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Action 9 October Thailand. Share this Rating Title: Dangerous Boys 6. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This. Love Heaw Feaw Tott The Thai Warrior Joking Jazz 5G Luang Pee Jazz was once again called to look after the temple in Bangkok. Kunatip Pinpradub, Padung Songsang. Make Me Shudder Make Me Shudder 3 Padung Songsang, Kunatip Pinpradub. Yim goes to English school to keep his Japanese girlfriend in this Thai romantic comedy.

Edit Cast Credited cast: Edit Storyline Two rival high school gang leaders square off in Bangkok over honor, school pride, a girlfriend and rock-n-roll popularity. Edit Details Official Sites: Add the first question. That Chloe was such a weak person that she couldn't dump her boyfriend. Instead, she ran around behind his back with his brother, screwing him, laughing about him, only to crawl back into his arms when the going got tough. She was a weak, nasty girl who couldn't get her priorities straight.

Oliver, on the other hand, is the complete opposite, and I hate him. He's the kind of arrogant asshole that makes you want to slap him, but you don't, lest you give him some sort of satisfaction. Everything you do, is wrong. How dare you try and live life your way? How dare you want to live at home, or love your boyfriend, or take classes? How dare you be a "sheep"? He took my arm in a firm grip, pulling me back around to look at the body, at all the blood. I felt your heart race as you pulled the trigger.

It was your choice. There's nothing wrong with it. I applaud Haas for creating an incredibly creepy, first class psychopath. I couldn't see any appeal or charm because I was too busy grabbing the pepper spray. I didn't see what Chloe saw in him. He's the kind of bloke who is hot, crazy, and makes you run in the opposite direction.

Some pieces couldn't be glued back together. Some people weren't for fixing.

It was fast paced, incredibly well written, but it lacked the Dangerous Girls oomph. It seemed to start and end in fifty pages. I didn't get the ending what the fuck was that about?! It wasn't my cup of tea. So to conclude, I'd like to say one last thing: Don't read this if you think it's going to be as mind blowing as Dangerous Girls.

Have no expectations whatsoever, and you may enjoy it more than me. View all 8 comments. Apr 11, Natalie Monroe rated it really liked it Shelves: Shoot it up on steroids and you got Oliver and Ethan's relationship. I think you imagined me, every minute he was inside you. I could've accepted it, as I did Elise and Anna's freaky relationship in Dangerous Girls, had their relationship had layers.

Years of pent-up sibling rivalry and jealousy. Not a simple "He's a psychopath" explanation. What I don't get is why his mom didn't send him to a psychiatrist or something, instead of expensive boarding schools. She knew there was something off about him. The turning point came when view spoiler [she shot that deer hide spoiler ]. Perhaps she's not meant to be sympathetic as she descends himself her true?

The ending didn't pack as much of a punch as Dangerous Girls did. Other than than that, pedestrian. You'd be better off reading its predecessor. Aug 10, C. Drews rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was freakishly excited to get onboard with this blitz because a I loved Dangerous Girls and it messed with my head so badly and of course I need more trauma like that in my life, and b I definitely want to support this author.

Abigail Haas is a genius. Her thrillers absolutely smack my brain around. I'll attempt a sensible review, but just warning you fairly: My thoughts are basically still like this: How do I was freakishly excited to get onboard with this blitz because a I loved Dangerous Girls and it messed with my head so badly and of course I need more trauma like that in my life, and b I definitely want to support this author. How do I even Dangerous Girls book 1 absolutely messed with my brain.

So I went into Dangerous Boys completely ready to guess the puzzle early. I was even suspecting that baby, peoples! The baby was only mentioned once and wasn't even born. And I still got totally done. My brain is a mess right now. This is a thriller that will play with your mind. I promise you that. What I particularly love about Abigail Haas' style is that she gives you the end and the beginning. You have to read to figure out the middle. We start the book knowing a someone is dead, b it's murder, and c there will not be a hug big enough to hold you through this mind-trickery.

I read it in two sittings. I was turning pages ravenously on my kindle. Even them eating pie. I was suspicious, okay? Very suspicious of everything and everyone. It's hard to review this without spoilers, so I will only lightly mention the characters. It's narrated by Chloe who wanted to go to college but Her mother has severe crippling depression and Chloe stayed home to help her through this.

But, of course, Chloe has Little Town Syndrome, wherein she's terrified of being stuck in a one-horse town foreeeeever. The kind of boyfriend who smiles at you and gives you a cuddle when things are bad and wants to live in the one-horse town why the heck do I keep saying horse?!

He is Ethan's brother and, hey, I'm not being judgy her, but he's probably a sociopath. Ohhh, hold my common sense, while Chloe swoons. Ah, yah it's a love-triangle. But it's the most warped love triangle in the history of ever, and I guarentee you the outcome is not normal. The writing is absolutely hypnotising and perfectly paced. I'm suddenly addicted to thrillers. Although, this one is more NA then YA.

It's that iffy time when highschool has finished and college is ready to begun and you're supposed to be an adult but you still have the brain of a teenager. Lots of bad decisions. Hopefully, though, murder is not the usual decision in most teens lives. I'm trying my hardest not to compare this to Dangerous Girls. To be fair, they're completely different books and not even related except for the author and the "dangerous" bit. It only reminded me of Dangerous Girls with the way it was written: I love that, by the way. But if I had to pick a favourite There is more romance and adulting in Dangerous Boys, both of which are not my favourite topics.

In case it was hard to tell. I was going to give it 4. I loved this book and it deserves every shiny 5-star sticker ever. This is a psychological thrill-ride that'll make you glare suspiciously at every character and STILL be gob-smacked at the reveal. I would like a third book. Lord, it was so good. I would totally read Dangerous Pets, btw. I don't like babies, so not sure about that one Or maybe just Dangerous People in general. This is also good.

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And it is a thriller. Aug 11, It is soooo gooood and No, it starts even before then, the moment the sonogram shows a faded blur. Blue for a boy, tractors and race-cars, big and strong and brave. Pink for a little princess, pretty and sweet. That box becomes so cozy and warm, you never really notice that you'r From the moment you're born, people start folding you into neat pieces and tucking you inside a box of their own design. This is the author of maybe my all-time favorite teen contemporary book and now TWO of my favorite thrillers?? How does she transverse genres like this and still write such good books??

This is going to be a very hard book to review without spoiling anything. Strangely enough, though, being spoiled about who lives or dies wouldn't have ruined this experience. Half the intrigue of this book is trying to figure out how the end went down. And that ending did not disappoint. The book begins with a fairly simple concept: Chloe wants to escape her small town, but her mother develops severe depression, so she can't leave for college.

She begins dating good guy Ethan as she tries to make the best of her situation. And then in comes bad boy Oliver. Please don't sigh and stop reading this now. Because Chloe finds that Oliver brings out her inner side. And that inner side isn't so much a good girl; her inner side might be even darker than Oliver expects. I honestly don't want to know what's going on inside Abigail Haas' head.

This book speaks to the dark sides of human nature. The manipulative sides willing to do what it takes. And it's so fucking well done. There are reviews of this book saying view spoiler [ Ethan deserved better and they didn't understand why Chloe cheated on him.

This book isn't about Ethan, and it isn't about Oliver. It definitely isn't about which one you prefer. This is about Chloe.

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  • Neither love interest is meant to be the right choice. So now that we've established this book isn't about the love triangle , let's figure out what it is about. This book is about the good people we pretend to be and the bad people we really are. This is a character study of an incredibly terrible person.

    Chloe is evil , yet there wasn't a moment I didn't relate to her. It's almost uncomfortable to relate to such a despicable character, and therein lies the brilliance of this novel. Haas' writing is insanely addictive. She keeps dramatic tension in every moment, growing a sense of dread as to what exactly is going to go wrong. Her writing is so readable that by page , I could barely remember starting. It felt like I'd been reading for five minutes.

