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Can the kingdom of God possibly be realized by violent dispossession?

With God On Our Side {Live at Town Hall 1963} (23/25) - Elston Gunn

Using the Bible to justify nationalistic purposes is idolatry. With God on Our Side is a documentary that questions the theology and political aspirations of Christian Zionism, which throws unquestioning support behind the Israeli government. But some of Israel's policies cause injustice and suffering to its Palestinian citizens. Is there a Biblical way to support Israel while also promoting peace and reconciliation for Jews and Palestinians alike?

Sober, thought-provoking, and directly addressing modern-day practical, moral, and theological dilemmas, With God on Our Side is highly recommended especially for church DVD libraries. Director Porter Speakman, Jr. It becomes obvious that American and British Christians who give uncritical support to the Israeli government are supporting a great injustice against a poor and powerless people.

With God On Our Side | The Official Bob Dylan Site

This view is held by a great many Evangelicals: It is the huge number of Evangelical Christians who because of the Bible and their belief that supporting Israel will hasten the Second Coming of Christ, that makes any questioning of Israeli policy politically impossible. Just prior to watching this film I had read my way through Joshua and Judges again, and the passages justifying the extermination of the men, women, children, and cattle of the resident people turned my stomach!

There was an error. General Comment guys, come on now, hello?

With God On Our Side

General Comment this is the song that plays in my head everytime george w bush goes into one of his good vs evil diatribes to justify more murder. General Comment I will, if I may. You're totally missing the point. And, at this point, you already know that. Dylan doesn't even criticize the Germans What he does criticize is the double-standard that led the public opinion to change the way they feel about them once their leaders tell them to do so. Of course, forgetting whatever principals that might have led them to feel either way. You already know what we all mean, so stop tryin' to pick a cheap fight.

It's not about Jews being victims, or Commies innocent, or Germans being the bad guys. It's all about how easily Americans buy the oficial version of the story, and how distracted they are about the obvious truth: He is commenting on the Christian docterine of repentance and forgiving - the Nazis denounced Christianity and commit crimes against humanity but Germany was instantly forgiven by the pope post And that aside, as many have pointed out to you, the song was written in , a time when the true facts about Soviet crimes were held by the Soviets and the Soviets alone.

General Comment Actually, just a minor correction.

The Nazis were actually very intolerant christians. Hitler himself was a devout christian who led thousands to believe that Jews were evil based on the bible. However, the anti-semitism has always been present in Europe and probably always will be. Even before the middle ages, Jews were persecuted. So Hitler and his regime were simply a culmination of all the hatred over the centuries.

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With God on Our Side

Rare and Unreleased — Vol. Another Self Portrait — Vol. The Basement Tapes Complete Vol. The Cutting Edge — Vol.