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Back then on the other hand, people who reached the age of 18 were considered wise and very mature. There is a famous Islamic figure called "Osama bin Zayd or Zaid ". I was told that this man was once a leader or one of the leaders of the Muslims who met the Roman Christians. He was only 16 to 18 years old. So the point is, Aisha, peace be upon her, might look as child to you, but back then she certainly was considered as "woman" who was qualified for marriage. The following articles contain more proofs: At about the middle of the month of Safar, in the 11th A.

The next day, on Tuesday he appointed Osama to the command of the army. Osama was the son of Zaid bin Harith, who had been slain at Mauta, and was a youth of 17 or 18 years. On Wednesday, a violent inroad of headache and fever seized Muhammad, but the next morning of Thursday, he found himself sufficiently recovered to prepare a flag-staff, with his own hands, which he made over to Osama. The camp was then erected at Jorf, three miles from Medina on the route to Syria. He ordered all his followers at Medina to join it at once, not excepting even the renowned companions to join it at once.

Only Ali, who was required to remain with him at Medina, was exempted.

The malady, although gaining ground, did not confine Muhammad entirely to his house. He used to move into the mosque, through the door of his apartment, to lead the prayers. After about a week of his summoning the men to the Syrian expedition under Osama, he perceived that the progress to join the camp at Jorf was very slow and poor, therefore, he once again addressed the people to join the Syrian expedition.

The sickness of Muhammad was increasing every day, and the Syrian expedition, weighed upon his mind, and continued saying to those around him, " Send off quickly the army of Osama. Knowing that Muhammad's end was near, the companions were reluctant to leave Medina at such a critical time and fearful that, if they absented themselves, Ali might step uncontested. In sum, the army of Osama could not depart from Medina during the time of Muhammad. Assuming the responsibilities of the caliphate he was confronted with the problems that some of the tribes who had already embraced Islam broke off, many tribes declined to pay Zakat and false prophets emerged to take advantage of the situation.

Hazrat Ayesha RA at this is reported to have uttered that the problems faced by my father if had befallen on Jibal-ur- Rasiat it would have shattered. However, credit goes to him who with courage and resolution overcame them. His first priority was to dispatch the expedition to Syria under the command of Osama bin Zaid originally ordered by the Holy Prophet but delayed due to his SAW death. It was a critical juncture for him. In the wake of alarming condition he was advised not to send, but he did not yield and without hesitation dispatched it in order to execute the wishes of the Holy Prophet.

He was so much concerned that he himself came out of Madina to see the expedition off which soon returned graced by victory. It boosted the morale of the Muslims very much The following is an email sent to me by brother Amir Abdul Rahim ; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him. Was Muhammad a child molester?

Wed, 20 Mar The discussion of Muhammad's marriage to Aisha has recently come up on a muslim message board, with the usual cries of 'Muhammad was a pedophile' coming from the usual anti-Islam lobby. In order to answer this filthy slander, I went to a police website detailing the traits of a pedophile , and this is what I came up with. It seems that, even by today's standards, Muhammad could not be considered a pedophile. Okay, lets have a look at the psyche of a typical pedophile, and see how much of it fits Muhammad shall we? Many pedophiles, although by no means all, do not have a great sense of capacity for adopting a sexual demeanor towards adults or those of their own age or older.

They feel unhappy and fearful at the prospect of sexual behaviour with adults and hence turn to children due to the fact that they are unable to have the strength of personality to seek adults for sexual demeanor. When considering treatment therefore it is important to establish and develop a higher sense of self-esteem in such individuals. As well as being married to Aisha, he was also married to many other women during his life. He wasn't certainly suffering from low self-esteem.

Muhammad, Aisha, Islam, and Child Brides

Therefore, this does not apply to Muhammad. Many pedophiles find it extremely difficult to deal with the impulsive nature which inclines them towards sexual behaviour to children. They simply cannot control their need for engaging children in sexual practices. They might be said to suffer from an obsessive-compulsive condition. Here again treatment would involve developing better impulse control and of course redirecting the sexual inclinations.

As has been mentioned before, Muhammad waited for at least two years before consummating the marriage. Therefore, this point of 'lack of self control' does not apply to Muhammad. Also, fasting during Ramadan requires abstention from sexual relations. Why would Muhammad practise this if he had no self-control? Many pedophiles deny there is anything wrong with having sexual relations with children and many will in due course paradoxically deny having carried out such practices should they be confronted.

It is vital to change the attitudes of such individuals much as in the lack of empathy with their victim. Muhammad never once denied having sex with his wife. Also note the use of the term 'victim'. Aisha could not be described as a victim. Many pedophiles have carried out minor or major acts of pedophile behaviour in the past and this has led to habit as well as the obsessive-compulsive nature of the act towards children. It is vital here to promote alternative habits i. Muhammad has no history of pedophile activity whatsoever.

Also, as I pointed out, all of Muhammad's other wives were adult, and there is no evidence of him being obsessed with children. Therefore, this doesn't apply to Muhammad. This has led them to view sexual behaviour with children rather than adults as acceptable especially if this has been practised upon them by a member of the family in the past. Where this is the case appropriate therapeutic efforts must be made to develop understanding of what they are doing wrong and what they must do to change. Despite being illiterate, Muhammad had a reputation for being a very bright young boy, an excellent trader, and an extremely wise man.

