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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. How To Live Alone liked it 3. Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. Out of Egypt eMagine Theater Book 6 0. You can also sneak up from behind to do takedowns. This can farmed via checkpoint restart during any encounter! Be sure to keep at least one enemy alive or else it triggers an autosave. You should easily get this from natural gameplay. For example, you can throw bottles to make noise or can use rope arrows to hang enemies from trees and have others investigate it.

Total Party Kill Kill 5 enemies with friendly fire. Porvenir Oil Fields , cannot be missed. After unlocking it there will be a tutorial on how to use it. Here you can simply farm the kills via checkpoint restart. Use to select the bow. These arrows cause enemies to frenzy and turn on each other. Playing with Fire Burn 2 enemies simultaneously. For this you need an enemy section with a bottle. The bottle can be picked up and crafted into a Molotov Cocktail. Then throw it at 2 enemies standing close together. There are 3 enemies and a forklift. On the forklift are some bottles. Hold to craft one into a molotov, then throw it at the two enemies standing close together.

Gunslinger Perform 3 headshots in 3 seconds with the pistol. This can be done during the second enemy encounter in the game shortly after escaping the big cave in Cozumel. There are 3 enemies standing around a forklift. Equip the pistol and stand behind the single enemy near the bushes. Then shoot them from right to left, all headshots within 3 seconds.

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It creates an autosave after killing them. This allows you to reload it from the main menu, in case you fail and need to try again. Lara will slide down to an enemy base where 3 enemies stand in front of her. Here you can restart the checkpoint to try again. You can farm this via checkpoint restart during any encounter! You can make it easier by keeping only 1 enemy alive in the area, then you can lose him faster.

Walls are the best place to hide behind. This quest unlocks at the very end of the story, just before the final mission. You can still do it after the story in free-roam. Skills are purchased at base camps. Hold and tap to use Perception plants. They need to be gathered first in the open world. Perception plants allow you to sense enemies throughout the environment.

The effect only lasts for a few seconds. You can farm the melee-takedowns via checkpoint restart. Gather plants in the open world to craft it. Focus improves reaction responses and slows down time when aiming. Endurance plants reduce damage from melee and ranged attacks. Como Te Llama Pet 5 llamas. You can find 5 llamas in Paititi, The Hidden City. Two are at the market square in town. Another is between the houses, up the hill south-west of the market square.

Just press to pet them. You must find 5 that are underwater which comes to you naturally when gathering everything on the map. New Heights Complete a climb after finding the Overhang Climbing Gear Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. Fully upgrade the knife [Prior to patch 1.

It was fixed with patch 1. There are two upgrades. The first must be bought from a merchant, the second is from side quest Rescue Hakan. Knife Upgrade 1 Reinforced Knife: It costs Gold, see the location below:. This gains you the ability to harvest Spiders and Beetles for their venom. Harvesting requires the makeshift knife. Use Survival Instinct to highlight them. Even better, use Perception Plants to mark them from far away.

Walk over the Bettle or Spider and press to pick it up no need to shoot it. Those locations should suffice to get You can find more inside Challenge Tombs. Be sure to play on easy or normal so you can activate the Survival Instinct to find the small insects. This highlights them in yellow color and makes them much easier to see. The very best option is to use Perception Plants to highlight the insects. More of those can always be bought at the merchant in Paititi. It increases the chance of finding rare animals.

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You can get it without the skills just fine but it certainly helps with farming the rare animals. Rare animals are colored red in Survival Instinct. They are all dangerous animals that will attack you on sight. In a cave in the south-west of the entrance to San Juan, there tends to be a Black Wolf spawning among some normal wolves.

A Black Wolf can spawn here but the odds are lower than in San Juan region. Jump between the 3 possible spawn points via fast travel and the animals should spawn after a while. The bow is your starting weapon, simply kill 20 enemies with headshots using the bow and arrows. You can farm this during any enemy encounter. First Blood Perform a Stealth Takedown from a mud-covered wall.

