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Harry and James find themselves aboard the Navy's gun Magnanime.

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In command is a captain with whom Harry has crossed swords in the past. When James is found standing over the body of a dead officer, Harry's feud shifts into the background. Fiction Mystery Historical Fiction. McBooks Press Publication Date: This is my show. I have no idea.

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I guess this generally wouldn't be too big a problem, but I'm just sad because it - though through no fault of the author - wasn't what I wanted. You know, one day I'm going to go find one of those perfumer house things and figure out exactly what each of these things that keep getting mentioned smell like.

have the devil's own luck

On an unrelated side note, I really, really want to find out what amber smells like. I mean, it's fossilized tree sap, right? Would could it possibly smell like? And what exactly is musk, anyways? Is it something I've smelled before but have never connected the name to? Partly because it was still well-written and sensual regardless of my personal issues with the plot and partly because I have an odd fascination with amber eyes, I read on. I mean, this has me speaking in tropes a bit, but it was still enjoyable to read.

I didn't want to stab something and I actually did kind of want to keep reading. Maybe that's part of what kept pulling me out of the story. Then again, I could have just been distracted. In my defense, my first exposure to the word "tankard" was when I was very, very young middle school? Besides, all these modern-day conveniences such as Google constantly at the tips of your fingers Or if it did, it certainly wasn't our first reaction to go there. I also feel like it's not quite a "pure" historical. There might have been a couple anachronisms here and there - or what I felt like were anachronisms - but I didn't live during that time period and I'm not a history scholar, so what do I know for sure?

I'll let that point go. The rising action and the climax were a bit It was very benign, I think, but not altogether bad. It's a different dynamic than what I usually read. There weren't any glaring grammatical or semantic errors, so it's at the very least decently written. Oct 26, Ami rated it liked it Shelves: I tend to stay away from this genre, especially stories that happen before the world war 1.

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I know, of course, I might miss a lot of great authors, but I prefer to stick to the genre I am comfortable reading. I was in the slump when I picked this one. I didn't find any good books that I could finish, tried few and stopped. So I thought maybe I should give something different for a change. And well, I did finish it: The story is quite easy for me to follow though I struggle reading the 'Old English -- I'm not English native see.

Written solely in William's point of view, at first I wish it is not so. Because I wonder why Stephen is being a jerk. However, after reaching the half mark, I realize, one of the things that make me keep going is, like Wiliam, I want to know what happens to Stephen. I want to know what makes him act that way.

And, I want to know HOW to break that attitude and find out what secrets he is been keeping though I don't think the reason behind that secret as important. The issue with Stephen's problem is tied up a little too nicely with a bow, though.

All in all, a really nice book Aug 18, Pearl Love rated it it was amazing. A fantastic Regency-era indulgence. A few of the plots points resolve themselves a little too easily at times, but considering the title, that's probably just how it should be. Highly recommended if you're looking for a way to spend a few pleasurable hours.

May 09, Martha H. I didn't like either of the MC's at all, for different reasons. They were prickly, full of attitude or arrogance, off and on the entire story. For me, I took the book as a warning of how bad decisions on top of more bad decisions lead to needless drama. I also did not feel there was any real love between the characters. Feb 22, Elaine White rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review will be identical to that contained within Rowan McAllister's Greatest Hits Historical as seen here - https: Literally throwing people around the room.

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Though it is consensual. Timeline - This is the best story of the bunch, for me. He's a bit of a rogue, but he's a great main character and someone that I never lost interest in. He kept the story moving at a great pace and his fri This review will be identical to that contained within Rowan McAllister's Greatest Hits Historical as seen here - https: He kept the story moving at a great pace and his friendship with Stubbs meant there was a lot more danger and action than in A Promise of Tomorrow.

Stylistically, it was as if two different people had written this story and A Promise of Tomorrow. The writing style was so different that I really was able to enjoy it, without the confused timeline of the previous story. In terms of pros and cons, there was more positive influences in this story than negative.

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There were a few run on sentences, almost a paragraph long, and some small grammar mistakes, but they were so few and didn't interfere with the reading that I'm willing to overlook them. We have never had city blocks, in the 's or now, so that's an anomaly, but I'm guessing from the American spelling that it's because of the publisher, so I'm going to also look past that. They were all different, unique characters and each one had a purpose in progressing the story. Which, unlike the first, was full of surprises, excitement and kept me reading to find out what might happen next.

Overall, the entire story was engaging, funny and sad at times, while also being original and suiting the times. There is a wolf in the wood. After only a moment, however, he saw Stephen square his shoulders and raise his chin, meeting William's eyes again in angry defiance. Oct 20, KimberlyRose rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was immediately transported into the world of her story and kept there. Her skill with scenes--composing, combining, placing--is amazing.

Her balance of plot, sound psychological character development, and sexual tension and creative, captivating release is beaut! My mind was alight with questions regarding the mysterious Stephen, since we were only privy to W 4. William never thought twice about his self-destructive behavior until he met a passionate woman who showed him how to harness his rebellious nature and return to London, his family, and society as a respectable gentleman of fortune. Stephen is fiery and passionate, handsome and mysterious—exactly what a fallen devil needs to stir the ashes of his heart. Unwilling to lose that spark now that he has found it again, William devises a scheme to claim Stephen for his own, but Stephen is beyond reluctant, with another benefactor and secrets he will not share.

But when the new master arrives, Pip ends up more unsettled than ever.

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