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As Chloe and Hank settle somewhat uneasily into domesticity, a local Navajo legend named Junior Whitebear returns home to collect his father's ashes and renew his own spirit after years spent in the art-world fast lane. When Junior arrives at the reservation, he doesn't expect to find a son he fathered unwittingly nine years ago; nor is he looking to fall in love with Chloe and to deliver her baby girl.

Both events change his life, and the lives of those around him, forever. A passionate love story, Loving Chloe explores the emotional complexity of a love triangle with sympathy, humor, and compassion. Thanks for signing up! We've emailed you instructions for claiming your free e-book. Tell us more about what you like to read so we can send you the best offers and opportunities.

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International Customers If you are located outside the U. About Product Details When thirty-four-year-old Chloe Morgan appears on Hank Oliver's doorstep in Cameron, Arizona, she arrives with more than her old white German shepherd, Hannah, and a rambunctious young horse in tow. I don't know why it's selling as a romantic perfume. It can be I suppose if you consider the rose note which is quite beautiful.

It's floral but it's also green with patchouli leaf and woodsy with cedar and cashmere wood. I don't have anything that smells like this at home. This is a very bright fresh clean and sweet fruity floral basically. The first spritz of Chloe Love Story is a distinct neroli, grapefruit, bergamot and orange blossom.

There might be some petit grain in there too. It's citrusy and refreshing. Later it turns into a floral with rose and white flower of stephanotis and orange blossom. This is more an orange blossom to me than a rose but both florals are noticeable. This is not as strong or fragrant as I like my perfumes. It is an Eau de Parfum but wears more like the Eau de Toilette. This might be more fruitier than the EDT. Besides the citrus I also detect peach and currant. This is a spring and summer day time casual fragrance.

It's not as glamorous or formal as I thought it would be. Mature but also youthful enough because of the citrus zest and the cashmere wood which can smell like a freshly dried clean cashmere sweater! Not mind blowing but pretty. This perfume reminds me of the spring time, of young love, and the name of the fragrance is absolutely dead on about the feelings this scent evokes. It's the smell of a morning after a couple have made love and they are in each other's arms as they stroll by a quiet secluded park.

Everything about this fragrance touches me like I never thought a modern fragrance could do. And the Andy Williams song from the movie Love Story keeps playing in my mind. Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be? Since the first hello she's brought meaning to my empty life.

Take out that handkerchief and remember that love means never having to say you're sorry! The first spritz is my favorite part. What a fresh and unforgettable neroli and orange blossom and citrus accord. These are very well made citric notes fresh with lemon tartness, and a neroli-orange flower to die for. There's also more fruit notes here as well: Almost boozy like a cocktail but remaining citrusy and floral. The white floral note of stephanotis serves as a little jasmine flower replacement. There's a rose and it's very feminine. Nothing unisex about this one.

It's a perfume made for a female lover to wear. This is for the girlfriend the finacee and the wife. A beautiful perfume with a romantic glow. A light lime green color is there and it turns into a lovely patchouli leaf. There's woodsy notes of cedar and cashmere wood. Not a heavy chypre or woodsy perfume but a nice light white woods scent. The strongest notes are still the neroli and the florals especially the rose to my nose. Delicate and yet potent, perfumy, flexible for day wear and evening wear. This is for romantic dates and dinners at home where the couple looks at each other in the semi darkness through a soft glow of candle lights.

A sea breeze and ocean sound in the distance. How long can it last? Can love be measured by the hours in a day? I have no answers now but this much I can say I'll need her until the stars all burn away and she'll be there Oh happy Valentines Day lovers everywhere. This is definitely NOT a cheap soapy scent smell,it is a clean elegant and well refined scent.

Neroli dominates,oh how it makes a great show in this fragrance,and the dry down becomes almost exquisite with surprisingly good sillage. How could anyone dislike this? I love the original Chloe,but this a scent that makes people come close to you, because it is surprisingly strong in projection,yet soft and feather like in the air It's clean and soapy just the way I like it. The orange and Neroli combination work so well together on my skin.

