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Voted #1 Sensual Couples Massage in London - Find Out Why

Great swim up bar, and the bartenders are friendly and provide great drinks. If you want a quiter vibe, go to the Quiet Pool, which also has a swim up bar. And there's a Sports Pool where they have games and a wild foam party like a nightclub vibe in the pool Particularly delicious was the tropical fruit they provide. I have never had better strawberries or mango in my LIFE. They have, as most resorts do, a spa where you can purchase various services. My wife and I decided to get the sensual couples massage. So we got it going into it a little blind.

What an erotic experience. Here is exactly what it was about: First, the spa is a beatifully luxurious place. When we arrived, they welcomed us to spend some time in the hot tub to get in the mood.

The Karma Erotic Couples Massage

They provided us with robes and towels. After our hot tub time, they walked us to the massage room, where two ladies were waiting for us. The light was dim and very sexy music was playing. There were two massage tables side by side. The ladies instructed us to get totally naked, then lay face down on the tables and pull the sheets up over ourselves.

They stepped out while we did this. When they returned a few minutes later, they pulled the sheets off us slowly and seductively so we were now naked and exposed, face down. Each of us was massaged and rubbed sensuously at the same time. After some time, they told us to turn over, still naked. The massaging and rubbing continued, this time on our front sides. My wife's massage girl had her stand up, come over to my table and start to sexually stimulate me with her hand. My wife's girl continued to massage her while standing behind her, and my girl continued to massage me while my wife was doing the REAL work on me.

After a few minutes of that, my wife lay back down, and I got up to sexually stimulate my wife, while my girl continued massaging me from behind me and my wife's girl continued to massage her. At this point, the sexual energy was incredibly heightened. Then the girls guided me to get on top of my wife and put it inside her. While I was thrusting, they continued to massage and rub each of us.

Finally, the ladies told us to continue to enjoy ourselves and they left the room, allowing us to stay as long as we wanted to finish our fun. I couldn't recommend this massage more.

Unless you're totally bashful or prudish, you WILL have a great time with this couples massage. I hope this review helps some of you to make the commitment to book your trip to Temptation! You will love it, absolutely! Like x 10 List. Last edited by a moderator: Troyboy , Sep 2, A handful of pics from our trip: Like x 4 Agree x 1 List.

Aug 19, Messages: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Aug 11, Messages: Jul 29, Messages: That was a great review! Glad you had an awesome time. That sensual couples massage sounds crazy. I didn't know it was like that. If I walked into that unknowing, I don't know what I would do. My head would probably explode. I never cared about getting a massage, and normally I say to my wife that I would rather have her get two, then worry about me because I won't get anything out of it. That might have to change.

How much is it by the way? Like x 1 List. ScubaSteve , Sep 2, Dec 22, Messages: Dec 11, Messages: Recently, Couples massages in London are growing ever popular as not only an erotic experience but also as a tool for relationship bonding.

Sharing a couples massage with your partner can be a liberating experience whilst remaining respectful to the boundaries within your relationship. Savour the sensual body to body techniques, watch your partner experience pleasure like no other and learn the magical art of tantra to indulge and expand your sex life. Choose to have either one masseuse between you or lay side by side massaged simultaneously by two expert couples masseuses.

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This bespoke service is the ultimate adult indulgent therapy, explore the power of touch and revel in the blissful ecstasy of tantric massage together. There are a variety of reasons to book a massage for couples. As time goes on, the spark that you once had with your partner tends to deteriorate. This is natural and can take a lot of work to get back, some couples choose to try counseling but did you know that a couples tantric massage can ignite that passion with just one session?

Sexually explore your partner in a safe environment. Connecting on a physical, emotional and psychological level can change your relationship for the better. Being in tune with your partner and get your relationship back on track with a couples massage. Life can be very stressful, enjoying some personal time together can be difficult. Setting dedicated time aside and booking a sensual therapy like an erotic couples massage can ensure that you and your partner spend some quality intimate time together.

You may have come to the mutual decision to indulge in a sexy threesome. Escorts can be a very risky option for multiple reasons, a lot of women prefer to involve a third partner and remain in control of the situation. Tantric massage therapy for couples gives you that power, its a super sensual way of inviting another person into your relationship without being too invasive.

Couples massage masseuses use their intuition to ensure both parties are equally happy, with plenty of room to watch, learn and join in. This adult indulgent therapy is the ultimate pleasure to enjoy together. Are you deliberating booking a massage for couples? London has some of the very best masseuses in the world. Karma Tantric provide specialist bisexual tantricas for the finest Couples massage London has to offer. A welcoming and friendly masseuse that will tailor the appointment exactly to your needs as a partnership.

Connect in divine ecstasy and explore your partner in a tantric adventure of lust and understanding. Strengthen your bond and reunite in harmony with a Karma London couples massage, call our helpful reception team on if you have any further questions and arrange perfect couples massage today. We are an award winning tantric massage agency offering the most stimulating tantric massage in London. You can find us also on:. What is Couples Tantric massage? What is involved in this massage?

Which locations are available? How much does this massage cost?

How can I book this massage? An Enlightening Erotic Tantric Massage for Couples Take the ancient path of tantric discovery together as partners with an erotic tantric couples massage. Call Karma Tantric on Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by newness Sort by price: Athletic , Slim Hair Color: