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For example, the bride is adorably bummed out that her sister got her the wrong shade of pink lipstick for her wedding and makes a quick trip to her apartment — where she also shreds her French and Israeli passports. It is pretty clear that the five are hiding secrets, but maybe not the secrets we think. Meanwhile, where is the kidnapped minister? If stoner dude Sean Tilson is indeed a superspy, why does he still use a flip phone?

These 3 new TV series are like early holiday gifts. Turn on desktop notifications? So the first result in Google comes from Dictionary. I guess being rich means we have money and a ton of stuff, right?

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It could mean we have health, a family, shelter, a job, money — whatever. Many would see images of suits, fancy cars, or lavish mansions. But I do think society has programmed our brains. Fake rich people need to make good money to keep up their materialistic lifestyle. The fake wealthy people I know and have seen usually have very steady jobs that make them a good chunk of change. Fake rich people need you to comment on and care about their things — such as their home, their car, or their job.

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They lease a nice car or get the newest iPhone to show you. When you see this person with beautiful things, chances are your brain will tell you they have money at first glance. The once-new phone soon became a docked music player, while they went out and bought the newer phone. A fake rich person recently told me their wife went out to pick up a new laptop you know, very casual shopping trip. A new power suit always makes a person feel important. The best example is when you go to a store like Target.

You often see women rocking a designer purse, sunglasses, and what seems to be a very expensive outfit. I enjoy a good laugh. How can someone making good money keep up with appearances, have a huge home, and buy tons of new material items? They have to spend their money! Thus, many of them are living paycheck-to-paycheck. This comes from personal experience. My dad made great money when I was growing up, but he lived a materialistic lifestyle. Although we had beautiful, new things all the time, he was unhappy. He worked a ton of hours, and I saw him on this constant cycle of earn-buy, earn-buy, earn-buy.

The fake rich always seem to want more. These people have to have the newest and best to show others how much money they think they have. This is one of my favorites. It takes a strong understanding of people to see this but seeing fake rich people become jealous of you is incredible. I was with a group recently that included a few fake rich people. I mentioned that I was planning to retire at a very early age.

Every single one of those people leased their car.


None of them seemed to grasp the concept of living below your means. The mindset was that if you can afford the monthly payment, you can afford it. These people are much more difficult to spot. They drive modest used cars and live in homes that are suitable for their needs. From my interactions, the real rich are the opposite of all those things I listed above.

Characteristics of the fake rich

Real rich people are happy and do what they love. Not only does buying in bulk save on money, but it also saves time — something a lot more valuable than money to most. You can also order bulk groceries and household items online with Boxed. This may seem like a no-brainer, but couponing is an excellent way to save money. You can also check out sites like Groupon which has recently been revamped or get gift cards at a discount using sites like Cardpool or Raise. Many things can be repurposed to create something new. The real rich are always looking for new ways to use what they already have.

So maybe you can afford a new BMW, but is it necessary? Many other options offer the same luxuries like expensive cars but at a much lower price point. Maybe you can afford a five-bedroom house. But if you have three people in your family, you need to ask yourself if five bedrooms are necessary. They all live in modest homes. Although this one may be easier said than done, the real rich like to avoid having any debt.

This means not taking out loans for things like cars and tend to shy away from credit cards. Use cash instead , there are many benefits.

How to Identify the Fake Rich From the Real Rich

With credit cards and high-interest rates, you end up spending way more in the long run. And once you go into debt, it is a lot harder to get out. The best way to save money is not to spend it. The most successful people start off with a savings plan and do what it takes to stick with it.

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A great way to achieve your goals is by creating a prosperity picture. Visualizing your goals can give you the motivation you need to succeed. You can live a life of frugality and still enjoy many things in life. I want to hear your thoughts on this concept, so please leave your comments in the box below. Nice car, big house, lots of expensive crap, yada yada.

How to spot a wealthy man or woman

And worse, part of me actually envied all that. It was only natural — them having a ton of stuff and me looking at someone who SEEMED to be happy with all that stuff and wanting something similar. Wantling at your service. Quite the contrary, it is making them poor. It is making them financially irresponsible. I view life and stuff in a whole new way.

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