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October 18, Catalonia declares and then suspends its independence from Spain. Agence France-Presse reports seven other European regions are "demanding more autonomy or even independence. As this excerpt from the just-published book Socionomic Causality in Politics shows, just ask the stock market. October 17, The words and strategy sound the safest at the end of every bull market October 16, Many investors see almost no risk in the stock market.

Indeed, they are betting to a record degree that the stock market will continue to rise. In EWI's view, here's what this extreme financial optimism strongly suggests. October 13, A group of stock market bears has just done an about-face. One of EWI's analysts describes the switch as "stunning. A Stock Market Indicator in October 11, Guess what came back into fashion just as stocks were heading toward a major top in the late s?

It was the mini-skirt. And in early , high hemlines made a return -- again. Now, in , with stocks in record-high territory, here's a mini-skirt update. October 10, When you see a price chart, can you tell whether the immediate trend is up or down? What about staying the course amidst sudden price spikes? Well, turn up your speakers and watch our very own Trader's Classroom instructor Jeffrey Kennedy teach you both using the real-world chart of China's social media platform giant, YY Inc.

October 5, Most investors commit to the trend at the wrong time: Have we arrived "there" in stocks? Swinging For The Fences Updated: October 3, The hits just keep on coming! Major League Baseball's record-breaking home run season has become a record-breaking home run postseason. SI's Alan Hall talks about how social mood impels batters to swing for the fences. Elliott Wave Analysis Updated: October 2, Many investors seek to mirror the trades of Warren Buffett. October 2, See for yourself how GMP subscribers were ready ahead of time for the thirty-percent-plus rise in this major world stock market.

September 27, The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast warned about this financially dangerous sign of " wild-eyed optimism" in June , and the stock market went on to top some four months later. Now, in , the same warning sign is appearing.

United States housing bubble

Get the details you need to know. September 25, You've probably seen the picture of the self-satisfied, rich man burning dollar bills to light a cigar. The signs of excess are sending one clear message. Pay attention to this time-tested stock market indicator. September 25, A shocking amount of time has gone by since this sentiment was so extreme: See it for yourself September 20, When you look at price chart of Amazon, Inc.

AMZN , what do you see? Well, according to the experts, you should see a healthy bull trend -- and, at the same time, a stock vulnerable to decline. The good news is, we have the answers! September 18, Should investors rely on traditional ways of evaluating the stock market's "proper value"? You might be surprised at what these four charts show. September 15, The majority is never right at major turns -- not in any major market.

See this very real example of why not to follow the herd. September 15, Should investors base market decisions on fundamental or technical analysis? A study conducted by three finance professors remains relevant in The results may surprise you. September 13, There's a big reason why most stock market participants miss the major turns.

Two charts provide you with valuable insights so you can avoid making the same big mistake. There's rarely been a more important time to anticipate the DJIA's next trend change. It "has been remarkably useful. How Irma Could Affect U. September 11, What effect do natural disasters have on the stock market? History gives us the answer. September 7, See the trendline that gives a brilliant answer to the "stock market value" question.

See for yourself if that's as crazy as it sounds. September 6, Historically, financially themed Hollywood productions have often coincided with trend changes in the DJIA. Now, a motion picture that is based on one of the biggest financial bubbles of all time has just opened at theaters. The movie tells a "financial story that's fascinating August 30, Investor sentiment pursues the "hot opportunity. August 28, President Trump. Love him or hate him, if you watch the news you have to deal with him. But for how long? Discover the president's chances to survive impeachment in this Chart of the Day video.

August 23, Very few know what the back-offices of brokerage firms know: The CEO of a brokerage firm once confided in us. Here is what we were told August 22, Periods of low stock market volatility are inevitably followed by high volatility. The DJIA just registered its worst day in three months. See the chart that helped us to anticipate the "turbulence. After the Fact "Analysis" vs. See the Difference Updated: August 18, See the on-target stock market forecasts subscribers read before the big decline on August August 18, Watch Matt Lampert, Director of Research at the Socionomics Institute, show how you can use Elliott waves to act more confidently in other areas of your life, not just in the markets.

What's Next for Asia's 50 Blue Chips? August 16, See our new forecast for this key index of Asia's 50 blue chips when you watch this clip from a new interview with our Global Opportunities Expert, Chris Carolan. Any Market, Any Time: But thanks to Elliott wave analysis, it doesn't have to be impossible. How to Spot a Hot Opportunity Updated: August 15, Right now, the euro is approaching a point you need to know about. Watch this clip from a new interview with Chris Carolan, our Global Opportunities Expert, for details. August 14, Since February the Dow is up 6, points plus percent See how Bob Prechter correctly identified that low: Many months before the Trump rally, Fed decisions, or other after the fact "causes.

