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I made this video just a few months after being born in Second Life. The special effects are kinda cheesy, but it foreshadowed my eventual focus on Transworld identity. The song is by my musical alt fourworlds. But it usually happens when I lose the discipline of unflinchingly working within the constraints of a character. The magic circle ….

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My earliest childhood memories include staying up late at night under the covers and singing tentative lyrics composed by the light of a D Cell flashlight. The first song I remember creating is lost in time except for …. Project Glass is a glimpse of not-so-distant future. And so is this video clip shot with Blue Mars Mobile. We will soon view the world through an electronic window that seamlessly blends the physical and the virtual, the atomic and the digital. That means we can each be seeing our …. I got the idea of putting together a virtual band a couple of years ago.

Botgirl Questi, Author at iRez Salon

A cross between the Archies …. This is a recording of a presentation my human counterpart and I made together at the Virtual World Best Practices in Education conference. Every single tweet we send, no matter what its overt topic, is part of an ongoing story we are telling about ourselves. Part of the addictive nature of social networks is the compulsion to stay alive in the minds of our audience. Turn around a few of your answers to the first six questions by directing them at you, instead of the other person.

For instance, if you wrote "John is a conceited bastard" try "I am a conceited bastard".

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Then find at least three specific, genuine examples of how the turnaround is true in your life. For more information on this method, check out The Work of Byron Katie. Posted by Botgirl Questi at 8: Friday, February 19, Fourth Wall: Posted by Botgirl Questi at Maybe the Google legal department thinks Buzz should be classified like a drug, because this is certainly in the scary disclaimer category:. Saturday, February 13, Botgirl vs. Google Buzz launched this week with default privacy settings that publicly disclose a user's most frequent chat and e-mail partners.

You'd think the company that pioneered simple UI design could do better if they wanted to. Monday, February 8, Mercy Killing: It was right on time in relation to a comment yesterday by Gwyneth Llewelyn about the relationship between virtual worlds and transcendence.

New Rules for Avatars on Social Networks. This is not directed at anyone personally, but rather a laundry list of social network behavior that gets on my nerves. And I think I've been guilty of each one of these from time to time: Stop whining about Social Networks and Virtual Worlds like they owe you something beyond their ToS and applicable laws. They are private companies, not public institutions.

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They get to write the rules posted on the playground because they own it. They have the right to add, modify or delete any features they want at anytime. You have the right to game the system and they have the right to kick your digital ass out if they catch you. Or at least space out your posts so they don't hog the stream. The only time you should see your avatar's face more than a few times on a single pageview is if you are sharing a series of links that you feel is of very high value to your followers. Unless you limit your social network to mostly close friends and family members, lay off the mundane posts about what you're having for lunch, which song you're listening to, or what cute activity your pet is up to unless you're Crap Mariner who gets a feline waiver.

Before you hit send, ask yourself what your social network stream would look like if half of those you follow posted the type of information you are about to share. Whoever came up with the idea of live-tweeting an event with dozens of posts should be punished by being forced to read the last year of Prokofy's blog posts and comments in one marathon session. Until there's a way to mute a hashtag on all Twitter clients, it's just plain rude to flood the stream with your play by play.

Instead, create a new identity and let those who are interested follow it. Read your last fifty posts and ask yourself if you'd be interested in following the person who wrote them. If you'd bore yourself, you're probably boring everyone else. Put your lazy-ass finger to work and check out links before you retweet them. Don't send us to a second link we need to click to get to the mentioned content like a Digg headline or Plurk post. And don't send us to some lame article with a good headline that you didn't bother to review before regurgitating.

Amazing, creative, tech-drenched pioneers. Our avatar identities are like visitors from the future, making homes in our meat. If you're nodding along I suggest you look closely at the phrase 'science fiction' focus on the second word and then look it up in a dictionary. This book explores those concepts thoughtfully and acceptingly, but makes clear that there is a distinction, at least in Botgirl's mind s.

Wagner James Au reports on virtual worlds & VR

One person found this helpful. Botgirl is one of those names that float around Second Life like a legend. I've read bits and bytes over the years but, as I pursue research into what makes us us and how that relates to the others of us's that exist in the fringes, depths and multiplicities, Botgirl's fascination with and descriptions of identity become the guide posts from which I set sail. This is a great place to start, but the blog, in its entirety is a must! Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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