once been severely beaten by radical Hindus who broke his arm and tried to kill them all. By the firelight of their burning tent, the team saw themselves surrounded by handsome men who moved them to a safe place, miraculously.

Later on a man from that area invited them back to hold meetings in his home.

That became the beginning of a church there. Paul gave this report of challenges facing their graduates: Manoharpur, where Australian missionary Robert Stains and his two sons were killed by burning them alive in their vehicle, is seeing a mighty revival. Thousands of tribal people are coming to Christ. Killing of Christians may continue in that area, but the prayer of saints all over the world is making a change. Many Bajrang Dal killers also are coming to know Christ in miraculous ways.

This big blow to Christian work in Kashmir will affect us for a long time to come. Secret attacks are still going on while thousands are coming to Christ all over Nepal. More than 42 leading evangelistic organisations organised and directed by Grace Bible College graduates are working all over Nepal today.

Today there are more than 2, believers worshipping in different house churches in Bhutan secretly. Having an open border with India, Indian Christians are the only missionaries there. No church buildings are allowed in Bhutan. Many students graduated from our Bible College are working in Bhutan. This Himalayan foothill kingdom needs the Gospel desperately, and we need your continuous prayer and support for this strategic ministry.

Philip and Dhamika, based in Brisbane, have raised many thousands of dollars for mission, especially in Sri Lanka. I conducted their miracle wedding in Brisbane. It cost them nothing. So they offered him the church for the wedding. The people arranging flowers for the Sunday service the next day made it special for the wedding also. Philip boarded at the Salvation Army hostel near the college, so they gladly provided the smorgasbord wedding breakfast for people.

Another friend offered to video their wedding. They bought that house with no money, just a generous loan from a lady they befriended, and sold it two years later for a large profit, used to wipe out all their debts and contribute more to missions. We had the privilege of dedicating a spring water bottling factory built on their land there, supplied by a fresh mountain spring on their property. In spite of ethnic war with the Tamils and many Buddhist threats against churches and pastors, God moves strongly in the nation.

Pentecost Island, Vanuatu Ocean baptisms. The CF presented a long, lively concert the Saturday night of my visit, so I went. Then I discovered that they planned to take a mission team to Australia. I offered to host them in Brisbane. Students come from most nations of the South Pacific Islands to study law there. Many of them are born leaders, sons and daughters of chiefs and government leaders. The very active CF at the School of Law regularly organized outreaches in the town and at the university.

About one third of the students in the four year law course attended the weekly CF meeting on Friday nights, and a core group prayed together regularly and organized outreach and evangelism events. The Lord moved in a surprising way at the CF during The weekend following Easter, the CF held an outreach meeting on Saturday evening, April 6, on the lawn and steps of the university square. The grassy square faces the main lecture buildings, school administration and library.

God moved on them in a strong way that night. Romulo Nayacalevu, then President of the Christian Fellowship reported: The night was filled with the awesome power of the Lord and we had the back up service of the Upper Room church ministry who provided music with their instruments. With our typical Pacific Island setting of bush and nature all around us, we had dances, drama, and testified in an open environment, letting the wind carry the message of salvation to the bushes and the darkened areas.

That worked because most of those that came to the altar call were people hiding or listening in these areas. The Lord was on the road of destiny with many people that night. Unusual lightning hovered around in the sky, and as soon as the prayer teams had finished praying with those who rushed forward at the altar call, then the tropical rain pelted down on that open field area. God poured out his Spirit on many lives that night, including Jerry Waqainabete and Simon Kofe, both dramatically changed.

Many of these people are now leaders in their various Pacific Islands nations, both in civic and church affairs. Some of them experienced powerful conversions that night. Many were filled with the Spirit and began to experience spiritual gifts in their lives in new ways. Some students who had been heavily involved in drinking and night clubs found new freedom and zeal for God and have become effective evangelists through their changed lives.

Many of the law students attended the lively, Spirit-led Upper Room church in Port Vila, where pastors Joseph and Jotham and others encouraged and nurtured them. Eleven of those students came to Brisbane, led by Romulo their President, and led by the Holy Spirit, far more importantly! They sang and spoke at dozens of meetings in dozens of churches and homes, and prayed for people constantly. They were familiar with pastors laying hands on people and praying for them, but now they were doing that also, and seeing God touch people in many ways.

The law students from the Christian Fellowship CF grew strong in faith. Jerry, one of the students from Fiji, returned home after the visit to Australia, and prayed for over 70 sick people in his village, seeing many miraculous healings. His transformed life challenged the village because he had been converted at CF at the law school after a very wild time as a youth in the village.

