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Kindred spirits come in all shapes and sizes, representing relationships from across the whole spectrum of human connection.

Kindred Spirits

They could be a friend, a family member, a teacher, a lover, or even a pet. Someone people have even made reference to feeling a kindred connection with specific places. The connection may be a deep one and, as you each take your life paths, you stay closely in touch. Like we mentioned earlier though, it could simply be a friendly acquaintance with whom you have an encouraging, supportive relationship for just a particular period or phase of your life. Many people will talk about energy when it comes to kindred connections. You might meet someone and feel that you immediately know them, which can be the result of the inherent energy matching.

Some people would argue that you may very well have met them before, just in a previous life. This is an agreement made before the current life where you agree with another soul to work together to test yourself and help your respective souls attain their goals. Some of these descriptions might sound a bit like a soulmate. A soulmate is when two people feel bonded on a very deep level.

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The connection is undeniable. There are three types of soul mate:. This is someone who mirrors back our own strengths to us, as well as our shadows and fears. This kind of relationship can help us undertake the deep development work needed to become the best version of ourselves particularly because of the darker, shadow elements. A twin flame could be your wildest dream or your worst nightmare — even both.

But again, you do not have to be spiritual and believe in reincarnation to believe in kindred spirits. A kindred spirit is someone whose energy resonates at the same frequency as yours. There is no defined rule or limit to the relationship you might share with a kindred spirit.

Kindred Spirits (TV series) - Wikipedia

It may be a close friend or family member that you have known for years. It could even be your beloved dog. Kindred spirits are our real families in this world. Kindred spirits uplift and build each other up. They share unconditional love and trust.

Kindred Spirits - Liquid Tension Experiment [ Live in LA 2008 ]

Trusting someone on such a deep level means that any harsh truths that they tell you are meant well. They will always tell you what you need to hear, which is not always what you want to hear.

Kindred Spirits: How to Know If You’ve Found One

Kindred spirits are feel good people. They get each other excited about things. Kindred spirits also often have shared experiences of hardships and traumas. The level of empathy, sincerity, and understanding between two kindred spirits is unmistakable. Kindred spirits are people that we share political views or spiritual beliefs with. They share our fundamental moral standpoints and all our non-negotiables. Kindred spirits also tend to have taste and talents which complement each other.

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One might be a musician, the other a singer. People can learn so much form kindred spirits.

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They teach us about our relationships with others and the world. But most importantly, they can also teach us about who we are in relation to the world around us. Kindred spirits have a somewhat passive role in our lives.