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Over the years, there have been several incidents involving mass lay-offs from Royal Caribbean , dating back many years ago with employees losing their jobs, with the last one in involving around people let go. Money saved by the cruise executives in Miami, yes, but at the expense of terminating loyal U.

Not to mention running the risk of demoralizing the remaining staff while offering substandard services. Please join the discussion on our Facebook page. Call Center Outsourced to Guatemala. August 30, Update: I literally thought when I started there at Royal Carribean that I was going to retire there.

'Absolutely heartbroken': Employee at Royal Caribbean in Springfield speaks out

Some of us found out because we were pulled into meetings, some of us found out via other people there. It sounds like with this news, the rug was pulled out from underneath you. I almost feel like I was socked in the gut. What do you do now? This is not something you were ever expecting. The mood is definitely down.

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No one truly knows whats going to happen. Are they going to start cutting departments out sooner? Is it frustrating to have this happen after putting in so much work with the company?

  1. Sources: Royal Caribbean to cut jobs in Springfield by end of | KVAL.
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And then they do this. They have no respect for any of the staff members. It happens all the time, in every department. The woman says that she has two kids, and she needs to be able to support them alongside her husband, so she's looking for other jobs. We reached out to Royal Caribbean for a comment on this story, and the declined.

Royal Caribbean to Outsource Springfield Call Center

They are expected to have a statement on the situation on Thursday. Employee at Royal Caribbean in Springfield speaks out. The transcription of the interview can be read below: What basically is happening By December of , they are going to get rid of about 80 to 90 percent of the jobs.

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Who would be laid off? Why did you wish to remain anonymous for this interview?


Why did you feel the need to come forward? How does that make you feel? Were you surprised by the news?