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The abdication of Nicholas II from the throne on March 2, automatically terminated a personal union with the Grand Duchy of Finland. On March 7 20 , , the Provisional Government issued an Act approving the Constitution of the Grand Duchy of Finland, restoring all rights to the times of autonomy to Finland and repealing all restrictions of the Russification period.

The interim government on March 31 appointed Mikhail Stakhovich to this post. At the height of the July crisis, the Finnish parliament declared the independence of the Grand Duchy of Finland from Russia in internal affairs and limited the competence of the Provisional Government of Russia to military and foreign policy issues. On July 5 18 , when the outcome of the insurrection of the Bolsheviks in Petrograd was still not clear, the Finnish parliament approved a social-democratic project on transferring to itself the supreme power.

In Russians did not want to continue fighting. That was not their war. People were starving and dying and wanted out. Lenin got it right and promised to get Russia out of that catastrophic war. Hitler was coming anyway and Russia without Lenin and what followed namely massive industrialization, spirit building and educational rise would have been easy target. Nikolai started mobilization before Germany declared war on Russia. Get your facts straight and do not put horse before the cart. It is amazing how people stick to some invented historical narrative.

French killed their king and millions died in Napoleonic wars.

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Brits killed their king and many died there. History is smered in blood. Nikolai , his surrounding and those before him brought Russia towards crisis and situation when pressure resulted in massive outburst. The lesson for everyone who wants to avoid it is to do necessary reforms on time and heed people. I would say that color revolution definitely happen because there is underlying issues that push people to the edge. It is different matter that those movements are often directed by ulterior forces.

Grievances of those who participate are quite real. Without positive guidance it is just a mob. Lenin was that positive guidance and results followed. Russia never was as strong and prosperous as after revolution and subsequent industrialization under Lenin and Stalin. Personalities indeed matter in history. So the russians soldiers were dying for nothing. No wonder they have turned against the pathetic Kerensky. My impression is that it was common knowledge that the Baltics had higher quality of life relative to the rest of the Soviet Union.

My preference would be a strong yes, while making Russification easy and attractive. My dad visited a cotton weaving factory as a schoolboy as part of some industrial outreach program around The oldest machines there — still in active usage — were stamped with as the year of manufacture. He recalled being somewhat puzzled by that, since according to the history textbooks, the Russian Empire had been an agrarian backwater with no industry.

So the only comparable element is the influx of Central Asians. I am hardly a fan of that LOL , but in practice, in per capita terms, it is still far less intense than non-white immigration flows into the UK. They despise Russians and think you are Mongols and inferior to them, about the same as Russian chauvinists think of Ukrainians. I despise their mentality even more than I do yours as you appear not quite as extreme as some of them, though you may have toned it down for publication..

Your combined mentality will lead only to war amongst people who should be brothers. Learn to respect them maybe not the crazies and eventually they may join your economic union and have peace; keep penning aggressive chauvinistic imperialistic threats like this article and they will remain enemies forever. Nobody likes to be forced into marriage. Eventually they will tire of their Jew oligarch masters and then you can rejoin the community, voluntarily. Prior to the war, the Balts made photo cameras and other electronics and exported tons of butter and bacon to Britain.

Many of those who left were Russians the proportion of Russians has decreased due to many reasons, incl. If Russia, Ukraine and Moldova had had the visa free, their migration would probably be even bigger. It is a very negative trend, but despite it the economies of the Baltic countries have grown, the living standards have risen and social metrics have improved life expectancy increasing, abortion rate falling, etc.

It is not accurate that the Baltic people only work menial jobs in the West. They are over represented in Western opera houses and on university sports teams, do business in the West, etc. The population of Estonia no longer seems to be falling — the last couple of years has seen positive migration return of Estonian emigres and influx of Finns and Russians. The membership in the volunteer National guard Home guard has risen since There should be a referendum or at least a vote in the parliament, to decide whether the Anglo troops should stay permanently the Polish troops should anyway.

You also mention neutrality — the Baltic states were neutral in the , in they signed a non-aggression treaty with Russia. Finlandization is not something that can happen just like that, there need to be preconditions. I just expressed surprise that this was due to some sort of leeching from Russia, rather than a reflection of the fact that the Baltic Republics were better off prior to the Soviet occupation.

Now as to your other nonsense:. After February Ukraine and Finland reverted to the how they had been under the 18th century Tsars, autonomous entities that were part of Russia. After November they became independent. Do you feel the difference? By recognizing the independence and separation from Russia of Ukraine, Finland, the Baltics, etc. And of course giving up any claims at Versailles, thus nullifying all the sacrifices made in the previous few years. Soviets were lucky that Germany collapsed, they got Ukraine back though as its own Republic , but never Finland.

Russia had the choice to let Germany attack or to fight back.

