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It's not dark yet for them, but the sun is going down. But they nonetheless admire the determination and the sophisticated tactics that the current prosecutors are bringing to a battle that has been fought, mostly in vain, ever since the crime-breeding days of Prohibition. Even the doubters concede that the new campaign is off to an impressive start. From through last year, federal prosecutors brought 1, indictments against 2, mafiosi, and have convicted Mafia members or their uninitiated "associates. Among all criminal organizations, including such non-Mafia types as motorcycle gangs and Chinese and Latin American drug traffickers, the FBI compiled evidence that last year alone led to 3, indictments and 2, convictions.

At the least, observes the FBI's Hogan, all this legal action means the traditional crime families "are bleeding, they're demoralized. The same skimming case has crippled the mob leadership in Kansas City, Milwaukee and , Cleveland. But the muscle of organized crime has been most formidable in New York City. Prosecutors have been attacking it with increasing success, but expect to score their biggest win in the so-called Commission case dubbed Star Chamber by federal investigators. Chertoff and two other young prosecutors handling their first big trial will have to prove that a national Commission made up of the bosses and some underbosses of the major families has been dividing turf and settling disputes among the crime clans ever since New York's ruthless "Lucky" Luciano organized the Commission in Luciano acted to end the gang warfare that had wiped out at least 40 mobsters in just two days in September of that year.

Before that, top gangsters like Salvatore Maranzano had conspired to shoot their way into becoming the capo di tutti capi "Boss of Bosses". Maranzano, who had organized New York's Sicilian gangsters into five families, was the first victim of Luciano's new order. For more than two decades the Mafia managed to keep its board of directors hidden from the outside world, until November , when police staged a celebrated raid on a national mobsters' convention in Apalachin, N.

In former Mafia Soldier Joseph Valachi told a Senate investigating subcommittee all about La Cosa Nostra, the previously secret name under which the brotherhood had operated. After the Mafia had been romanticized in books and movies like The Godfather, some mobsters became brazen about their affairs. The aged boss has left his Arizona retirement mansion to serve a contempt-of-court sentence in a Springfield, Mo. The mobster turned author, says one investigator, "is hearing footsteps. Its purpose, he insisted, is "to avoid -- avoid -- conflict.

'Behind the Candelabra' Interview: Matt Damon Says 'Candelabra' a 'Dream Role'

The prosecutors will contend that the Commission approved three murders and directed loan-sharking and an extensive extortion scheme against the New York City construction industry. The killings involve the rubout of Bonanno Boss Carmine Galante and two associates. Bonanno Soldier Anthony Indelicato, 30, and alleged current Bonanno Boss Philip Rusty Rastelli, 68, are accused of plotting the hit, with the Commission's blessing, to prevent Galante from seizing control of the Gambino family. Rastelli, already engaged in a separate racketeering case, will face trial later.

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The jurors will see a videotape of Indelicato, who is a defendant in the Commission case, being congratulated shortly after the killings by high-ranking Gambino family members at its Ravenite Social Club. The crux of the Government's case, however, is more prosaic than murder. It details a Commission-endorsed scheme to rig bids and allocate contracts to Mobinfluenced concrete companies in New York City's booming construction industry.

Any company that disobeyed the bidding rules might find itself with unexpected labor problems, and its sources of cement might dry up. The key defendant on this charge is Ralph Scopo, 57, a soldier in the Colombo family, and just as importantly, the president of the Cement and Concrete Workers District Council before he was indicted. Scopo is accused of accepting many of the payoffs from the participating concrete firms.

Scopo's lawyer admits the union leader took payoffs, but he and the other attorneys deny it was part of a broader extortion scheme. Since the Mafia leaders own some of the construction companies, said Dawson, the Government was claiming "that these men extort themselves. But Dellacroce, 71, died last Dec. Just 14 days later Castellano, 72, and Thomas Bilotti, 45, his trusted bodyguard and the apparent choice to succeed Dellacroce, were the victims of yet another sensational Mob hit as they walked, unarmed, from their car toward a mid-Manhattan steak house.

Law-enforcement agents are convinced that Gotti, a protege of Dellacroce's, helped plot the Castellano and Bilotti slayings to ensure his own rise to the top of the Gambino clan. No one, however, has been charged with those slayings. The Castellano hit may not come up at the racketeering trial of Gotti, his brother Eugene and four Gambino associates. But two other murders and a conspiracy to commit murder are among 15 crimes that the Government says formed a pattern of participation in a criminal enterprise.

The defendants are also accused of planning two armored-car robberies, other hijackings and gambling, and conspiracy to commit extortion.

The major evidence in the Gotti case was provided through a bugging scheme worthy of a James Bond movie. Facing a year sentence, he agreed to become a Government informant. Investigators wired him with a tiny microphone taped to his chest and a miniature cassette recorder, no bigger than two packs of gum, that fitted into the small of his back without producing a bulge.

Equipped with a magnetic switch on a cigarette lighter to activate the recorder, Lofaro coolly discussed Gambino family affairs with the unsuspecting Gotti brothers. Afterward he placed the tapes inside folded copies of the New York Times business section and dropped them in a preselected trash bin.

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Lofaro provided the Government with more than 50 tapes over two years. Says one admiring investigator: The FBI's bugging has increased sharply, from just 90 court-approved requests in to more than in each of the past two years. The various investigating agencies, including state and local police, have found novel places to hide their bugs: Dean had called umpteen times each day for the entire three weeks, but his wife had refused to answer any of his calls. I'm pretty sure he wanted you near. He had gotten mad and called her a stubborn ass princess which she had overheard as Leo had Dean on speaker.

And where is he now? And when I finally wanted him, he took off.

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Mel kept quiet but gave an apologetic smile and patted the top of Elena's hand. You know, its like he's gotten what he wanted all these years. And finally, now that we are married, I'm not in his radar anymore. Mel nodded but only to appease her friend. Any newly married woman who took a bullet to save her husband and then spend awful days in the hospital fighting to wake up and eat and live well, would be mad at a husband who left her in the midst of getting her life back in order.

A couple of those could push mobs away from your base if you set them up around your fence, or as one. It's a block that mobs can't walk over.

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You can "fence" off your whole base with them without it looking like you have a fence. Mobs could still go over then though. I've had spiders jump at me from a place above them and get in, which sounds like it would be a problem with the jumping mobs that op mentioned. I might have to do Chandeliers or the Magnum Torch.

If they can't spawn, I'll have nothing to repel: That means that one of those will prevent any mobs from spawning anywhere remotely near your base. I wasn't sure if you wanted to have a horde of monsters flailing about in vain or not: Not sure if Monster has Blood Magic, though. Openblocks version are pretty cheap. Put them in a ring around your garden and see how it works: I didn't even know those were a thing!!! Perhaps not effective for my whole base, but certainly would help keep baddies away from certain areas!!!

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