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'Spoken in anger'

But as the hours ticked away and the flood waters grew, Coach Ek turned to prayer as the group headed deeper in the cave in search of dry ground. Before bed, I invite them to pray. This gives us good sleep, and stops us thinking about other things. Coach Ek's habit quickly rubbed off on some of the boys, including Phonchai "Tee" Khamluang, As the hours turned into days, and then a week, the group drank fresh water dripping from one of the cave's stalactites, and kept up hope by taking turns digging with rocks in the cave's walls.

Their mantra became "su su" -- Thai for "keep fighting. Ten days after they entered the cave, the group was sitting on a small beach inside a chamber. Some of them were getting weak from a lack of food. On July 2, two divers from the British Cave Rescue Council, John Volanthen and Richard Stanton, were stringing a safety rope through a flooded area of the cave when they popped up in a cavern and, to their surprise, saw all 12 boys and their coach huddled on a small beach in the darkness.

Adul, one of few boys who speaks a little English, was sent to the water's edge to find out who they were.

Boys rescued from Thai cave 'overwhelmed' when divers first arrived

I was overwhelmed and didn't know what to say. I was happy," Adul said.

  • Musk called the diver 'pedo guy' in a July tweet to 22.5 million followers;
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Prior to that moment, he said the group wasn't sure if anyone had been searching for them, let alone realized that more than 3, rescuers from around the world mobilized to find them. Over the course of eight days, a plan to rescue the boys by bringing them out one by one with divers was developed. As the final details were being hatched, one volunteer diver, retired Thai Navy SEAL Saman Gunan, lost consciousness during an overnight operation delivering extra air tanks inside the cave.

He could not be revived and was confirmed dead on July 6. Rescue operations to pull the boys out of the cave began July 7.

Elon Musk sued for libel by British Thai cave rescuer - BBC News

After three days of rescue efforts, on July 10, divers managed to safely extract all of the boys and their coach from the cave, ending the drama that by then had people around the world clamoring for any word on the mission and hoping for the best outcome. Titan said he broke down in tears when he first saw his parents through a glass partition at the Chiangrai Prachanukroh Hospital, where the boys and their coach were quarantined and treated for several days. I feel warmer," Titan said. The boys each said they are looking to the future, and their experience in the cave has motivated them to be productive, positive citizens.

Most of the boys said they want to grow up to represent their country on the national soccer team. We will study, and we will love people around the world the same way the whole world loves the 13 of us.

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In a series of tweets July 15, Musk, who personally delivered the submarine to the cave, wrote that he never saw Unsworth and challenged him to show a video of the final rescue. Later on Twitter, Musk wrote "Bet ya a signed dollar it's true. Later Musk deleted the tweets and apologized after being criticized by shareholders, the lawsuit alleged, stating in a tweet that his words were "spoken in anger" and that the sub was built out of kindness according to specifications from the dive team leader.

He was offered free legal services. The lawsuit states that with the tweet, Musk sought to tell the average reader that Unsworth's failure to sue at the time was evidence that Unsworth is a pedophile. Two days after the Aug. Then in a second email to BuzzFeed, Musk accused Unsworth of being a liar and said he wasn't on the cave dive team. Unsworth is not a pedophile. Unsworth has never engaged in an act of pedophilia. Unsworth is not a child rapist," the lawsuit stated, adding that Unsworth has never been married to a minor.

Unsworth has a "significant other" in Thailand, a year-old woman with whom he shares a house, according to the lawsuit. He first started going to Thailand in , where he explored and mapped caves, the documents stated. The lawsuit explains Unsworth's role in the rescue, saying that on June 23, when the soccer players became trapped, several Thai officials called and asked him to go to the cave as soon as possible.

He was the first foreign rescuer to arrive. He recommended that the Thai government seek help from divers in the United Kingdom, and Unsworth called friend and fellow diver Rob Harper. Harper, who had just returned from exploring Thai caves with Unsworth, brought two other divers, John Volanthen and Rick Stanton, to help with the rescue. The last soccer player was rescued July 8.