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Russia knew that the decision to go to war was made in at the German Imperial War Council of 8 December Let me remind you some incontrovertible facts relating to the events in discussion. No need to jump to the killing of the French king to explain them:. However, Tirpitz did say that the Navy wanted to wait until the Kiel Canal was ready in summer before any war could start. Though Moltke objected to the postponement of the war as unacceptable, Wilhelm sided with Tirpitz. This would, he believed, fit in with German East European Policy, which was to detach these lands from Russia and thereby reduce the Russian threat.

He persuaded himself, and tried to persuade the German government, that the Jews would have a natural affinity for Germany, as they spoke Yiddish. The plan was immediately activated in August and amplified in with the plan of the millionaire Socialist arms dealer Alexander Parvus a mentor of Trotsky who finally obtained the money from the Germans to the tenor of millions of gold marks.

Trotsky was working to obtain money from the American branches of the German banks. The Unz Review - Mobile. An Alternative Media Selection. All None Exclude Blogs. Ukraine Tops World C Teasers Russian Reaction Blog. An end to mass immigration from Central Asia. That said, it is more conservative than nationalist, with more than a passing resemblance to Breitbart. Soviet nationalists, such as Alexander Prokhanov and Sergey Kurginyan, who want to resurrect the Soviet Union and its suppression of Russian identity.

Ukrainian nationalists, which is what most liberal nationalists and Neo-Nazis functionally are. Putin personality cultists, such as Nikolay Starikov and the now defunct Nashi youth movement. Nationalism , Russia , Russian Occupation Government. Related Pieces by Author Egor Kholmogorov: Show Comments Leave a Comment. April 11, at 7: Are there still a lot of Russians there? The only region where they still form a solid majority is in the north, in what was once known as "South Siberia.

There's little point in playing for any other Kazakh regions; though the cities there were founded by Russians e. The Ukraine belongs to Russians - all three major branches of Russians - just as surely as does the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

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Even "Green Ukraine" in the Far East! What's so special about North Kazakhstan? What's the core of Russian identity for you? I always suspected that the "multi-ethnic" also, "friendship of the peoples" stuff was PC nonsense, and the Novgorod thing was a canard launched by opponents of RN. Still, don't you think that America's starting out basically as bi- or tri-racial settler colony, and the other race being SSAs instead of, say, Turkics, might have introduced distortions of its own into the American psyche and political process?

Ones that wouldn't work or worse if transplanted uncritically? I'll be remaining suspicious of any race talk until identity politics is utterly destroyed. Because until then, what it would mean in practice is that Elena Khanga, say, gets to claim Pushkin as one of "her own people" and presume the right to teach the vatniks how to be more "tolerant. I believe in the Jewish people, and the Jewish people are their own god. The origin of any nationalism is the 'cult of the ancestors' "Honour thy father and thy mother" , the obligation to remember them which entails the obligation to give thanks to what they did for us and hand over the patrimony - countries, languages, cultures, religions, economies - they left to us to our children and their children , to care for their resting places and defend them from desecration.

I think it is extremely significant that the Victory Parades became the 'Marches of the Immortal Regiment'. All the Russians I met 'bigots' as well as 'atheists, agnostics' would point to it. Thousand years of Orthodoxy I would argue that Orthodoxy is older in the Russian lands than the Baptism of Vladimir , of a polity built as protection and defense of Orthodoxy even Bismarck - no friend Russia - tried to dissuade the German warmongers from attacking Russia because "the result of a war against Russia would never result in the destruction of the main power of Russia, which rests upon millions of Russians of the Greek confession , of a culture steeped in Orthodox concepts, images and sounds why all the great Russian composers composed Church music?

Dugin developed his theories under the influence of the 'traditionalist' esoterico-masonic thinking of Rene Guenon and Frithjof Schuon, who were in fact converts to Islam with hefty doses of Kabbalism and intrinsically hostile to the really traditional Christianity.

In the case of at least Ukraine, it has its own language, history and political development and doesn't need any leftover problems inherited from its colonial or semi-colonial past within the former Russian or Soviet empires. Other countries have dealt with this post-imperial syndrome, and I'm sure that Russia will be able to do so as well. If you think that neighboring Ukrainian nationalism is something brand new, or if you feel that it's somehow contrived or unnatural, take a look at these photos taken years ago, mostly in Kyiv, and explain to me the massive outpouring of local support?

The photos don't lie: All three nations have their own countries, and enough space within each to keep themselves busy at home, not prying into their neighbor's affairs. If you own your own home or even rent an apartment, you don't really want your siblings busting into your premise, unannounced at anytime and 'take back' some gifted china, now do you? Let's say that your going through a spat with your spouse, do you really want your brother barging into your home and taking sides in any arguments or misunderstandings.

Here you're really being disingenuous in your reply, by trying to compare Ukrainian nationalism with some obscure, 'strange' movements that never had a basis in reality, and therefore never evolved into anything pragmatic. I'm really surprised that somebody as smart as you seem to be, really seem to get your mind around the fact that the Ukrainian nation is a real one, with over 50,, adherents around the globe - you're starting to sound a lot like one of those Russian nationalists not many, thank god that roamed mostly in Russia and the southern part of Ukraine during the early 20th century: And all three major branches of Romans - Italians, