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Countries that can come up with ways to welcome immigrants without causing too much political backlash will have a leg up, as will those that figure out ways to employ more older workers and women. That will be easier in nations that elect political reformers as Argentina recently did rather than populists by this logic, Latin America may be at a turning point since its already passed through the dark life cycle stage of populism that many parts of Europe and even the US are in now.

Of course, the populists have risen because inequality has grown. Too many of those point to corruption and slower growth on the Bad Billionaire metric, Russia is, not surprisingly, flashing red. Other things to watch: Inflation following debt binges can be a growth killer too, as is a run up in debt itself. Sharma has been one of the prescient seers of the Chinese debt crisis. Even asked a bassist once who claimed to have said Jaco was where he learned what he thought of some of rarer to find Weather Report stuff and the answer was, who??

The other thing that gets to me is when bassists have tryed so bloody hard to copy great bassists and all they can do is play nothing other than play like the people they have watched time and time again Whats the point of learning to play but being a clone of someone else? Oh and let me add i don't play bass but watch others make outstanding musci but sure can appreciate what people put into their playing and think theres definatly some talent out there.

I think you know who I am right? I think one of the main reasons Jaco has influenced so many people is that he played "lead bass" so well. Jaco's bass playing maintained a groove, drove the music, but also leapt out as a separate melodic line. Other bassists had approached the bass in this way Paul McCartney certainly played melodic fills in a way that James Jamerson never did.

But Jaco's melodies are unmistakable. His other influences are most certainly the tight tone he got by playing close to the bridge and the use of a fretless bass, which had been around a while but had not made any headway. Still spendin' that political capital far faster than I can earn it Thank goodness I have a musically intelligent uncle - when he loaned me my first bass and gave me my first lesson all these names popped out And he really stressed the tapping of the foot and the singing part.

But honestly its been almost 15 years since and I never actually listened to any of those guys until recently well, McCartney you can't help but hear if you have a working FM radio. Whenever I listened to that stuff I thought it was all a mess, I just didn't get it. Now, with a more mature ear, I can hear whats goin on and I have indeed been influenced. I will be there. From what I've heard from those on the scene at the time, it was like a revolution. I personally don't get much from listening to his material these days, but a lot of things I do are copped from him, sometimes indirectly copped from some other cat that copped him.

I admire Jaco and recognize his talent, but can honestly say he hasn't influenced me much. I get more influence from Jamerson and McCartney.

Stevie Wonder CD's

Search for "Jaco Influences" on the Lowdown This is something I previously wrote here about Jaco. Obviously I could write much more. I can remember hearing his first album and being in shock. At the time I thought I knew how to play the bass and suddenly I realized that there were many many levels above me, more levels than we dreamed were possible. At first you thought you could play bass?

Well, join my HUGE club. Before I joined this forum, I thought I knew There's so much to learn. Truth is, I'm comfortable with most Reggae basslines, if not all, even after just 16 months of bass playing. When it comes to that Wooten, Jaco and Miller business, I regret ever handling a bass!

When I hear some of these guys, honestly, I say to myself, no matter how long I practise, I'll never play like that.

The Rise and Fall of Nations by Ruchir Sharma Book Review | Time

Do you ever feel those vibes? If you ever hear or read that I said Jaco is my influence, 'shoot' me coz it'll be name dropping. I arrived in Miami from Cuba in My father was the premier trombonist in Cuba so i was exposed to music all my life. I remember flipping thru some records yes, vinyl!

He is now my friend and i just saw him play last week since he comes to Vegas 4 times a year with Neil Sedaka. Wonderful player and person. His playing was eye opener number one Again, my mind was blown by an upright bassist named Stanley Clarke THEN, livivng in south Florida.. Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. I thought long and hard about posting a reply to this post, as I figured many of you would think I'm full of crap If you choose not to believe it I know its true.

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Jaco was a major influence on my bass playing, but not like most people who heard him after his carrer took off. He was playing bass for a small time show band called "Tommy Strand and the Upper Hand. I had heard about Jaco, having lived in Miami all my life, and being in the music scene there, but our paths had never crossed. I had never heard him play.

That night his playing blew me away. I never saw anyone play a bass like that. The precision and expression was like nothing I'd ever seen. When their set was done, I went to see him, while the third band was playing. The rest of the band was hanging out smoking and bs'ing Jaco was in the dressing room practicing his Simandl book. I just sat and watched, as he executed page after page flawlessly. I'll never forget what he said to me, as he got up to do the second show I cried when he died I'll forever be grateful to him for taking the time to help me become a better basssist.

