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Grammophon 3 lt. Nk Polydor or better, lt. Telefunken A or better, lt. Nowawes und Berlin" angegeben. Hansen, Max anonym als "Orch. Polydor or better. Columbia DV GB 3 lt. Columbia DV short superf. Columbia DV Corona C 3 lt. Odeon O 3 or better. Berlin Odeon O 3 grainy surface, scrs. Warum hat der Napoleon Film "Hallo Dienstmann" Elite Special or better, lt.

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  • Die Transite und das Solarhoroskop (German Edition)?
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  • Mi Vida Loca: The Crazy Life of Johnny Tapia;

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Polydor 3 rubs, tiny mostly lt. HMV B 2. So nice Paris ca. Teddy Wilson, pno, Buck Clayton, tp u. Victor 2 or better, tiny lt. Parlophone R 3 or better, lt. The very curious masks and figures, the graceful birds and the very nice floral ornamentations are the work of a very skilful, inventive and fanciful artist. The chief part of the border is painted on bottom margin of the page on dark-green background with red, blue, yellow and violet floral ornamentations heightened with gold, the two curious masks on the left and the right are painted in green and yellow, between which are the arms of a former possessor beautifully painted in gold, blue, red, m biduu udlicudinif cdufdta: Mpera ndebif cognomma ccutona: The shield is painted on a darkbrown background with golden ornaments, the whole within an ornate wreath with five white balls.

The many very nice initials in the text are all painted in quite different colours. Magnificently illuminated copy of unusual beauty with wide mar- gins, some old marginal notes, a few Such brilliantly illuminated copiesinthe best condition are of the greatest rarity. Milan, Ulrich Scinzenzeler, Roman letter, 52 lines, unn. With woodcut printer's device at end. Old brown calf rubbed. Fine and rare specimen of a Classic imprint of this press.

Hain quotes erroneously II. Good copy, many old marginal notes, a few Note of ownership on the first leaf. Three copies In U. Gothic letter, 40 lines and head-line, unn. With large "Maiblumen" and outline capitals in woodcut. Original blind-stamped brown calf over wooden boards, rectangular panel filled with alternate impressions, an eagle perched on one leg in its nest and a floral, the whole surrounded by two borders; on the front-cover the original vellum title-label, two catches for clasps back repaired, the leather partly damaged and rubbed.

It contains numerous Interesting chapters, dealing with medicine, natural sciences, especially with animals and domestic animals, the constitution, psychology and diseases of the man, useful minerals, astronomy, rules of diet etc. The author of this Important work is probably Berengarlus, archbishop of Com- po Stella, on account of the indication in the preface of a MS.

Very fine specimen of the art of printing of Anfon Sorg. The book is printed with his nice first type. Unusually fine, large and clean copy In original b i n dl n g, a few Inside covers are pasted two leaves of an imprint by Sorg, therefore the binding Is perhaps made at Augsburg in his officine. Only one copy iu U. Monumentumcompendiosum seuScrutatoridum duplex pro confessionibus Cardinaliuni et Praelatoium.

Finely printed in Roman letter, 27 lines, 16 unn. Thereisno copy of this bookin the Brit. Tiie author Maffeus was a learned man, who died in Fine copy, only the first leaf sliglitly browned. Basel , Nicolaus Kesler, n. Gothic letter, 2 co!. With printer's device of Kesler at end. Good copy of this rare edition in quarto of a collection of excerpts of the Decretals. Iv a poem by the editor S e b.

Brant dedicated to Nic. On the first and the last leaf a register is added by an old hand. Gothic letter, double cols, of 46—49 lines and head-line, unn. Fine original binding of oak hoards, covered with red pigskin, the front cover richly adorned with stamps: The under side divided into lozenge compartments by fillets is stamped with circular double roses and flower spray into a lobe. Eight brass pieces in the corners of both sides, in the centre of the upper side a Supra-Libros engraved in gold, on front cover original vellum title-label, two clasps with engraved catches.

Very fine and large copy bound in an exceedingly preserved monastery Binding with beautiful stamps. Note of ownership on the title. On the second leaf a small stamp. Strassburg, Martin Schott , Gothic letters of two sizes, 38 lines and headline, 6 unn. Good ediUon of this interesting early popular manual of correspondence which passed through a great number of editions. The title leaf and the blank sp;ice of the last leaf scribbled on, a few wormholes run through the copy, but on the whole the copy is in good and perfect condition.

Revelationes divinae a Sanctis angelis faciae. Edited by Sebastian Brant. Basel, Michael Furter, Gothic letters in two sizes, 36 lines and marginalia, 68 unn. With 61 large and very cu- rious woodcuts and some nice, ornate woodcut initials. Contempo- rary wooden boards, back covered with blind stamped brown calf repaired.

Weisbach, Baseler Buchillustration 58 with reproductions. The first edition of this very fine and charming woodcut-book. The cuts are here printed for the first time. The book was often reprinted. The title-cut represents Saint Metlio- di'is in prison at Negropont and listening to an angel reading from a book. On verso of the title we find the dedication of Seb, Brant to Joh. The text is illustrated by 60 very curious cuts of original and handsome design, we mention the following specially interesting subjects: The work is attributed to Methodius, surnamed Patarensis, bishop of Olympus, and it was translated by an Augsburg monk, Wolfgang Ayfinger.

But it is more probable that the work originated with the latter and that it was written with the idea of exciting; the animosity of tie Christians against the Turks. The second part gives the history of the successive Christian occupations of Jerusilem, schisms of the Church with an very curious cut , the fall of Constantinople etc. Hieremias de destructione Turciae atque devastatione terrae Saracenorum spiritu prophetico in eius. Very nice, quite perfect and large copy with fine and absolutely uncoloured impressions of the cuts in very fresh state, a few wormholes in the blank margin.