I have decided to revisit my comment about this one. The story is, I probably tried some other scent or the EDT version on the blotter, but was sold this one by accident, and at first I hated it because it was not my style, and I had to keep it. Fast forwarding to today: Now I highly appreciate that this is a pretty scent, very subtle but definitely present, filling my small office room but without suffocating anyone who walks in.

I'm sure everyone else who has to visit my room loves it too because this is not a fragrance over which you can have a debate on whether you like it. You will like it. Because it is floral, airy, pretty, very non-threatening and very "clean" - maybe generic in the way that eventually everyone will like it, so nothing original here, but that is okay.

In my mind this is a Chloe trademark to be making fragrances which can fill whole rooms without bothering anyone. I admit that I would miss it if I finish it, and I will never give it to my mom after all. An super clean, romantic white floral. The citrus note is nicely done. I can understand why some people find this boring.

Love, Chloe

It's safe, but to me it's a solid like. Just give it a chance, it might grow on you. A light cocktail of white flowers and sweet fruits, but toned down. It's a pretty perfume. Flirty and demure at the same time. Sophisticated with a playful and young side. In the opening the neroli and mostly orange flower are noticeable next to a sweet pear. Then the rose is obvious and from then on is a quiet mix of musk and muted woods.

This is one of those 'fool proof' fragrance, most people will find it attractive. I'm not overly excited, but I like it. Love at the first sniff. The scent of Romance. Clean, elegant, sophisticated white floral. The drydown smells honey-ish, although honey isn't mentioned in the notes. I think fans of the original Chloe would be pleased, although Love Story isn't as recognizable as Chloe Chloe, but it's still an inoffesive, easy to wear fragrance. Well-balanced in terms of sweetness and bitterness, doesn't lean towards one of the sides, while I had an impression that Chloe Chloe can be a bit bitter.

Although easy to forget after first test, it is worth giving it a chance - who knows, it may grow on you and you make end up loving it. Really, just a dimmmed down version of the regular Chloe which is far from regular. One of the most forgettable fragrances I've smelled, TBH. I'm not in the habit of gifting fragrances, but I think it is a safe one to gift. At first whiff, I get citrus and nondescript white floral notes. But anything beyond that is … well … hard to pick out.

Cute, immaculate and clean, but also very nondescript. This is what a pastor's daughter would smell like in middle America. I don't read neroli, orange blossom, or rose in Love Story. Maybe I'm too jaded by the real thing you know, the ones that you find blooming outdoors, not in laboratories to recognize their synthetic counterparts. I'm just getting grapefruit, pear and a white floral blur. These types of fragrances are the female equivalent of a blue aquatics for men. Bad or good thing? That's up to you. This is probably the most expensive bar of soap I was ever gifted. This reminds me of a needy woman pretending to be overly innocent and cute.

Almost like trying desperatly to fit in. Hard to dislike, but it for some reason smells too much like "everything and everyone" to love. A solid like nevertheless! My skin plays up the orange blossom, peach, and cedar. But damn it, I'll buy it anyway. I got it at a duty free. An SA pushed it on me, and at first sniff, I thought, "Oh no, way too sweet. To me, this is kind of like the cousin of See. The same girl would wear Love Story, as well as See. Now, I do like See very much, but that kind of sweet is bearable, and the scent is refreshing and clean. It's not a cloying sweet, not like some gourmands can be.

It's so sweet that it's almost sour. It's overtly "feminine" in an ostentatious, screechy kind of way. I can see young girly girls wearing this, because of how obvious it is, but there's nothing demure or seductive about this scent, unfortunately. Even the name is unoriginal. It's not a flanker. It smells synthetic to me and maybe that's why I don't care for it at the end of the day. It's a shame bc I do mostly admire Chloe perfumes. They can really do better. I stumbled upon Love Story today at Sephora, and I was very pleasantly surprised!