    It's very rare that authors can be addictive. Blog Goodreads Twitter Youtube Listen to our narrator Chloe, dear readers! I just didn't love it as much as I loved Dangerous Girls my review here. How can I convince you to read Dangerous Boys? Chloe, Ethan and Oliver will leave you grasping at the edge of your seat w 3. Chloe, Ethan and Oliver will leave you grasping at the edge of your seat with their raw and intense story. These three characters just have so much depth to them, and you will love them and hate them all at the same time. They'll leave you confused and hanging--but in a good way, of course.

    I was actually NOT expecting the book to end the way it did. I can always count on Abigail Haas to turn my brain into jelly. If you've been looking for a heart-stopping read that will probably cause all of your nails to suddenly shrink because you bit at them too much-- Dangerous Boys is what you need. Or you know, either of Abigail Haas' books. Why the hell did I not give this book 5 stars? While this book was great in terms of technicalities, I wasn't as invested in the story as I was with Dangerous Girls. Maybe it's because of the length of the book? Was there not enough pages for me to really get into the characters?

    Maybe it was because Chloe really turned me off at first-- it wasn't until the second half of the book where I was really flipping pages to see how this story ended. Oh, and I thought the romance with Ethan happened too fast and didn't have enough development. What I'm trying to say is Dec 28, Blythe added it. View all 5 comments. May 16, Lia a paper pigeon rated it it was ok Shelves: More like Dangerous Pricks. Where was the gut-wrenching feeling Mrs McDonald has got me used to? Where were the pathos and the thrill? A mess of nonexistent plot twists and incoherent character analysis, took their place.

    Even the writing was somewhat dull and repetitive. Not to mention the characters I'm looking at you, Chloe Bennett really? I'm looking at you and I'm so not pleased. When I finished Dangerous Girls, I just wanted to curl up in a ball, drink six gallons of chocolate milk and eventually pet a kitten. I just wish I hadn't spent so many hours on a story I'll try to forget as soon as possible.

    EXCLUSIVE: Curb Your 'Gone Girl' Cravings With 'Dangerous Boys' - MTV

    Dec 28, Dahlia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dangerous Half-Eaten Corn on the Cob. I do not care what the hell Abigail Haas writes next - if it has her name on it, I'll be reading it. I'm already evangelical about Dangerous Girls , and beyond excited that her newest psychological thriller maintains the same thoughtful, slow-building creepiness combined with intriguing character development told through creative non-linear structure.

    Chloe is a girl caught between two brothers, both of whom ultimately wa Dangerous Squirrels. Chloe is a girl caught between two brothers, both of whom ultimately want to be the good in her rapidly worsening life. The marked difference is that Ethan provides respite in the more traditional sense of being a sweet, attentive, loving boyfriend, while Oliver encourages her to embrace the true, dark nature he sees within her.

    What I love about Dangerous Boys is that even as you watch Chloe's moral code shift further and further under Oliver's influence, you can't help understanding and empathizing or at least sympathizing with every step of her change - how her life circumstances necessitate an overhaul; how his charisma and fearlessness speak to exactly what she needs; the effects of the exposure of power on someone who's dependent on a failed support system. And even as you know you're effectively observing the evolution of a sociopath, you're left with the unsettling feeling that you understand her Somehow, it's not the worst feeling.

    As with Dangerous Girls , the closing left me with a huge, admittedly rather twisted smile on my face. I don't know how Haas manages to turn me into such a gleefully evil creature every time, but when you find an author who makes you embrace your inner sociopath, you become a fan for life. Suddenly feel need to take a sick day and refuse to re-emerge until I have read this book in its amazing entirety.

    Jul 24, Kathe L rated it liked it Shelves: I don't even know how to rate this. I feel like this deserves 5 stars because of the originality and the way my mind is right now, the way when it appeared 'the end' at the last page of this book I checked my window to see if I was safe even if this isn't a terror book, the way I am confused right now. But I can't give it 5 stars. I wasn't into it in the beginning and I was pretty confused, as well. I'm only doing this review right now because I won't be able to s Jesus Christ. I'm only doing this review right now because I won't be able to sleep if I don't.

