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Written in Ink

Restless Ink Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs Book 2. Falling for your best friend's ex isn't supposed to work. And yet Thea and Dimitri just can't help themselves. Will love triumph in the end? Dominic Luca, billionaire businessman, only wanted revenge. Instead, he found salvation in the arms of his enemy's sister.

They are more than brothers. More than men whose souls are stained by sin. Product details File Size: October 13, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy. Fake date with a stranger? Finding out he's a famous hockey player? He might look like Prince Charming, but he's sure to break your heart. A King on two skates and the Ice Queen who brings him to his knees! An enemies to lovers romance filled with fiery banter and undeniable chemistry!

Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention carrie ann ann ryan montgomery ink griffin and autumn written in ink ink series montgomery family montgomery clan wait for the next writers block another great received an arc next book really enjoyed exchange for an honest story line personal assistant place for too long even though arc for an honest. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This book was a serious let down in this series. Griffin came across as an immature, self-centered, vacillating wimp.

His high school girlfriend died from cancer over a decade ago and as a result he has issues with falling in love again and being hurt. Despite this being the entire premise for why he doesn't want to fall in love with and commit to Autumn, the high school girlfriend, Lauren, is only brought up once or twice over a third of the way into the book and he never seems all that heartbroken to me when thinking about or discussing her.

Autumn was also a difficult character for me to like. She never came across as a resilient survivor of a stalker, but more like a victim who never emotionally grew past If there was supposed to be breathtaking suspense built up over her stalker finding her, it failed miserably in my opinion.

The ending felt rushed and shallow. I will very carefully read ALL the reviews when the next book from this series comes out in January before deciding whether to continue reading it. They're in ink and memories. Love me and let me love you. Be with me until we turn our final page.

Kai Engel ~ Written in Ink

I found this one to be an inspirational tale of two people whose lives are a wreck coming together to heal one another. Griffin has hit a standstill with his latest book and as an effect his home is complete chaos. To help, his family hires an assistant to keep him and his chaotic life in balance.

Autumn first strolled into town in the previous book with little known about her. As her story unfolds in this book we learn that she is a drifter constantly on the run from someone. The struggles on trying to detach herself from the Montgomery family prove to be quite difficult but Autumn knows she must do so in order to keep them safe. What I enjoyed most was the different take on Griffin compared to the previous men of the Montgomery Ink series.

Griffin while without a doubt is one sexy man had this more creative and mysterious vibe about him. It was refreshing to see that not all the Montgomery boys are the same. Ryan executed another powerful romance filled with enough conflict and steamy romance to keep you turning page after page.

One person found this helpful. He's a writer and very good at his suspense novels. However, what he isn't good at is taking care of himself. All the brothers and sisters take turns seeing that he has food and keeps the house clean but they are all leading very busy lives lately and while Griffin has never asked for their help, he might be starting to miss it.

Enter Autumn Minor, she's working at Montgomery Inc as a receptionist and any other job, that comes to hand, and she keeps a low profile.

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She doesn't want to be remembered. Of course that's impossible around the Montgomery's, once the pull you into their family, you ARE family. But when I goggled 'in ink', I got many sentences where 'in' is used with ink. Why 'in' is used here. It appears that 'in' ink became the normal usage around I can find no reference to support this, but for me there is a nuance that 'craft workers' work with a material whereas 'artists' work in a material in suggesting a greater degree of 'knowing' the material and having creative vision for what it might be used to make.

Any one, who works in metal, can make the tool. Rendell Kings of Mountains i. When they are together, they seem to bring out the best and sometimes the worst in each other. Watching their relationship develop was a bumpy and emotional and SEXY road. To endure a certain kind of loneliness after almost a decade is just devastating. Watching her come out of her shell and grow was wonderful. I will definitely be going back to read stories Such a great, sexy and emotional story. A hot erotic romance that mixes in a bit of suspense and mystery. Autumn and Griffin are so sexy together and I liked their journey wasn't comprised of the notion that "sex makes it all better.

Altogether enjoyable though I felt the mystery aspect was rushed and resolved entirely too easily. Jun 04, Suzi Obsessive Reading Disorder rated it it was amazing. I just love this series! The author has been introducing us to the Montgomery family with each new installment. The family runs both a construction company and a tattoo parlor.

Written in Ink is about quirky brother Griffen, a writer. I admit being intrigued by Griffen from the start. He has kind of a crazy professor vibe going on with his family. Creative guy but can't take care of himself. Best friends with Decker. He has fallen in a rut and can't seem to put words to paper much less care for I just love this series! He has fallen in a rut and can't seem to put words to paper much less care for himself and his home. His loving family decides to step in or rather over his boundries and hire someone to be his assistant.