The following year, , Jerry led revival in his village. He prayed early every morning in the Methodist Church. Eventually some children and then some of the youth joined him early each morning. By he had 50 young people involved, evangelizing, praying for the sick, casting out spirits, and encouraging revival. Simon, returned to his island of Tuvalu, also transformed at university through CF. He witnessed daily to his relatives and friends all through the vacation in December-January, bringing many of them to the Lord.

He led a team of youth involved in Youth Alive meetings, and prayed with the leaders each morning from 4 a. Tomas Tumtum had been an indentured worker on cane farms in Queensland, Australia. Converted there, he returned around to his village on South Pentecost with a new young disciple from a neighbouring island. They arrived when the village was tabu taboo because a baby had died a few days earlier, so no one was allowed into the village.

Ancient tradition dictated that anyone breaking tabu must be killed, so they were going to kill Tomas, but his friend Lulkon asked Tomas to tell them to kill him instead so that Tomas could evangelize his own people. The most remarkable thing for Helen and me was we were there and part of it in such a remote and previously unknown part of our world! It was surely a night to remember. From Chapter 21 — Vanuatu: Many of the older people attending these intensive teaching sessions had been involved in local revivals through many years. They understood the principles involved such as repentance, reconciliation, unity, personal and group prayer that was earnest and full of faith, and using various gifts of the Spirit.

They were most familiar with words of wisdom and knowledge, discerning spirits especially from local witchcraft , revelations, healings and deliverance. I learned much from them, especially about the spirit world and humbly seeking God for revelation and direction. We westerners tend to jump in and organize things without really waiting patiently on God for his revelation and direction.

Many westerners, including missionaries, find waiting frustrating or annoying, but local people find it normal and natural. Wait on God and move when he shows you the way. For example, you can seek the Lord about who will speak, what to say, and how to respond.

We westerners often use schedules and programs instead. From Chapter 22 — Kenya, East Africa Before the Kibera slum church moved into their corrugated iron shed they met in a community hall. I taught leaders there, and spoke at their Sunday service with about 30 people. We gave them real bread for communion, not just symbolic cubes.

The Spirit led me to give them all the bread we had, just t loaves not five barley buns as the boy had in Scripture. Everyone then took a large handful of communion bread, and most put some in their pockets to take home later. We shared real glasses of grape juice in plastic glasses, thanking the Lord for his body and blood given for us.

After my return to Australia I heard that the bread apparently multiplied, as those who took some home had enough for their families to eat. Some of them were still eating it two weeks later. While we were praying and worshipping, the Lord told me for the first ever time to take the salt water and the land and give it back to God.

And I told this brother that when we offered it to God the rain is going to fall just to confirm that God hears and accepts it according to His leading. This rain fell slowly upon us …. I still could not believe… my cousin was astonished and could not believe it… it happened according to the way the Lord told me and I told him. It was like a made up story. It was the blessings of God and I told the Lord that I am waiting for His own time to rebuild the walls of my village… but the Lord already told me that He wants and has chosen me to rebuild the wall of my village like Nehemiah.

In May he had been on mission in Tanna Island where the Lord moved strongly on young people, especially in worship and prayer. Children and youth were anointed to write and sing new songs in the local dialects. Some children asked the pastors to ordain them as missionaries — which was new for everyone. After prayer about it, they did. Those children are strong evangelists already, telling Bible stories in pagan villages. At sharing time in the Upper Room service, a nurse, Leah Waqa, told how she had been recently on duty when parents brought in their young daughter who had been badly hit in a car accident, and showed no signs of life — the heart monitor registered zero.

She prayed for almost an hour, mostly in tongues, and after an hour the monitor started beeping and the girl recovered. The revival team, including the two of us from Australia, trekked for a week into mountain villages. We literally obeyed Luke 10 — most going with no extra shirt, no sandals, and no money. The trek began with a five hour climb across the island to the village of Ranwas on ridges by the sea on the eastern side. Mathias led worship, and strong moves of the Spirit touched everyone. We prayed for people many times in each meeting.

At one point I spat on the dirt floor, making mud to show what Jesus did once. Merilyn Wari, wife of the President of the Churches of Christ, then jumped up asking for prayer for her eyes, using the mud. Later she testified that the Lord told her to do that, and then she found she could read her small pocket Bible without glasses.

So she read to us all. Meetings continued like that each night. Revival meetings erupted at Ponra. The Spirit just took over. People drunk in the Spirit. Many resting on the floor getting blessed in various ways. One of the girls in the team had a vision of the village children there paddling in a pure sea, crystal clear. They were like that — so pure. Their lives were so clean and holy. Just pure love for the Lord, especially among the young.