See Reproductions, plate XI. Revelationes divinae angelis factae. Tractatus super Methodium, edited by Seb. Goth, letter, 36—37 lines and marginalia, 58 out of 68 unn. Weisbach, Baseler Buchillustration til. The extremely rare second Furtei-edition with the beautiful woodcuts. This Incunabuluni is chiefly remarkable because it is an Early An ti papal Book. Schreiber knows only 4 copies. Venice, Nicolaus de Frankfordia, Goth, letter, finely printed in red and black throughout, 2 cols, of 33 lines, numb, leaves. With a very fine full-page woodcut of the Crucifixion, excellently coloured by a contemp.

Rubricated throughout, capitals in red and blue, some painted initials with floral elongations in gold and other colours, two small borders. Fine original binding, richly stamped cdlfon wooden boards, 8 melnl brass-pieces, catches for clasps one missing. Splendid copy of this rare missal, preserved In its original binding. Only 1 copy in U. Venice, Georgius Arrivabenus, , 29 Maij.

Goth, printed in red and black. Musical notes nota quadrata. Some fine initials, the initial T of the Canon couloured. Old brown calf over wooden boards on the upper side five, on the under side three large gilt panel stamps with scenes of the Old and New Testament, on the front cover the stamped title, on the back cover the inscription: Very rare Roman Missal of which Weale only knows one copy at Paris and Reich- ling another one at Venice, printed with beautiful types.

The Crucifixion is missing as above stated and it is supplied with a fine miniature oa vellum repr. Christ on cross with St. John, painted in green, red and blue, the nimbus heightened with gold, in background Jerusalem and Golgatha. Semigothic letter, 2 col. Very rare product of the second printer of Strassburg, the famous ,R-printer'. The book Is printed with his nice semigothic type, which is mixed with majuscules from the Roman type of Rusch. The work is a key to the canonical and imperial lawbooks of that time, advertising the titles, the contents and the explanations of the abbreviations used in it.

Large and clean copy, wormed In the first leaves and at end. Nuremberg, Peter Wagner, ca. Interesting collection of letters of Niavis, a pedagogue at Leipzig, living at end of the 15th and at beginning of the 16th cent. The last leaf damaged with loss of a quarter of the text, some wormholes.

Cologne, Johann Koelhoff the Elder, Contemporary wooden boards, back covered with nicely blind stamped brown calf. VoulH6me, Buchdruck K51ns Very rare edition of this work of the famous jurist and archbishop of Palermo. The only edition printed in Germany in the XVth cent.

Nicolaus Tudeschi Panormitanus lived at the beginning of the XVth century, he died at Palermo in His many works are all of great value for the history of jurisprudence. Very large and clean copy of this rare and finely printed book. The first leaves slightly wormed. Consilia cum tabula Ludo- vici Bolognini. Venice, Peregrinus de Pasqualibus and Dominicus Berto- chus, Not in the British Museum Cat. Very rare edition of this juristic work. Finely printed product of this press. Peregrinus de Pasqualibus printed at first at Treviso In partnership with his Bolognese fellow-townsmaa Dionysius Bertochus.

Very clean and large copy in first rate condition. Sermones aurei de tempore et de Sanctis, cum quadragesimali. Gothic letter of 40 long lines and head-line, Contemporary blind stamped pigskin over wooden boards, two clasps. Fine specimen of the art of printing by the first printer of Ulm, adorned with nice ornamental woodcut Initials carefully drawn and shaded, some formed of dragons and eagles, others with foliage.

Very fine and large copy of this interesting imprint. In the blank margin of a few leaves a wormhole. Only 2 copies in U. The copy in the British Museum is imper- fect. At beginning and at end there are two fly-leaves from an vellum manuscript of the Xllth or Xlllth cent. Praeceptorium divinae legis seu expositio decalogi. Ori- ginal blind stamped brown calf over wooden boards, in centre-panel ornaments of an unicorn courant within a lozenge, the whole surrounded by oak-leaves ornaments, on front-cover original vellum title-label, one clasp the other gone; slightly rub- bed.

Finely printed edition of this famous often printed work. It Is a moral treatise on the decalogue, and contains, in the 9th — 11th chapter of the first commandment, several interesting passages relating t wit ch craft, sorcery and supers tit 1 o n In which the author, who was a Dominican, expresses his own and rather primitive opinions on these subjects.

Very fine, clean and large copy with rough edges, in itsoriginal monastic binding. Venice, Joannes Tacuinus, de Tri- dino, Very interesting guide to the art of letter writing, which was very popular in the XVth century. Very rare, for most copies were destroyed as is the case with the similar hand-books issued to-day. This work of the famous Italian philologist — was very often printed in the XVth cent. A few old MS. Venice, Petrus de Quarengiis, Bergomensis, The author lived at Bologna at end of the 13th cent, and created there the Collegium Notariorum.

The work is a manual for advocates and notaries. Well preserved copy, a few old marginal notes, the bottom blank margin of some leaves slightly waterstalned, small wormhole running through the inner blank margin. Summa de Vitiis s. Basel, Berthold Ruppel, c. Capitals supplied in red, rubricated. Bound in the original mona- stic binding of blind stamped brown calf over wooden boards, in centre of the upper side panel ornament of oak-leaves surrounded by three ornamental borders, double KATALOG Nr. Of high rarity like all specimens of Ruppci's press at Basel, the first press established in Switzerland.

Berthold Ruppel, of Hanau, was one of the original workmen of;Gutenberg, and figured as a witness in the lawsuit between Fust and Gutenberg in Printing was introduced by him into Basel not later than , this being the date found in a copy of the Moralia in Job, now In the Bibl. This is a very fine copy, with large margins and almost uncut, of the rare and beautifully printed book, which was written byGuillaume de Peyraud, a French theologian and arch- bishop?

