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I know how that feels, and is the reason I bought my present computer, so that I could play the big multiplayer games on the internet, as well as new games produced for the PC. It focuses on these and the embedded annotations describe how I handle these when they crop up. You will get to see how the game looks and plays for me, so if it is any better for you, than what you see here — take heart. I have succeeded in acquiring all the Kongregate badges, and near all the in-game achievements. I will gladly edit this post to reflect it, or link yours to it.

From here on in, this guide contains spoilers. If you want to learn the game on your own, or enjoy discovering things for yourself, then stop reading here. Take advantage of this feature, if nothing else. It was put there for you, the player. Click on it and read everything in there there are two pages. It is well made, and provides quite a few details that would otherwise go unnoticed to the average player simply running through the game.

This must be a reflection of the extra force from ammunition detonation carried within it. Assume your characters receive sufficient nourishment from the Med Patches. I would have liked having the option to loot through convenience stores, at least just to grab a pizza, and a case of beer. I have tried every weapon possible, including detonating fuel trucks. Even a pistol will work, if you are patient enough.

I have since ran some tests. If the shot does not, then it passes through. How they were able to program such a thing, is beyond me, just shows the wonders of modern technology, I suppose. So treat it as such, when counting how many shells you have to load into your shotgun, before interrupting the reloading process to shoot it that is, if you are the type which counts shells. Consider it to be slightly more than a Corpse.

It does not matter if you shoot at the helmet itself, or in the middle of their face. For extreme examples; I have one-hit killed an undead soldier with a shot straight through the helmet, and also had 12 shots in a row deflect from the center of their gas mask. Note that their body armor does not cover their arms or legs, these appendages will always be safe to shoot at, if you are attempting a splatter kill with a weapon that allows it.

No need to run over it to animate the hood grapple. Just shoot it where it lays. I have never had Diane or Cocheta fail a mutant grapple attack, unless I let the mutant win.

Updates (Left 4 Dead 2)

So then, I suppose that Diane can bench-press near lbs. This is intentional, and shows the thought put into programing such a feature into the game. Incidentally, your vehicle can hold five at a time, so a mass-murdering rampage through the city is quite feasible, even for a brand new character profile.

The Driving Dead

Therefore, their body armor is just for show. I found no difference in this formula, no matter what mode I play in. It might increase when grappling with mutants too, but I have not yet found any hard evidence to confirm this. The driver, for some reason, is more susceptible to receiving damage than the passenger, therefore will max the skill first, if you always keep the same character driving. Easiest way to increase this is by repeating the chapters in the story, where mines first become known.

Drive over one, use a Med Patch, then drive over the next mine, etc. Restock on Med Patches at a church. If your engine is smoking, or on fire, repair it first, else your vehicle goes boom. Vehicle armor plating does not help your characters, but it does offer protection to the engine.

Find a spot where the zombie spawn rate is roughly equivalent to your ability in killing them, then shoot zombies — reload — shoot zombies — etc. Note that; the farther you travel in KM the more they will spawn. Try and find a point where the game is spawning just Common Undead and Ravagers this is usually within the first 2 KM.

Verify in the Survival Guide what these are, if uncertain. The most difficult gun to improve aiming skill with, is the pistol. For some reason, it takes a lot of hits to get the last couple of notches maxed out. Just hold down the mouse button till the magazine is empty, reload and repeat. When leveled up high, switching between weapons is faster then any magazine reload delay, including that of the pistol. Shoot — reload — shoot — reload — need I explain it any more? This is easily leveled up in conjunction with the handling skill method above. Hover your mouse cursor over them for a description, in the various screens pertaining to these — before starting a mission.

What I can add though, is that learning how to drive is so much easier when you have well upgraded tires. Well upgraded armor helps tremendously when the game decides to send your vehicle crashing through buildings or other obstacles. When I first started playing, I favored a few in the engine and armor at first, but now that I am more experienced, I favor tires at the beginning. Vital upgrade for the pistol in particular.

Besides shotguns, this will be the last thing I invest RP in. When maxed out, the chopper stays for about 60 seconds. And for the record, the chopper assist perk will add to your lag woes when called in. All right, now for some good things about this perk; you can control the distance between the chopper and your vehicle, to a degree. Take a good look, and gauge this distance on the game screen, and then try to slowly increase speed and maintain the ratio.

