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Various cultures have names of their own for the Creator or for the sacred space where an individual is one with the Creator. In ancient Hebrew, the name for the Creator is the initials of the four elements—fire, water, earth, and air—the basis of all things on earth: IHVH , or Yehovah. The words yoni , ee-oh-vah, ona , and yowah share an intriguing similarity when spoken aloud.

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Whatever name you choose to call the sacred space you create, realize that it has great power and when spoken aloud becomes an influential force in this world. It has power, however, only when spoken from the heart. To speak with your heart and mind as one and to then act upon these words carries a certainty of faith that evokes the Powers of the Universe. In effect, bringing right thinking to ceremony involves going deep inside the self in order to reach up to the Creator.

So, just as the tree of life has not only high branches but also deep roots, go deep to reach high. And the deeper you go, the higher you can go. Using right thinking to create sacred space and carry it with you wherever you go, thus being prepared to do ceremony, is like a spiritual journey.

Hindus who go on pilgrimages call the sites they visit tirthas, a Sanskrit word meaning places where heaven and earth meet. Such pilgrimages are usually to a location where some great event has occurred or a god or goddess has been known to dwell. In the sacred space that you carry, the great event is your awareness of the world around you. It is awareness of sacred space, and the intent to enliven it with the Powers, that creates ceremony. Individuals with such awareness and intent can tap this unlimited energy.

Such places are lela waken Lakota for very sacred , portals of power where the soul can be transported and ceremonies can be performed most effectively, by creating a sacred circle, inviting in the powers, and transforming the space through prayer. Preview — Sanctuary by Ann-Katrin Byrde. But growing up changes everything—Ori must settle on an alpha to mate, while Patton takes on the beta's work of maintaining the walled enclave their pack lives within.

They try to make the best of it, until a wealthy suitor comes calling for Ori, and they realize neither of them can face a future without the other. And on a moonless night, Ori and Patton escape over the enclave walls, breaking both shifter and human law in their determination to reach the sanctuary of Mercy Hills.

Hunted by their own people and forced into a dangerous masquerade among the humans, their original plan--so simple and direct—turns into a twisted path toward a promise of freedom that might not even exist. Because Mercy Hills doesn't know they're coming, and the trouble they're bringing to the enclave's doorstep may be more than those already beset shifters are willing to bear. Finding out Ori is pregnant makes their mission that much more urgent. Omegas never mate with betas, let alone have pups with them. If their pack finds the two lovers, they'll be separated forever.

But the pack never reckoned with the determination of a beta in love, or the stubbornness of an omega determined to keep his mate and his baby. Kindle Edition , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Sanctuary , please sign up.

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Lists with This Book. Oct 15, Tanu Gill rated it it was amazing. Their friendship, romance, courting and, finally, their HEA were such detailed parts that by the time I reached the end, I was so invested that I could feel phantom pain and exhaustion along with them. Having a cute game to start off the book and have them have their peace with the support of so many pups and adults was like coming back full circle.

But the journey to get there was full of thorns and broken pieces of glass to walk on. It was sweet and pleasing to see them sticking close to each other even when they were fumbling to make sense of their situation. It tugged at my heart effortlessly and efficiently. I admire Patton for his courage and being quick on his feet when it came to providing freedom for Ori, and I love Ori for being so loving and supportive to Patton. Theirs was a match made in heaven. Eager to hear about the next book from this world! View all 5 comments.

Oct 23, Rachel Emily rated it it was amazing Shelves: It might be my second favorite in the entire series, which is funny since this technically isn't part of the main series of Mercy Hill. I ADORED Ori and Patton, and I love that we got to see them as little kids, through the years as they grew, to when they finally realized what would happen if they couldn't escape and be together.

