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The ultimate goal is to progress and achieve something. The most complex situation is when we did our best but we get results which we did not expect. Recently, I read an excellent opinion piece in New York Times that bemoaned the fact that everyone today is busy. Even school children are not spared.

They operate on tight schedules packed with extracurricular activities, with anxious parents egging them on to get that extra yard of advantage in this competitive world. To be constantly busy is neither unavoidable nor necessary. It was Arthur C. My point is that we should not underestimate the role of idleness in our daily lives. There is great merit in practiced leisure. Leisure causes creativity to bloom. Except for those professionals like hospital emergency staff or airport traffic controllers, the rest of us have no excuse to drown ourselves in non-stop busyness.

Take time out to heal the mind. Lose the fear of the void of nothingness. Spend time on a creative pursuit for some part of the day or week. Except, that it would not have entirely consumed your day or brain. One of the biggest trade offs in the workplace is between time and money. And, stress is a killer.

3 Lives, in search of bliss

Stressed people die sooner. There are many reasons. The fundamental one is fear. When his life is suddenly cut short, he has many unanswered questions for "the Voice. The Voice offers him a chance to find out if his theory is true over the course of three lives. It crosses all generations, all cultures, all walks of life.

It was very interesting to see how "happiness" is defined by different people. Ray first comes back as a wealthy businessman, as his initial idea was that he could have been happy if his basic needs had been more easily met. He soon discovers that this question of "what is happiness" is not so easily answered, and he continues his pursuit over the course of his remaining lives.

This book approaches happiness from a philosophical, conceptual perspective versus a tangible one. One must read this book with an open mind to new concepts and definitions of happiness. Depending on what your own personal philosophy is, you will either love or hate the outcome of this story.

Try to read it with an open mind. However, there are many beautiful, quotable passages that really make you want to slow down and ponder. The story is easy to follow. However, I found that not enough backstory was given to most of the lives to make me really connect with the characters. For example, I would have liked to know more about Anwer Al Safi's life, but most of it is skipped over except for the "highlights.

I read the Kindle version of this book and unfortunately it was rife with grammatical errors and formatting issues. Not to the point that the book was unreadable, but it was annoying. I hate taking points off for this, but I have to. The grammar, punctuation especially, and formatting needs a good polishing before this book is ready for prime-time. I do hope the author invests the time into doing this, as I fear it will be a serious detractor for many readers. It would be a shame for this book to get passed over for something so easily fixable. Aug 15, Deepak Nare rated it really liked it Shelves: What would you ask for if you get a chance to live a life of your choice?

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Answer to these and so many other questions can be attained when the reader starts with the voyage of Ray and compare with the choices he made and learn with the lessons he earned. My theory is if you are motivated enough to read a motivational book, there is no need to read it in the first place.

Author has done a profound job of carving his philosophies into a beautiful story, which even being implausible is highly relatable. So if you are looking for a light read with heavy contents, this is the one for you. Sep 01, Vijay Menon rated it really liked it. Aug 15, Reshmy Pillai rated it really liked it.

Srini covers a controversial, common yet complex subject in a very simplified manner that makes the word journey of 3 Lives much fun. The book is deep, touching and very commercial. Anyone can pick it up, read it over the weekend, during travel Srini covers a controversial, common yet complex subject in a very simplified manner that makes the word journey of 3 Lives much fun.

Anyone can pick it up, read it over the weekend, during travel or just at the traffic signals and get home to a world of truths we seek out in those thick, heavily worded, extremely complicated books on life. This is life crush, like the ones from Mapro, all in pages! Aug 19, Ifrit rated it really liked it. Received the book via Goodreads First Reads giveaway..

The book makes the reader question his beliefs as to what is true happiness The author seeks to communicate the idea that finding happiness is not as hard or complicated as we make it seem to be Another idea that has been discussed is that our lives our connected on a level t Received the book via Goodreads First Reads giveaway.. Another idea that has been discussed is that our lives our connected on a level that is above and beyond time and space.. This short and simple book can really make you think..

Aug 15, Vigneshwaran p rated it liked it. First of all i thank the author of this book Mr.

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Srini Chandra and goodreads. The author has done a terrific job weaving 3 different lives with a common thread of an individual's pursuit of happiness. The story line is interesting but not impressed because the three lives in this story were very short and not stick through the mind. The quotes usually i c First of all i thank the author of this book Mr. The quotes usually i contemplate about any book that i read. But here the plot is hollow and didn't stick to my mind.

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I learned about this book from a friend. It was a Kindle "special" - just a. Honestly, I almost never pick up the daily deals, so without his endorsement, I never would have read this little gem. What a surprise - I couldn't put it down. If you liked Siddartha, the Alchemist or The Shack, this book will intrigue you. The author beautifully weaves together Eastern and Western thought. This is a lovely and compelling "search" - well worth your time. Sep 01, Pinaki rated it really liked it Shelves: Got this book from Goodreads First Reads giveaway For a book so small, it contains thoughts and beliefs so deep it takes lot of thinking to really contemplate their meanings.

The story flows beautifully from one scene to the next in a concise manner. A must read for everyone. Feb 21, Puja Gupta rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 27, Sophy rated it really liked it Shelves: Aug 15, Manas rated it it was amazing. I have written a blog post on this. Nov 26, Siva shankar gantayath rated it it was amazing.

Sep 24, Shaheda Mubeen rated it really liked it. Indeed a small book ladened with great content.

Thanks to my uncle for suggesting me to read this book. Jan 20, Aravind Ashok rated it it was amazing. An inspiring tale that will transform the way you look at Happiness Feb 15, Ganesh Chandra rated it it was amazing. Purpose of life explained in a simple way. Must read for all. Sep 18, Subramanyam K. To Ray Cordoza it came in the form of an eighteen year old with thin eyebrows, a gaunt face and sunken eyes that reflected the torment of his soul. How he is given 3 lives? What amazes me is the maturity level and the superior level of understanding Ray exhibits as he goes from one life another.

Was Srini speaking about the changes in the level of consciousness the soul and the body it takes exhibit as they change lives and accumulate more and more knowledge on the inner self? Again, the conversations between Ray and the voice are profound. Srini Chandra did a brilliant job on that.

3 Lives, in search of bliss by Srini Chandra

While I was amazed by the maturity displayed by the Anwar-Al-safi, I was more than floored by reading the accounts of Jill and Tenzing. The way knowledge transforms the soul and the body that it takes was very very beautifully illustrated. Feeling blessed that I read this book, I somehow got connected with the theme of the book. The conversations between the characters are really profound. There are quite a number of places in the book in that made me actually underline the sentence with a feeling that it is a great one and I should keep reading it again and again.

The book is fast paced, a page turner you would not like to put down. The way Srini combines philosophy and fiction to teach us some life lessons is real good. I also liked the way in which Selim and his soul have been handled, the way the journey begins for that soul also is good. The same is true for Nashima as well. It would be like doing a fast paced course on happiness and contentment. One thing I did not understand though, is the fact that all the lives of the soul seem to have some overlap. To me all theses events happened in the last one century.

I donno if the author wanted to weave a truly fictional account of things, or if he wanted to say that there might be parallelism among the lives of the same soul. I would re read the book to make sure. That apart, I really loved the book. I would give a full five on five for it. I strongly recommend the book for anyone who is interested in understanding, life happiness and bliss.

Do pick the book and you would have done a good service to yourself.