This Is Why U. Stocks Are at a Critical Juncture Updated: August 11, Right now is one of those special moments in the markets that will determine where stocks go for the next few weeks -- and the next few months. Watch this clip from a new interview with our Chief Market Analyst to learn why stocks today find themselves at such a critical moment in their Elliott wave pattern. August 7, The market itself provides its own clues about its future price action.

One such clue is found in higher-beta small cap stocks vs. Individual Investors Say, "Cash is Trash" August 4, Many investors are just as committed to the stock market as they were at the January top. The same patterns of investor psychology appear to repeat themselves. Take a look at these two charts. August 2, A burst of technological innovations and rip-roaring bull markets tend to go hand-in-hand. Find out about one particular concept that "has a long history that lines up well with key junctures in stock prices.

July 28, The notion that "earnings drive stock prices" powers a lot of research on Wall Street. See a chart that torches this assumption. July 26, The stock market began to rally long before Donald Trump was elected president. What's more, the evidence shows that the rally would have likely occurred even if another candidate had won. It boils down to the market's price pattern -- see for yourself. July 24, The evidence shows that when corporate executives initiate buyback programs of shares, the decisions are usually not born from rational analysis.

The share price performance of corporations which invested in their own shares might surprise you. July 19, In this new interview, Jeffrey Kennedy gives a trading lesson on how to utilize trendlines, trend channels and price gaps in conjunction with your Elliott wave analysis. July 14, Stock market action in recent weeks suggests that the enthusiasm for the technology sector is simmering down. More than that, outright animosity is being directed toward some of technology's biggest names.

Here's what we see down the road. Urgent Bitcoin Report Updated: July 14, The story this chart tells shows that since , price activity led to a critical juncture in digital currencies. Knowing where prices will find a bottom and reverse up, however, isn't so simple. June 30, Stock picking is losing favor. On the other hand, passive investing is growing in popularity. This fits with the stock market's Elliott wave pattern. The mania is not over, but the end might be closer than many investors realize.

June 26, The patterns of investor psychology are the same the world over, and have repeated throughout financial history. Let's look at stocks in the U. June 19, Sir Isaac Newton famously said that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action. Many investors believe so, but the evidence shows that economic news does not affect the stock market. What impact does terrorism have on the stock market? June 13, Matt Lampert, director of research at the Socionomics Institute, sheds some light on the relationship between terror attacks and the markets and tells you what to watch out for in the future, all in this 3-minute interview.

June 9, Mainstream financial wisdom tells you that negative news events and economic data cause stock prices to fall. But if that were true, then should've seen Brazil's stock market crash. Instead, it soared to a five-year high. There's only one explanation that makes sense. June 9, Are you ready to see the stock market independently from the crowd? See three charts that show you the high value of the Elliott wave model.

June 5, True or False: If the eurozone government and IMF start withholding their bailout payments to Greece, then Greek shares will fall. If you answered true, then this story is a must-read! May 30, In , the prevailing sentiment toward China's economy was negative. Yet, if investors had avoided China's internet sector, they would have missed a significant advance.

The whole episode teaches a valuable lesson.

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May 19, How could the attempted military coup in Turkey in July have possibly been a bullish sign for Turkish stocks? Get our insights -- and see two charts that show the price story. May 15, A chief investment officer just told USA Today, "Listening to the 6 o'clock news gets investors off track. Plus, see what a "news-driven" and rational-reaction graph of stock prices would look like. It's nothing you'd ever see in real life. May 10, Mark Galasiewski tells you what to make of the recent price action in Australia, Korea and Japan.

May 5, There's a sizeable gap between investor expectations and historical market returns. Chalk it up to ramped-up optimism and what psychologists call "information avoidance. May 1, NYSE margin debt levels reached records in the milestone market years of and But wait until you see what that level is now. Plus, find out how hedge funds are making matters even more precarious.

United States housing bubble - Wikipedia

April 26, If investors would only review the historical data, they would discover the sobering truth about news and the stock market. Do you believe a presidential assassination or a major terrorist attack would affect the market's trend? Find out what really happened. Mainstream pundits say the April 23 outcome of the French Presidential Election lit the market's bullish fire. Here's our take on the rally.

April 20, Years ago, EWI predicted that marijuana would eventually be legalized. Today, that prediction is a reality in some U. Find out about a new marijuana-themed ETF. April 19, Jeffrey Kennedy is a plus year Elliott wave market veteran. In this new interview, he walks you through his 4-step process of how to find high-confidence, low-risk trade setups. April 17, Even professionals have a hard time beating the market.

But a study of stock recommendations by market technicians vs. April 13, If you're a gambler or trader, you know what it means to "hedge your bet. Yet today, falling demand for equity hedges suggests an absence of fear among stock traders and investors. This chart shows you why.

In , optimistic expectations are again running high for the financial sector. Ironically, history shows that investors should be the most worried when financial fear is absent. April 6, In late , Amazon's share price sat out the broader stock market rally. Yet on December 30th, we showed subscribers a price pattern that anticipated the 3-month, percent-plus rally in Amazon. See that price pattern for yourself. Learn What's Next for Europe Updated: April 6, Brian Whitmer, our Senior European Analyst, highlights the precarious position of European stock markets. The answer "yes" seems to be obvious.

But let's take a closer look. March 17, The Fed just announced a 0. A long-held Wall Street belief is that higher rates mean a downturn in stock market prices. Let's put that belief to a test. March 8, You may think that investing in gold differs from investing in stocks -- after all, gold is a commodity. Yet, the same investor psychology that moves stocks also moves gold. March 7, In our latest "Video Mailbag," two of our global analysts sit down to answer questions submitted by viewers like you.

Why Do Stocks Rise and Fall? March 7, The financial media regularly rationalizes fluctuations in the markets by attributing them to various news and events. March 2, Some presidential scandals change history, others are minor and do little damage. How to Find Your Way Focus: March 1, Yes, you can maintain your financial objectivity when others are losing it. For example, when fear was running rampant during the bear market, one Asian-Pacific analyst made a historic forecast for a huge rally.

Here's how he did it. February 21, Market bears have suffered a severe shellacking as stocks embarked on a record-breaking run. But a classic Elliott wave price pattern gave investors a heads-up a year ago. February 16, As of February 15, NASDAQ prices had closed higher in 11 of the past 12 sessions -- the longest closing-high streak in the index since a day streak back in June and July of What's more, the price rise since November 4, shows a series of higher highs, and higher lows.

That's a strong indicator for the direction of the trend February 13, Our U. Artificial Intelligence In Action: See for yourself what we said and showed to subscribers. Learn to Recognize Trade Setups Updated: January 27, Just as there are patterns in price, there are also patterns in momentum indicators. In this minute lesson from our popular trader-education service, Trader's Classroom, you'll learn key patterns in moving average convergence divergence MACD.

Ready for Launch Updated: January 26, The timeline on this chart involves time travel -- we go back to the decade from thru But, this is NOT your great-grandfather's market. And yet, prices embarked on a spectacular four-year long bull run to their highest level in 18 years. January 23, There are many different ways to identify support and resistance on your charts. In this 6-minute lesson, the editor of our Trader's Classroom education service, Jeffrey Kennedy, shows you one of the easiest and most effective methods example: And the Winner Is … Updated: January 10, Why have an ever-greater number of U.

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December 29, The Fibonacci sequence provides the mathematical basis of the Wave Principle. December 27, In part 2 of our in-depth interview with Steve Hochberg, Steve explains what else makes Elliott wave analysis so useful and practical. November 22, In this new interview, Wayne Gorman, the head of our Educational Resources Department, offers tips and strategies for options traders.

November 22, If you trade with Elliott, you may use supporting indicators in your analysis of the markets. July 26, Every new earnings season analysts discuss their impact on the broad stock market. June 1, Socionomics Institute Senior Researcher Alan Hall presented his research connecting declines in stock market indexes to infectious disease outbreaks at the University of Warwick's Mood Conference on May 6. If Not, Move On Updated: March 8, In this video, our senior instructor Jeffrey Kennedy reminds us why trying to force a price chart into a wave pattern is a bad idea.

February 2, In this 4-minute video clip, from Robert Prechter's brand-new video presentation, Prechter offers a whole new perspective on financial causality -- a perspective that allows you to anticipate, understand and act on developing financial trends that nearly all other investors and social forecasters fail to see coming. November 18, You've probably heard of "quants," or quantitative analysts. November 12, "Most investors follow the actions of others, whether they are on the right side of the market or not. The result is that prices move according to investors' optimism and pessimism.

Investors use the news to rationalize their emotional decisions -- and most people lose money. October 29, The evidence is clear. The stock market leads the economy contrary to popular belief. Episode 2 of the Elliott Wave Pillars series walks you through the overwhelming evidence that proves this point without a doubt. October 29, The Golden Ratio is found everywhere, from nature to human behavior to financial markets.

Episode 3 of the Elliott Wave Pillars Series explains this amazing natural phenomenon in greater detail. October 29, Are financial markets patterned? Episode one of the Elliott Wave Pillars Series shows you a theory that proves they are. An Elegant Theory Updated: October 29, The Elliott Wave Pillars Series walks you through why we view the markets and social action the way we do.

On August 9, , BNP Paribas announced that it could not fairly value the underlying assets in three funds because of its exposure to U.

Ep 177: Red Alert! Bear Market? Charts Breaking Down...

Federal Reserve Bank conducted an " open market operation " to inject U. The Federal Reserve Bank stated that the recent turmoil in the U. In the wake of the mortgage industry meltdown, Senator Chris Dodd , Chairman of the Banking Committee held hearings in March in which he asked executives from the top five subprime mortgage companies to testify and explain their lending practices.

Dodd said that "predatory lending practices" were endangering home ownership for millions of people. Opponents of such a proposal asserted that a government bailout of subprime borrowers is not in the best interests of the U. Lou Ranieri of Salomon Brothers , creator of the mortgage-backed securities market in the s, warned of the future impact of mortgage defaults: Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan had praised the rise of the subprime mortgage industry and the tools which it uses to assess credit-worthiness in an April speech. On September 13, , the British bank Northern Rock applied to the Bank of England for emergency funds because of liquidity problems related to the subprime crisis.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Causes of the European debt crisis Causes of the United States housing bubble Credit rating agencies and the subprime crisis Government policies and the subprime mortgage crisis. Government response and policy proposals. List of banks acquired or bankrupted during the Great Recession. Timeline of the United States housing bubble. Causes of the United States housing bubble.

United States housing market correction. Irrational Exuberance 2d ed. Retrieved October 5, The Journal of Business Inquiry. Archived from the original PDF on October 17, Retrieved February 15, Archived from the original on September 18, Have we been living beyond our means? The New York Times. This is the biggest housing slump in the last four or five decades: Archived from the original on June 29, The Wall Street Journal.

America was awash in a stark, raving frenzy that looked every bit as crazy as dot-com stocks. The home-price bubble feels like the stock-market mania in the fall of , just before the stock bubble burst in early , with all the hype, herd investing and absolute confidence in the inevitability of continuing price appreciation. My blood ran slightly cold at a cocktail party the other night when a recent Yale Medical School graduate told me that she was buying a condo to live in Boston during her year-long internship, so that she could flip it for a profit next year.

Plot of inflation-adjusted home price appreciation in several U. Automotive industry crisis California budget crisis Housing bubble Housing market correction Subprime mortgage crisis. Government policy and spending responses. Auction rate securities Collateralized debt obligations Collateralized mortgage obligations Credit default swaps Mortgage-backed securities Secondary mortgage market. Tea Party protests United States; c. European debt crisis Financial crisis of —08 List of countries by public debt.

Background information Impact timeline. Financial crisis of —08 Great Recession Writedowns Indirect economic effects. Error accounts Financial position of the United States Foreclosure rescue scheme Property derivatives. Railway Mania Encilhamento "Mounting". Florida land boom of the s Roaring Twenties stock-market bubble Poseidon bubble Japanese asset price bubble Asian financial crisis Dot-com bubble.

Chinese stock bubble of Uranium bubble of Cryptocurrency bubble. Australian property bubble Bulgarian property bubble Chinese property bubble —11 Danish property bubble of s Indian property bubble Irish property bubble Lebanese housing bubble Polish property bubble Romanian property bubble Spanish property bubble United States housing bubble causes. Carbon bubble Chaotic bubble US higher education bubble Social media bubble. AI winter Stock market bubble Commodity booms.

When South Korean President Moon Jae-in arrived to begin his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the wildly enthusiastic welcome in the streets of Pyongyang was in stark contrast to his lacklustre send-off from Seoul. India has delayed the implementation of higher tariffs on some goods imported from the United States to Nov. China said on Tuesday that it had no choice but to retaliate against new U.

President Donald Trump could soon impose duties on virtually all of the Chinese goods that America buys. A victory for President Abdulla Yameen in a Sunday election in the Maldives could ramp up pressure on its finances, as the government stays the course on a Chinese-backed infrastructure boom that is in danger of swamping the economy. Thyssenkrupp employees will not block a restructuring of the group as long as their interests are protected, its newly elected works council chief said. Infosys Ltd said on Tuesday an arbitration tribunal has ruled in favour of former chief financial officer Rajiv Bansal's disputed severance package.

Rosanne Stuart recalls attending an annual fashion parade with her daughter, Madeline, in their hometown of Brisbane, Australia, in In the midst of the high-energy glamour on the runway, Madeline, who has limited speech, turned to her mother and firmly announced that she would like to be a model. Europe is undergoing a surge of support for far-right groups in politics and social issues, similar to recent events in the United States.

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But Europe's conservative hardcore is a patchwork of ideologies that sometimes run counter to their American counterparts, and mainstream political parties see them as an existential threat. Crispian Balmer and Matthew Larotonda report. Reuters provides several ways to securely and confidentially share information and materials with our journalists. Commentary Home Expert Zone. Breakingviews Home Breakingview Videos. Rupee closes at new all-time low as crude prices rise. RSS opens up as elections near.