Youth often lead in revival. The sound of angels singing filled the air about 3am. It sounded as though the village church was packed. Pure, awesome and majestic. From Chapter 24 — Solomon Islands They were filled with the Spirit and began using many spiritual gifts they had not had before.

Then they took teams of students to the villages to sing, testify, and pray for people, especially youth. Many gifts of the Spirit were new to them — prophecies, healings, tongues, and revelations such as knowing where adults hid magic artefacts. Some ran to the altar, some crying! There was an amazing outpouring of the Spirit and because there were so many people Geoff and I split up and started laying hands on as many people as we could. People were falling under the power everywhere some testified later to having visions.

There were bodies all over the field some people landing on top of each other. Then I did a general healing prayer and asked them to put their hand on the place where they had pain. After we prayed people began to come forward sharing testimonies of how the pain had left their bodies and they were completely healed! The meeting stretched on late into the night with more healing and many more people getting deep touches. I was deeply touched and feel like I have left a part of myself in Choiseul. God did an amazing thing that night with the young people and I really believe that he is raising up some of them to be mighty leaders in revival.

A young man who was healed that night returned to his nearby village and prayed for his sick mother and brother. Both were healed immediately. He told the whole convention about that the next morning at the meeting, adding that he had never done that before. The delegation from Kariki islands further west, returned home the following Monday.

The next night they led a meeting where the Spirit of God moved in revival. Many were filled with the Spirit, had visions, were healed, and discovered many spiritual gifts including discerning spirits and tongues. That revival has continued, and spread. From Chapter 25 — Solomon Islands We held revival meetings at the Theological Seminary at Seghe in the fantastic Marovo Lagoon — 70 kilometres with hundreds of tropical bush laden islands north and west of New Georgia Island. Morning teaching sessions, personal prayers in the afternoons and night revival meetings, with worship led by the students, filled an eventful week in September That was the first time the seminary held such a week, and again we prayed for so many at each meeting, students and village people.

Meetings included two village revival services in the lagoon. At the first, an afternoon meeting in the framework of a large new church building, everyone came for prayer, all , and 30 reported on pain leaving as we prayed for healings. Then we had a long evening meeting at Patutiva village, where revival started in Easter across the Lagoon from Seghe. That meeting went from 7pm to 1. Students told me they could hear the worship and preaching on the PA across the lagoon 1k away in the still night air, so those in bed listened that way!

Many lay people also filled the church each morning — about Night rallies at the soccer field included the amplifiers reaching people in their houses as well. Each night I spoke and Mathias also spoke, especially challenging the youth. We prayed for hundreds, while the youth lead worship at the end of each meeting. The ministers helped but they preferred to just assist us, and people seemed to want us to pray for them.

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I involved the ministers in praying for people also. It always involves repentance and reconciliation. In all these places people made strong commitments to the Lord, and healings were quick and deep. Both in Vanuatu and in the Solomon Islands the people said that they could all understand my English, even those who did not speak English, so they did not need an interpreter.

Saturday night was billed as a big meeting at Patuvita across the channel. This is where the revival started with children of the lagoon at Easter Geoff had previously visited this church in September The old church building has been pulled down and the foundations were being pegged out on an open ridge high above the lagoon for the new one, which will probably hold up to as the revival swells the numbers.

Again students led the worship. Most of the adults were traditional, but there were forty or so in revival ministry teams who pray for the sick, cast out spirits and evangelize. We joined the meeting by 8pm and finished at 1. Only tiny kids went to sleep — 50 of them on pandanus leaf mats at the front. Then we prayed for people — and prayed, and prayed, and prayed and prayed, on and on and on and on!

I involved the ministers after praying for them and leaders first , and the students — and still people came for prayer — by the hundreds. We prayed for leaders who wanted prayer first, then for their ministry teams, then for youth leaders and the youth, and then for anyone else who wanted prayer, and at about midnight Mark called all the children for prayer, so the parents woke them up and carried the babies. So I involved 4 students with me, and that was great on-the-job training as well as praying.

In every case, those with whom we prayed said that the pain was totally gone. I told them just to put their hands on the parts of their body needing healings, and I prayed for them all at once, while the students and some ministers still there laid hands on them, and I also moved quickly around to lay hands on each one. They were all happy, and again reported healings. But at least a few hundred had a chance to talk with us and be specific about their needs. I loved it there among such humble, hungry, receptive, grateful, gentle, and faith-filled believers.

I was often in tears just being there, appreciating their heartfelt zeal in everything.