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What they told us was very interesting. That food is perfect. That dog will bite you without warning. You can take all the books except this one. The little boy was quite infatuated with me. He ate a whole breadfruit. If you are so jumpy, soon you will get a heart attack. We spoke to him in vain. If in case you see Amos ask him for the money for me. To tell the truth, when I saw the snake I screamed. He feels like sleeping. The child was soaking wet. We long to see you just as you want to see us. The man coveted the car so much, he stole it. The rain made me late. The boat was on the way to St.

Vincent when it sank. The sore has become inflamed. If you want to know anything, ask me. Nothing makes him afraid. He put the letter into the envelope and mailed it. Apa, ban nou V to postpone, to adjourn court. They have postponed the meeting until next week. The man insulted his wife; he called her worthless. Father, give us the money, please. Put all of the white cows apart.

The man raped the girl. What did I do to you for you to be so enraged against me like that? That man always covets money. Surveyors use iron pegs. They surveyed the land. Then I left the girlfriend and I finished with that kind of life. Afterward, he ate until his belly was full. The men perceived that they were getting near land. The government appointed him. He has approximately dollars. I worked as an apprentice for four years.

Yo ba li apwentman-an. They gave him the appointment. If you look for the man you might find him by the dock. Now we will sing another song. He is making an application to work. As the cat approached the bird, it flew away. The boss approved all the work I did. We want to learn to speak Patwa. Each Saturday we meet together. Certainly, I will come.

The old lady is always sitting under the mango tree. Put it on the table. He took it off the fire. Peter walked toward him. The evil person attacked the people to steal their money.

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The police gave him the summons. I asked the church for assistance. They attended the meeting. The whole family attended the funeral. The seer mixed his ingredients together in order to make medicine for the man. He teaches them with much assurance. He has the same attitude as his mother. We left at about six in the evening. These days there are no foliage houses. The cow was pregnant but it aborted. All of the mangoes in that tree fall prematurely. ADJ description of fruit that falls to the ground before it is mature.

We saw him before he left. We can advance the country. We are at your service. That money will bring a great advancement to the church. I wish she were here. The day before yesterday we went to Castries. That girl is really moody. The man became blind. There is a school for the blind. The root of the awali tree is tied around the white N warning. N great grandparent, ancestor. All of my ancestors resided in Vieux Fort. My great grandparents come from Africa.

They arrested the thief. The month of April is the month when the school children are on vacation. The evil fairy put a curse on the child. Go light the fire. Give him the money. Let her wash the clothes for you. Do that for him. They had babadin juice at that party. You have to put a muzzle on a donkey to be able to control it. His house is lower than mine. The child is making a mess of himself with the food. Where did you buy that stocking?

Two men began to quarrel. I ni bab wouj. He has a red beard. The man had a small goatee. I bought a gold ring. Where did he find that thing? I am looking for something in town. You must wash the dirty dishes. He balanced the bucket on his head. They saw a big whale washed up on the shore. They all backed up when they saw my gun.

He stood on the balcony calling his neighbour. Goat gave a dance, it is Sheep that got drunk. The girl began to sweep out the house. They found the rifle bullet by the road. The gun uses shot. He put the hat on the bench. Ban mwen an ti bo. Give me a little kiss. Let me tell you something. Do that for me please. They dig holes for telephone poles with iron bars.

V a type of small fish with balenn trough, concrete water tank without a top. The tank was full of water. N balan ban 1 to balance. There was a lot of bamboo by the river. They thought the boat was going to touch the reef. This morning the sea is at low tide.

The man tied his waist tight to lift the load.

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The wild yam is good with roast pork. The man made his own cricket bat. He went to the bank to change his money. They paid twenty dollars for the land. They are afraid to swim in the basin. The man was so angry he struck the post. I was having a race with my son but he beat me. I ka kondwi bann polis. He leads the police band. I like to eat plantain with fish. Clean the intestines for me. The people were throwing their excrement in the batay N fight, battle. They loaded all the boxes on the truck. When my father was in the war he was a good fighter. If you continue eating fat like that, soon you will get a heart attack.

The boat sank in the water. There was a baptism for the child. He hit him with the stick. I fin bati kay-la. He finished building the house. Nonm sala bava kon an chyen. That man is as boastful as a dog. That man is a braggart. Long ago people used to have to take ships to go from Vieux Fort to Castries. My wife went to the registry to look for a birth certificate for the children.

