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The curious phenomenon of Spanish verse drama

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Possibly other one shots will be made. No flames please Mad Father - Rated: T - English - Chapters: After longing for many years to once again see Garry her dream is made into reality but even though they have been reunited. They still have to face the difficulties of wanting to be able to wanting to become closer.

T - English - Romance - Chapters: But when she notices one particular painting of her long lost friend, Mary, What happens when she buys the painting, and unleashes the blonde haired girl onto herself forever? Her Blessing by TheWolfAngel reviews Dio could feel the flames creeping up on him as he looked at the girl and her maid upon the hill. He waited, resigned to his fate, for the curse to end and steal his life back from his corpse. But as his fellow victims fell, all Dio could feel was the strength. It was then he knew.

Not just reanimated, but actually alive.

And it was all thanks to her blessing. Oneshot Mad Father - Rated: K - Spanish - Drama - Chapters: Will of the Abyss by Anime-addict-no-1 reviews What if they never managed to escape?

García Lorca, Federico ()

What if both Ib and Garry were left in the Gallery? Maybe it won't be so bad after all Rated T cause I'm paranoid. While Ib lives how Mary used to, the other two live the life Ib gave them, until they realize what's missing. Getting Ib back was going to be harder than they first thought though. Waaahhh, soy pesima con el summary ;-; y no se que significa rating k, pero este fic es apto para todo publico u Ib - Rated: A Broken Heart by animeassasin reviews After the gallery incident Mary killed Ib's parents and vanishes.

Ib now goes to an orphanage and soon finds Garry once again, but do they remember each other?

Spanish Dubbed - Big en español (Grande) EP01 # 002

Will Mary bring them back to the gallery? Rated T just to be safe Ib - Rated: She's vowed that she will change, and yet things doesn't get any better. This is the frame-mythology that Machado designed for his rural Castile; Lorca adds to the myth the element of inherited rivalries, of generations reviving the grudges. In Bodas , too, the action is almost backdrop to the powerful sense of the land flowering and withering.

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The scene, when they enter the forest, is suddenly set in the unreal; the curse is repeated rhythmically, and symbolic figures call out to warn or rebuke. One notices that the moon is present 80 as if to illuminate and to remember the crime the murder of the father by the greedy sons:. And years later when the land draws its vengeance, the moon looms again above the place of the crime In Bodas de sangre the moon will appear III: Aparece la luna muy despacio. La escena adquiere una fuerte luz azul. Se oyen los dos violines. Even the strange, dense forest in which the victims in the last act of Bodas stalk one other seems part of the world of Machado.

In Tierra 84 the remembrance of the crime in the forest will haunt the sons:.

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Years later, the brothers return inevitably to the scene of the crime, with the hint that the moon leads them; there, they are drawn to their death. Porque no es buena tierra; pero con brazos se la hace buena The similes in both works are kept on this plane of agricultural figuration see Ramsden xxi-xxlv; Smoot The vision of espigas spreading everywhere and corrupting is common in both works.

The curious phenomenon of Spanish verse drama

The poses in Romancero and Bodas are akin: In outline, we may perceive the male roles in Bodas as equally prominent; but in the text it is obvious that the weight has been given to the women the Bride and the Mother. By , after having two of his scripts turned down, he had learned that drama had to serve as a vehicle for one of the great actresses. It is possible, too, that in creating Bodas de sangre he infused the lines with phrases and cadenzas that would favor one or another of the actresses he envisioned in the roles.

For example, some elements of Bodas appear to follow El caballero de Olmedo. Both make drama of historical events-sensational local crimes that have become local legends; both have symbolic figures who appear as characters in the narration e. Since Fuenteovejuna was the selection for the season of La Barraca, the mark of certain of its scenes can almost be anticipated. Other influences upon Bodas have been proposed, and it is feasible that each left its trace. But I believe the influence of Machado was even more fundamental. Theatre Arts Monthly New York Tiempo de Historia 1. Women in Hispanic Literature: Icons and Fallen Idols.

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Federico y su mundo. Theater Arts Monthly Organon special issue Triunfo 25 August Margarita Xirgu y su teatro. Revista de Occidente, Editorial de la Universidad Complutense,