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Would Julie ever trust him again? There are a few more characters that enrich this fast-paced novel. There are numerous twists and turns in this compelling novel. It is gripping, intense, and captivates the reader to the end. Author Seb Kirby is an outstanding author who knows how to write what I think of as a classic action-packed thriller. I'm looking forward to the next book in the James Blake series. Such shocking things just seem to present themselves and happen to this couple and to those involved with them!! James is a compelling and likable character, as is his now heavily pregnant wife Julia, who plays a much more commanding role in this book.

What happens to James and Julia in this novel is in many ways extremely difficult to believe and yet, the writing is so good it somehow succeeds in totally suspending disbelief, keeping you constantly on tenterhooks throughout.

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The enthralling, twisty, gritty plot keeps you gripped, guessing and glued to your Kindle all the way through, until the hugely dramatic, satisfying conclusion. However, it still leaves you wanting more. I therefore award this highly recommended page-turner 5 stars. Regret No More is the second of the James Blake series. It follows 3 years after James Blake rescued his wife Julia from the clutches of Alfieri And Alessa Lando, ruthless villains who dealt in Arts whether legit or stolen and trafficked drugs and every other thing they could trade.

Now, Alfieri is dead, Matteo his son is in prison and Alessa Lando has taken up with a Russian Oligarch, for protection and her love of power. The Blakes are under a protection program, with new i Rating: The Blakes are under a protection program, with new identities and new jobs and start slowly to rebuild their lives. Julia is pregnant and still not fully recovered from the degradation Alfieri subjected her to, and the drugs he injected her with. But nothing last forever, and their safety is compromised.

A contract of two millions one million for each is on their heads. James disappears and Julia has to rely on Miles, her brother in law, the unintentional source of her Italian ordeal for safety. But she finds it hard to forgive him and he finds it hard to shake his guilt. Corrupted FBI agents, rogue police man, contract killers, conspiracy, the theft of La Joconde from the Louvre thirty years ago, a letter naming the perpetrators take the Blake brothers in a race against time to save Julia and her unborn child. Well done Mr Kirby, but please, do not make us wait too long for the third instalment.

I do not want to spoil it for those who will read the book but I want to know how a certain person has made it home.

Regret No More (James Blake #2) by Seb Kirby

My recommendation to would be readers is that it is better to read first Take No More - Obviously, the author gives a bit of background story but I think it is not enough. But there were things I had forgotten. Sep 16, Sasha rated it really liked it. First I would like to Thank the author for giving me this opportunity and honor in being able to read this book. I received this book through the goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review. When I received this book I began reading it at once.

It has kept me on the edge of my seat reading from cover to cover, very quickly. I could not put it down. I really like the short chapters that keep moving rapidly from scene to scene. There are many very interesting and unique characters and happ First I would like to Thank the author for giving me this opportunity and honor in being able to read this book.

There are many very interesting and unique characters and happenings in this novel. This book is the second in a series about James Blake. I have never read anything by this author and so had not read book one in this series. At times I could tell I really needed to have already read book one in this series which is Take No More.

Which by the way I will get a hold of and read also. I would strongly advise you read it first in order to be able to follow some of this storyline.

Here the Truth Lies by Seb Kirby @Seb_Kirby #NewRelease #PsychologicalThriller

But without reading the first book in the series I feel I was able to still follow along pretty well and I have truly enjoyed reading this book. I would recommend this book and the author Seb Kirby for any one who likes Mystery thrillers and such books in this genera. This was a fantastic read!! I would strongly advise you read it first in order to be able to follow some of this story line. Once again, it concerns dark deeds in the world of art and people supported by drug money.

Julia is seven months pregnant when their safe hideaway under the Witness Protection programme is compromised. The author catches the fears a woman has for her unborn child - if Julia is killed, two lives are lost. The Blakes flee and go into hiding and James' brother Miles, who Julia blames for her situation in Italy, comes in to help. She doesn't know if she can trust him. The Lando family are out to eliminate anyone who knows of their latest money making scam and someone's let the cat out of the bag, incriminating several big names.

This is a tense and exciting thriller with settings in London and across the Atlantic. James and Julia are out of contact and each doesn't know if the other is safe or even alive. We meet ruthless hit-men, members of different law enforcement agencies; often we can't tell the good from the bad. There's a heart-stopping chase and a massive explosion and a body in a London hotel. If you enjoyed Take No More you really have to read this one!

