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The Way It Was
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For step-by-step instructions, select your system: We noticed that your account's country setting is set to Canada, but you're viewing the U. PT 7 days a week. Available Now Coming Jun 12, Hollow houses a miniature forest of all the worlds trees.

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Inside Hollow , you will discover over 10, unique tree species, which have been gathered by the artist from almost every country on the planet. Under your feet lie fossils, which span million years, and above you thousands of unique tree samples connect across time and space, each with their own story to tell. The relationship these trees have had with the environment, its water and its sunlight, and the plants, animals and fungi that lived with them, can be traced in the woods surfaces, once the living,.

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Entering Hollow is to enter the history of our planet. The University is renowned.

These Roots

This website offers the opportunity to explore the stories and responses to the artwork, to find out more about the artist, architects and partners involved. Over 1, of the wood samples have stories to explore. It is one of the oldest known living non-clonal organism with an estimated germination date of BC. The tree under which Buddha achieved enlightenment.

The aerial roots recall the Cosmic Tree. Watering the foot of the tree and placing offerings there in the form of stones is supposed to bring happiness and especially fertility. A Banyan is a fig that starts its life as an epiphyte: The fig seeds are predominantly dispersed by fruit-eating birds and the small seeds germinate in the cracks on a host tree.

The tree has propagating roots which grow downwards as aerial roots which then form multiple. As the national tree of the Republic of India, the Indian Banyan is considered sacred, and temples are often built beneath the trees. Known in Hindu mythology as 'the wish-fulfilling tree', banyans represent eternal life and many Indian women water the roots and lay offerings, often in the form of stones, to bring happiness and fertility. In Hinduism, the leaf of the Banyan tree is believed to be the resting place for the god Krishna.

This sample was salvaged from the discarded remnants of the iconic and destroyed Atlantic City Boardwalk - in support of the victims of superstorm Sandy. The wood is pressure treated pine that has been stabilized with Resins. From Florida to Maine, thousands of people were injured and left homeless. New Jersey and it's shore towns were hit particularly hard.

Dream Nail

It was alive million years ago and rubbed shoulders with the dinosaurs. Its spine-like needles acted as protection from ancient grazing animals now long extinct. It can live for 1, years and grows to 50m high with a trunk diameter of over 3m. It has triangular, spiky, sharp leaves and bears large cones. It is considered the national tree of Chile. Due to its memorable, tail-like appearance, the Monkey Puzzle Tree is popularly cultivated in gardens around the world. Monkey Puzzle forests have been fast destroyed and degraded due to logging, fire and grazing.

The Gilboa fossil forest, in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, has for several years been recognized as the the oldest known fossil forest, dating back million years. It was unearthed for the first time since it was discovered and buried by dam workers back in the s. Wattieza was a genus of prehistoric trees that existed in the mid-Devonian that belong to the cladoxylopsids, close relatives of the modern ferns and horsetails. The discovery in Schoharie. County, New York, of fossils from the mid-Devonian united the crown of Wattieza to a root and trunk known since , the fossilized grove of "Gilboa stumps" discovered at Gilboa, New York.

These fossils have been described as the earliest known trees, standing 8 m 26 ft.

The Hollow

This was a major milestone in the understanding of how plants and ecosystems evolved over time. The presence of forests most likely paved the way for more diversification because forests tend to create their own microclimates as well as foster new niches. Wattieza trees covered vast swaths million years ago, before even amphibians managed to clamber on to land, and had such an impact that they helped to change the planet's atmosphere. They were the monsters of their age and are thought not only to have changed the face of the planet but also to have altered even the chemical composition of the atmosphere.

Here is the story how the cottage received its remarkable name. Kyorai had about 40 persimmon trees in the garden of his Saga cottage. In autumn, their fruit had ripened to a shiny orange. However, the night of the day before the fruit was going to be picked, a gale blew over the Arashiyama area - a name that itself means 'Stormy Mountain'. All the fruit was destroyed and Kyorai had to pay back the advance money he had received from the merchant. The loss of the persimmons was seen by Kyorai as a humorous lesson not to strive after worldly gain.

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On top of that, it led to a Satori experience: He saw the mountain in a way he had never seen it before. The storm and Stormy Mountain proved not to be unconnected. Here is the haiku he wrote about it:. The documentary followed Katie Paterson over a ten-month period as she assembled the wood collection and created the artwork. Watch the documentary below.

Locked within the samples of wood under your feet and above your head are many stories that explain the history of the planet. The tree samples can offer us clues to how we might tackle the challenges that face humanity; from food scarcity to climate change.