Path of the Living Objective: Infiltrate the Porvenir Camp Region: You must press to over Lara in Mud. Then move on to the next waypoint, there will be a group of enemies and a mud wall. Lean against the mud wall and kill one of the enemies walking by. Complete it for this trophy. The most basic one is fire arrows with the bow. There is special ammo for other weapons but it requires certain skills. If during the story your inventory is full, remember to craft some special ammo and feel free to waste some by shooting it at the environment to free up inventory space.

There are infinite resources in the game and they can also be bought from merchants to make this go quicker. Point of Interest Learn of 5 interesting locations from civilians Walk around towns and talk to everyone you see. There are 3 towns: The most people are in Paititi. People you can talk to have a chat-icon above their head. You can also use survival instinct to highlight them, they are shown in yellow color. So just walk through the 3 towns and talk to everybody, then this will unlock. Thanksgiving Shoot a turkey with a Flare Round. This unlocks the Flare Round Attachment for your pistol.

There are 4 turkeys running around the base camp here. Check around the ruined tower, you may have to walk around a little bit before they spawn they are usually sitting in the bushes and start running when you go near. When you acquire that skill you automatically get a few flare rounds but they can also be crafted. Recipe for Disaster Survive the flood Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. The Underworld Get out of the Cenotes alive Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.

Family Ties Free Unuratu from prison Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. Queen of the Damned Make an unlikely ally Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. Quite the Adventure Finish the main storyline Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. The difficulty-related trophies stack so if you beat it on the highest difficulty you will get this trophy too. This lets you keep all skills, money, inventory from your previous playthrough. If you do an easy playthrough first and find all collectibles you can import your maxed-out character and Deadly Obsession becomes a whole lot easier.

For your first playthrough it is highly recommended that you play on easy. Keep Deadly Obsession for the second run. The hardest part about Deadly Obsession is not really the combat — because there are only very few enemy encounters — but rather the climbing without markers and puzzles without hints. None of them are missable! You can go back everywhere after the story. Then you unlock base camps everywhere, including on the first map Cozumel that you could not go back to during the story. Now clean up everything in free-roam. It saves the progress instantly when you pick up an item, no need to find it again if you die.

Then you can use Survival Instinct to reveal all Collectibles near you. Constantly hit during the story to use Survival Instinct everywhere you go. On top of that there are Archivist Maps and Explorer Backpacks that reveal all other collectibles on the map just like Rise of the Tomb Raider. Each region has its own collectible tracker. On the map it shows you how many items per type there are in the region and how many you found.

There are also some extremely helpful skill upgrades, all from the Seeker skill tree Blue Color. Get these as early as possible:. All Side Missions Walkthrough. On the map you can filter out collectible types. The artifact entries from the Croft Manor are unmissable automatic story unlocks from cutscenes. Some Artifacts are from Side Quests, you must also do every single side quest in the game. I think it would be a little easy with the skills previously acquired. Will add the info to the guide within the next few days as soon as I know.

A bit annoyed at the fact no enemies spawn after completing the main story since the first two games had enemies post completion. Deadly Obsession sounds pretty difficult since there are no checkpoints. There are maybe enemy encounters in the entire game and they are almost all stealth sections which you can beat without triggering combat. Plus there are also skills that let you slow down time and do multi-kills in stealth etc.

How difficult can traversing be? When farming combat trophies do we need to make sure to restart checkpoint before killing the final enemy in an encounter or anything tricky like that? Sounds like a pretty limited number of encounters overall. Yes correct, restart before the final enemy.

Otherwise it triggers an autosave. There are maybe enemy encounters in the whole game so not a lot. What if I played Deadly Obsession on my first playthrough with zero upgrades? Would it be hard then? I already started it on Deadly Obsession before I saw this. I also did Rise not long ago and played on Extreme Survivor as my first playthrough and I got all the collectibles and went through the story obviously without knowing what would happen next and it was fine. Now i have seen everything.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trophy Guide & Roadmap

Can you switch difficulties even if you start on Hard? I wanted to start on Hard not very hard ofc do the story and then switch to easy to mop up. Just want to confirm if it is doable to do the playthrough backwards? I did this with Shadow of the Colossus and it was great. Thank you so much for your guide, it was really helpful to help me find the last challenge I was missing.

I wanted to ask something regarding the artifacts collections. Are there any items that count towards the artifacts collection but are not collectables? Do you think this was a glitch? Not sure if it will help or not, but this set in question is the Pantheon of the Gods, which for me includes 7 artifacts. From the top of my head, maybe you need to beat the last mission again because some artifacts are from the story.

If this was not a glitch, then only two things come to mind. The second is something you mentioned on your guide. You mentioned that there is a challenge and items in the Croft Manor dream. Again, this is me just speculating. Croft I need for the platinum trophy. About last mission, forget that. Will help narrow down the missing one. Mike, you are missing the antique knife.

Widow's Grotto | The Witcher 3 Wiki

Sadly, I cant remember where I have found it. Its probably from the San Juan area. Will wait for further details on this. Played the game on the Deadly Obsession and finding items is just a pain in this difficulty: I have found a collectable guide at IGN but the guide only covers until The hidden city so far. I have checked the pictures. The missing item has to be in san juan or later. It could also be an Item found inside a treasure chest. But for the good part, I was able to go back after the quest was complete to dig up the Knife which unlocked the trophy, so again, thanks!

Anyway, the good part about it as I said in previous post is that it seems you can go back and pick the items up as long as you can figure out what item you are missing. I can also confirm that the antique knife is not mandatory and I was able to obtained it even after the side mission was complete. I was able to complete it without doing anything. I just started the mission, talked to the guy that was assumed had commited the murder, talked to the guard and the mission was complete without doing anything else.

Can you confirm this? When I went to the turkey spot I had already beaten the story. Check after story and let me know if they spawn then. Are you on patch 1. Run around the tower for a bit, they should come out of the plants they hide in there until you move closer. Turkeys refuse to spawn, bought every gun upgraded them all to max, nothing I seem to do will let my game progress go higher than Is it bugged for me?

Maybe we wait till next thanksgiving lol. Maybe that will lhe turkeys spawn. Where can I find the merchant that sells the rope ascender post game? She is not showing on the map! Her location after story is now in there, let me know if that works for you. And a second question, you can put on Difficulty Trophy shortly before the final on hard to get the trophy?

Do takedowns, normal kills wont work. For exsmple, the german translation is wrong. I did it at the second recommended location. If you are near the end you should still find small groups. If you are past the point of no return talked to etzli in the cave where you group up with the creepy cave guys, it might be too late. Start a new game after you have finished your first run until you reach the recommended location.

Could anyone help me out? I have the same! But for some reason, some collections are not completed. Is this a bug for me? Tried like everything but no luck. Seemed to be working for other people… I wonder what we are doing wrong. Just let me know if you figured out something: Serrano 11 — Journal of T. Serrano 12 — Journal of T.

Serrano 13 — Wheel-lock Pistol 4. Any help will be appreciated….

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Replaying the whole game right now and praying that it will work on a different playthrough. Guess we should just wait for a patch. I must be delusional, but how in the world do you manual save? I dont see an option. I know when you sit at fire and leave it saves. But how can i do it manually like mentioned? Guide states to save prior to using skill points to farm but after i allocate them it auto saves when i leave fire? I dont see how your creating seperate saves?! However I assumed there would be your typical manual save like menu if you will. So to be clear you just bounce back and forth between saves?

Prior to sitting down at fire, switch and make two saves. Then sit down at said fire, use skill points…farm.. That sounds insanely convoluted. Am I misunderstanding something or do you really have to do all that? Thanks for any and all help!! I have the glich trophy problem. I used some of my old save and I found out it can recognise some of my missing item when I got them before last mission. I loaded up some of those save and I got some of those collectable items.

I was wondering if anyone had a full list of artefacts for Conquerors? The ones I have so far are:. Is there perhaps another Arxhivist map in Peruvian Jungle? That did the trick! That one showed the 2 last documents aswell as the chest. And if i make a speedrun in the first playtrought in deadly Obsession only make the main objectives i have any opportunity to kill the boss or is extremly difficult.