Finding Sanctuary

They were sweet, totally devoted to the other, and although part of me was freaking out thinking they'd be caught and there would be a major disaster, I am SO happy to have been wrong! And I think what I loved about this was that it was a completely different story than Legally Mated - not to say that I didn't love that one, because I did. But in Sanctuary, it's really Ori and Patton vs. There wasn't a lot of external conflict, no misunderstandings, no major drama other than the hope that they would make it to Mercy Hills.

I loved getting to read about another pack aside from Mercy Hills, and liked how it all interconnected together with Holland. I would love to read more of the other packs if we can get stories like this! This is one of my absolute favorite series by one of my most favorite authors, and I can't recommend this enough! Although I think you could read this on your own, I personally think that knowing the history of werewolves rights, omegas rights, etc.

And you get 5 other books to read, too! I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Oct 17, Mimi rated it really liked it Shelves: Oct 12, Maria Lima rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are very few writers that not only are on my immediate buy list, but also cause me to want to re-read a book the instant I'm finished. Ann-Katrin Byrde is one of them. Her world building is impeccable and her characters brilliant. I fell in love with her Mercy Hills shifter books after a random recommendation and am so glad I did.

Ori and Patt There are very few writers that not only are on my immediate buy list, but also cause me to want to re-read a book the instant I'm finished. Ori and Patton the two main characters must somehow overcome even their own traditions, not to mention the frightening world "outside walls" outside the confining, but more-or-less safe shifter enclave to achieve their goal of acceptance and a good life. I loved how Byrde wove this story into her existing universe and gave us a glimpse of yet another enclave.

Finding Sanctuary in Nature: Healing Yourself and Others by Jim PathFinder Ewing

I said above her world building is impeccable and I reiterate that statement. Not too many other writers make me green with envy at the worlds they've created, but she does. And she's excellent at explaining those worlds without resorting to the "as you know" info dump. She gets how to write and that translates to excellent storytelling. Kudos for another great book and, as always, I'll be one of the first in line for the next one. Oct 16, Jess A Jaye rated it really liked it. I've thoroughly enjoyed the Mercy Hills series so far but I think this could be my favourite.

I loved seeing the full journey of Ori and Patton's relationship go from childhood friends, to being banned from seeing each other as teenagers to eventual lovers and mates. It was refreshing to read about an omega and beta being mates - made a nice change and made Ori and Patton's story more angsty. The sense of peril they face as they try to reach Mercy Hills is gripping and keeps you hooked as you will I've thoroughly enjoyed the Mercy Hills series so far but I think this could be my favourite.

The sense of peril they face as they try to reach Mercy Hills is gripping and keeps you hooked as you will them to make it. I hope we see more of them as the series continues as I want to see what happens next now they've reached the safety of MHs. Oct 14, Heather Rawlins rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this story. I thought it was great how these two young men fought against the norms of their community. It was a sweet romance full of struggle and caring between Ori and Patton. I look forward to the next story and hope to hear a bit more about these two.

I would definitely recommend this book. And give it 4. She delivers, once again, a fabulous novel with wonderful characters and another interesting look into the world in which Mercy Hills is part of. Ori and Patton grow up playing together in the wolf shifter reservation of Perseguir.

The story begins with them being forced apart just as Ori, an Omega, is coming into puberty and being told of all his responsibilities; the most important one to mate with an Alpha. Even with their separation they remain good friends through the years, until Ori is forced to mate an Alpha from another reservation. Seeming no other choice, they escape to the legendary Mercy Hills where rumours say Ori will be able to choose his own mate. I loved them both from the start, when they were just two boys playing pirate and missing their great adventures to when they grew up and discovered that there might be more between them.

I loved watching them grow up and discover their world together. I also loved seeing how their world is viewing shifters and the deeper look into how things are done in a different reservation. Each book providers a deeper and better understanding into how their world works, and why. Their slow fumbling and growing confidence is wonderful to see.

