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And I'm not sure that I believe in technological Singularity.

But is the widespread use of internet a less significant technological achievement as telegraph, telephone, even printing press? I've never been to any English speaking country, for example.

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Would my English be as good if I didn't have internet, if it wasn't possible for me to discuss movies, technology, hobbies with like-minded individuals all over the net? Sure, people learned foreign languages all the time before internet message boards and other fancy inventions, people had pen pals, people had teachers and textbooks, people had occasionally a native speaker or two to whom to talk and improve their skills.

However, has it ever been so easy and so cost efficient as it is now, to learn a language talking with a native speaker and soaking up the native culture of a country on, say, numerous Youtube channels, those that are not garbage but actually informative?

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For all the trash that exists on the Internet, there are lots of stuff and for free that improve our lives immensely, that inspire, that create tomorrow's leaders and Einsteins. I remember a conversation with a friend around the same time, , who ridiculed internet video streaming and believed it to be a technology that will never be ready for primetime.

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It was vaporware at the time, even when early Youtube appeared with ridiculously low resolution videos. Now we have Netflix streaming 4k content.

The little startup called Facebook has bought several other little startups for billions of dollars. It doesn't matter if something will come out of these purchases or not, I myself might be inclined to think that the current Age of the App is a dud, but there are things on the horizon- virtual reality, augmented reality, software that recognizes objects and living things. All of these will or already are being called fads.

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They're not stupid people, they are smart people. But somewhere along the line, with years passing by and hard tech problems that can't be solved in a few years still puzzling them, the people lose optimism and settle down, have families and kids. You do and say a lot less risky things when you are of a certain age and have family, partially because you've been burned several times already, partially as a defense mechanism as you need your stable job to provide for your family.

If Internet doesn't matter, then why is it that I pay my bills online, read my news online, entertain myself online, learn online try to look up info on Georgian princess Tamar in one evening being at your home, try to find an obscure song of an even more obscure band in the pre-internet times, an obscure movie For all the ephemeral nature of digital data, today it's much easier to find copies of first books printed by Gutenberg online than in s library.

And the same can be said of data on any achievement humankind has ever made in its history. I don't know if this review will be read by somebody living in Asia or Africa, but it could be. My grandfather could only spread his ideas and musings on life in certain circles of men in a kilometer radius. He didn't have the luxury to discuss the newest tech in agriculture with industry experts, pioneers and leaders as Palmer Luckey, who created his virtual reality kit and Oculus Rift partially due to being able to discuss his ideas directly with industry pioneer and successful video game developer John Carmack on online message boards or just other fans like him.

The fact is, internet allows us to exchange information at a speed and scale never seen before and that's also the main reason why we have all the tech upgrades, Moore's law and excitement.

Future hype: the myths of technology change

And as the number of connections grows and quality improves, we will have even greater intelligence working on these problems in future. That's what the accelerating pace of technology means, it's not about mere numbers, wishful thinking and idealism of youth or inability to understand the significance of people that have done great things in the past.

Dec 01, Marc Andrew rated it liked it Shelves: Dec 31, Shannon rated it liked it. Oh sweet technoculture, thy mother is a harlot OK, I may only be giving this book a favorable rating to bother my husband, Ryan. This book is more or less a response to "Future Shock".

I knew very little about Moore's Law but my husband explained it in detail to me, and I don't think it's very applicable to the author's examples. What bothers Ryan is the hyperbole used by Seidensticker Still, seriously? The author pu Oh sweet technoculture, thy mother is a harlot The author puts technological change into historical perspective, which I did enjoy.

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The Internet IS a big deal, but is it more influential than when man first captured fire or harnessed the natural power of electricity or when he developed immunizations and antibiotics or even the printing press? I think it's very challenging to rate such phenomena. I didn't find Seidensticker's book insightful, but Michael Shermer, the "Skeptic" columnist for "Scientific American," considers it an important work so it may deserve a second chance. Jun 13, Mary rated it it was amazing Shelves: Really good discussion of the common notions that we are living in a fantastic age where technology is progressing at the fastest rate ever in the history of man and that invention is on an geometric increase and that everything coming out of technological development is useful and needful.

Future Hype: The Myths of Technology Change

Aug 05, David Dalka rated it it was amazing. An important book which unfortunately haven't been listened to enough by organizations in our society. Mitch rated it really liked it Aug 19, John Shutt rated it it was ok Apr 12, Francisco Lepe rated it really liked it Jul 19, Peter Auwera rated it liked it Dec 29, James Hughes rated it really liked it Mar 05, Bill rated it liked it Aug 09, Jovany Agathe rated it it was ok Feb 16, Dave Agans rated it really liked it Aug 07, Nathan rated it liked it Dec 26, John rated it really liked it Feb 08, Eugene booker rated it it was amazing Jan 23, Suzanne rated it really liked it Jun 19, Aldo Aspilcueta rated it really liked it Feb 11, Damien rated it liked it Jan 03, Richard Smith rated it really liked it Jan 31, Matthew rated it it was ok Mar 20, Uber Hund rated it really liked it Dec 05, Saurabh rated it it was amazing Mar 24, Cameron rated it did not like it Feb 04, Damon Blue rated it liked it May 18, Bryan rated it liked it Feb 01, The last part of FutureHype meanders through a history of technology and change.

Seidensticker points out that we are always most impressed by those developments that occur during our lifetime; the innovations that occurred earlier are just part of the environment and are never as exciting as those that change the world before our eyes. The book can also serve as a reality check for those responsible for forecasting the impact of new technologies. And an area of technology that I was directly involved in, home automation smart house technology was also expected to be just around the corner in the late s, and a couple of decades later in has still achieved a minimal rate of adoption.

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To see other reviews and read excerpts, visit the Future Hype website. If you know someone who is a wild-eyed optimist about technology changes in the next few years and needs to be brought into a lower Earth orbit, give him a copy of FutureHype — if nothing else, it may cause him to re-examine some assumptions and conclusions. Or, give him a copy of The Singularity is Near , and he might just reach escape velocity.

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