The boy always brags about what he has done. The woman likes to chatter. They baptized many people in the sea last Sunday. They boarded the van and they went. The child is slobbering. Yo bay Pita lajan-an. They gave Peter the money. I am going to buy a car for you all. The light of the sun shone on the mirror. My father threw him down and jumped on him. Rather than sit by the street, go nurse your child. They put a barrier on the road to prevent people from passing.

He poured the food into the manger for the pig. The fishermen caught only kingfish today. Peter was yawning because he was sleepy. The child threw away the socks because they were stretched out. They sent everything in a barrel. They lost the bar of the door and they had to secure it with a rope. There was a bazaar by the hospital.

If you keep on stealing my mangoes, I will take you to court. Bazil a personification of death. Are you ready for death to come? The man was still young when he died. The chicken pecked at the food. The leaf of the bazilik smells good. The house was beautiful. We had a wonderful day. They gave the man a good beating. The cock was stunned after another one hit it on its head with its spur.

Your daughter-in-law is coming tomorrow. He bought two pounds of butter. When they heard that, they were amazed. Her cuticle is swollen, she has an inflammation of the nails. The cow destroyed my garden. Hot bakes are good with butter. Hummingbirds have long beaks. Lets bow our heads to pray opp: When he entered the church he knelt on one knee.

When the rain abated everyone went home. Mwen anvi pwan an ben. I want to take a bath. They went for a sea bath. Get a basin for me to knead my flour in. God gave him his blessing. What will it gain you if you get the whole world and you lose your soul? The animal got away before I could see what it was. There were all kinds of bugs in the garden.

Slugs destroy the garden. God will bless us. Nothing happened to her because she is blessed. The woman was very foolish. They want to bathe now. The place had a little soil but under it there were a lot of rocks. There are many fireflies shining in the darkness. The centipede was in the block and it almost bit me.

The Bible is the word of God. Bible] bich N deer. The man is so drunk he is talking nonsense. My mother was light skinned and my father was white, and that is why I am so white. He is the son of two black persons, but he is an albino. N bijou N jewellery. We saw a barracuda when we were in the water so we got out quickly. N biscuit, cracker, cookie. I like to eat cookies with tea. They say saltines are good for gas. He put a lot of pepper in the food.

They were having a race and they arrived neck and neck. The shepherd watches the sheep. He works on an estate. The girl was eating a big piece of bread. They using the logs to make houses. The man was walking with crutches after he broke his leg. He used egg white and icing sugar to decorate the cake. They killed the chicken on the chopping block. You must bleach that shirt. He provides all of our needs. They want to blame me. There was a man who had a stone in his bladder. Every time he comes to visit us he brings a balloon for the children.

He is wearing a blue shirt. When you see the garden is green, slugs come to eat it. The lady put bluing in the white clothes. The men are chatting. He knows many jokes. You must give the child medicine for the internal injuries. The house was painted white. All they have they got by deceit. He embezzled a lot of money. When the lion attacked the man, the man stabbed it with his sword.

The swindler took all of my pay. He settled on the side of the river to fish. PREP alongside, beside, next to. The drunk man lay down beside the road. I bo ti manmay-la. She kissed the child. He gave her a small kiss on her cheek. We saw him on the other side. He came near the boat. I am going to the market. At about what time will you come? Mwen ni an bon bofis.

I have a good son-in-law. He threw the ball. When we were boys, we always used to play cricket after school. He wasted all that he had. She put the soup in a bowl. He has a sore on his hand. Long ago children used to make dolls with clay. My land borders on yours. I am sending you warm greetings. You can employ that man; he does good work. The bucket is full of water. When the news breaks you will know what is going on. They are putting in the boundary pegs on his property. Yesterday bananas were cheap. They made a cake for my wedding.

We go up every morning. In the morning we got up and we went to our house. Your father will beat you! God provides for us. What happened to you? Why are you scowling like that? When the man said good evening, nobody responded. He does many good things for us. The bucket was leaking so he plugged it. The woman likes her father-in-law.

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  • Mano dipped his brush into the paint and he began to paint. I bought pigs tails from the butcher. You like to brush your hair too much. The cap was rusty. The man is hunchbacked. Put the lid on the bottle. My belly is full. When people play kotji two heads and two tails win. Bouden mwen ka mennen mwen. N bouden2 N black pudding, blood sausage. They like to eat black pudding every Saturday.

