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When Life Is Hard. A Call Back to Faith.

Seven Words to Change Your Family While There's Still Time

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Instructing a Child's Heart. Are you convinced your family will never change? In this follow-up to Lord, Change My Attitude Before It's Too Late, Pastor MacDonald shows you that confession of sin can radically transform family relationships; and how seven key words"commitment," "forgiveness," "blessing," "honor," "truth," "fear," and "love"can make all the difference.

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Paperback Number of Pages: Moody Publishers Publication Date: Periodically, I will invite the perfect people in our church to stand, and thus far we have found none. We are all fallen people, not just in principle but in practice James 3: We need to be pouring a spiritual vision into our children. We don't want them to just get by; we want them to be the super conquerors that Christ Jesus has created them to be.

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You're going to be a godly man or woman. God is going to use your life. Pray that your kids will master the opposition, master their roles in life, and master their finances - and not the reverse When the blessing is given, a child emerges into adulthood able to answer to the three most important questions in life: Why am I here? Where am I going?

And a voice came from heaven, saying, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased. God the Father Himself modeled the importance of affirmation. The section on honoring our parents was unexpectedly heartbreaking. The author shared several letters that brought tears to my eyes, first of callous and neglectful treatment of aging parents by their adult children, and one by a man who took the time to thank his parents and spend extra time with them, and was so thankful he did because his mother died unexpectedly shortly afterward. The book also includes a tribute that James wrote himself to his parents.

Another part that really struck me; this is from the chapter on truth. We only get so many words in our families. The older our kids get, the fewer words we have with them.

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What are you going to spend your words on? Like that's going to have a big impact! I fear we're wasting our words on issues of little value, and then we're too exhausted to pour into our families the kind of truth that can be fountain of life to them. Instead, let's choose words of truth that build and guide and that establish a foundation of wisdom. Something that really struck me personally, with something we're facing right now: Then there's the opposition of emotional distance.

Perhaps you have teenagers who call you uncool and unloving, and they won't see for many years the values of the truths on which you are building your family and refusing to compromise.

Seven Words to Change Your Family . . . while there's still time

I plead with you not to back down, no matter ho many hurtful words they say or rolled eyes you must endure. In the major things, do what's right even if it sets off a war in your home. When your kids become adults and are raising their own kids, they will know that you did what was best for them. This one also struck deep: You are not standing for the truth unless you are doing so at the specific point where the truth is being resisted God's Word has never been tried and found lacking.

However, it has often been found difficult and therefore not tried.

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It is absolutely vital for us to understand that truth is most powerfully taught in the context of relationship. One last excellent thing, this from the chapter on commitment: Commitment is the defining characteristic of a person's life It's the watershed issue.

Seven Words to Change Your Family While There's Still Time by James MacDonald

Which person are you? Jan 15, Mandie rated it it was amazing. This book is recommended to every Christian household to read. It is filled with scripture and the truth on how families should be especially Christian ones. It is a book that needs to be referenced for the rest of my life! May 10, Janet rated it really liked it. Such a practical book for EVERY individual or couple because it applies to relationships with parents, siblings, as well as children and extended family.

I would highly recommend this book; God will use it to change your attitudes and relationships. Robert rated it it was amazing Nov 27, Joe Stewart rated it liked it Jan 02, Sarah Thode rated it liked it Jan 08, SBW rated it it was amazing Feb 03, Jordan Shouse rated it it was amazing Aug 24, May 02, Peggy Johnson rated it it was amazing. This book is an encouraging and convicting read. Christine Kappel rated it it was amazing Apr 08, Sarah Kenny rated it really liked it Jan 18, Troy Maragos rated it really liked it Jul 26, Tom rated it it was amazing Mar 17, Heidi rated it really liked it Jun 27,