I am surprised we never met- but then again i graduated from high school in 76 - did you ever know John Goodwin? Posted by Admin at 7: Please Hollywood hear my cry! My most fervent wish is to see the Life of Stevie Wonder on the big screen. I pray for this every night and every day. Who would play Little Stevie? Posted by Admin at 9: As Usual, "F" The Neighbors.

I don''t care who doesn't like it.

Ruchir Sharma Offers New Math for the World's Economic Future

So far, no one has complained, I wish a mo'fo would! Everybody loves a little Stevie Wonder, no matter how loud. I've been getting non-stop calls from nieces and nephews asking to go to the Stevie concert. I may have to kick my best friend to the curb for my niece, so I'll be taking two nieces. I'm a good Auntie. Posted by Admin at 6: Tuesday, September 22, A Time to Love. I love this album so much, Stevie's voice is the ultimate best it has ever sounded.

It brings tears to my eyes. The emotion goes deep and nourishes my soul. I've been playing this album for 3 days straight, and I'm not tired of it yet. This man's music game is beyond tight. Hopefully, he will sing it at the concert, Lyrics, There is something on my mind, that's in my heart, written on my face, And it would behove me and my soul, if I did not state my case, And so as truth is real, and real is truth, this truly must be told, That you've got to be the sweetest somebody, I know, Amazon.

I do, I do! Stevie the eight Wonder of the world! I have to travel through 2 states to get to Connecticut but it's close enough to New York. It's a state of the northeast United States so that's close enough. I bought 3 tickets and got a discount on a fabulous room!

I put in for my vacation today and I am ready to go! Life is so good, I tell ya! I'm taking my niece and my best friend. It's almost time for us, to assume the position, and kneel before the throne, of our spiritual leader, Stevie Wonder. The Icon at Age I wish everyone, - serenity, peace, love, and tranquility, Stevie Wonder, was born on May 13, In , at the age of eleven, Wonder was discovered singing outside a street corner by a relative of The Miracles' Ronnie White, who was later introduced to Wonder. White brought Wonder and his mother to Motown Records.

Before signing, producer Mickey Stevenson gave Wonder his trademark name after remarking about him saying "that boy's a wonder". The 12 Year Old Genius. The song, featuring Wonder on vocals, bongos, and harmonica, and a young Marvin Gaye on drums, was a 1 hit on the U.

Stevie finished the song Stevie style, and the rest is history, Amazon. Sunday, September 20, Stevie Fact. By , in his 25th year, Stevie Wonder had won two consecutive Grammy Awards: People at a Stevie Wonder Concert. This video was filmed at a Stevie Wonder concert, in Chicago, the people were dancing their asses off, and having a great time.

The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich pt.1

There were crowds of people there just grooving, together, without a care in the world. It feels good to witness people having a good time, dancing and laughing. I want to thank johnnysmooth for posting this video to YouTube, Thank You. I took this artistic picture of myself, my reflection is bouncing off the glass, as I try to capture the trees outside my window. I can hear the birds singing and there is a squirrel scampering up a branch. I look a little like Mother Earth or Mother Nature, staring out through the trees. I should have smiled or something, because, I look like I'm ready to hit someone with a lightening bolt.

The rain has left streaks on my window pane. In the background, Stevie Wonder's "Golden Lady" is playing loudly. As usual, "F" the neighbors. They don't want to piss off Mother Nature. I've been up most of the night researching many blog and Twitter applications that would make my blog and tweets accessible to the visually impaired. I added on the sidebar and to every blogpost, Odiogo , which transforms my blog posts into a podcast that can be heard via any iPod or computer.

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I also tested Twitwoop , which transforms phone calls into audio tweets, which are then posted onto Twitter. I think Stevie should try it out, so he won't have anymore dealings with fake Stevie Wonder Twitter accounts. I tried out TweetCall , which transcribes phone calls into text, it worked fine, but , you have to enter a pin number, which may be difficult for some. Anyway, it worked well, my phone call was transcribed into text and went straight to my Twitter account. I'm guessing it will work fine if you have an easy to remember pin number, however, I prefer Twitwoop because no pin number is needed.

I recommend that all Stevie Wonder fan sites follow my lead and make their fan sites accessible to the visually impaired. If Stevie doesn't have access to your fan site, then it's not a true Stevie fan site.

Who Should Play Stevie Wonder in the Movie?

Posted by Admin at Saturday, September 19, Picture of the Week. This is a great picture of the great Stevie Wonder with the Funk Brothers.

He was about 15 going on 16 years old in this picture. Look how he is in total control. He looks like the boss in this picture.