    Ok, Kathe, big breaths. This isn't a normal book, people. This book, if you are not prepared to it, will leave you just like I am right now. I've been reading this for two weeks already, and I finished it right now, like 5 minutes ago, the time it took for me to turn on my computer with shaking hands.

    I wasn't even going to do it, I told myself. I was tired from a day of studying but then I told myself I deserved some reading, since I didn't read yesterday, as well. And here I am, guys. I was scared of this because we have some main characters. At first, I thought I knew what was going on, who was the 'dangerous boy'. Then, I thought we had two 'dangerous boys'. Then, I wasn't even sure if the 'dangerous boy' was a boy. This book has such a way of making you think, of messing with your head.

    You think you know, but you don't. You think that is the truth and that is a lie, but really, is it? Are we who we think we are? Or we need a trigger? This was so weird, because with Jasper's dad, in Blood of my blood, I was so certain that if you are born to be a serial killer, you will become one. And that's not even the point, here. But are we really destined to be someone, and we just need a little 'help' to find out?

    I mean, I kind of saw what was coming and at the same time I got the characters all mixed up. But this is about what we do if our lives: If someone you care says you have to jump, will you jump? And what if someone comes close to your ear, from behind, when you are almost jumping, and say that you are not a jumper, that's not who you are. And you realize you're really not a jumper? Your life changes forever. There's too much to think, to dread. I haven't even read Dangerous girls yet, but really, is it like this? If so, I would be looking forward but scared at the same time.

    A light read is the next thing I'm going to read. Maybe something from Kasie West, and then DG. View all 15 comments. Jan 20, Caitlin rated it liked it Shelves: It shocked me, just how easily he tore apart under that blade: He was always so solid to me, from the moment he sauntered into my life: He was a presence, complete. I think Dangerous Girls is more shocking but this one is definitely just a It shocked me, just how easily he tore apart under that blade: I think Dangerous Girls is more shocking but this one is definitely just as fucked up.

    This author writes such twisted stories and I absolutely love it. I had a dream last night I went to jail and I completely blame this book as well as Dangerous Girls. Okay so basically the entire premise is that there's a fire, Chloe our MC is okay but one brother is dead and one is in hospital in critical condition. You're probably thinking why only 3.

    Well, it wasn't as shocking.

    Dangerous Boys

    It was pretty obvious what was going on and who was really responsible. However, I did still really enjoy this. Our characters are much more dark and twisted in this one and omfg I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have "sociopath" written in my notes. The plot is well crafted and put together and omfg I was completely hooked. I need so many more books from this author. If you haven't picked up anything by this author I'd highly recommend picking up Dangerous Girls first as it's a bigger mind fuck but this one is definitely something I'd still recommend if you're looking for something extremely dark and twisted.

    View all 3 comments. I sort of put this down for a while, when I get back in the mood I find it more fast paced and it put me on the edge of my seat and after finishing it Abigail Haas did it again! I can't believe this. Dangerous Boys may not be as unpredictable as Dangerous Girls but the story is way darker than I thought.

    I sort of got it right.. I knew there was something off with one of the characters but I got I sort of put this down for a while, when I get back in the mood I knew there was something off with one of the characters but I got carried away just like Chloe. It's more intense, psychotic and gruesome. I really enjoyed this and it still shocked me with its twist and turns.

    Well done Abigail Haas! Luckily, Ellis send me a copy and right after finishing Dangerous boys I ordered Dangerous girls. I was very satisfied how this story was told and how it tied together in the end. One So messed up. One body is found in a burning cabin, one boy has been brought into the hospital with serious injuries and she is unable to tell what happened.

    Her plans for the future have changed, she must take care of her unstable mother and she has to juggle several jobs to keep the bills paid. It was complicated to understand her emotions and decisions, but her unreliable perspective was fascinating. Ethan and Oliver are the complete opposites.