If you accelerate too fast, you will get too close, and when the parked row of eight tanker trucks go up in a crescendo of fire, so will you. If you are at a point deep into a challenge mode, and are constantly being swamped at a task stop, then call this in just before you reach the stopping point. It will clear the area, and give you a breather to get all your tasks done especially if swapping tires, repairing the engine, and fixing the armor all in one go.

Calling this in to blow up several large vehicles and a pile of smaller ones, at an intersection, deep into a game, is also handy. Other time, I can think of presently, is when the military checkpoints get extreme in the amount of vehicles, mines, and spike strips. The chopper will blow it all away for you. If you called in the assist, and you change terrain like for example; from city to highway and the timer has not expired, the chopper will change follow along with you.

This is nice, as it shows the programers had thought of this. In most other games, such things generally just would have ended there. This perk, to my surprise, is quite expensive to increase, especially for the last 2 slots. This only helps if you Gather Ammo not Replenish Ammo at munition trucks, or army vehicles. If you learn how to shoot and therefore expend ammunition efficiently, it is not important. When maxed out, a character switch is faster than a reload sequence, but since you are learning how to play the game well by reading this guide , you should never be caught flat with an empty weapon.

I suspect, that when they first started programing the game, that they had some intention or preset scenarios where this would be handy example in picture post below. How the game stands now though, there is no necessity for it. Spend your RP on other things, and put it here when you have nothing else to do with it. But now that I learned how to make a stop much more intelligently, it is no longer that important. Still, this will be the third perk I work on, as it increases efficiency speeds up the process , when doing so. It affects all learned skills see the list higher up.

Steroids will shield your characters from damage — before it hits you. Like just before the bombs explode from a jet, or before you detonate a mine group. It lasts for a few seconds after you activate it — indicated by the screen flashing blue. This comes in very handy, if your controls have locked and you are smashing through a row of fuel tankers.

The Med Patch is for when you are already hurt — indicated by the screen flashing red. I have even been able to disintegrate them in the middle of their aerial leaps. Obstacles such as; trees in the park, concrete barriers, spike strips, or anything really, are no longer a major problem, as either mount can easily destroy them. The most hazardous aspect, in my opinion though, is the blast radius from the impacting rocket will include your vehicle, if it goes off too close.

And this seems to be about the same distance as those which can damage you from the Chopper Assist perk. The rocket launcher is massively bad for lag like situations, it will only compound it further. Additionally, I have also completed the story in Hard Core challenge mode, with most as well. With three damage upgrades, it starts hitting for an adequate amount of power. It is the cheapest weapon to upgrade, across the board. Most shots fired are either at close, or point blank range, so long range accuracy is not a factor that governs my thinking here. Do you despise having to stop the vehicle to gather ammo?

Then consider that the pistol never runs out of ammunition, you have an infinite amount of pistol magazines under the passenger seat of the hummer. Personally, the pistol is now the first weapon that I work on upgrading and learning the associated skills with , whenever I reset erase my game data, and start over from scratch. Contrary to the in-game description of this weapon, it is not any more powerful at close range than anything else, exception being the pistol. In-game description says reloading is slow, but a decent level of skill in this, makes it almost negligible.

Also, you can interrupt the loading process at any time, and start firing with a click of the mouse. There is mention of torso shots having the chance of splattering zombie guts all over the place. In fact, you have the same chance of a splatter kill, if you shoot it in the head, foot, elbow, wherever. Beyond about 6 meters, it gets very inaccurate. There is also a chance that you can kill more than one zombie at a time, if lined up very close to each other, and being over a distance of 4 meters.

This is not a weapon that I recommend for a new player. The variation in the amount of damage done, coupled with the firing delay to re-cock after each shell expended, slows your killing time. Chances are that it will get you killed, as it requires a different way of using than just about all the others. The in-game description is bang on, for both how this weapon behaves, and functions. Because in all sincerity, in this game, it is simply that good. But the way it can handle things in game, makes this a top notch weapon choice. Magazine load out is supreme, and just a couple notches in reloading skill allows swift changes.