A few small wormholes at beginning and at end. Very in- teresting binding. Mainz, Peter Schoeffer, Gothic letter, 39 lines, unn. Printed in red and blank. With the printer's device of Schoeffer at end printed in red. Original wooden boards, back covered with blind stamped brown calf, adorned with four ornate borders formed by ragged staffs enwreathed with foliage and a Holy Lamb within a rect- angle slightly rubbed. The heading of the first text leaf, the full colophon and the printer's device are printed in red.

He was one of the most passionate apostates against his former brethren. A former Rabbi, and a pillar of orthodoxy, on intimate terms with the great Talmudists of the age, he joined the Church, studied Christian theology, and quickly rose to the high position of Archbishop of Carthagena, and then to that of Privy-Councillor of King Henry III. The chief object of the edict which he drafted as Chancellor of the King- dom and which was promulgated in the name of the Regent at Valladolld in , was the con- version of the Jews.

This law, which consisted of 24 articles, v. Impelled by his hatred of the Jews und Judaism, Paul, in the year preceding his death, composed this Dialogus Contra Judaeos, which subsequently served as a source for Alfonso de Spina and other Spanish writers hostile to Jews, See Jewish Encyclopaedia , On the blank of the last leaf, on the blank leaf and on 3 added leaves is written a rather extensive register, dated at end: A' dni Mcccc xcix.

Very large and clean copy, old marginal notes, a few small wormholes chiefly in blank margins. Reproduction of the Colophon see next page. Paulus de Sancta Maria. Sermones de tempore et Sanctis. Goth, letter, 40 lines, out of unn. The author of this finely printed book was a Polish Dominican, who lived at the be- ginning of the XlVth cent. Large copy, but rather stained, some small wormholes.

Onljf one copy In U. De remediis utriusque fortunae. Cremona, Bernar- dinus de Misintis and Caesar Parmensis, Roman letter, 43—45 long lines to the page, unn. First edition with date, the third book printed by this press. Only 3 other books were issued therefrom at Cremona. De aetate florida — de forma corporis — valitudine — aegritudinibus — vlribus — memoria — conviviis — uxore fecunda — ortu filiorum — alchimia — tenui victu — uxore sterili — vulneribus acceptis — senectute — podagra — scabia — vigilia — egritudine dentium et tibiarum — caeci- tate — febribus — dolore iliaco — veneno etc.

Some wormholes at beginning and at end, some stains in upper margins, otherwise a large and good copy. Sermones thesauri novi de Sanctis. Johannes Gruninger , Gothic letter, 2 coi. Fine and large copy in the original binding of this very rare book, printed by the un- known Printer of the Vitas Patrum, who is perhaps identical with Joh. Basel, Joannes Amerbach , Gothic letter, 49 lines and head-line, 2 col. Large and perfect copy with rough edges. The quires g, C, and D have 10 leaves, the quire E does not originally exist. The printer has therefore put the omitted signature E on 1.

Copinger quotes only No copy in the British Museum and In the Bodleian libr. Venice, Joannes Tacuinus, de Tridino, With nume- rous historiated and ornate woodcut initials and the printer's device at end. Good edition of the important collection of letters of the famous Italian philosopher and orator. Many letters are adressed to famous philosophers and physicians, e. Faba, Petrus Joannetus, Matthiolo, Ant. The first letter of the 6th book Is addressed to Ladislaus, King of Hungary. No copy in the British IWuseum. Antwerp, Gerard Leeu, Gothic letter of 35 long lines, 18 Leeu representing the Castle of Antwerp, on the last page.

The extremely rare first edition with date of this moral essay. One of the rarest products of the press of Gerardus Leeu who began printing at Antwerp in His essays were very popular among Italian scholars. Clean and large copy. See Reproduction below and page Venice, Vindellnus de Spira , Roman and Greek letters, 41 lines, unn. Not in Proctor, The Printing of Greek. One of the finest and rarest productions of the press of Vindellnus de Spira wbo continued this first Venetian press after the death of his brother Johannes.

The first edi- tion in which the fine Greek type isusecl for the Greek passages, they having been left blank in the earlier edition of The work is divided into 18 books, of which the first sixteen deal mainly with sounds, word-formation and inflexions; the last two, which form almost a third of the whole work, deal with syntax. After this chief work follow some interesting treatises, dedicated to Symmachus, on weights and measures, the metres of Terence, and some rhetorical elements.

Exceptionally fine and very large and clean copy In unusually first rate eondition. The two copies in the British Museum are Imperfect. Augsburg, Erhard Ratdolt, With 13 large very beautiful woodcut-initials 3 repeat. Contemporary wooden boards, the back covered with brown calf, a clasp. Zapf I, , 7.

Fourth edition of the Fsalter in Latin and German, the second by Ratdolt. Finely printed Latin text, surrounded by the German translation printed in the outer and lower margins. The woodcut-initials occur as follows: David play- ing the harp; playing lute and bells; a king; a queen; "salvum me fac"; choir; Deposition; Christ shown to tiie people ; Crucifixion; piercing Christ's side. With a few old MS. Kalender auf die Jahre — Augsburg, Erhard Ratdolt, Gothic letter, 30 unn. Prin- ted in red and black. With 12 nice woodcuts, representing the signs of the zodiac, many cuts of eclipses, printed in red and black, 4 full-page astronomical diagrams and many very nice ornate Venetian woodcut initials on black ground by Bernhard M a 1 e r.

