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Enjoy Your Second Life This exclusive guide is your official gateway to "Second Life," the wildly popular virtual world now inhabited by more than eight million residents. In this fully revised and updated "Second Edition," you'll discover the very latest information about living in "Second Life"--from how to enter the world, get started, and get around, to the many exciting new ways you can earn real-world incomes, meet other residents, and enjoy all there is to do.

Authored by "Second Life" experts and featuring contributions from Linden Lab employees and "Second Life" residents from around the world, this is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to create his or her own reality in "Second Life. Create your look and find your voice. Take a grand tour of interesting Second Life locales. Enjoy the nightlife, the great places to shop, and the rich variety of SL communities.

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Who will you be in this wide-open world? Get a taste of the diverse social scene. The Official Guide 3. The Official Guide is the perfect book for anyone interested in Linden Lab?

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This book explores in detail every aspect of Second Life? Getting a Secon Second Life: The book closes with a glossary as well as quick-reference and additional-resources appendices. Paperback , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Second Life , please sign up.

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. As most of you know, Second Life is an online virtual community where millions of members create avatars, own land, build houses, make friends, have online sex Although everything is virtual, many aspects of Second Life cost real money. And yes, I realize the irony in critiquing an online community while participating in one.

Second Life: The Official Guide

However, I think there are differences. Most of the people on Goodreads join to discuss books, post reviews, catalogue their books, and learn about new books. Clearly, we can and do develop friendships, but, for the most part, the community is based on a particular activity — reading. Second Life has fascinated me ever since I learned about it three or four years ago.

In fact, the only thing that may obstruct you in your virtual pursuit of real happiness is real life. Well, what do you expect?


This is fascinating stuff. On planet Earth, most of us maintain a number of relationships friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, etc. How different is SL? First, note that real happiness is set up in opposition with real life. I wonder how true this is? I understand that one of the benefits of the internet is its ability to operate as a leveler.

You can be who ever you want, I suppose. But if your real-life ability to nurture friends or maintain a love life is poor, do you suddenly develop these social skills online? Perhaps there really is something liberating about the anonymity of virtual life that prompts new identities. How does your husband react, for example, when he finds out you have another husband, entailing virtual whoopee, and a virtual baby on Second Life?

And, unlike some other virtual gaming sites, SL members refer to themselves as "residents," and do not view SL as a game.

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In one study not in this book! It would be hard to imagine not only how your SL life and real life would become increasingly complex, but also entangled. How would you react if your spouse or partner were having a virtual affair? You might laugh it off, and you might not. Out of curiosity, I asked my husband, how he'd feel if I found out I had a virtual spouse. He said, "I guess I'd think you felt something was missing in our relationship.

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The book is arranged thematically - each chapter focusing on a different aspect of being successful on SL: For those wanting to be part of Second Life, the book is probably helpful. For me, the book--and the concept of Second Life itself--raised more questions it answered. View all 19 comments. Feb 12, AndrewP rated it liked it Shelves: Not bad as an overview but as with all technology of this type it's almost updated as soon as printed. Especially true with a VR world such as Second Life that allows the users to change the world. Unlike the static online game worlds the very landscape can change from day to day so references to actual places is hit or miss.

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The sections on using the interface, LSL scripting language and building were pretty useful as beginners guides. For more detail the online Second Life wiki is obviously mu Not bad as an overview but as with all technology of this type it's almost updated as soon as printed. For more detail the online Second Life wiki is obviously much better.

Oct 05, Sarah rated it it was ok. I wanted to find out that all the hype about Second Life was about.

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The guide was very informative and if I ever decide to start a Second Life account, I'll look it up again; it has good tips for beginners. However, after seeing how much time Second Life takes, I decided my first life is too busy to make time for a virtual world.