Oct 12, Rose Maureen rated it it was amazing. Book 2, Regret no more, is another brilliant read, James Blake and his wife Julie, who was heavily pregnant with child, they had to go into witness protection. A great story, couldn't put it down, l will be now reading Book 3, Forgive no more. Jul 19, C. There are few things I enjoy more than sitting back with an entertaining espionage book.

Writing this genre is challenging as there are enough details needed to make the novels believable that could fill their own encyclopedia. The flow between facts and fiction was smooth and believable to the point There are few things I enjoy more than sitting back with an entertaining espionage book.

The flow between facts and fiction was smooth and believable to the point I actually had to look up a couple of events to see if they happened. This was a fun read I had trouble putting down and look forward to reading more from this author. Aug 12, Monica R.

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As for parole, nobody within memory has ever made it out of here by that route. County needs the free labor, man. I have carefully considered all the ways of hanging it up, believe me, and the simplest easiest way is to be picked up by a car. The crew is in the same spot every day to fill the water barrels for the road—from there it is simple to follow the truck until it arrives at the work location for the day, and await the proper opportunity.

As I explained, the next easiest way is to grease one of the guards. Even the hardest way, running right out from under the gun—after you have maneuvered so that you have a good distance between yourself and the guard, and his back is turned—is workable. In the past three months three guys have done it, but even that entails a certain amount of cash for buying clothes in town, and taxi fare into town. Nobody has ever been turned in by a cab driver.

If not, I would probably get from six months to a year additional, wear the chains for sixty to ninety days, and try again. You advise checking these plans against reality, which I assume means calculating my chances of success. In an existence of days of heart-tearing labor and nights of dreary bestiality, any chance is worth taking. That does not necessarily mean that all is lost, but it will be some time till I can sniff my way to another crack. The transfer has one good angle to it, the work is lighter.

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Psychologists may be right about the small percentage of junkies that are really hooked, but every case that I have personal knowledge of seems to indicate the opposite.

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However, perhaps the book should be recommended to her. I know that she is still hot on the trail of the elusive and ephemeral fix. From the way things look at present, the heat is really on as far as hanging this up is concerned. Both the guards on the crew are young and discouragingly agile, but I am still seeking the chink of venality in their armor. Patience is indicated, ulzo fortitude. You do not mention going to the boardinghouse, for which I do not blame you.

With the weasel-cunning and hardihood this hassle has given me, I shall yet confound these chinchy rascals, if I can only get a little temporary backing from you. Thanks for the Yankee dollah, it gets me through the week in pretty good shape. I regret that for the moment I can only reiterate pale gratitude. And many thanks for the package, I shall be looking for it. The regimen of unendurable boredom indefinitely prolonged continues in force. If all the digging I have done in the past week could have been devoted to the excavation of a tunnel, I would now be somewhere under Paterson, N.

The hope of hanging it up is rather dim at present, the new guard follows me about with a truly touching single-minded devotion. I attempt to make a friend of him, but I am singularly inept at that sort of thing, and my overtures sound false and hollow to my own ears. However, I have discovered that he has three kids, one an invalid, and is nearly always in financial straits, which may make him somewhat vulnerable—but I shall have to wait a bit.

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My cozy solitary cell was needed for the quarantine of new prisoners, so I am once more back in the dormitory, and plunged even deeper into the joyless overblown sex charade from which I fled—Lord, I will be a demon ascetic when I can extricate myself from this hassle! All this suffering would undoubtedly be salutary for my Art, if I had an Art, but I am afraid that the tiny pianistic talent I possess is more of a monkey-trick than a Sacred Flame.

There has been a sudden change in the shotgun guards on our crew, and one of the replacements is the young guy who was on the bull gang when I was with it, the venal one who does the little traffic in abetting escapes for a two-bit consideration. The story is that the guards are going to be switched around every two weeks, apparently to discourage fraternizing with the prisoners. I had a chance for a word with him today, and the deal is still hot.

Another prisoner, a kid from California, has agreed to run at the same time, but in the opposite direction, to complicate pursuit somewhat Can you swing it, Bud? I hate like blazes to impose, more than I could tell, but it will only be a temporary thing, a week at most, and I shall be forever in your debt, even when the gold is repaid. The way I feel now, I can wallop the world, and I want to get away before jailhouse apathy makes me no goddam good for anything.