Sudhoff, Deutsche medlzlnlsche Inkunabeln , Schreiber V, Extremely rare German edition of a calender by the famous astronomer Johannes Reglomontanus. On verso of the title we find eight verses to the reader, in praise of the work, on 1. Tafel der land vnd stet'. The Kalendarlum commences on I. The description of the eclipses of sun and moon begins on 1.

Then follows on 1. Wle man den newen man vnd vol mon vinden sol. Von der sunnen vnd des mons vlnsternufi. Wie man ain sunnevr madien sol. Aigensdiafft der siben planeten. At end there are four large astronomical and astrological diagrams: Instrument der planeten stand. In- strument des waren lauffs des Mones. These four diagrams are printed on four leaves, stuck together in pairs; on the invisible parts of these leaves the same diagrams are also printed. The movable piece belonging to the last diagram is wanting. Quite perfect copy of this rare and finely printed German calendar.

The blank space of title-leaf is blotted with black ink. Ein Cronica von Anfang der Welt biss auf die jar Christ! Strassburg, Johann Pruss, Gothic letter, 44 lines, 14 unn. With a full-page woodcut representing a blind beg- gar on verso of title, and some interesting cuts mostly representing views of towns repeated , scenes of the Old Testament, mon- sters and comets, and a large woodcut capital.

Baer, Die Ulustrierten Hlslorienbiicher, p. Sudhoff, Deut- sche medizinische Inkunabeln The interesting second Ger- man edition of this famous cro- nicle. Some cuts are here printed for the first time: C v Hercules; on I. D" The stoning of Zacharias. The curious large cut on 1.

The first edition of the Fasciculus was printed in by Therhoernen. Well preserved copy, a small wormhole running through the top of the blank margin, in 1. The cuts are in this copy all uncoloured. See Reproduction on plate XIV. Sphaera mundi, cum commento Wenceslai Fabri de Budweiss. Leipzig, Wolfgang Stockel, Gothic letter, 39 lines, 50 With a full-page woodcut on verso of the title, 27 very inter- est ing astronom i cal woodcut diagrams, comprising two maps of the world, and the printer's device at end. Very rare edition of this important cosmographical work.

The very interesting woodcut diagrams represent constellations, eclipses and geometrical figures, on I. The lettering in all these diagrams is also in woodcut. He studied at Oxford and was afterwards professor of mathematics at the University of Paris. It gained a great reputation at that time. Large copy, a few old marginal notes, the last II. Naples, Mathias Moravus, The first and the last blank Old brown calf, gilt back XVIlth cent. Fava e Bresciano II, p. Magnificent specimen of an delicately printed product from the Neapolitan press of Moravus, with full colophon. It is the second product from this press printed with its fine first Roman type.

Count Reviczky thought that, as the edition of the Epistles by Pannartz was published in Febr. The Parisian impression of the Epistles, of , does not specify the month in the colophon ; and therefore it may not be any violation of chronological order to give precedency to the present production. The rarity and worth of this first impression of the entire Moral Works and Epistles of Seneca, are acknow- ledged to be considerable.

This edition exhibits the grandest specimen of the Roman type of Moravus with which I am acquainted" Dibdin, Bibl. Our copy is erroneously dated M. Greek and Roman Classics", p. The curious prefer those that have the omis of the four CCCC on account of their rarity. At begin- ning and at end a few insignificant wormholes. From until he was in charge of the invaluable library belonging to Colbert. In 'J he was appointed professor of Ca- non law at the College de France. Exceptionally fine and fresh copy with large margins, a few small wormholes at beginning and at end.

Treviso, Bernhard of Cologne, Printed in a beautiful gothic letter, 53 lines to a full-page, unn. Contemporary wooden boards, the back covered with brown leather, partly rebacked, clasps gone. Only three books are known to have been produced by this printer: This is a very fine well preserved copy of this exquisite piece of printing with exceptionally large margins.

On the first blank leaf note of ownership partly erased: Ad bibliothecam fratrum apud. In the text some old marginal pen-notes. Fine, large and clean copy of this second edition of the works of Seneca. Venice, Bernardinus de Chofis, de Cremona, Roman and gothic letters, 62 lines and head-line, 2 unn. Contemporary blind stamped brown calf. On the upper side of the front cover the title stamped: Large and complete copy of principal works of Seneca, the rhetorician, and Seneca the philosopher. De morbo susplrti vel anhelttus etc. Many underlines and marginal notes by an old hand, the first The blank margin of the two first 1.

Speculum peregrinarum quaestionum adAIfonsum de Aragonia. Strassburg, Johann Gruninger, Gothic and Roman letters, 31 lines and head-line, 10 unn. Schrei- ber V, B ar tho 1 o m a e u s Sibylla, Italian theologian of the Dominican order, was born at. Vlonopoli, and died in Translated by Guarinus Veronensis and Gregorius Tifernas. Roman and Greek letters, 45 and 46 lines, unn.

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With a very nice and delicately painted floral border in several colours and gold and 17 finely illuminated large initials painted in colours and heightened with gold, and some capitals supplied in red and blue. Bound in the original monastery binding of wooden boards covered with blind stamped brown cdlf, the wliole panel of the sides divided into double ogee shaped compartments, filled with conventional flowers, surrounded by a small ornamental border, catches for clasps clasps wanting.

Superb and extremely rare product of the first press of Rome In an exceptionally fine, Illuminated copy. This nGeographla" is the most important work on that science which antiquity has left us. It was the first attempt to collect all the geographical knowledge at the time attainable, and to compose a general treatise on geography. Strabo was the first who conceived this work as comprising the four divisions of mathematical, physical, political and historical geography.

