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Harry Norman Turtledove born June 14, is an American novelist, who has produced works in several genres including alternate history, historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction. Turtledove has been dubbed "The Master of Alternate History". Within the genre he is known both for creating original scenarios such as survival of the Byzantine Empire or an alien invasion in the middle of the World War II and for giving a fresh and original treatment to themes previously dealt with by many others, such as the victory of the South in the American Civil War and of Nazi Germany in the Second World War.

His novels have been credited with bringing alternate history into the mainstream.

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His style of alternate history has a strong military theme with scenes of combat happening throughout many of his works Other books in the series. Scepter of Mercy 3 books. Books by Dan Chernenko.

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While young King Lanius dreams of being more than a mere figurehead, his fellow sovereign, the usurper King Grus, is defending Avornis against the shadowy plots of the Banished One - the dark god cast from heaven who seeks now to dominate the mortal world. With the barbarous, nomadic Menteshe holding the Scepter of Mercy - and civil war raging among the Chernagor city-states in the north - Avornis finds itself threatened on two fronts and prevented from regaining the Scepter.

But the longer the kings go without acting on their dream of retaking the Scepter of Mercy, the greater the chance the Banished One will triumph Over the Wine-Dark Sea. Gray Tide in the East: The Shadow of What Was Lost.

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Luck in the Shadows. Twice Upon a Time 2: Once In a Blue Moon. A Legend of Ethshar. The Black Stallion Legend. The Black Stallion's Ghost. Sign of the Dove.

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