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If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center , please edit the question. The reason is that 'bestow' implies that a superior subject is acting on an inferior object. Therefore the action is not a horizontal one, but a downward one.

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If something is given from above then it naturally falls on the object. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Why it is said "The trophy was bestowed upon the winner"? Why not The "trophy was bestowed to the winner"?

bestow on (someone)

I have one more sentence: I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this is one of those why questions which has no because. It's simply the idiom: Think of it as placing a crown on a recipient's head upon them But from the severity of that blame which was last night so liberally bestowed , respecting each circumstance, I shall hope to be in the future secured, when the following account of my actions and their motives has been read. But amidst your concern for the defects of your nearest relations, and your displeasure at this representation of them, let it give you consolation to consider that, to have conducted yourselves so as to avoid any share of the like censure, is praise no less generally bestowed on you and your elder sister, than it is honourable to the sense and disposition of both.

Mundy - To You I Bestow

Wickham is the son of a very respectable man, who had for many years the management of all the Pemberley estates, and whose good conduct in the discharge of his trust naturally inclined my father to be of service to him; and on George Wickham, who was his godson, his kindness was therefore liberally bestowed. I was their plaything and their idol, and something better--their child, the innocent and helpless creature bestowed on them by heaven, whom to bring up to good, and whose future lot it was in their hands to direct to happiness or misery, according as they fulfilled their duties towards me.

Bestowed on you - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

All praises bestowed on her I received as made to a possession of my own. The Alabama doctors declared it a huge reptile, and bestowed upon it the name of Basilosaurus. The Common People imagine, that by a secret Power bestowed by God upon the Temple, no Whale can pass it without immediate death. She engaged him in many religious controversies; on which occasions she constantly expressed great satisfaction in the doctor's knowledge, and not much less in the compliments which he frequently bestowed on her own.

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The friend of his childhood, a man of the same set, of the same coterie, his comrade in the Corps of Pages, Serpuhovskoy, who had left school with him and had been his rival in class, in gymnastics, in their scrapes and their dreams of glory, had come back a few days before from Central Asia, where he had gained two steps up in rank, and an order rarely bestowed upon generals so young.

Sikes, dragging Oliver after him, elbowed his way through the thickest of the crowd, and bestowed very little attention on the numerous sights and sounds, which so astonished the boy.

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Sikes dismounted with great precipitation, holding Oliver by the hand all the while; and lifting him down directly, bestowed a furious look upon him, and rapped the side-pocket with his fist, in a significant manner.