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Well his name is practically taking up the whole cover, if not all of it. And from what I've read he's trying to get the bottom of her death. The first thing that disturbed me in the slightest in the book would probably be the state they found her body in. Pat Right now I've only gotten to chapter 18, but it's pretty interesting. Patterson didn't really go in-depth with description but I can always imagine. And he comes across a boy can't recall his name for the life of me and he searches his room only to find that there is a slip of paper in a jacket hanging in the closet.

He also found a similar paper in Caroline's room. He connects them and tries to crack the numbered code written on both. Right now I'm at the point where he has cracked the code and he discovers that there are different phone numbers written, not any numbers though, they belong to high influential people in the area. Which makes him wonder deeply why Caroline would be connected to all of these high ranked individuals?

Oh, and did I mention Alex Cross and Caroline are related? Mar 25, Andrea rated it it was amazing Shelves: I enjoyed the rapid-fire pace of the story and how he kept the action moving with short chapters. And there sure was A LOT of action. Some parts were gross. I mean, really nauseatingly gross. I had to close my eyes and shake off the gruesome murder scenes more than once. In addition, as the story revolved around a sex club, some chapters contained explicit sex.

James Patterson's Kill Alex Cross: AUDIOBOOK

It was essential to the plot and not just there for shock v This is a typical James Patterson novel, which is definitely NOT a bad thing. It was essential to the plot and not just there for shock value--though some of it was admittedly shocking to read. With each murder and act of depravity, I really wanted Alex to track down the corrupt perverts and punish them big time. Another thing I like about the series is the presence of family, which balances the story out and adds an extra layer to Alex Cross. This book was no exception, with a touching subplot revolving around Alex's Nana.

It was a dose of humanity in the midst of a very inhumane murder case.

I enjoyed this book, devouring it during one sitting. And the cliffhanger ending left me wanting more.

Hardback Editions

Nov 19, Glenn rated it it was ok Shelves: JP is getting to be somewhat formulaic. I've commented on past co-authored books that he's oversaturated, putting out too many sub-par "ghost" books where he does a short outline and the co-author writes the rest, and it shows. This one was authored solo by JP, so I expected more, but it didn't have that "edge of your seat" feel to it, at least not for me. I've enjoyed the standalone authored books by JP, especially the Cross series, but this one didn't introduce anythin 2.

I've enjoyed the standalone authored books by JP, especially the Cross series, but this one didn't introduce anything new. I felt like I was reading a previous novel for the second time, especially with the tangential story about Nana having a medical issue, being taken to the hospital, being obstinate about going home right away, and then being fine by the end of the novel.

Been there done that JP Jun 28, Jerome rated it did not like it. The plot, which intrigues at first, quickly becomes tiresome. The additional "filler" as one reviewer put it, is exactly that: The end is not a spoiler just flat out worthless. I actually read the few remaining pages of the next book advertised at the end of this book hoping that I would receive something else - anything else Bottom line: I actually read the few remaining pages of the next book advertised at the end of this book hoping that I would receive something else - anything else - to appease my disappointment, unfortunately no luck.

The murder investigation, assuming you could even find it buried beneath the medical drama with Nana Mama, but ill get back to that, was never really a mystery to begin with. The entire time it consisted of Cross being pointed down a line to the conclusion by everyone as they gave him everything he needed without any real investigation going on.

I want to see Cross do his work, not have his hand held the entire time. Zues, the killer, was not interesting at all. We barely hear of him, see him twice the entire book, and never had any motive behind what he did. He was just a sick man who screwed up one day. It was also obvious as to who it was considering the name he chose. Plus having the entire plot revolve around escorts was never interesting at all. How many times do we have to hear about impossibly beautiful women being naked through this book? It was there for bad shock value and nothing more. The time spent with Nana Mama were pointless and just boring.

If you cut out every time Cross spends talking to her, over half of the book would be gone and we would still end up with the same conclusion without missing anything. I absolutely hate Nana Mama and I was praying that she would finally die by the end of the book, but its obvious that she wasnt going to, despite her being over 90 and constantly in a coma. Please Patterson, kill her off already. The other characters, namely Cross' family and Sampson, were non-existant and didnt act the way they should be.

The kids are nearing graduation from highschool and yet they all acted like they were 8 year olds. Bree was hardly around and never really did anything aside from cooking and looking over Nana Mama. Since those parts were pointless, her part in this book was pointless too aside from the ending. Sampson, like in the previous book, acted like a hired thug that only talked when he needed too.

Instead of him saying or doing anything, it was always Cross that told us what he said or did. I dont care to hear it from him, I want to know what Sampson is thinking. I want Sampson to talk for himself. On a side note, the arrogance of Patterson is arguably at his worst here. In the interview on the book near the top of the product page, he bashes late-author Tony Hillerman.

