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How a folk song became a term of derision. The participle made famous by Elvis. And is one way more correct than the others? The story of an imaginary word that managed to sneak past our editors and enter the dictionary. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'. Test your vocabulary with our question quiz! Synonyms for composition Synonyms article , essay , paper , theme Visit the Thesaurus for More.

Times, Sunday Times Perhaps no other factor is more crucial than the composition of the team. Christianity Today No other musical composition can have had so many performances as this original chime. Times, Sunday Times In selecting his subjects he looks for the way strong light defines the shapes and colours in a composition. Bulgin, Sally Acrylics Masterclass The movement of sports stars around the world has led to a transformation in the composition of national teams.

Times, Sunday Times His original compositions make up the film's score. Times, Sunday Times The rover's instruments will determine the chemical composition of the powder. Times, Sunday Times So are her books, in which the complexity of a geometric composition evolves from one page to the next. Times, Sunday Times Your professor may ask you to keep a journal just so that you will have additional writing practice while you are in a composition course.

A Reader, Rhetoric and Handbook Their endeavour also sheds a wider light on the role of women in classical music composition, both historical and contemporary. Times, Sunday Times We have to write compositions on our field afternoons and I write the best ones. The Sun Only one composition here, the biggest , is convincing. Times, Sunday Times After that, her parental duties began to affect her music-making and further albums contained fewer original compositions and more covers. Times, Sunday Times All these would make a coherent composition where colour and form would carry the underlying theme in flowering splendour from May until August.

Page, Russell The Education of a Gardener Parents pay a sliding scale of fees according to their means, and as a result, the social composition of the schools is transformed. Times, Sunday Times How do you decide which one to leave out of the shot? The photo above is an example of the rule of odds. I deliberately framed the scene to include three arches. It also so happened that there were three people in the scene. It is true that your attention may shift back and forth between each gondolier.

However this is exactly what a conversation between two people is like, a back and forth. For this reason, I think the even number of subjects works in this case. Filling the frame with your subject, leaving little or no space around it can be very effective in certain situations. It helps focus the viewer completely on the main subject without any distractions. Filling the frame often involves getting in so close that you may actually crop out elements of your subject.

02. Direct the Eye With Leading Lines

In many cases, this can lead to a very original and interesting composition. This allows the viewer to really focus on details such as the eyes or the textures in his fur. You may also notice that I used the rule of thirds in this composition. He is a lovely pet but you should see the state of our furniture. In the second shot of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, I have left very little space around the edges of the building.


Once again, I am going to completely contradict myself! In the last guideline, I told you that filling the frame works well as a compositional tool. It creates a sense of simplicity and minimalism. Like filling the frame, it helps the viewer focus on the main subject without distractions. This photo of a giant statue of the Hindu god Shiva in Mauritius is a good example of using negative space. The statue is obviously the main subject but I have left plenty of space filled only by sky around it.

The composition also creates a sense of simplicity. There is nothing complicated about the scene. It is the statue surrounded by sky, that is all.

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  • I also used the rule of thirds to place the statue to the right of the frame. In the last guideline, we saw how leaving negative space around the main subject can create a sense of simplicity and minimalism. Simplicity itself can be a powerful compositional tool. You can also create a simple composition by zooming in on part of your subject and focusing on a particular detail. In this first photo, I zoomed in on some water droplets on a leaf in a garden. A good macro lens can be a very useful tool for creating these types of photos.

    In this second photograph of a tree at dawn, I made use of a very simple and uncluttered background to focus attention on the tree.

    Composition | Definition of Composition by Merriam-Webster

    Using a shallow depth of field to isolate your subject is a very effective way of simplifying your composition. By using a wide aperture, you can blur the background that might otherwise distract from your main subject. This is a particularly useful technique for shooting portraits. In this photo of a cat hiding in a box, I set an aperture of f3. This focuses attention on the cat as the blurred background is now less distracting.

    This technique is an excellent way to simplify a composition. You may have noticed that I also used this technique to focus attention on the water droplets on the leaf in the last guideline. Most photos are taken from eye level. Getting high up or low down can be a way of creating a more interesting and original composition of a familiar subject.

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    • This shot of Paris at night was taken from the roof of the Montparnasse Tower in the 15th Arrondissement. Whenever I visit a city, I always try to see if there are any buildings with viewing platforms to allow to photograph the city from above. Getting high up gives you the chance to capture spectacular views of a city, especially at night. Sometimes finding that perfect point of view means getting your feet wet. I actually had to wait quite a while for a rain shower to pass and the sun to come back out. It was worth it though to get low down and capture the motion of the water as if flowed over the rocks.

      I needed several hot whiskeys after to warm myself back up though. The use of color itself is an often overlooked compositional tool. Color theory is something that graphic designers, fashion designers and interior designers are all very familiar with. Certain color combinations compliment each other well and can be visually very striking. Take a look at the color wheel above. You can see that the colors are arranged logically in the segments of a circle.

      As photographers, we can look for scenes that incorporate complimentary colors as a way of creating attractive and striking compositions. This is done quite deliberately to create eye catching adverts. The yellow hues of the illuminated building contrast beautifully with the deep blue of the blue hour sky. Red and blue are also complimentary colors on the color wheel. This was very striking against the deep blue of the early night sky.

      I love photographing cities during blue hour.

      COMPOSITION - Most Important thing in PHOTOGRAPHY!

      The deep blue of the sky at this time a very attractive backdrop to the city architecture and lights. The pure black of the late night sky is not as striking and contrasts too sharply with the lights of the city. The rule of space relates to the direction the subject s in your photo are facing or moving towards. If you are taking a photo of a moving car for example, there should be more space left in the frame in front of the car than behind it. This implies that there is space in the frame for the car to move into.

      Take a look at the example of the boat below. In this photo, the boat is placed on the left hand side of the frame as it moves from left to right. Notice how there is a lot more space for the boat to move into in front of its direction of motion to the right than behind it. We can mentally imagine the boat moving into this space as it sails along the river. We also have a subconscious tenancy to look forward to where an object is heading. If the boat was right up at the right hand side of the frame, this would lead us out of the photograph!

      This can also be used for pictures of pictures of people. The rule of space suggests that the subject should be looking or facing into the frame rather than out of it.

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      Take a look at the musician in the photo above. I composed the shot with him sitting on the left hand side of the frame. He is facing to the right as we look at him into the area of space between him and the right hand edge of the frame. If he had been facing the other way, he would be looking out of the frame and this would look odd. By looking into the space in the frame, he leads our eye past the man leaning on the railing and to the couple dancing on the right hand side. For this reason, it is suggested that any motion portrayed in a photograph should flow from left to right.

      This is all very well but it assumes the viewer is from a country were text is read from left to right. Many languages are read from right to left such as Arabic for example. I was once criticised by a judge for the fact that a woman in a photo I took was walking from right to left. I reminded the judge that the photo was taken in Tunisia where people read from right to left. The woman walking her dog in the Tuileries Garden in Paris is walking from the left to the right of the frame.