Therefore, this point does not apply to Muhammad. Many pedophiles are lonely individuals who live on their own and have found it difficult to establish relationships with adults, especially for sexual purposes. Some suffer from psychological problems and even psychotic illnesses. Here intensive treatment and monitoring is in order. Muhammad wasn't suffering from depression when he married Aisha. Also, low self-esteem, loneliness, and difficulty to establish relations could not be attributed to Muhammad. They merely imitate what they experienced and continue their activity considering it as appropriate since it was done to them.

I have demonstrated that, despite the fact Muhammad married a nine-year old girl, he could NOT be considered a pedophile. The following is an email that was sent to me by sister Janet , who recently embraced Islam; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with her. Article on marriage of Aysha saws to prophet Muhammad saws Date: Mon, 11 Mar Thank you for your informative article on the marriage of Aysha, peace be upon her, to prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

I don't think I'm yet finished with this article, as I clicked on a topic. Did you also research the average life span years ago in the Middle East? The gypsy, or romany people, of Indian descent who now for the most part occupy eastern Europe, arrange their children in marriage.

They arrange the children the age of 9 to be engaged for 3 or 4 years before they are married. Thanks again for this article, which I found looking up Aysha on a searchnet. I am a new Muslimah in the U. Life years ago was very rough in the too hot desert. From my personal knowledge, the average life span back then was 50 years. People used to die from all kinds of diseases. Both parents of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him for instance, died natural deaths before he even knew them. After she gave birth, she died when he was 2 years old I believe. Muhammad was the only child of his parents.

Muhammad was raised by his mother's female servant, Saadiyyah, and by his uncle father's brother Abu Talib, who later stood up for him and protected him when Muhammad declared to be Allah Almighty's Messenger at the age of The case of Mary the mother of Jesus comes to mind, in non biblical sources she was between years old when she conceived Jesus.

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Joseph was a much older man. A year after his wife's death, as the priests announced through Judea that they wished to find in the tribe of Juda a respectable man to espouse Mary, then twelve to fourteen years of age , Joseph, who was at the time ninety years old , went up to Jerusalem among the candidates; a miracle manifested the choice God had made of Joseph, and two years later the Annunciation took place.

Also, this paragraph was sent to me by brother Mike , who embraced Islam recently; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him: Joseph, Mary's Husband is believed to be around Mary was only 13 when she married Joseph. When she first was arranged with Joseph she was between 7 to 9 years old. According to the " Oxford Dictionary Bible " commentary, Mary peace be upon her was was 12 years old when she became impregnated. So if I want to be as silly and ridiculous as many of the Christians, I would respond to them by saying that Mary was psychologically and emotionally devastated for getting pregnant at a very young age.

And speaking of "child molesting", since most Christians believe that Jesus is the Creator of this universe, then why did GOD allow himself to enter life through a year old young girl's vagina? In other words, we Muslims would never make fun of Christianity through such childish topic like this one as many ridiculous Christians do make fun of Islam through our Prophet's peace be upon him marriage.

It is quite hypocritical of Jews and Christian to criticize the marriage of Aisha. Talmud Jewish scripture says: From the Talmud, Pesachim a ". As we discussed, in biblical times adulthood could refer to the age of Puberty or even younger age. That article on Catholic Encyclopaedia obtains its information from early. The Catholic Encyclopaedia goes on to conclude " We know that these people have gone through similar trials, and there is a deep connection to them. However, we often neglect the source of absolute comfort and as a result, our problems resurface.

Prophet Musa AS confronted Pharoun, the worst tyrant in history; Prophet Adam AS struggled with temptations and suffered the consequences of giving in to them; Prophet Yusef AS dealt with the worst kind of sibling rivalry and was separated from his loved ones for years because of it; Prophet Ibrahim AS was burned, mocked, and made enormous sacrifices throughout his life; Prophet Nuh AS was ridiculed and mocked for his obedience; Prophet Yunus AS was trapped under layer upon layer of pressure, both physically and mentally, with no way out; Prophet Muhammad p.

They all suffered, and yet they all became stronger in their faith in God. We are told these incredible examples of acts of faith and strength, and after a time we begin to think of them as just stories and legends.

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We forget the purpose of these revelations — as ways for us to feel connected and comforted by our history as Muslims. How many of us still deal with temptations and sibling rivalries? How many of us have lost something important to us or someone we loved? How many of us feel trapped and overwhelmed by things in our lives and have made sacrifices?

How many of us would raise our hand if asked if we ever felt ridiculed for our beliefs and if we ever felt oppressed by people in power? These stories are what connects us to our history as Muslims, but they also provide us with the basis to create our own solutions. All of the trials that were faced by our prophets, are also revealed with their resolutions.

The stories of her life come with the hardships of being young, living in poverty, and dealing with vicious rumors among so much more. Aisha RA showed the world how women could be more powerful than men, politicians, and warriors. She showed us that education and knowledge is the foundation of success. She told us stories of Prophet Muhammad PBUH that we hold close to our hearts, and told us about the stories, legacies, laws, and literature of the time of the Prophet PBUH that are studied in Universities across the world even today. She was young and beautiful, but her mind was agile and ready to remember things.

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