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is a totally awesome idea still being worked on.

Only one man can stop her - a criminal mastermind who is intent on her destruction. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. Have you ever wondered what would you do if you fell behind on your mortgage and you were to lose the house of your parents? Because she is in desperate need of money to save her North-Carolina house, the twenty-four-year-old woman moves to New York City hoping to get a good job fast, solve her financial issues and live a far better life than she did at home.

Unfortunately, she ends up having a poorly paid job at a PR firm where her bosses belittle and treat her like their servant. Being stuck in a rut and with the approaching foreclosure procedure, Heather takes a leap of faith and enters into the world of illegal gambling with the help of an anonymous Friend in Need who sends her strange emails with obscure betting information and accurate predictions.

For example, one of the emails she receives force her to go to a well-known metropolis, where she wants to bet on a sporting event, but she ends up tangled in the underbelly of that city.

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I love the way we enter into Heather's mind and we observe how the psychology of addiction works. Though Heather does this questionable activity to save her family from debt, we cannot overlook the thrill she gets and the addictive effect of gambling just like in the case of narcotics or alcohol. Similarly to a drug addict, Heather hides her shady activities from everyone else, including her roommate Percy or her boyfriend David. This book outlines scary yet fascinating aspects of the human mind; motivation and what despair can do to you.

I also think that this story is pretty realistic because any naive or desperate person under financial pressure can fall victim to an Internet scam which may seem benign at first, but very nasty later. I enjoyed the pacing of this novel, the suspenseful moments that drove me crazy with anticipation, the characters are morally grey and pretty realistic, the simple writing that makes the book easy to read and vivid descriptions of New York City and of another famous metropolis whose culture is very different from the one Heather grew up in.

Therefore, without a clear-cut resolution, the story was left hanging in mid-air as well as my expectations. I love how Mr. Wells creates characters that could be anyone.


A 24 year old from a working class family comes to New York hoping to assist her mother by finding a great job. The daughter of a gambling alcoholic, the main character feels obligated to do everything she can to assist her mother save her family home from foreclosure. AND she meets her perfect man.

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Life is going swimmingly until she loses everything and has to claw it back, pitting her wits against an elusive millionaire whose get rich quick schemes have resulted in the ruination of countless other people. There is intrigue, tension, international travel, glamour, gleaming yachts, designer clothes, beautiful women, peril on the streets of Paris, murder and sex.

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It's all in there, a luscious mix of Sidney Sheldon and Shirley Conran, updated and fresh enough to stand tall in the 21st century. I could not put this book down.

It was a huge amount of fun but more than that, it has stayed with me and is definitely one I will be recommending to anyone who wants a more than just a sexy romp through a millionaire's playground. A 24 year old PR assistant, Heather Bancroft, is one of the people caught up in an elaborate scam. She starts to receive strange emails predicting the outcomes of things she can bet on A very well-written series of books where the pace does not let up from Book 1 to the final pages of Book 5.

She is both pretty and practical, driven by emotion, while still cunning. I absolutely love books and movies that span a great deal of time and space. Up for some international travel?

Well, you can surely find it here. If you are looking for a good beach read or need to kill time on an international flight, this will do the trick.

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Some of the twists were unbelievable, even for Heather Bancroft, but it is entertaining. Without giving anything away, I feel the ending was abrupt and unexplained a bit. How did she have a reunion in France without the authorities ruining the party? I asked this of myself and made a note. Yet another author that I feel could write circles around me and is probably doing so as we speak.

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He spans a lot of time, covers a good bit of ground, and makes me wonder in sickening delight, just how long it took him to write these books. Everything is reasonably believable, and straight to the point. I would love to take some lessons from him and cringe as he crosses out in red all of my useless explanations and garbage. I believe his branding style could be adapted to my gritty crime novel Modern Waste , a book I have mostly written a sequel for but I am worried that nobody cares about.