    They made a pile of debris and set it on fire. They made a fire to warm themselves. They punched him in his face; they caused his eye to swell. The dead cow has gotten bloated. To exchange is not a sin. Sa boug-la ka di la-a? What is that guy saying? The cask is full of rum. Light the candle because it is getting dark. He crushed the clod of soil to plant the pea plant. The tree is putting out buds. Madanm-lan bouwi boujon gwiyav bay ti manmay-la pou doubout wilachman-an.

    The lady boiled guava bud for the child to stop the diarrhoea. Orange trees are budding now. They killed the billy goat and they had a feast. They tightened the bolt too much. That thing nauseates me. He became upset when he heard the news. We went to the store to buy some flour. The fire is burning in the boiler. She has a bouquet of flowers. My father had to skin all of the triggerfish for my mother. I had to put a new button on the shirt. They lifted the debris to catch crayfish. Mosquitoes bit him so much, his skin has bumps all over it.

    He buttoned his shirt up to his collar because it was cold. Where the bee bit me is swollen. Polis-la ni on gwo boutou. The policeman has a big club. Tiger charged the man. My neighbour built his house at the end of the road. When our time with them was over, we went away. He heaped up soil around the banana tree he had just planted. Each of the men drank a bottle of rum.

    People are no bouwi 29 V 1 to boil, to cook. When the whale threw itself down, it made the water splash. When he saw that, he was angry. Bouden mwen ka bouwi. The houses were made of wood. He went into the woods to cut wood. They did a puppet show. We chased them away! He went into the forest to look for wood to make a canoe. I threw a stone at the dog and it ran away. They tied the donkey to the mango tree. The bad man attacked the people to rob them. The woman gives us stew every Wednesday. They boiled bay leaves to make tea. They put blood in small intestines to make black pudding.

    The child came from my bosom. They use boyo vines to make collars for sheep. The woman lit the fire with pitch pine. The tree has no branches. Bregourat , ada , Brouyat, ada. Jiruil de la mer. Bruit d'un gros vent. Brusc, Brugas Fa- meou. BUB Bubas , Boucheyas. Bourragi fer , Bu- glossa.

    Buissons , touffe de. Buisson , devenir comme un. Buissons, serpe pour tailler les. Herba de la routa. Russa deis paluns Busard. Bevachiar , Bevas- siar. Cabalistique , ica Caban. Cabane portative de lerger. Cabane, quand elle est en paille. Cabane couverte de chaume. Cabas pour pressurer les olives. Cabas, enlever le marc des.

    Cacochyme , fred Cacochymie. Cadis , tisseur de. Cafard , jeune ou petit. Caille servant d'ap- peau. Caille, chant de la. Herba de la cira. Caillou de quartz des Cevennes. Caissa d' espar gna. Calcul de la vessie. Cale , donner la. Calcul de la boufiga. Calfater avec des chiffons. Calfeutrer avec de l a bouse.

    Calefactio, vl Calembour g. Camargue, habitant de la. Camerier , fonction de. Campanule des ro- chers. Cancerous , ousa- Cancre. Canon de la messe. Canoun de la messa. Caprazi Capra , Tapena. Carihame des teintu- riers. Grana de parrou- quel. Cartilaginous , ouse, Cartisana. Petite casaque d'en- fant.

    Donner le casse-cul- Casse-museau. Pessar , roumpre, Cassairola. Causse , nom de lieu. Habitant des causses, Caussenard. Caustique , ica Grapouns-gros. Cavale grosse et laide. Cavernous , ouse, Caviar. CE Ce , cet , cette. Aquel , aqueou aque- la. CEI Ceindre , Cenchar. Ceinture de culotte Cassana. Cendre , tas de. Cendre , remuer la Cendregear. Cata cendrouleta Cendrillon, petite.

    CEP Cep, Cep , qui ne produit que du verjus. Cep de la charrue. Herha d'aurada CEV Ccvadille. Chafouin , ouine Chaffre, n. Chaise grosse oulai- de. Cadeneta , chaineta , Caleniera. Arsun, Chaleur forte, incom- mode. Chambre de Bourdi - gue. Champ couvert de thym. Champignon de cou- che. Canl , Chant Cantant , anta. Chanvre , toile de. Chapeau , plein un. Chapeau , couvrir d'un. Chaperon de muraille Chaperonner. Chardonneret petit ou jeune. Chargeur de vendange Chariot- chariot de David. Cliarnaigre, chasser avec le. Charpir de la laine. Chasseur, petit ou mauvais. Castigament , Chas- tiament.