And, as always, the mpreg of the situation is sweet and co-incidental if an excellent obstacle for them to overcome to the overall story; it really is all about the characters and their determination to stay together. Reviewed by Jenn for The Novel Approach Oct 17, caroline wilson rated it it was amazing. Brilliantly written book I received this book by the author for an honest opinion Well where to start This book features in the Persegu Brilliantly written book I received this book by the author for an honest opinion Well where to start This book features in the Perseguir La Luna pack, Hollands previous alphas pack before going to mercy hills and you do see a snippet of him being chucked out of his home and the main character Ori befriending him.

Enel Sanctuary Garden Key Quest

But enough mooning over mercy hills, this book is about Ori who is omega and Patton a beta who are best of friends since an early age. Ori and Patton decide to run for mercy hills when Ori finds out he's been promised to a much older alpha. Their hoping that an old act of kindness to Holland when he was mate to the alpha heir of Perseguire will be reciprocated when they arrive at mercy hills, down on their luck and desperate to be together in the more progressive thinking mercy hills pack.

I enjoyed this book, the author just has a way with words to absorb you right into the story with characters that your rooting for to have a happy ending. This book gave me a range of emotions from anger, sadness and happiness which is all the sign of a good book. A must read for anyone who enjoyed mercy hills as we do get to revisit previous characters and the pack but this book can stand on its own merit and is not just a poorer cousin for mercy hills.

I'm hoping for more and to further explore many of the packs listed in the little map at the beginning of the book. Oct 14, Linda rated it it was amazing. The books of Mercy Hills are impressive in their scope and depth. This one takes our main characters Ori and Patton on the journey of lifetime and they are only teenagers. At least in the beginning. These two young people go from best friends to secret allies to lovers and then mates in one long journey. They face danger, starvation, pain, misery, the world as confined by the walls of the enclave, and then the outside world.

Hope - Sanctuary (Acoustic)

What an impressive feat this book is. Mercy Hills Pack 1. Wherever you start you will want to read them all and read them again and again. They are that good and this is the best yet. An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review. Oct 14, MT rated it it was amazing. Mpreg perfection There are few authors who can truly create an amazing mpreg world like Ann-Katrin Byrde. In my opinion, this is her best book to date.

It tells the story of young star-crossed lovers who are willing to risk all to be together. Their love story is truly something beautiful to read. The light-hearted moments of young love and inexperience The passionate moments of finding your mate It was hot and touching and everything you could hope to find in a true love story in a classic Mpreg perfection There are few authors who can truly create an amazing mpreg world like Ann-Katrin Byrde.

The characters were so real. You felt their joys and their pains on their long journey to freedom. I do not think I would characterize it as a "light read" simply because I was tense the whole story.

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  • There were so many risk and unknowns. It was impossible to know where the story would go, which causes the reader to be on edge hoping for these two guys to make it. But it was worth every tense moment and tear I shed to read this story and welcome these characters into my memory. Oct 13, Sarita Chapdelaine rated it it was amazing. I love this book! This is beautifully written and filled with incredibly intricate characters. The world building is fabulous and I was totally immersed in this book from the first page.

    I found myself so intrigued by the story and how Ori and Patton's relationship developed from childhood to adulthood. The maturity, strength and perseverance that Patton used to help Ori on their incredible journey to sanctuary made me very emotional cue the tears. Ori is an omega determined to chose his Wow! Ori is an omega determined to chose his own mate and he runs away with Patton so they can have a life together.

    The secondary characters were well developed and added so much to the book. I now have to read the Mercy Hills series and I hope there will be more books about Ori and Patton as they settle into their new life. The author kindly gave me an ARC to review. Nov 11, Wandering Reader rated it really liked it Shelves: This might be my second favorite book in this series.

    I felt the suspense, fear, love and determination to stay together throughout the book. It's nice to occasionally read something wherein the main threat is from without and not the two main characters fighting each other or their feelings. I really didn't fe This might be my second favorite book in this series.

    I really didn't feel the whole retelling of the rest of the stories or set up scenarios for future books as I have with the other books in this series. Very good escapist reading. A 5 star adventure! This was such an adventure!