Or does it have to be the whole game played on D. Are there enough skill points to purchase all trophy-necessary skills and to fill an entire skill section? There are definitely enough skill points to max out at least one section, and most of the other two trees in one playthrough assuming you collect everything.

I have four items under it: Can someone help me figure this out? Anybody complete that particular collection and can list your items in it so I can cross-check. If you have the base camp Jungle Cliffs unlocked, travel there, then it should be directly north from you; dive underwater and go towards a crack in the rocks, and then swim to the end of the opening. I went back and checked. The chest is open and its icon is greyed-out.

Which I might not have in me. Thanks for the help. Man that sucks to hear: So this is glitchy indeed. And some have glitched monoliths where the treasure cannot be dug up. Be thorough the first time through and check if each artifact entry is showing up in the menu log. Also keep backup saves to fall back on just in case. To everyone who is having problems finding the rope ascender and lockpick women, I finally found her!

Hope this helps somebody! Thanks for this amazing guide as always! I hate Tomb Raider with glitches all the time!! Good Samaritan is glitched! Good samaritan glitched on me too. I think I need 1 more for the Dr. Thats a knife glitched for me. I bought the knife upgrade and i have done the side quest and the trophy hasnt unlocked. Still working on through myself. Should I wait to spend them once I get all the kill related trophies? Only the cheap ones that help exploration. Then start saving skill points for combat trophies.

I can confirm that. Anyone know the one missing from de La Cruz? Hey powerpyx, any update on whether you need the flashback stuff? Also the Nahual mission is glitched so is the trophy for finishing 8 side missions. And that damn monolith in San Juan. All skills carry over. Is it cos I switched the difficulty for puzzles like times?

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  8. Wow just collected all the collectibles to find that my game is glitched… What can I do now? If it removed your saves you need to copy them back where you backed them up in Step 1. Sometimes something goes wrong during the trophy set installation. Reinstalling the game often helps fixing isolated trophy bugs. For me it popped on my 10th Triangle Stealth Kill. I had no idea about the Owl skill to catch spiders for dart poison.

    I went to a challenge tomb that Powerpyx noted for catching 20 critters and got spiders and went through the no return point and got it through farming. Now I can worry about these glitchy collectables…. I dunno you might get the last once you finish the story I am not sure.

    However, went my friend and I went back to Cozumel, it was not the gold mask we received in the treasure chest, such as various guides suggest. Dr croft is glitched im missing things from. Path of the stars, laras notebook, resistance , and two other artifacts. Any help would b appreciated. I think I was just lucky enough to get 3 glitched trophies altogether — Dr. What I did was: I deleted the application, started the game without updating to patch 1.

    Croft then after the scene I got the other 2 trophies! Now, what really prevents me from getting Completionist last trophy is the only Moonlith in San Juan! I had trouble to spawn the turkeys. I fast traveled to the right camp a dozen times but no luck. Then I read that if you are at the correct camp just close the game with the ps button. Then start game again and the turkeys will spawn when you are near the bush. Thank god no trophies glitched for me.

    I had them glitch out on Rise of the Tomb Raider. A follow up to Dr croft glitched trophy , i had about 6 artifacts missing. I started new game plus collecting everything again, i got to the first trial and it randomly popped. And i also contacted eidos monteal and they are aware of the problem. They basically said sorry for the problems u r having, we r aware of the problem.

    And to contact square enix and share your save file. I was gonna share the save file but the trophy popped so if anyone has a glitched save file they can contact square enix and do that. Based on the reports here, those who did not get the trophy did the side mission first and then bought the vendor upgrade. In new game plus i finished 5 sets of artifact stories and thats when i got the trophy Dr croft.

    Can u help me please I earned the completionist trophy but the trophy for Dr. Always stuck at last either 1 or 2 items. I had at least 3 cache, 3 mural, 2 relic, 2 monolith and a chest. I have tried nearly all combination. I just had this happen to me and I noticed I had 2 knives there. I did it again on a different save and after upgrading, there was only ONE knife there. Still not sure what causes the glitch but thought this might be helpful.