If for some reason you have, Cocheta driving but miss all the goodness of his Assault SMG, then get Diane this weapon, as it is the closest thing that matches it.

See a Problem?

Re-read what I wrote about the shotgun above, and it applies here. The only real differences are, that this weapon will fire multiple times, without the need to cock another shell into the chamber, and it holds a few more rounds in the magazine. Best long range accuracy weapon available in the game.

However, it seems to have an issue at point blank range. Meaning that if it takes two shots from far away, it may well take 3, or 4, at point blank. Dunno how else to describe it. In any case, when the game wears on, and you have zombie hordes mounting your hood, with an alpha jumping up and down on it, explosions going off all around you — this is not the weapon you want to have out. Traverse rate is mediocer at point blank range, and therefore makes it perform poorly in lag, and may kill you during a keyboard lockout episode.

If anything I would have truly enjoyed more about this weapon, would have been a fire selector toggle. There are so many times I would have liked to fire off just a single round, instead of a burst. You can also splatter kill mutants with it, running ahead of your vehicle, for some impressive power shooting. It can two hit kill most zombies if you succeed with a head-shot, cut down trees in the park, and blow up vehicles with fewer rounds, than any other character owned weapon available.

Fully upgraded, the total ammunition load out is rounds, and if you can shoot well with it, reloading can be far between magazines with few ammunition stops required. However, it has poor accuracy beyond short range, resulting in many missed shots and a wastage of ammo. It is also king at having the worst traverse speed and handling of all the guns a character can have.

Magazine reload rate is acceptable, if your skill is sufficiently leveled. If not, then you will get killed if you insist on doing it while zombies are on your hood. Concerning lag performance, it is the most unfriendly gun, and consequently a bad choice to have out with any potential of a game crap out. But saying that it is the best — then no — that would just be unfair to, and throw off new people learning the game.

After the final mutant ends the cut scene, you now qualify to switch vehicles on your current character profile. Clicking will bring up the black mustang, outfitted the exact same way as the hummer is, with your purchased vehicle upgrades. However, in my experience, it is very difficult to compare the damage sustainability of each, in the game itself. I never feel like one is able to take more than the other, and gauging damage from a visual perspective, the mustang is hard to get a sense of.

Concerning the acceleration and speed, there is no question, the mustang does feel faster. The mustang has poor peripheral visuals, especially in the top and edge corners. This affects you negatively, as not only can you be blindsided, but you also cannot respond to the threat s , by returning fire with your gunner. I do like, that this was programed in, as it again demonstrates some of the incredible effort put into the game.

Which vehicle is better? Well, in my experience, the hummer is safer, and it allows you to better succeed at just about any mission. There is no instance in the game where speed is a determining factor to your success, except for F. And of course, if you have lag issues, there is no question, the hummer is the way to go. With that being said, this is a game, and we should all have fun too. Where it operates fine, is in large open areas of the game, where you can see things far off in the distance. Cemeteries, parks, and highways immediately come to mind on this. Feb 20, 5: Full health, Injured, or Dead.

If your character is already in the injured state, then a successive hit from one of the preceding three will kill you. The vehicle engine will deteriorate to a point where it smokes, is on fire, and finally explodes. Timer expiration Out of Time challenge mode only , will cause the engine to blow and destroy the vehicle. The armor vehicle upgrade, helps to shield it by requiring all armor to be first destroyed, before the engine starts receiving damage.

Your engine can sustain damage from any type of impact yes, even running over zombies damage it , where some do more than others, there are too many for me to attempt a listing here. Also, any type of explosive blast where the vehicle is within the area of effect, will damage the engine as well. But unless you are playing recklessly driving too fast being the most common , you have time to react with a counter shoot hood zombie, swerve out of the way, park in safe area, etc , before it does.

You can be the best scorer there ever was, and are able to slap the puck into the top corner of the net, on the goalies bad side. Same applies in this game, in fact for the regular story and this is a massive spoiler , there is only two minutes on a game counter, at the complete end of the run, where you are actually required to shoot anything in order to complete it. Theoretically, the entire rest of the run does not require you to fire a single shot, in order to progress.

