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He was reported to have said it during the basketball playoffs, and he meant: On further investigation, I learned that Motta did not originate the saying.

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings

Dan Cook, a San Antonio sportcaster, did. Cook said it goes this way: Come now, could it be that they go out of gratitude and respect to honor the bus driver for his courtesy, the woman whose cheerful smile made their days brighter, the person who accepted them as they were, regardless of their education, clothing, looks, race, color or creed?

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She may be delighted with the answers she receives. Of course, there are ''Harold and Maude''. I have already revised my teen booklet to include the most current information on sexually transmitted diseases, plus a section about AIDS. The portion on drugs has also been updated and expanded.

  1. 'It ain't over till the fat lady sings' - the meaning and origin of this phrase!
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Birds and the bees. Anthony, London UK I've always assumed this refered to the Prima Donna, the large, women who would sing the final aria at the end of an opera, usually as she's dying.

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Tom Garrisi, Houston USA The story I heard was that Al Capone became much enamoured of opera, swotting up with scores, records, and even tutors, until he regarded himself sufficiently au fait to sample the real thing. Accompanied by two bodyguards, he took his seat at the opera house.

Who is the Fat Lady who sings?

After the first aria, the goons rose to leave, whereupon Al grabbed them by their coattails: Thus one knew the game was over when she sang.