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Economic and Reserve Evaluation of Coalbed Methane Reservoirs - OnePetro

Economic evaluation of coalbed methane production in China. Luo, Dongkun Dai, Youjin. Roaring natural gas demand, energy security and environment protection concerns coupled with stringent emission reduction requirement have made China's abundant coalbed methane CBM resource an increasingly valuable energy source.

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However, not all of China's CBM resource is economic to develop under current technological condition and economic situation. The results indicate that more than half of CBM resource in China is economic to develop.

It shows that CBM price, production rate and operating costs are the three major factors with most impact on the economic viability of the CBM development in target areas in China. The result also demonstrates that the economic limit production is roughly cubic meters per day.

These economic evaluation results provide important information for both CBM companies and China government. Download full text from publisher File URL: Firstly for discovering the risk origins of CBM economy, the main uncertainty factors are analyzed and the risk transformation process model of main uncertainty factors is built.

Management and Effects of Coalbed Methane Produced Water in the Western United States

Secondly, compling with above process model, CBM economic risk analysis algorithm steps are discussed detailed. Finally, by an example, the CBM economic risk of target area is cacluated.

Green Dragon Gas is ideally placed as China looks to ramp-up coal bed methane

The results show that montecarlo method is an efficient for uncertainty analysis of CBM assessment. A significant focus of her research group at the University of Queensland is technology related to environmentally sustainable energy provision.

Coal seam gas: alternative energy source or environmental hazard?

The research includes natural analogue studies of coal basins to determine the origins of coal seam methane and of mechanisms that keep carbon dioxide naturally sequestered. She also conducts experimental studies of the impact of carbon dioxide interaction with sandstones and coals. The rapid development of the coal seam gas industry in the Bowen and Surat Basins has tested the current regulatory frameworks and lead to widespread community concern about the effects of gas extraction.

Much of the debate around coal seam gas production is driven by social and political factors rather than by scientific and technical issues.

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