The work contains incidental historical notices, being often of great value and interest. He designed the work for the statesman rather than for the student. He therefore endeavours to give a general sketch of the character, physical peculiarities and natural productions of each country, and gives us much valuable information respecting ethnology, trade and metallurgy. With respect to physical geography, this work is a great advance on all preceding ones.

The work consists of 17 books, two are introductory, eight deal with Europe, one with the main divisions of Asia, three with Asia Minor, the last three with India, Persia, Assyria, Babylonia, Syria, Arabia, Egypt, and Africa. Strabo lived in the first century B.

Unusually fine and large copy in the best condition and in the finely preserved original binding. The beautiful painted borderand the very nice initials are in very fresh state. Nuremberg, Friedfich Creussner, Finely printed in gothic char. The blank leaf 56 v scribbled on. The two last leaves wormed on white margins. No copv In U. Tractatus ds arte et vero modo praedicandi.

Nuremberg, Friedrich Creussner, ca. Gothic letter, 38 lines, 8 unn. Extremely rare and early product from Creussner, printed with his first type according to Haebler.

The last words on the last leaf are: But the copy described by Hain has not this arbor and Schreiber has not mentioned this edition. Each of these four figures is covered with chronological tables of sovereigns or popes with indication of their characters.

Gebotsliste Unterhaltungsmusik

Fine large and clean copy. Schmutzer, Abbildungen der k. Schoner roter Maroquinband d. Zeit mit Riickenvergoldung lund reizender Bordiire, Goldschnitt. Cavallerie-Regimenler" bestimmt, und jener vom Juni , womit die Farbe der Aufschlage und Knopfe festgesetzt wurde, herausgegeben wurde. Mit der Ausfuhrung der Reproduk- tionen wurde Jakob Schmutzer, der als Schiller Willes von Paris nach Wien zuruckkehrte und zum Hofkupferstecher ernannt wurde, betraut. Das Werk setzt sich aus folgenden Abteiiungen zusammen: Blatter sind in vollkommen farbenrich- tigem Kolorit, in den ersten Abteiiungen blofi die Egalisierung, in den letzten auch die Figureu, u.

AuBerordentlich seltenes Militarkostiimwerk, von dem nur einzelne Blatter im Handel vorkommen. Weder Lipperheide noch Millot u. Odero haben das Buch besessen, noch lieB es sich sonst bibliographisch nachweisen. Seit langem das einzig komplette ExzL, das zum Verkauf steht. Prachtexemplar von herrlicher Erhaltung in einem nngewohnlich scho- nen roten Maroquinband der Zeit. De institutione et ordine imperii Germanici. Von Aufrichtung und Ordnung des Teutschen Reichs. Bound up with 11 genealogical plates being coloured pedigrees of the dynasties of Austria 3 plat.

Together 15 plates in 1 vol. Finely coloured and in best state of preservation. Tafel in welcher alle gehorige Werck-Zeuge zur Kriegs-Kunst vorgestelt werden. Augsburg and Nurenberg, about Ein Orlog- oder grofies Kriegs-Schiff nach seinen vornehm- sten Teilen und Zugehorungen von aufien und innen accurat abgezeichnet. Newe Zeitunge, Von den Bedeutungen, die da folgen werden, aufi dem obgemelten Constellation, vnd der Finsternissen. With a title cut representing a horoscope.

This rare prognosticon includes the years — Probably the name Severus is a pseudonym. Paris an VI — Edition, qu'on peut considerer comme defini- tive. Les compo- sitions inventees et gravees par Duplessi-Bertaux surtout sont remarquab- les.

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Calligra- phic Manuscript dated Jan. In a brown morocco case in form of a book, adorned in gold and blind tooling and in leather re- lieve work, on the sides the Imperial Eagle, which is, on the front cover, executed in gold, black, red and blue. Teck was a son of Alexan- der Herzog v. There has been added a letter dated of Dec. With large seal in tin-case. The large seal is splendidly preserved and shows the Queen enthroned and, on verso, on horseback.

Aus was versach Gott dem Turcke ver- hengt, das er die Christenheit so stark vber zeucht vnd mit blutdurstiger hand ermordt verfolgt vnnd hyn wegk fiirt. Dorneben eyn hertzliche erma- nung an alle Christenlich gemiith. Withawoodcut and a vignette. Large copy with some undcrlinings. Hernach volget des Bluthundts der sich nennet eyn Tiirckischen Kayser gethaten, so er vn die seinen, nach eroberung der schlacht, auff den XXViij.

Nuremberg, Jobst Gutknecht, One of the earliest newspapers about the battle near Mohacs. See Reproduction on page Neue Hilff unnd Bewilligung der Romischen Ku. Item des Tiircken feyndtsbrieff, Konig Ludouico zugesandt vor der schlacht. Item eyn kleglicher Sendbrieff so die Ungarn dem Konig jn Polen zuge- schickt,. Erfurt, Wolf Stiirmer, With a woodcut showing a battle of knights. Large copy with few old notes, slightly stained. Schreckliche Zeitung Warhafftiger vnd griindlicher bericht was sich zugetragen hat, mit einem Armen Hirten, im Dii ringer landt, welcher mit mancherley anfechtung.

The history of shepherd, not far from Jena, possessed with a devil. A herczeg Esterhazy csalad fovadaszatai O z o r a n. Prestel's Jagdbildern, 1 Portrattableau, 1 Landkarte, 1 topogr. Ansicht und Jagdmusik- stiicken. Con molte ricette, et Rimedii per risanare i Cani da diverse malatie. Trad, di Lingua Francese da C. Schwerdt 1, , who records an edition of as the only Italian edition.

This booklet treats principally on shooting over dogs on big-game. The appendix contains several cures for canine madness, bites of a snake, parasites etc. Browned in some places. Album Dianae Leporidicae, sive Venationis Leporinae leges. Ca- domi Caen , typis Claudii Le Blanc, Latin hexameters on hare-bunting by Jacob Savary —70 , whose real name was Timent.