And in this book, he deems the humor of Jon Stewart and everything related to The Daily Show to be "droll humor. Im sure he atleast Hillerman had talent and morals compared to JP. Not to mention, The Daily Show and Jon Stewart are both great, so its obvious that Patterson would not know humor or again real talent if it smacked him the face. Feb 07, Ben Dutton rated it it was ok. The formula is well known now — a criminal mastermind, usually a serial killer of some form, targets strangers, but once Alex Cross is on their case, the emphasis shifts.

I, Alex Cross is no different. Again, like a number of previous instalments, the involvement Alex has in the case is personal: The Alex Cross novels relay on their breakneck speed to entertain the reader, and this one certainly is whip-crackingly fast: I read it in three and a half hours, in one sitting, digested like junk food.

Which is what these novels are. Again these family dynamics provide the most interesting part: Nana Mama is seriously ill, and might die, and her possible impending death hangs over this work, a dark shadow. Patterson is savvy enough not to anger or alienate his audience, so the ending comes as no surprise, but it is at least reassuring to see real problems do occasionally intrude into the life of this super-cop. Yes these books may be tediously formulaic, and their ending never in doubt, but sometimes, just sometimes, we need to eat candy and read trash.

I must have done just that if my husband was not walking with me. The story was very unnerving. The controversial part was that some Whitehouse nerves were ticked during his investigations. I have to praise the plot of this one. But unlike the others that focused more on the protagonist; this one focused more on the victims, the evidence, and the conspiracy.

It was a thrill tracing evidences back to the high-profiled perp. This is the kind of James Patterson I missed. It has been a long time since the series hyped this much just saying. And it seem like things are starting to step up from here on. Hope you enjoy it too. Read from The Page Walker. View all 12 comments. Aug 16, Trisha rated it really liked it. I made a bet with myself.

Go into the library, into the audio books section and ONLY pick a book the librarians have already pulled out and put on display for someone to take. I couldn't go pre-select or pre-hold one I thought I'd like - but just pick through the table they had on display. So I picked this one. I knew of the detective Alex Cross and I knew this would be a good series. But I was a little worried about starting at book 16 lol. This is an amazing audio book. Another fabulous BBC r I made a bet with myself. Another fabulous BBC recording full with gunshots and sounds through out.

And even though I knew "who done it" way early on view spoiler [ as soon as they mentioned the president was a woman, I knew exactly who was killing those women hide spoiler ] it was amazing to keep going with the audio and hear the final conclusion. NOT an ending I saw coming. Now I want to listen to them all - starting at book 1!

I'm so glad the librarians pulled this out for me to pick from! View all 4 comments. And yes, I do mean judging. First off, this was supposed to be a detective story. I think there may have even been a little bow on a few of them. There was no point.

Paperback Editions

The story could have progressed without him being at any of the scenes. And when your main character can be completely removed from the book without anything changing you have got a fucking problem. Yes, thank you, I realise you need plot devices to move the plot along. What, in the ever loving hell, was the point of the mob tie in?

There were two scenes with them and then the whole thing was forgotten about! And the girl who escaped! The girl who just so happens to be the only one who has seen the face of true evil and gotten away.

I, Alex Cross

Why was there not more fuss over her? I understand the murderer not knowing - hey, who wants to admit to their boss that they fucked up? They're supposed to be professionals and when Remy asks they're all "Yeah, sure, working on it. Because that didn't come across. Even if they didn't know that bossman showed his face, you'd think they'd have some professional pride. The same goes for Cross pissing off those high-rollers. None of them — none of them — cock block the investigation. Also, who the fuck were those two random guys who brought English pimp and girlfriend to Remy? Literally just a pair of hands to get two characters from A to B so their plotline can be tied up.

Y'all have no idea. He lives in the woods and enjoys chopping people up and running their bodies through a wood chipper. Also, why the fuck did he blow his brains out at that precise moment?

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It makes no sense. He goes through so many lengths to stay anonymous - blacking out his car plates, wearing a gimp mask, using a voice changer - and then he goes and shows his face because it doesn't matter. Why, I hear you ask? Oh, because they fired him and he has some tenuous ties to the mob. And everyone just jumped on the bandwagon. On a side note — how old were those kids supposed to be?

There was no point to the nana scenes. It had no impact on the serial killer plot at all except to slow down the pace of the whole book. Literally, no reason, except to reminisce over some other jazz that he went to listen to and blah blah blah thank you! All that and then — bang? What even was the point? And then Cross is a hero and his name is in the papers and his kids are searching for mentions of him?

The only thing that saved the book was the phone call from Kyle at the end — now that sounded promising. This could have been a good book, but at the moment it reads like a first draft. Get rid of the nana storyline, focus on the detective work, change Cross from a passive to active and fix the character inconsistencies and you might have something. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. View all 6 comments. Jan 17, Terese rated it it was ok. Every now and then I want a book that's easy to read and easy to digest, I found this Patterson novel in a bargain bin and it fit the bill.

Technically it was all I wanted it to be, but it was also There was simply too many cooks in this kitchen, and you know what they say, too many cooks spoil the broth. There were simply too many angles, too many characters and perspectives, that I ended up not giving a toss about the whodunnit of it all.

