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Ethan turned away to hide his grin at the look of pure disbelief on Erin's face. He loved riling her up this way, he thought to himself as he pulled the Maserati to a halt at the edge of the wide tarmac.

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He was aware of her eyes boring into his side, demanding answers, but Ethan chose to ignore her, focusing his attention instead on the man in a gray jumpsuit ambling towards them. I thought we were going somewhere to have a talk? Schooling his features into a semblance of disinterest, Ethan turned to face her.

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He was glad for the mirrored shades he had slipped on earlier, as his body roared in lust, the urge to kiss her again strong within him. He was sure if she could see his eyes, the desire burning in them would be a dead give away of his true feelings.

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Damn, but he had nearly lost control of his senses when he had kissed her in the lobby. The sweet, intoxicating taste of her lips and warm lush body had nearly caused him to discard his plan and instead, sweep her into his arms, take her back to her apartment and make love to that lushness until she could barely walk.

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It had taken every last vestige of control to pull away from her. Even more of an effort to not simply drive to his house or the closest hotel and finish what he'd started. The man reached the car. Up close, Ethan could see the familiar craggy features of his chief pilot. He could see the curiosity on Keagan's face as he took in the woman seated beside him and suppressed another grin.

He could take a wild guess at the question running through the pilot's mind.

Who was she and why was Ethan taking her up in the copter? In this group a Princess called Maddie is being trained as a Ranger and has just finished the 3rd year of a four year apprenticeship where she just about passes as the top ranger in her year.

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She returns to the Royal Castle for the break and to relieve her boredom she goes exploring. Whilst exploring she discovers some of the castle's secrets. Meanwhile the King, her father, has left the castle to find and destroy a local rebellious group called the Red Fox Clan. This group has risen because the laws on the succession to the throne have changed to allow women to ascend to the throne. They first challenge the King in the provinces and then challenge the castle itself.