    Chaume, champ cou- vert de. Chaume, couvreur en Chaume, qui arrache le. Se mellre en chemin. Cheminpour les trou peaux. Chvne qui parle du gland. Car r air a. Bouvier a , Eousiera. Cheval gros , laid. Candeou , candi- Ihouns. Cerca pouncha, Cercat , ada. Chevalet de scieur de long. Chevalier aux pieds rouges.

    Chevalier aux pieds verts Chevalier commun. Chevalier au gros bec Chevalier de Malle. Cheveux , se prendre aux. Cheville servant de bouton. Cheville de jardinier Cheville de l'essieu. Chien gros quoique jeune. Jlerba de la crau. Chou, petit, plant de. Choux , rejetons de. Choux , graine de. Chrysomeles du peu- plier. Chuchuniaire , air a. Ciergi paschal Cierge, plante. Cigogne brune et ci- gogne noire. Ciment fait avec de la brique. Herba de nostra Dama.

    Boudousclier Cire brute, pelotes de. Claies , fermer avec des. Claque sur les fesses Claque, chapeau. Claca-Tapa , Pau- tada. Baragnar , Clau surar. Coaliser se- Coalisar se.

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    Coche de fuseau Crouchet, ilouscla, Coche, voiture. Cocher , parlant du Jalar, Galar. S29 Coiffe pour retenir les cheveux. Coiffe des nouveaux ncs. Coin pour marquer la vaisselle. Coin des scieurs de long. Mtni-mou-ai i'r Colique. Collalion , confran- tatioD.

    Tresourier , Cnulec tour. Collier de bois portant une sonnaille. I Collier d'allelage. Couroundage , Cou- roundal. Combien , jeu de. Cou munie a r. Coumprcssible , ibla 4 Coumpression. Cuuncau, Couffut , uda Councavitat. Councert Councerlant , anla. Coun fiant , anta. Coun forme , orma. Coun format , ada. Couv fartant , anta. Coun fus , usa. Couvjectural , ala Coutijectura. Counselhar, Counseilhier , iera. Consumliu , iva , vi. Censumar en bouil- lant.

    Counle stable , ahla. Contra fach , acha. Counti ibuahle , abla. Counverlible , ibla, Counvertir. Copeaux de la hache. Copulatiu , iva , vl. Coque , enivrer le poisson avec de la. Agacin, Cor de chassa. Char but, uda, ua. S, il, I k Cordonnet. Cornes , qui a perdu les. Cornes , accrocher avec les. Cornemuse, joueur de Cordounet.

    Herba de la malha. Corps petit ou mau- vais. Banarut, uda , ua. Corsets , ouvrier qui fait des. Couette remplie de balle d'avoine. Couleuvre de Sco- poli. Coup sur la nuque. Pics et Palacs Coup de soleil. Coup de vin, un petit. Coupable , abla Coupe. Coubla , Par ton. Coupoun , Eicapou- loun. Courir souvent, sans sujet. Courroie des souliers Courroie, coup de. Courtage, Courtaud , aude. Couteau de sage femme. Couteau pour peler les prunes. Couteau, donner un coup de. Coutrier, labourer avec le. Couar , Grouar Descouar. Fias- Couverture de ber ceau. Couvrir avec un cou- vercle.

    Couvrir avec des cou- vertures. Crapaud tuberculeux Crapaud ferrugi- neux. Grapaudina , Lou- beta. Arrapulit, ida , ia. Cremar , Cramar, Merlet, Cranel. Cr espar , fiisar. Crever dans sa peau. Crime, accuser d'un Criminaliste. C oc en jambe. Croissant, serpete en Croisure. Crocul, uda , Crow ehut. Croix, exaltation de la.

    Crollin , fumier de. Crous, exaltation dt la. Crous de M alla. Cuire avec de man- geaison , v. Cuisses, claque sur les. Cul, petit ou joli. Culotte, bas, mettre la. Cru , ue, pas cuit. Crud , uda , ua. Pecheiroun , Dour- gueta. Culhit , ida , ia. Cuirs , commerce des. Cuir s, marchand de. Curoir de l'aiguillon Cureta. Curoir des alamfncs Espan. Cuve petite d'osier ou de paille.

    Cylendrique, ica CYflf Cymaise. CYN Cynips de l'olivier. Ped de lebre Dada. Dalles, toit fait avec des. Dame de onze heures Damer. Campaneta de mon- tagna. Damoiseau, qui fait le. Danse, chef de la. Desbauchaire , arela, Desbavagi. Desbouloiinar se, Desgevitrat, ada. Desbardai , Dcsma- lounat. Desbardar , Desma- lounar. Descampa ssit , idn. Descamp a s sir. Declaratiu, iva , vl. Descourdurat , ada, Descourdureira. DEF D 'f;ichcr se. Desgauchit , ida , ia. Deslahrament Debifat , ada, Desla- brat. Demandait e , arela.

    Disputa, JJemele, DesgoussU, ida, ia. Demoiselle de Numi- die. Demoiselle , se donner Demitla. Dameisela , Doumei- sela. Endenlar, Dent de loup. Despreziament , vl Desapreciat, ada. Deshabilat , ada Deshabitar. Desscssounat , a do. Desservit, ida , ia. Desunit, ida , t'a. Desunion, De s unir. Deulo- sulfate de cui- vre. Deuto- sulfate de so- dium, Deuloxyde de plomb. Desferroulhat , ada, Desvergoundat, ada.

    Desvestir se, Dehanat, ada. Debanar, Debanaire , arela. Diablatoun , Dia bloulin. Diana , batterie tambour. Dicton , Diton- Dital. Dimanche des bran- dons. Discortes , eza , vl. Dispareissut, uda , Avarit. Dislrach, acha, Dis- trat. Doigt petit , joli. Dolichos de la Chine. Don, titre honorifique Donat, n. Dorade de la Chine. Dorures, Dorychnium ligneux Daurada, Aurada. Pei Sant Peire, Dorsenavant.

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    Dos , se frotter le. Esquina, Dos, Palussar, se. Doulour ou s , ousa. Dramatique , ica, Dramo. Dressoir pour la vais- selle. DRU Dru , ue. DUB Diihitatiu , iva , vl. Pessa oouliva gavota Durance. Durcit , ida , ia. Duvet , couvert, garni Duvet, Gart. Eau, petit filet d'.

    Eau de fleur d'oran- ger. Eaux d'arrosage gardien des. Nec , EsbahiL Esbahir. Esbulhit , ida , ia. Espeloufit , ida , ia. EBU Cougnet de bosc. Clausura de bouissQ- uns. E seau far s'. Echelle, tour de Y. Echeveaiix, mettre en Fchevcanx, mis en. Esclaboussat , ada Eclabousser. Desbanatf ada , Es- cornat. Escornura , Berca- dura. Ecuiner, Ecumeur de mer. Escrud , uda , a. Ecuelh , Esteou, Escudela. Ecurie, Ions les bes- tiaux d'une.

    EGA Egal , aie. Egueuler, Esbrecat , ada. ELL Ela , ella. Embarras de fil sur travoul. Embrouiller les che veux. Empedoui e Empcdouire s'. Emplatrer , Emplas- trar. Emplit , ida , ia. Emporter s'- Emporter s' , facile- ment. Empressement, ijrand Empresser s'. Empresser s', au tra- vail. Encenta , g roua Enceinte,! Rhooumas doou ccr veou. Ancra de la China. Peira de Sont Vincens. Endormit, ida , ia. Enduire de ciioses sales. Enfant jouflu, niais Pastis. Enfants, qui aime les. Enfants , qui les amuse.

    Enfermer dans le ber- cail. ENG Engageant , anta. Enregoui , ia Engourdir s'. Engourdir s' Engourdir s', par le froid. ENI Enigmatique , ica. ENN Ennemi , ie. Enrayer, faire le pre mier sillon. Envelopper s' Envelopper s' de son manteau. Envie, faire venir V Envie folle. Espes , es sa. Espandit, ida , ia.

    Epaules , rompre les. Herba de la guerra. Epinard de Hollande ou sans cornes. Epine , prendre une. Epingles , fixer avec des. Rrable a feuilles de platane. Ergot, monter sar ses. Ped de perdris ERR Errant, anle. Escarabce stercoraire Escarhillard, arde. Esclave , ava, Escogrifo. Fouit de courre- geas. Hordi quarrat, en herba. ESO liecassina de mar. Masca deis amplovat ESP Espace. Esprit de mende rerus. Essaims, mettre les, dans les ruches. Essor , prendre son. Etable, tous les ani- maux d'une, Etahler. Establit , ida , ia. Etamage, qui a perdu Banc. Estanchar, Four cor ai Pounchier. Ether citrique , etc.

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