My first reaction was attraction and interest, but I am really into orange blossom and I have been exploring OB notes in a variety of fragrances lately. I just wasn't expecting it from the Chloe line. I have come to respect the Chloe line of fragrances, but this is the first I've considered purchasing. Love Story seems like it should have been the new white floral that replaced Vintage Chloe. Cheers to all the lovely young ladies out there who enjoy the revised Chloe. I grew up with the old version, so this fragrance really stands out to me and defines itself from it's soft and subtle sisters.

Okay, I think I must also be a sucker for Pear notes in fragrances as well, because I notice that it comes up a lot in my recent interests. I notice pear and orange blossom in a good way here. Definitely has piqued my interest. For me this is the perfect wedding scent, VERY romantic and sophisticated, and the bottle is absolutely beautiful. I'm currently engaged and its just very fitting for this phase in my life. It stays close to the skin. Its not a unique or strong scent, just subtle and beautiful and I love to spray it on after a shower. Just got this as a blind buy.

I can appreciate it as a fragrance but I would never wear it had to wash it off after a few hours, couldn't handle it. It is very fresh if you consider ripe sweet orange blossom "fresh" and heady. However it is so heady with a sweet undertone and super powdery-making it extremely nauseating. What I get from this above all else is strong powdery orange blossom. It is a very "old lady" scent but not "old lady" as in old world complex fragrances. There is some citrus, but it dies down quick. This reminds me of older 's Kenzo parfumes Ete, Jungle, and others Love Story also has an initial aldehydic note.

I usually adore aldehydic scents but here with the other notes it just works to set off the powdery element and in effect the powerful nauseating effect. Love Story as a composition is an interesting piece of work. It is like a canon. I can see girls wearing it for their weddings. It is a spring romantic powdery everbloom. It is lush if, to you, lush is "powder" and ripe oily orange blossom Do NOT buy this if you dont like rose or orange blossom scents!!

Love story is composed in a way that it is truly a canon. Citrus, gardenia, and super sweet peppery accords light up and set off, creating an olfactory reaction, an explosion of the central accords. You are hit with an explosion of powder and orange blossom-of suffocating proportion. Love story is a perfectly nice scent for a young woman, but for my tastes there's something a bit too sweet in it.

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It reminds me of something I wore in my early 20s or teens. To my nose, it's all white florals and pear - quite pretty, fresh, and youthful, but the pear makes it a bit sweeter than I tend to like. It smells almost like honeysuckle, which I love to smell in the summer I know it's not listed in the notes I'm not sure what that smells like. But sometimes when I pass a huge honeysuckle bush it's a little overwhelming - Love Story leans overwhelming to me. I'll likely give my sample to my eighteen year old sister; she would love it, and I think it would suit her better.

I received this perfume today in the mail. Love Story seems to have quite a hype around the female demographic. It's very pretty and I use 'pretty' specifically because it opens the senses to young and light and spirited and juicy. There is not one single heavy note I sense. If there is musk, I can't tell. I would consider this a perfume a step above a very young-smelling circle.

Romantic in a fun, feminine way.

Love Story Chloé perfume - a fragrance for women

Modern as in love in modern times: If I had to choose a neroli to live in all summer, this would be it. I love it, as most women do. It's a safe buy. If you are a woman whom dares to be different, unique. This is purely romantic neroli and orange blossoms. I sprayed this last night and I still can smell it in the morning. I think it suits for a date night: Love story is soft but definitely noticeable and deserves its name.

OK, I have to confess that when I tested this one, I had no intention of purchasing it as I thought it would be just another floral and not edgy enough. As time goes by, the initial sweetness fades and the citrus and green notes become more noticeable. On me, the sillage is moderate but two sprays are plenty. The longevity is very good and a faint scent lingers after a shower. This is a fragrance for spring days, summer evenings and strolls around the park with my husband.

A very Chloe scent, with slightly less sillage and longevity than others from the brand. I find it a bit too fresh laundry for my preferences, but still a lovely well rounded fresh and clean floral. Would be a great office wear scent. Love Story is an improvement to the original Chloe for me.

I find it fresh, floral, clean, and feminine. Sprayed one arm with Chloe, and the other arm with Love Story Regular Chloe is a bit bland, but the Love Story livens things up. Definitely a strong like! Love story is very gentle but at the same time, it's bright and clean. It's an idealized sun dried linen. White flowers that are forceful, but not overwhelming.

This is something to wear in an office environment or casual settings. It doesn't make a statement, but it's very nice and fresh. I don't think I would buy a full bottle simply because it doesn't leave an impression other than nice, but if it was a gift I would wear it on uncomplicated days. Stephanotis is apparently "jasmine from Madagascar" Who knew?! Anyhow, I loved this at first hour and then the stephanotis got too strong on me and it was the one thing that sort of wore on me somewhat. This beauty has just stormed to the top of my 'fumes chart.

Which all have a similar base vibe. This is the perfume that is comforting; it smells of mum's scarf that you borrow as a teen, the clean bed you fall into in the spare room of a friend whose family is a happy unit after you got properly pissed and had no chance of getting home in a sober state. This is a smell you can take comfort in and still wear to the office and get compliments.

Layered with the body lotion it is a cosy clean cotton comfort bomb. I bought this tonight and here is why I believe in love I think weddings are beautiful and I adore love stories Its also completely appropriate everywhere and anywhere. Its SOFT and stays close to you Its so subtle and sits close to the skin so yes you can even wear this to work.

Its an advertisement of good taste and the woman who wears this is someone that you probably really like I am a big fan of Chloe perfumes, but not as much of floral one. Unlike others, couldn't smell the citrus notes, just roses: In the first wave I could find a bit of my favourite Eau de Chloe which unfortunately dissapear quite fast and left only floral scent. If you like those scent, it might be for you, but not my cup of tea. Hello wedding day scent I have finally found you!!! So sweet so precious so soft I had to have her! Love Story is a very beautiful scent, it's heady, yes, but not offensive or headachey.

Fresh and rosy in the beginning and almost soapy in the drydown, in a subtle way. Don't get me wrong, this is not fresh as in detergents or the "Clean"-line, this is a BIG fresh floral scent. This baby does have great sillage and longevity, which brings me alot of confidence. Personally I've struggled with bold florals before, but Love Story caught my attention. The jasmin and orangeblossom in this is beautiful. This is my favorite orange blossom fragrance since La Chasse aux Papillons!

Being from Southern California, I am very picky about my orange blossom fragrances. I like orange blossom to smell like "real" white blossoms, not like neroli. Stephanotis is a particularly wonderful note for bringing out the true freshness in orange flowers. Anne Flipo created many of my favorite florals, and upon first sniff, I guessed that Love Story is her work. This would be a perfect wedding scent, but it's just beautiful all the time. This is easy to wear, and it has the hypnotic, mesmerizing effect of the aromas of real-life orange blossoms.

I adore Love Story and I'm sure it's going to be part of me for a long time. I am wondering if the reviewer who compared this to Chance had tried a spoiled Tester, or something? It's sickening how many spoiled Testers sit around in stores and repel potential buyers. I love Chance, and I've been wearing it continually since its launch. My husband thinks it's the sexiest thing since Agent Provocateur lingerie. If I smelled a bottle of Love Story that smelled anything like Chance, I would assume it was either a fake, or badly turned.

Chance is vanilla-ambery, with lots of pink pepper and patchouli. The initial spray is full of roses, and the dry down reminds me of a softer version of Ambrette 9. All I smell is ambrette seed in the end although it is not listed in the ingredients. Ambrette is a musk but is a bit sour, so maybe that's the "rotten" flower smell some are describing.

I happen to like it a lot. I would choose "Love Story" in the form of two wings if I had a chance to fly away toward eternal paradise. KittySweetMilk -- you are correct - this does not smell like Chanel Chance. I don't know what it is, but to me, this single note they share smells alike. The rest of the compositions are very different. Chance smells like artificial fruit juice, and Love Story smells lile a bar of soap. Sorry if I was not clear. I have a bottle of this fragrance, and I wear it often.