See JScher IV, At the beginning 18 pages cont. Privately printed for the Author, Illustrated with Plates, about half of them in colours. Green half morocco bind. Printed in copies only just completed, this catalogue is in itself a monumental achievement in book production, beeing beautifully printed and sumptuously illustrated with hundreds of exact reproductions in colours and in collotype of the treasures described.

Moreover, the author and owner has given exact collations of all the books described, a biographical help hitherto unobtainable and he has added most valuable notes. Such notes as his exact collations of all the plates and extra leaves belonging to a complete set of the Sporting Magazine and all similar periodicals in all languages, on the right editions, on the precious ma- nuscripts and drawings etc. Library, Museum, or Print Room. Tauf-Actus welcher bey der Heil. Wittenberg und Zerbst, Zimmermanns sel. Grammatica hebraea una cum Latino nuper edita.

Veuetiis, Daniel Bomberg, Good copy of a rare early Hebrew grammar, only a slight stain at lower margin towards the end. Septem Psalmi poenitentiales ex Hebraeo ad verbiim Latine Germaniceque translati. Hebrew, roman and gothic letters, 12 unn. Extremely rare first edition of Boeschenstein's translation of the seven penitential psalms. The text is here given in Hebrew, Latin and Ger- man, printed in three columns. Boeschenstein, a German Hebraist, was born at Eslingen in He was among the earliest to revive the study of Hebrew in Germany, having been a pupil of Moses Mollin and a teacher of Hebrew at Ingolstadt in , at Augsburg in , and at Wittenberg in He died after This copy is of special interest as it contains 10 leaves added at end with very interesting explanations of Hebrew words and sentences of the 7 Psalms written by the famous Hebraist and Lutheran Johan Forster or Forst- heim.

These interesting explanations, written in Hebrew and Latin are en- titled: In Septem psalmos penitentiales Forstheni9. They contain exact expla- nations of all sentences of the Seven Penitential Psalms translated by Boe- schenstein. Forster lived from to , he was a severe adherent of Luther and became professor and teacher of Hebrew at Wittenberg in His most important work is the Dictionarium hebraicum novum.

Besides the 10 leaves at end, has been added a smal- ler leaf between 1. Tractatus juridicus de Dardanariis germanice. Von K o r n- Jiiden. Buch von der Juden Irrung. Papierhand- schrift aus d. Kurrentschrift mit roten eingezeichneten Initialen und ro- ten Kapiteiiiberschriften. Ein gruntliche leere von der Driualtigkeit das doch die Juden nit glauben gepurt cristi. Von einen heydenischen poett Ouidius. Von dem heydenischen meister Plato. Was bucher die Juden halten vnnd wie sie die nennen.

Von dem buch Talmutt. Das die Juden sund vnserm herren znlegen. Von dem vnglauben vnnd Irrung der Juden. Zu beweren aufi der alten ee das da sey driualtigkeitt in der gottheyt. Hie wirtt be- werrt das messias das in dem alten gesetz verheissen ist worden warer gott vnnd mensch. Von ettlicher buchern die die Juden halten.

Ein Judischer Rabi genant Josephus. Hie merck drey vr- sach war vmb die Juden nit cristen werden. Hie wirtt der Juden Irrung bewissen durch naturliche vrsach. Vorsatzblatt tragt auf der Vorderseite eine historische Notiz von der Hand des Verf. Die Notiz Notiz schlielit mit den Worten: Vom zuge der Hewschrecken, was sich allwegen darnach begeben, vnd was ftir Straffe gevolget, aus der Lateinischen Cronica ins Deutsche ge- bracht.

New Zeitung aus V n g e r n. Wittenberg, Hans Lufft, In the first part there is a chronicle of invasions of locusts and of plagues allusing a perse- cution of Jews. It ends with the words: The second part represents a short epitome of affairs of the Turkish war in Hungary. Das Ihesus Christus eyn geborner Jude sey. Der gantz Jiidische glaub mit sampt einer griindtlichen vnd warhafften anzaygunge aller Satzungen, Ce- remonien, Gebetten, Haymliche vnd offentliche Gebreuch, de- ren sich dye Juden halten, durch das gantz Jar.

Mit schonen vnd gegriindten Argumenten wyder jren Glauben. Augsburg, Heyn- rich Steyner, With title- woodcut and 5 large woodcuts in the text Half calf. The very cu- rious woodcuts belong to the earliest representations of Hebrew religious customs. Antonius Margarita, the son of the Rabbi of Ratisbon, was con- verted to Christianity in at Wasserburg. Declaiming against the usury and idleness of the Jews he appeals to the magistrates to remedy the evil and to force the Jews to perform manual labour.

He charges the Jewish physicians with ignorance and greediness and asserts that, despite their minuteness in ritual the Jews are neither pious nor charitable, and that notwithstanding their apparent aversion to Proselytism, they are eager to gain adherents to their faith. On page Fa a rent is carefully repaired causing no loss of text, nor af- fecting seriously the woodcut on verso. On title the corners are made up, slight stains in some places, but generally in good condition. Vien- nae, Raphael Hofhalter, With coloured title border, a fullpage woodcut, finely colou- red, representing the Christ on the cross with the author, his wife and four children.

On leaf 4 v. Born , be was converted at Vienna and became three times Rector of the University of Vienna. The author treats of his conversion, quoting many passages of the Talmud and the Cabbala. The woodcuts are engraved byDonat Hfibschmann born at Leipzig who settled at Vienna All woodcuts are exceptionally finely coloured. See Reprodaction, Plate XV. Viennae, Raphael Hofhalter pro St. Title printed in black and red. Withtitleborder, afull page wood- cut signed by Donat Hiibschmann representing the Cruci- fixe with the author; his wife and six children and the coat of arms of king Maximilian.