And once this dawned on me, I started approaching the game from a brand new perspective. If you look around the net, there are many comments about the different guns in this game, but hardly any about the driving aspect. But with the statements in the paragraph above, that got me thinking while I was considering writing this guide, in the first place. Also, consider that the vehicle itself can, and should, be used as a weapon. Go slow at first, make certain your fingers know where each key is, and which one needs to be pressed to effect a maneuver I use the thumb for the space bar, so that I have the index, middle, and ring over the rest.

Once comfortable with all the basics, then gradually increase the speed at which you do all of these to, a rate that is comfortable for you. Practice in easy areas, like the first mission of the story. Try to get close to obstacles without hitting them. Then try to maneuver around intervening ones, like a zombie sauntering down the road at you, at least it is somewhat dynamic, and is more of a challenge than a wrecked vehicle.

You can always start again from scratch, in the regular story. There are other hazards, that you will encounter, so having a good grasp on the basics will help in dealing with them. Test how close you can get to proximity mines, before they go off. The vehicle has to physically make contact with a regular mine for it to explode, or a spike strip to puncture a tire, so test the size of the hummer in order to avoid them. I have posted a picture below, showing how close I can get to a mine, and swerving at low speed without detonating.

Every time you die in the game, it gives you some advice on the red stats screen, and one of these is: Going slow in the right areas can make the difference between life and death. There is no bonus, anywhere in the game, for doing anything quickly, or in the least amount of time possible.

Generally, it is good tactics to avoid these while stopped. They will always target the road, or center of the map if off-road, so being as far away when the bombs explode reduces risk of damage to the vehicle, and injury to characters. I have two pictures below, which show a typical approach to a task stop, and the final stopping distance. In the second picture, see how far I am from the tires and the other car.

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I selected that area on purpose, so that you could see for yourselves, by comparing the white vehicle, and stack of tires representations in order to gauge the distance. Although my vehicle is at the edge of the map, a swerve maneuver allows me to just nick the white car and the corner of the garage itself, when I pull out and return to the road.

These cause no damage that requires repair. I know that it is impossible to always have an ideal area to make a stop. Stopping in the center of the road may be necessary, for emergency tasks. At a garage, when repairing, always repair armor last, if you have more than one choice of which to fix. Jet bombs, inadvertent mine detonations, etc, means it will be damaged anyways.

Note that explosions, and mutant hood stomping, can displace the vehicle, even while stationary. At a church, always select the medicine you are in most short supply first, in case you have to abort a repeat task stop for some reason. Her gun sight is centered on a spot; right between the eyes, just above the pituitary gland, and directly onto the frontal lobe structure of the brain. If you pay attention to the voice dialogue, when you start a game in the story, Cocheta describes this in his own words. At longer distances, it is impossible to get that exact pin-pointing, but I still try to center the sights, by estimating the location.

Refer to the same picture mentioned above, again. The sighting reticle is divided in two circles, the solid inner one, and the four-part outer one. The inner is governed by your mouse cursor placement, while the outer follows it, according to various Skill and Upgrade factors, of the particular weapon your gunner is holding. Your shot will impact within the outer reticle, when you fire — not where the inner circle is, should you be using rapid mouse movements. The accuracy is determined by how closed the outer reticle is, when you fire. The longer you hold the gun steady presumably on a target , the more it will close until a point where it stabilizes.

Also, impacts, explosions, kickbacks, mutant hood stomping, collisions, burst firing, etc. Weapon knock-back depends again on weapon will also throw off the aiming reticle, upon where you have the sights set. If you watch my videos, near all shots I take even at point blank , are attempts at single bullet discharges. Just because so many of your bullets are deflected from it.

Auto-fire, or burst shooting, can be an option here, just so that the law of averages come into play, to ensure destruction. After you have destroyed 10, zombies, it gets kind of boring, and you realize that succeeding a mission involves movement, rather than destroying everything on the screen. There is no need for more, and having four weapons on one character, with more on the other, plus a possible additional vehicle mount, just complicates things way needlessly.

Although I have completed the game many times with just two Pistol and something else , those three are fine and you have something that specializes in everything. But once you become familiar with your weapons, either is fine. It boils down to play style and knowing what a real threat is, compared to how much time you have remaining to take care of it.

