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We are happy to announce two new books that have been released by Phoenix Aviation Research in July The Care and feeding of Lockheed A in Captivity, a handbook on handling the fine points of care and display of the Lockheed blackbirds in Museums and on display. We have also added: The Blackbird's Tale or How an aircraft suckererd me into things I never believed possible with the help of an Aircraft Carrier!

Smallest Bird, Largest Bird, Fastest Bird, Slowest Bird

Its the true story of how Jeannette got started in Aviation. Its both funny and sad and very detailed about the start of a love affair with Aviation. Joe and I have also done a few podcasts with some wonderful guys: Pieter Johnson at Aviation Xtended. Highly recommend you not only listen to our sessions but they have some awesome sessions on many aviations subjects. Here are the links to our podcasts: Jeannette's new book on the history of the venerable B bomber for Fonthill Media, is out now.

The page is loaded with great images and has a great following. If you are interested in images of these great birds, Phoenix Aviation Research page has it all. I would like to add the I finally established my website military aviation art and fine art at: Please take a moment to look around. We are pleased to announce that the interview that we did concerning the Orbiter Enterprise and its going to the Intrepid Museum is available on our Author Web Page. We spoke out about how we felt it was not safe at the Intrepid.

Sadly we were proven correct when Hurricane Sandy blew into NY harbor and damaged the shuttle.

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Jeannette Remak is a military aviation historian, researcher, author, and artist. Her books include XB Valkyrie: In the mids, Ms. Her duties included doing the research for maintenance and restoration of many U. Air Force on loan to the Intrepid Museum.

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She was nominated for the Volunteer of the Year, at the USAF Museum and praised by the Museum's then Director as having done things [on our behalf that] even we couldn't do [for ourselves]. Owing to her experiences in doing research for her books, and for the museums she has worked with, eight years ago, she and her co-author, Joe Ventolo Jr. On a case-by-case basis, they provide historical research services for other writers, researchers, and historians. Remak is an accomplished artist.

Although she has done a number of paintings with science fiction and fine art themes, for the past 15 years her work has been mainly aviation oriented. Nine of her paintings are part of the Air Force Art Collection. Her art has been shown at the U. Both shows ran for a year each.

She has established a new website for her art at JRemakmilavifineart. She also holds a degree in Commercial Photography. After graduation in November , he returned to the th Comm.

The CIA’s “Phoenix Program” in Vietnam and the “War on Terror”

He remained in the Air Force Reserve until He was also on the production staff of Miami University Broadcasting, an early educational television service. In , Joe joined the staff of the U. While there he authored several monographs and contributed sections to the command's annual official histories. In , he transferred to the Research Division, U. Air Force Museum as the Museum's Historian.

Two years later he became a Curator of Aeronautics. While assigned to the museum's research division, he researched and wrote 12 editions of the annual history of the Museum, as well as countless display labels and information brochures for aircraft in the museum's collection. In he was appointed Curator of the U.

He remained in that position until his retirement on January 3, Even though America West was the smaller airline by most measures, it was able to acquire the extensive routes and massive fleet of US Airways, whereas previous efforts by the latter to merge with Delta and United had been derailed.

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Normally, keeping the call sign was the only way to figure out who had acquired whom. America West started out using its name as its call sign, but radio communication in aviation is notoriously difficult to manage when the frequencies get busy, and what with Southwest and Northwest and all the other -wests out there, there was too much confusion.

So America West held an in-house contest to come up with a call sign, and according to a story in the Arizona Republic , Cactus beat out Roadrunner, Firebird and Phoenix. The newspaper said McCain declined to be interviewed on the matter. There are other cool call signs: Subscribe or Give a Gift. Comment on this Story.