Oaken boards covered with blind stamped pigskin, the sides with rolls signed BM , in centre the initials T ohannes T autsch Contemporary South German, probably Viennese binding. The second enlarged edition, the first one containing the letter to Rabbi Jebuda ia Hebrew and Latin, by which Weidner tries to convert him and which the printer was unable to print in the edition, as his stock of Hebrew letters was not sufficient. At the end a latin poem ,in Judaeos incredulos" by Paul Schedius Melissus also issued first here.

Most interesting binding whose tools are described by Haebler, Rollen- u. It has been executed for. Another inscription states that our copy has been dedicated by Oregor Sylli;onytiu8 to Adam Honatyady in Very fine copy with old ms. Fine red morocco binding. Ein nutzbarlicher begriff, Wie man setzen vnnd formieren sol ein yede Clag. Albrecht und Wen- del Kihel, Good and clean copy of this well-known popular law. Few leaves slightly stained on margins. Des allerdurchleuchtigsten grofimechtigsten vniiberwindtlichsten Keyser Karl des fiinfften: Mainz, Ivo Schoffer, With two large woodcuts, on title-leaf and on fol.

The first three leaves carefully repaired on the righthand blank margins, there are a few stains in upper margins, between fol. A good and perfect copy of the rare first German penal code. Kaysers und Gesetz- gebers Justiniani. Title red and black, 10 unn, Rare Oerman translation and commentary of the Justinian Codex. Item de magnificentia politiae amplissimae Ciuitatis Brugarum, cum ejusdem Topographia. Subhastationum compendiosa Exegesis, iterum recog. Antwerpiae, Bellerus, , 4to, With arms of the author on verso of title, 10 full-page woodcuts the first of which finely coloured and a double-page map of Bruges from the birds-eye-view.

An important juridical work on the protection of orphan-childs with very remarkable cuts representing pleadings. Von Vormundschaften, wie dieselben Recht ver- waltet, u. Latein in Teutsche Sprach gebracht d. M, , fol, 4 unn. Pages — treat on ,De Subhastatione. Vom ver- gandten n. The woodcuts, which are important for the science of costume, represent notaries' offices, judges, tutors, wards a. Black letter 26 lea- ves. With a large title cut and nine woodcuts, representing coats of arms. F j r 8 1 e d i t i n of the Landrecht printed by Singriener in Vienna.

Few leaves somewliat waterstained. Wien, Hans Singriener With a large title cut showing three coats of arms. Title printed in red and black. Somewhat stained, title a little damaged with loss of few letters. Landshut, Johann Weifienburger, With a large title cut, the Bavarian arms surrounded by festoons, nicely coloured. Printed in red and black. The first leaf slightly damaged and restored, besides that clean copy with large margins. Etudes sur I'histoire de I'humanite. Histoire du droit des gens et des relations internationales.

I— VII in 2nd edition. Das Buch des heiligen romischen reichs vnnderhaltung. Miinchen, Hans Schobser, With two large woodcuts representing the arms of the Roman Empire and those of Bavaria.


Nicely printed edition ot ,Reichsordnungen" including statutes of the. At the beginning a german poem. Menigklichen sei hie bekannt, das dises buch soil sein genannt. The 13th part deals with luxury of garment, of beggars, gipsies. On leaf 30—32 we find ,Der rttmischen kUnigklichen maiestat ordnung vnd satzung Uber die w e i n". Exceptionally fine and large copy, the title stamped and insignificantly stained. See Reprodnction, page Einstandtrecht, in Latein Jus protomiseos, congrui. Res- ponsorumTyrocinia antea non visa, et moribus Germaniae accomoda- ; ta. Contemporary blind tooled vellum binding, decorated with roll produced borders.

Avec estampes, odes greques raises en musique par Gossec, Mehul, Lesueur et Cherubini; et un discours sur la mu- sique grecque. Paris, Didot aine, an VII Full red morocco with an ornamental gilt border on the covers, ins. Fine copy in a contemporary red morocco binding. Ritrovi e ragionamenti del 13S9 romanzo di Giov.

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Scelta di curiosita letter- arie, Disp. Les neuf matinees du Seigneur de Cholieres. A Paris, Jean Ri- cher, Red mor,, triple fil. Le langage s'y emancipe parfois avec cette franchise qui ne choquait personne a I'epoque de Rabelais et de Montaigne, mais dont la pruderie con- temporaine se montre fort effarouchee. A sgavoir si la Jurisprudence est a preferer a la Medecine. Des mains des Aduocats. S'il est loisible aux Aduocats de prendre. S'il vaut mieux prendre a femme vne laide qu'vne belle. De I'inegalite de I'aage des mariez.

Si vne fille doit plustot desi- rer d'estre accouplee par mariage a vn homme d'Estude, qu'a vn Guerrier. De la trefue Coniugale. En quel temps n'est loisible au mary de toucher coniugalement sa femme. This book rather bizarre, but very interesting, is of grat rarity, our copy in faultless preservation. Two library stamps on title. Contes et discours bigarrez. Desduits es Apres- dinees du Carnaval. Printers mark on title. S'il faut dormir I'Apresdinee. S'il vaut mieux n'estre marie que I'estre. De I'Arbre de vie. Des Caquet des femmes. Cholieres is to be ranged among the most ingenious writers of the XVIth century.