Almost daily, in fact. If you are thinking of buying this unsniffed based on reviews alone, be careful. This is not a light, airy, super-easy-to-wear fragrance. It is, in fact, a huge jasmine, very rich, a little soapy, indolic and heady. I think it smells better on freshly showered skin, and that is how I wear it.

It becomes fresher and lighter that way. Otherwise, it can be a bit much. Something in this fragrance reminds me of the original Chanel Chance yellow juice , which I find extremely strong and difficult to wear. I'm pretty sure this is what I am perceiving as "heavy" here. Despite this, I wear it before work, after showering and it's a good, pretty pick-me-up in the mornings.

I wore this both in the Winter in the United States and in the Summer in Mexico , and it worked well during both seasons. I suspect that floral lovers who like the original Chanel Chance may enjoy this one as well. I've liked what I bought from Chloe so far, and would probably repurchase this product in the future.

I fell in love with this perfume as soon as I tried it. Wonderfull smell,unbelievably fresh,light and feminine. Gonna be my favorite perfume now. This is as of now my favorite fragrance. I love how sweet and fresh it smells. I can wear it anywhere anytime and it would be appropriate. I bought it at Macy's after sampling many perfumes and in my opinion it was the best of them all for general use. It is warmer so I think it would be best worn in the daytime but it would work at night as well.

My favorite from Chloe'! This is a special time of the year. Celebration of life, positive feelings and good health that's given to us. Time of families getting together. I live far from my family and I'm used to lonely holidays. I can not come home and if I'm lucky one member of the family can visit me during that period, time of celebration. I know that I'm one of millions of people that suffer because of better future, because of the career and money. That's the high price that we pay. Well, this time before the holidays I got very sick.

I had to come home. I'm praying to be healthy again and in secret, I cry almost every night because I miss my parents even now when they are beside me, supporting me like always. I'm aware that as soon as I get better we'll be apart again. Yesterday my mother, knowing my great love for perfumes, brought home this special box.

I had a mini of it, but I didn't know it's such a beatiful box and the bottle in it's full size and full glory. They made me smile, both Chloe and my parents. And does it smell like a Love story? Like a gentle, ever-lasting love. Because you only need one true love in life. Sometimes you can find it in a man or a woman, sometimes in your children, sometimes in parents. Thank you, God, for my love story and those two beautiful lights in my life.

Love Story sounded fun, I grew up with orange orchards all around and remember the heady smell of orange blossom. It would take your breath away, in a good way. I was first hit with bergamot; citrus but not sharp like lemon. Then the sweet comes in- super sweet, I don't smell the familiar orange blossom, more chemical. Some rose and gardenia. Not a good combo on me. I get a hint of musk, but not enough to mellow the sweet chemical smell. Smells like concentrated detergent, or a dryer sheet.

Bummer, still searching for a true orange blossom I tried it and wanted to like it Fresh, bright, clean citrusy white florals, good for work as it's a very non-offensive scent. At the same time, it is not very memorable. Pleasant certainly but nothing that is going to stand out. Good for casual day time wear, lasts about four hours. If you want to reassure those around you by smelling freshly showered all day, this might be for you. Even after the opening soapiness calms down, it remains squeaky clean and newly scrubbed.

Despite its name, and while being pleasant enough, there's nothing particularly romantic or tender about it. Or, at least, it's not my idea of a love story. I used it all up. It's a very soft, clean smelling, veering toward shower fresh but not quite soapy scent. It's white floral-esque, but not exactly any real resemblance to actual flowers, just a vague, but pretty, perfumey floral with a clean perfumey musk drydown.

When I say a scent is perfumey, it's to distinguish how something will hold that generic sort of perfume-like scent that resembles a note that no one will mistake for the real thing vs. It's sort of forgettable. I liked it enough to use up the entire sample, but I feel no need or even remote desire to own it once again. I think my favorite part of it was the bottle design, to be completely honest.

I am a complete newcomer to the world of fragrance, with an eager but unsophisticated nose. It's probably kind of presumptuous of me to even venture an opinion I received a sample of Love Story The sweetness proved too much for me during the day: Overall, I find this pleasant Fragrantica has been a great education in this regard! I tested this perfume in a store and couldn't stop smelling my wrist during the rest of the day. So I went back and bought the 30ml version.

When you first spray it on it smells like a white flower bouquet. Then it dries down and the musk comes through. I can imagine wearing this perfume on my wedding day. Def one of my favorites! I sprayed this on a fragrance card and really liked it. On my skin it smelt lovely and I couldn't put my finger on what it smelt like. Which I also think smells like Burberry weekend. So if you like those too it's for you, at least in the first instance. A little too fruity for my liking but on dry down it's calmed a little and I prefer it, although it's almost gone 4 hours later.

For me this is a big white flower bouquet which later becomes more intense and musky. The opening is a beautiful, realistic neroli and citrus mixture which stays only for 5 minutes- I'm so sad about it , and then the musk begins to play making the flower bouquet a bit soapy on my skin, a bit "dirty". I guess the musk is added to make the scent more sensual, because without it this scent would be rather girly and really innocent. And at this point the scent turns quite usual, a safe blind buy I can't imagine a person who would really hate it and a good gift for the lady who appreciates light, clean, fresh, floral, romantic and almost transparent everyday perfumes.

Nice, simple, clean soapy scent that is neither too soapy nor too floral for my usual sugarbomb ways. There is a sweetness to this, which I do like, a slight musk too. This is nice, but nothing outstanding. I would call this a safe fragrance, it is not going to offend anyone unless you overspray but I don't think it is all that memorable either. I think anyone could pull this off, it is so generic.

I typically dont like florals as they strike me as smelling old lady, this does not smell old lady, but sparkling, fresh, clean and simple - fresh out of the shower without any odd aqua notes and fresh sheets straight off the clothesline. The perfect office fragrance.

I neither love nor hate this, it is just there. More like Friend Zone. This is quite a nice scent! It's floral and fruity, but not in a Marc Jacobs kind of way. There's more to it. It's very sweet though, so 1 spray, 2 tops, is all you'll need. This one could overpower a room if oversprayed. But it's very girly and pretty, and very much up my spring alley! Keep shining, you beautiful people! On me the white flowers are just the right amount of sweetness and also slightly citrusy. The musk element is very soft and subtle. All in all Love Story is a nice warm weather, daytime scent However, for me it's just not rich enough for an evening out.

It does seems to fade very quickly for an EDP--really wished it had better staying power. But, will continue to use it the summer and enjoy this bouquet of white flowers. Beautiful and elegant, Love Story by Chloe is the fragrance of happiness Delicate orange blossoms and freshness of neroli uplift the spirit, and notes of musk add a facet of warmth and tenderness. This smells like a big green bush with white flowers all over it and lots of bees buzzing around because the flowers are so sweet.

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I thought it was bland, safe and way too clean for me. I like my indoles, animalic leathers and dirty patchouli. However, I became enamoured with Chloe and her sophisticated, rosy charms and finally, loved her so much I bought a 20ml bottle. And when it arrived, it delightfully included a sample of Love Story. Now, I'm an easily distracted person so naturally I liberally applied my sample and quite frankly, by the end of the day I had once again fallen arse over tit in love. You know what Chloe EDP did for rose and peony? Well Love Story has done the same for neroli and musk.

The scent is reminiscent of freshly washed linen blowing in a breezy garden of white flowers. Thank you Chloe, you've given me my perfect summer comfort scent. More like same old story. A rather generic white floral that could be anything in the same genre. Just not special on my skin. Previously reviewed this as a pretty fresh fragrance and still think it is. However have been on holiday for a week and nearly used up my entire 30ml bottle!

It's a Love Story, baby just say yes This is evidently a polarizing perfume for Fragranticans. I personally fell in love with it after testing it today and bought a small bottle right then and there! Incredibly unique or groundbreaking? But it's pretty and enjoyable and feminine. Perfect for a Spring day and very feminine. On my skin, the orange blossom and neroli are both numero uno; I LOVE orange blossom anything so this is a huge plus. The neroli stays throughout and mixes with the stephanotis very pretty jasmine and cedar which I used to think I hated but after liking this and Elizabeth Taylor's Violet Eyes, I'm beginning to think I like it now!

It's not laundry detergent smelling like Chloe EDP which I don't love; it's ok but smells too sterilized for me which is what I was afraid of; the orange blossom smells honeyed and the flowers keep it from from smelling too detergenty. It's very romantic smelling, as cliche as that sounds. I truly think this would make the perfect wedding scentas I mentioned in my previous review, orange blossoms as well as jasmine have been used for ages in weddings; historically, all over, orange blossoms have been placed in brides' hair and the same as jasmines.

Light but noticeable when close to the person. It's 8pm now and I've had a single spray's worth on since 3pm and it's still noticeable, but not AS strong, of course. Perfectly acceptable, even for the price I've seen a few people complain about the lasting power for the price. I don't give 10s away willy-nilly so take that into consideration. I certainly recommend it for those of you that like orange blossoms like me!

I like the clean-ness of this. I'm partial to orange blossoms, and I do not like powdery so much. This pleases me on both fronts. It is not overly complex with florals, but crispy without muddling up with powder and a thousand florals. I think it is top notch and I'm putting it on my favorites list.

Reading others reviews, I do smell the soapy part, but it does not ruin it for me. Like other says, smells like "laundry detergent". It gave me a strong headache. I have a 1,5 ml sample and it's just an OK fragrance which does not rock my world. It's a pleasant but banal not sweet and fresh scent with bitter orange blossom and neroli.

I do not dislike it but at the same time I could wear it without particular pleasure. It becomes quickly annoying. I blind ordered this for a vacation but took one whiff of it and handed it to my mom Very floral and more sophisticated,experienced and very reminiscent of the original Chloe in the round bottle circa which happens to be what my mom wore back in the day. She loves this version and agrees the dry down is the same as the aged Chloe Classic. Not a youthful or modern scent in my opinion.

Love story si apre al nostro olfatto con una composizione prettamente floreale, da cui spicca la nota dei fiori d'arancio. Quando l'ho annusato mi dava un leggero fastidio al naso, per cui non fa per me. Sarebbe capace di farmi venire il mal di testa. Appena lo si annusa rimbalza alla mente l'immagine di un prato di fiori in primavera al tramonto. Grazie alle sue note solari e fiorite penso che sia una fragranza da indossare soprattutto nella bella stagione, per via della sua aura romantica e ottimista, sempre se vi piace il genere. Opens with a blast of what smells to me like grapefruit, settles into a beautiful soft white floral, all gentle clean sweetness.

Very wearable, very pretty-pretty without being screechy or excessively sugary. Soapy and extraordinarily Chloe. This smells like an older lady, in such a strong way that I do not like it at all. It smells exacly like my 92 year old great grandmother; so now I wonder if she wears Chloe perfume haha. I will have to ask her because it is a an exact match of whatever she wears. But this scent is not for me at all, I think it must be the strong floral smell. This does smell close to lady million , i have the deluxe sample of this and i like it.

Not sure if i would get a full bottle , its quite pricey too. Plus i may get tired of it, so deluxe bottle is fine.

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  • Eyeing the balenciga B scent also.. Just like Michylaka, I walked to Sephora for a sample, sprayed it and walked around for awhile. I absolutely fell in love with it. So did my husband, he bought a bottle for me for Valentine's Day. I am in love! I sprayed this on my wrist at Sephora and ending up buying a bottle which is unusual because I usually take my time making these decisions.

    I love Stephanotis and in Love Story it is noticeable while the Citrus and Musk notes are definitely prominent. The Cedar is quite calming in the dry down which is nice. It lasted on me for over eight hours and I find it quite strong too. I don't get the laundry soap smell but then Cedar can have that smell to some so I guess liking it would be a matter of personal taste. A great fragrance for a wedding. This is quite a nice perfume. It leaves that clean floral smell on your skin all day, refreshing you by the hour. The neroli is really wet and sweet in this scent.

    For the first hour or so it really reminds me heavily of Paco Rabanne Lady Million with fruitiness. It has a sparkling golden aura. But after that the fruitiness settles down a bit and the musk really plays up on my skin. I have to say this is a nice fragrance, but you have to like musky florals. It is in no way delicate. It is sweet- floral. It borders on the dryer sheet type smell, so for those who don't like that, steer clear.

    Have to say, LOVE the advertising campaign, gorgeous packaging with gold accents and a cute handle at the top and champagne colored juice. And I am not a sucker for packaging. Purchased the 1 oz bottle because it's ridiculously expensive though. Surprisingly, I really like Love Story! Everytime I wear it, I enjoy it more. The beginning is pretty flowery, but it gains fruitiness as it wears on which I love , then back to floral but not overwhelmingly so. It definitely suits its name. It's not too "grandma"ish in my opinion, but I seem to be getting a sweeter rather than floral experience than a lot of other reviewers.

    I'd wear this anywhere really. It seems like a spring perfume to me but could probably be warm enough for the winter. Amending my previous review which i thnk was premature.. Im getting beautiful hits of various floral notes and they are gorgeous. I amloving this perfume. There is a flower in here that i am meeting for tge first time..

    I believe i had that flower in my wedding bouquet! Just got a sample of this and i love all the notes smells great when i first put it on but seems to fade. It could be that i have a cold but i wish it was stronger. However this might be perfect in the spring or on a warmer day. Will try it again in the spring.. The bottle is lovely but I didn't like it after testing, because I found it too much fruity and I was surprised not to find fruits in the composition. Actually, I love all the notes mentioned above but I'm not familiar with Stephanotis, and after reading about it, it is described as sweet so i guess it's the contributor for the fruitness i smelled.

    I think this would make the perfect wedding perfume. Historically, orange blossoms have been worn by brides in their bouquet and their hair. Love Story brings to mind a beautiful beach wedding or a lovely summer stroll wearing a flowy summer dress. It's pretty much straight up orange blossom and neroli, which is perfect for me because orange blossom is my favorite note in perfumery. It's fresh and clean but not "laundry" smelling which I don't like in a perfume. It's naturally fresh, if that makes sense--not synthetic detergent fresh.

    See a Problem?

    The bottle is also beautiful, inspired by the iconic "love locks" of Paris. This is the best Chloe fragrance, in my opinion. It's a departure from their signature perfume, which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. I was so excited to try this when I found it at Sephora. I have several Chloe fragrances in my collection. Love Story is a beautiful bottle, and what's not to like about the name perfect for the line. It is a pleasant floral and I much enjoyed the first burst of scent, however it dries down to a soapy character that I did not care for.

    I actually quite enjoy this one. Fresh, light, feminine, the scent is undeniably Chloe, even though it doesn't smell similar to any of the other fragrances in the house. One could definitely argue its likeness to other perfumes but with all the perfumes out there, many are going to end up smelling like others. I do think they got pretty lazy with the bottle design, considering it's very similar to the original Chloe. Not sure why they didn't decide to do something different like they did with Love, Chloe that bottle was beautiful.

    Loving Chloe

    Is it worth the Chloe price tag? There are many cheaper alternatives. Is it a love story? I'm not sure yet. This is a super fresh, light floral perfume. It smells a lot like pure orange blossom perfume oil. It reminds me a lot of Armani Code without any vanilla, citrus or sweetness. The scent makes me feel like I'm in a garden with a bunch of white florals. I honestly detect nothing else besides the floral notes. It's very different than Chloe by Chloe but it still retains that fresh, youthful bubbly floral feel.

    Very beautiful perfume, very clean, white floral. Sill it reminds me of original Chloe EDP. Suitable for everyday use. Pretty, light and clean. I found it a bit soapy in a good way. Refreshing, but didn't seem to last long. A friend of mine got this as a present. I really liked the scent and the flacon as well. When I came home my husband said that it is the same I have already had. Of course it is not the same as PP and it is very nice, but it is not a special mixture.