This near always requires less shots than an outright head shot attempt. In fact, learning the timer length, and using these zombies to buy you time, is quite an effective tactic. Since the pistol reloads the fastest — and never runs out of magazines, it is the logical weapon to have out, when this occurs. Both because they fully replenish, and usually are less zombie horde magnets, compared to military checkpoints. So, switching to the pistol at these stops, is an extremely good habit to get into — right from when you start learning the game.

Using objects around you can aid tremendously in eliminating threats. If faced with a horde of undead soldier zombies near a checkpoint, then a few twelve actually shots of the HMG will detonate a munitions carrier and take care of them, as well as any spike traps, mines, etc. A fuel tanker will blow away everything a half street width from the detonation point.

A column of them, will level half the block, again just takes one shot. Chain explosions are an effective means of clearing other obstacles, which can, and often do, chain explode themselves. Just need the spark your bullet. Refer to it below, for details. The game is well balanced in difficulty ascension, and provides more than what is needed, just by playing normally through the story. But, the internet is full of people asking how to either; cheat, hack, or simply have a specific walk-through so that they can somehow manage to get through a game with the least amount of effort.

Then there are perhaps some who struggle, for whatever reason includes lag inhibiting handicaps , therefore — here are some tips for you. Note which you think are able to accomplish with your current profile, and gun for those next time you play. A full load, in the back of your vehicle, generates RP.

Holding position at a church or police station, and simply waiting for civilians to spawn while shooting zombies , is quite feasible. Rescue them in place honk the horn , and then secure hit the space bar. I will later post a sample game breakdown of mine, on how easy it is to accomplish.

House of the Dead 2 (TV Movie ) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

This mode is next to impossible, for those of us having any kind of lag associated issues. Even so, at the end, it takes me 15 minutes just to do the last mission, and the game acts very weird. Voices are heard from near all parts of the story simultaneously, game can hang for minutes on end, etc. Still, it is probably the achievement I am most proud of having completed. Very efficient as an RP grinding mission. Ironically; it is super easy, if you take your time. The zombie spawn rate is huge. Excellent challenge mode in order to practice with weapons, and level those skills too.

Find favorable terrain, like a wide open area, before parking and blasting. Highway, cemetery, park, or even a cityscape with few buildings. Very hard for my computer to handle, consequently one of only three challenges that I am unable to complete. Constant mayhem, non-stop zombie spawns, obstacles blocking the route all over, hazards strewn all about. So I get lag killed after a few kilometers.

Kind of static defense, although some helicopter movement permitted with the vehicle controls. Save a close by mine, fuel tanker, large vehicle, etc. Careful, you can also inadvertently kill any civilians you are rescuing too.

Driver For the Dead

If you use the method in the paragraph below, this becomes the safest environment for which to learn driving and maneuvering the vehicle. All right, I have a method for dealing with these mutant abominations: Mutants come in packs, so kill all but one. Another pack will not spawn unless the previous is completely annihilated.

The last mutant should be weakened to the point of near destruction. To achieve this, constantly shoot it in the stomach area. Do not hit the head area. After a few shots, just one bullet even from a pistol is all that is required to cause it to retreat. Keep it alive as long as possible, to simplify your journey without being harried by other mutant pack spawns. Careful around tanker trucks, ammunition trucks, mines, jet bombing runs, etc. Disco Zombie Drake Zimmerman Student Zombie Kathleen LaGue Additional Voices voice Sean Jordan Sean of the Dead Claire Banfield Victim 2 Jacqueline Manning Locker Room Fed uncredited Walter Jones Locker Zombie uncredited Shelah Kelso Library Zombie uncredited Brian Colbert Kennedy Fraternity Soldier uncredited Sean Kinney Quarterback uncredited David Mattey Killer Zombie uncredited Robert McMurrer Zombie uncredited Aaron Rattner Additional Voices voice uncredited Amanda Sickler Additional Voices voice uncredited Chip Sickler Additional Voices voice uncredited Bobby Silva Janitor uncredited Israel Wright Almost Human Christopher Burdett Almost Human Nanci Cascio Almost Human Sallie Ciganovich Almost Human as Jason M.

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