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A bit meh really.

Read with my son as part of a project we did about Mexico and its history. I think there is clearer, better information on the internet. The humour felt forced and often fell flat. Was quite boring to be honest. Feb 19, Victoria Zigler rated it really liked it. An interesting look in to the history of the Maya and Aztecs, which is perfect for any history lover who can deal with the gory bits of history, though you'll miss bits if you're using text to speach to read this book.

Also, it was entertaining reading a book that was insisting the world would end four years before the date I read it Guess they got that prediction wrong. Apr 24, Mohammed Rasheen rated it it was amazing. This is the first book i read in this 'Horrible Histories' series and i'm looking forward to find rest of the books in it n read them.

Angry Aztecs

This is very witty book with funny writing and ever funnier illustrations, totally loved this. Even though the facts i found bit extended here and there for humor sake,hats off to terry Deary's and martin brown's Creativity. Sep 28, Dane Cobain rated it really liked it. Still, I enjoyed learning what Deary had to share on the subject and it was boosted as ever by the illustrations from Martin Brown.

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It was kind of annoying to have to flick backwards and forwards all of the time when I would have preferred to have just been presented with the information. Nov 16, Katrin rated it really liked it. I love this series!! All of these books are great fun and they actually teach you much more than boring school books could. What would rather stay on your mind, some dates and facts or some fun caricature and some quiz with ridiculous answers? This one was really bloody and ugly, but that's how this part of history was..

Feb 26, Grace rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have always loved Horrible Histories and I always will. Reading them again as an adult is great fun; they are just so sarcastic! And I always learn something new. And the illustrations are brilliant. Dec 06, Kestrel Class rated it it was amazing.

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This book is very gruesome but teaches you a lot. A fun approach to the Aztec culture from their origins to their daily life and collapse, the horrible histories approach is a very proper approach to the gruesome culture. May 12, Lyla added it Shelves: It looks goood and interesting I would read it again. Terry Deary is a great teacher. Funny, witty, well illustrated, this episode is pure entertainment. This one was gory, interesting and fun.

It also debunked other works and legends. As good as any book in the series so far. So much was made of how "weird" and uncivilized the Aztecs were compared to the British.

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Not how I want my kids to learn about other cultures. Aug 12, Kathleen rated it really liked it Shelves: I do enjoy the Horrible Histories, and the Angry Aztecs was pretty horrible. I do wish the title had been something along the lines of Mean Mayans and Angry Aztecs since the Mayans had basically the entire first half of the book, though. Okay let's talk about the Horrible Histories. You may be aware of them as a TV show, which I highly, highly recommend, but you may not be aware that they are also books!

Which I also recommend! It's hard to talk about the Horrible Histories specificall I do enjoy the Horrible Histories, and the Angry Aztecs was pretty horrible. It's hard to talk about the Horrible Histories specifically. They're hysterical short nonfiction books consisting of maybe pages tops? Aimed at children, they set out to tell you all about the really nasty side of history, which I am always down for. They're smart and funny with great illustrations, and I would never, ever have a problem recommending them to anyone, with two caveats. The first is that they can be a little inaccurate.

I really do mean a little inaccurate; it's mostly erring on the side of "we don't know which is really true but this makes a better story," and occasionally "research marches on.

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I won't repeat his comments here. Suffice to say he's kind of a jerk. But the books remain absolutely hysterical. The auther of the book is Terry Deary. The book is more of a comic how i said and it just tells the informatin in a more interesting way. The book is about how the Aztec impire starts growing it also talks about there religon and what different methods they used to build the pyromids aka Tempels how they found out abou The book Is a part of the series Horrible Histories It is about Aztecs ,It is a history book but it is also a comic.

The book is about how the Aztec impire starts growing it also talks about there religon and what different methods they used to build the pyromids aka Tempels how they found out about the future what will happen.

Horrible Histories Angry Aztecs Howler monkeys

I learned that the pesents build the pyromids for the priests. Also how the peope, were descriding guns they said "They killed our people with silver wands that spit flames. In my opinion the book is ok in teaching the history but sometimes it just stars guffing of and you just dont get the information. I dont have a favorite part,But the book all in all is ok and i would recomend the book to a child thast around 10 advanced Nov 27, lprater rated it really liked it.

The book begins with the purpose, mainly for students to drive their teacher crazy asking great questions about history. The author included a fantastic timeline of both the Yucatan and Mexican areas. Information presented seems accurate with footnotes included on many pages, but written in a manner that is easy to un Information book 2: Information presented seems accurate with footnotes included on many pages, but written in a manner that is easy to understand for adolescents. There are cartoon like graphics on most of the pages along with interesting activities to do while you read, such as Mayan Math.

Parts of the book seem somewhat violent, but I am sure things like tossing a girl into a well to speak to gods or lightly baking victims in a fire were the types of things that went on that long ago. I would recommend this book for students in grades Jun 01, Rrabarra rated it really liked it. Hold on a sec, let me check my history book Nope, nothing about the gore Not much about the sacrifices The Spanish as heroes? This Horrible Histories book tells all that the history books have been keeping away from you.

Even though those Aztecs are so cruel seeming with their sacrifices and all, I can't help feeling sorry for them being wiped out by sicknesses and the Spanish's love of treasure. YOU will l Whoa, whoa, whoa. YOU will love this book and won't stop reading these strange and absurd facts that it gives. Recommended to Leah by: I subscribed after watching a TV advert. I subscribed to the series after watching an advert online, and read them as soon as they arrived, and couldn't wait for the next one to come out!

They give such great facts about each time period and even on periods I knew about, the magazines contained information I had never heard before. It was quite interesting to read into the beliefs of such an ancient culture. I loved the page explaing the sports they used to play, which reminded me of basketball.

Horrible Histories: Angry Aztecs (Classic Edition)

This is history with extra nasty bits! Terry Deary has made a brilliant, educational set of books! They teach you all about how the people of the past live! I would recommend an age range of for this book. All people who want to read this. Terry is a former actor, theatre-director and Drama teacher and currently lives in County Durham. Martin Brown was born in Australia but currently lives in Dorset. Scholastic Book Club In the wrong place? Join for FREE today! Get your own page, enter giveaways, write reviews and more! Angry Aztecs Classic Edition No more nice-guy nonsense about history.

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