    Ethan was a bit too sweet for my taste, but Oliver was definitely not my cup of tea, with his bad-boy vibe and brutal way of thinking. There is a certain distant from all the characters, because the story is completely focused on the plot and the mystery about what happened — and better: The last thing I want to share is that this book is filled with beautiful quotes that were spot on. This quote is my favorite: They dress you up in their own expectations before you even have a chance to understand the constrictions of your fate.

    Jun 09, Amanda. I don't really give a shit. I should have realized that it was more of a love triangle. I hate those bitches. Then it was between brothers and that is just gross.

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    So, there is a scene where she shoots a deer, on her first attempt ever, and kills the doe. I mean who kills a deer on their first shotgun attempt? She then immediately cheats with the brother after he swipes deer blood on her lip and kisses it off. At the point she doesn't vomit all over him, I just decided this book flip the book off, read the end, and head to bed. My first thoughts this morning were how damn disappointing. Oh, I won't lie. I flipped to the end just to read who she chose. I must have missed the mind fckery but I kind of already thought that was who it would be.

    This is one that wasn't as good the second time around but still a decent read. Still characters "you love to hate" so to speak Would still recommend, worth a read or two: Still looking forward to Miss Haas' next book someday, may stick with paperbackswap though this time around.

    See a Problem?

    Previous rating 4 stars Wow, that was Still not sure of my rating but I still enjoyed this Is it as good as Dangerous girls? The narrative starts when Chloe pulls someone out of the fire, we don't know which Reznick brother it is till a bit further down the road. Is the death of the other brother an accident, self defense, or something more sinsiter?

    What happened that night? I found myself in an awkward dance, so to speak. In the beginning, I had some sympathy for Chloe but didn't really like her Ethan was, there haha. As the story went on though, I started to hate all the characters except for Chloe's mom I wouldn't minded pushing any of them into a river.

    I was drawn in by the story though I couldn't look away, it felt like I was standing on the edge of a cliff or watching a train wreck. Your disgusted by it but also somehow entranced and can't look away. I HAD to know what was going to happen with these twisted people.

    It creeps up, winding it's tendrils around you Some events are merely mentioned and not gone into details, but the implications make you shiver and hug yourself. And somehow, that's just as terrifying as if Miss Haas had described these events in full detail. Oliver was one of those charming guys, someone I would have been curious about but passed over and not paid much attention too. I would've gotten a creepy vibe off him but I wouldn't have guessed the extent of the darkness in him, or the growing darkness he sensed and brought out in Chloe.

    Would Chloe have been like how she became without him? Would any of this happened if she hadn't met Ethan or Oliver? If she had just left town as planned? Perhaps events would've unfolded as planned, with someone else Miss Haas threw me for a loop, she threw everything in a completely different direction. It was open-ended at the end.. Well played Abgail, well played. You sucked me in and messed with my head and disturbed me some. This is gonna stay in my head for awhile methinks it'll have excellent company with 'The Blade itself' We walk around trapped in our own subjective consciousness, experiencing the same events through a totally different lens.

    Dec 23, Paige Bookdragon rated it really liked it Shelves: If you've ever read Sidney Sheldon's Tell Me Your Dreams , you'll feel exactly the same way with ending with both books. Abigail Haas is the type of author that will make you rip your hair out and gnash your teeth just because she can. May 04, Mary rated it really liked it. Not as good as Dangerous Girls, but the ending still fucked me. Farren and Gloria September Besties 9 16 Sep 27, November 10th, 20 42 Nov 29, Abigail Haas has written two adult novels and four young adult contemporary novels under the name Abby McDonald.

    Dangerous Girls is her first young adult thriller. She lives in Los Angeles. Books by Abigail Haas. Trivia About Dangerous Boys. Quotes from Dangerous Boys. Which shirt to wear on a cold winter's morning, what crappy junk food to eat for lunch. It starts out so innocently, you don't even notice: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.