An owner's name on title cut out and repaired, library stamp on title, otherwise a fine, clean, and complete copy of this very interesting book in elegant binding and very good preservation. Venezia — With finely engraved copper plates and numerous nicely engraved vignettes and head-pieces. Fiske, Dante Collection, p. Very desirable, magnificently illustrated edition of the complefe works of Dante.

At the beginning of each canto is a very handsomely engraved plate after illustrat. Each canto is preceeded by Gozzi's argument enclosed in an ornamental border, and has at the end a brief "allegoria". See Volkmann, Iconographia dantesca , Tafel The extensiv annotations to the Commedia are by P. Exceedingly fine copy, with extraordinarily large mar- gins ab. Copies of this desirable Dante Edition in such a mag- nificent state of preservation are very scarce.

Las Obras en verso. Amberes, Emprenta Plantiniana de Balth. C'est la plus belle Edition des po6 si es d e Fr. GroOherzogin Sophie von Sachsen. Seltene erste Qesam tausgabe m. Mit einem Vor- wort und einem Epilog zu Hebbels literarischen Nachlafi hrsg. Mit den Bildnissen Hebbels und Bam- bergs, gestochen von A. Heine, den Briefwechsel mit F. Schu man n, Wilh. MOricke, Klaus Groth, Ottilie v. Berlin — Mit Portrait Hebbels nach R i e h 1 u. Didot natu major, Splendid contemporary red morocco binding, back richly gilt, the covers adorned with a broad gilt meander border, inside dent, gilt ed- ges.

Paris, Te- stard, — Miiller, Desmoulin de, d'apres G. Reliure romantique en maroquin vert, dos a nerfs, dor. Contemporary half morocco bin- ding with. Large paper copy, faultless in every regard, of this esteemed edition, delightfully illustrated by Moreau le Jeune and in its contemporary binding. Das von Qoedeke genannte Portrait fehlt. The Announcement to the Shepherds. Beautiful Miniature, France ah. Racolte e illustrate da F r. Ariosto, Torquato Tasso, etc.

Amberes Antwerp , Verdus- sen, Good edition of the main-work of the greatest Spanish prose writer of the 17th cent, after Cervantes. Nach den Original- und Theater Manuscrip- ten nebst Nachlali u. A poem in sex cantos. By an amateur of Fashion. To which are added occasional notes by our most popular Characters. With one coloured copperplate. Old calf, gilt and blind tooled, back si. Discorsi intorna alia comedia. Les deux ouvrages sont tris rare 8. Delia diffinitione, e delle parti della quality, e quantity della Comedia.

Entre les cbapitres du 2eme ouvrage il y a e. Se si a necessario al tragico poeta. Collection complete des oeuvres Publ. With 1 table and 16 fold, musical supplements. Sachs, Hans, see Nos. Erich Schmidt spater v. Ein separat ausserhalb der Jahrgangs-Numerierung erschienener Band: Deutsche Grdsse, ein unvoUendetes Qedicht Schillers Suphan, Weimar liegt bei. Lager t, Overbeck, Hoffmeister u. Stiick 1—20 statt 22 in 5 Bdn.

Lessing, Goethe, Schweizer, Gotter, Neese u. Chodowiecki, Fiiger, Heinsius u. Musikbeilagen Rondeau von Neese. Aeusserst selten, komplette Exemplare sind fast nnauffindbar. De imitatione Christi Libri quatuor. Par- mae, in aedibus Palatinis, There were only copies issued of this typographical stan- dard-work. The copy herewith offered for sale is in the best state of preser- vation.

Schriften zur Geschichte der Dichtung und Sage. Ein Buch des Andenkens fiir ihre Freunde. Berlin, Duncker und Humblot, VI, , 6 a. Seltene erste in den Handel gegebene Ausgabe. Basle — Old marbled calf, gilt back. Nice voluminous edition in fine contemporary half calf bindings with labels in red and green. Die spftter erscbienenen 18 Bftnde Ueber- setzungen feblen. Augsburg, Silvan Ottmar With a fine title border by Daniel Hopfer. Dodgson II, , 2. Early edition of Luther's sermon about the ban with a very nice title border, white on black ground, by Daniel Hopfer reprod.

Augsburg, Silvan Othmar, Black letter, 18 leaves, the last blank. Dodgson II, H2, 5. Nice clean copy, only the margins insignificantly stained. Doctoris Martini Luther Augustiner zu wit- tenbergk. Niirnberg, Jobst Gutknecht, According to Dommer this is the second issue of the interesting , Great Sermon" of usury. In Luther wrote at first only a short treatise on this subject. Kdstlin-Kawerau I, says: Luther gab einen sogenannten Sermon vom Wucher heraus, dem gegen Ende des Jahres eine noch ausfUhrlicbere Bearbeitung folgte.

Qerade er nahm hier einen sehr strengen Standpunkt ein. Zum mindesten forderte er, dass der Ausleihende hinsichtlich des Ertrages seines Qeldes all den Gefahren mit unterworfen sein mUsse, weiche Uber den Schuldner beim Gebrauch des Oeldes. This pamphlet against Augustin Alfeld, a franciscan friar, and bis book ,super sede apostoHca' is a preambel to Luther's three great reformation tracts.

Large copy, only the margins slightly spotted. Vuittembergk, Melchior Lotter , Black letter, 10 unn. This very rare polemical tract against Pope Leo. X's ban is not a translation but a paraphrase of. Adversus execrabilem Antichristi buUam' issued some weeks ago. Extremely rare edition of this famous pamphlet. The cut on the last page, a copy of DQrer's famous title page to his Small Passion, has been used by Val.

Schumann in cf. A few small wormholes, si. Wittemberg, Melchior Letter, With very nice title border by Hans Cranach. Knaake I, imperfect copy. Original edition of the German issue of this writing. The elaboration is made by Luther himself.