In context of the book I find the title oddly ra Every now and then I want a book that's easy to read and easy to digest, I found this Patterson novel in a bargain bin and it fit the bill. In context of the book I find the title oddly random too. Just all in all a bit of a miss for me, especially as the only emotional weight in this book was about Alex's private life.

That's something I'm sure works for habitual readers, but personally, I couldn't care less about his private life and those parts held zero interest for me. Kind of a cool idea and a decent, if rushed, ending. Feb 05, Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws rated it it was amazing Shelves: Alex Cross is back with a bang! And I loved it!! His niece has been murdered and her remains dumped.

But this is no work of a small time criminal. So, welcome to the world of sex, politics and rule breaking. There had already been a nu Wohoo!

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  4. There had already been a number of murders that can be connected to the same person. The tension and drama of the murder and the scandal was interwoven with some family drama as well. He is rich and powerful and will do anything from being discovered. It was intriguing to see exactly how far the character would go. I also particularly enjoyed the political involvement in the novel.

    Alex Cross is back in his true form. He is sharper than ever and is back to doing things in his own way. Fast paced action and a lot of red herrings. Jun 06, Chanel Lindsay rated it liked it. Another Alex Cross read that didn't entirely live up to the usual standards from James Patterson. Another one that I really struggled to get into at first.

    Cross vows to hunt down the killer, and soon learns that Caroline was mixed up in one of Washington's wildest scenes. And she was not this killers only victim. Alex is soon facing down some ver Another Alex Cross read that didn't entirely live up to the usual standards from James Patterson. Alex is soon facing down some very important, very protected, very dangerous people in levels of society where only one thing is certain - they will do anything to keep their secrets safe. I couldn't quite grasp where the story was going at first as I felt there was way too many characters then there needed be.

    I couldn't keep up which who was who and their relevance to the story. Of course it got a little better when all was explained at the end. But this was the second Alex cross book that didn't have me gripped from the start. Worth a read purely for the developments in Alex's personal life. Disappointed this time round.

    Jul 08, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: I, Alex Cross by James Patterson pp. Here we get, the brutal murder of his estranged niece. Cross takes on the case and runs into a government cover up that goes to the highest levels of the White House. Of course, you get the gruesome serial killers, the attempts and threats of the Cross family, multiple players who are trying to cover their tracks an I, Alex Cross by James Patterson pp. Of course, you get the gruesome serial killers, the attempts and threats of the Cross family, multiple players who are trying to cover their tracks and the high-drama of smart, moneyed men who feel like they can do anything with their exceeding power.

    This is the 16th installment of the series. Overall, very readable for Patterson and the genre.

    I, Alex Cross (Alex Cross, book 16) by James Patterson

    Jan 25, Cym Lowell rated it liked it. The famous detective, Dr. Alex Cross, faces a tsunami of combustible elements in this most recent adventure, including: It is easy to understand why. This is a great read! It is such a joy to read the work of a master on his plane of creativity. Maybe in a future saga, Alex will be off to exotica on a honeymoon where crisis ensnares him in a world where he does not have bearings, friends, or knowledge. He is left to his own wits to navigate in the stormy, uncharted seas, with the essence of his heart and soul adrift in a shadowy world of circling sharks.

    Dec 10, Nina Perez rated it it was ok. I was very disappointed in this installment of the Alex Cross series. Theodore Vance has a compulsion for young escorts and is able to indulge his compulsion with the help of various people like his Secret Service detail who want to keep it quiet to protect the current Presidential administration.

    Cross goes to a party at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D. Sensing that President Vance's administration is about to be brought down by Theodore Vance's arrest, Thedore Vance's personal Secret Service agent Dan Cormorant , in a final act of loyalty to his country, shoots and kills Theodore Vance. Cormorant is immediately killed by other Secret Service agents. By killing Vance, Cormorant has allowed the Vance presidential administration to survive and spared the country the embarrassment of a sex scandal.

    Instead, Theodore Vance will be remembered as a Presidential spouse who was tragically and inexplicably killed by a rogue Secret Service agent. The novel ends with Alex asking Bree to marry him as Kyle Craig gives Cross a phone call, stating that he wants to have "fun" with Cross, but he will give him a break since his case with Zeus.

    The book was released on paperback, hardcover book styles and released on audio book. Critical reception has been mixed to positive, and has been cited as "the best [and scariest] book since Along Came a Spider ". It was reported that there would be a new Alex Cross movie, which was planned for a release of It was reported to be a reboot of the original series featuring Morgan Freeman [3] with Tyler Perry being cast as the lead role of Cross.

    This was later confirmed to be false, with the true adaption being Cross and the title was 'I, Alex Cross' but according to director of the film, only to show to fans that their 'hero' was back in movies. Later the film's title was changed to plain Alex Cross to avoid confusion. While there is no adaption yet, it seems likely - or possible - that in the future there might be since after Alex Cross based on Cross and there will be a new sequel to it based on Double Cross.

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