A get strong, stubborn woman should be able to get him sorted, right? Well, Griffen can be just as stubborn! The interaction between him and Autumn in the beginning talking about his routine, his thinking chair, how he schedules himselfso spot on to what I imagine in my head many authors do as part of their work. One of the better books in this series. Tons of humor and terrifically steamy scenes between the two leads. I enjoyed seeing all the gang again and catching up. These siblings love so loudly that you can't help but get the feels from reading their stories.

Grab this series up! Autumn is just trying to survive and not get attached. Griffin is a mess and his mother and sisters hire their friend Autumn to help get him organized. His house is a mess, there is no food, it needs cleaning, and he has not written in months and has missed his deadline. Griffin is not happy about his family interfering and hire Autumn without his blessing.

Yes he does seem to need help but he wants to do it all himself. He does not need an assistant. Griffin is rude to Autumn at first. He is very attracted to her and he does not need that distraction. Griffin tries to get Autumn to quite. This plan does not work. Autumn will not be scared away even though her hormones are out of control whenever she is near Griffin.

Autumn is determined to get the organizing done for Griffin. Griffin decides to be honest with Autumn about his attraction. The two decide to keep it casual and not make it into a relationship. But as time goes on and they become closer they both want the relationship. Griffin is scared to open his heart and Autumn is still running from her past and will have to leave soon. Griffin accepts his feelings and of course we get our HEA. Circumstances pesky non-bookish life and work kept me from reading this one immediately when it came out but the fact that the next book is coming out within a week prompted me to get it down from Mt.

TBR and I'm so glad I did. I love this series and the characters in the family that forms the backbone of it. The strong bond, sense of belonging, the tight-knit family and the humor are the things that stand out to me and keep me auto-buying and reading whenever a new book comes out. I love, ado Circumstances pesky non-bookish life and work kept me from reading this one immediately when it came out but the fact that the next book is coming out within a week prompted me to get it down from Mt.

I love, adore the scenes where all the members of the family are together and the banter flows freely and easily. And I adore the scenes where they close eanks and band together around the people they love when things get tough. The plot was intriguing in itself and by the way it was mixed with the romance and character development. I loved how it was revealed little by little with small hints here and there leading up to the big reveal and the wrap-up.

Ryan does this in a great way with every book. Griffin is one of my favorite Montgomerys and I loved reading his story. As per usual Carrie Ann Ryan delivered a sexy and emotional read that I enjoyed immensely. I'm really looking forward to the next two books in the series, both of which have been subtly hinted at and set up in this one.

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Sep 04, Adoore rated it really liked it. I enjoyed the book. I liked reading about the siblings but I am not looking forward to another three some especially for Maya and Jake. Oct 13, Kim Brewing rated it it was amazing. I love the Montgomery' s This is Griffin's book and the lady he "Fall"s for.

Jan 01, Selipperydickdip rated it really liked it Shelves: Awesome read, sexy hot characters, well written. Love Griffen and Autumn's amazing beautiful story. Dec 22, Teresa Lara rated it it was amazing. Love had left hisbrother in pain, in rehab. Love had left one sister broken after one man. Love had left him in agony after death.

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  4. Written in Ink (Montgomery Ink, #4) by Carrie Ann Ryan.
  5. He loves being a part of that close knitted group even if he has a varied interests. He is a writer, loves writing and has written successful books. Yet he is now suffering from his worst nightmare - a Writer's Block! Nothing he does helps him. He lives in a clutter, sends away his housekeepers screaming! He needs a keeper yet he never acknowledges that fact. Un Fortunately for him, his sisters accept that fact just fine: P Autumn Minor isn't exactly Autumn.

    She is running and has been running ever since she was 18th. She doesn't stay at a place for long, never makes any attachments, and keeps a go to bag for when she has to run and she ALWAYS runs. Until she meets the Montgomery's - the family she had always wanted, but the family she never thought she would ever have, a family that has taken her in and loved her, accepted her, quirks and all. Griffin Montgomery - a man she always been attracted to since the very first time she saw him.

    My path less taken. You are my future. You are my life. I finished this book in one setting - which for me means that I was up the whole night to actually finish this book - and Ms.

    Product details

    Ryan never disappointed me! I loved Griffin - he is my favorite Montgomery of all and it is not just because he is a writer! It's because on the surface, this guy seems to be all in, no issues no problems just cruising through life, only obstacle being his writer's block.

    See a Problem?

    But there is so much more beneath the surface, you know? A past that has haunted him for so long, and yet he has been keeping up appearances for long, that he starts to believe that reality. And he stole my heart with his gruff attitude yet those moments when he was going all protective and caring, were what I kept reading for. Autumn is a mystery, not by choice but by circumstances. She has had a brutal past, a family that never stood by her so she is in awe of the loyalty and affection that she sees as a part of the Montgomery family.

    And the only reason she stays behind, is because she has never seen that kind of loyalty and affection in her own life and that makes her more susceptible to yearning because she has been so starved off that affection it's like the seeing sun for the first time and it literally brought tears to my eyes. I've fallen for you, Autumn.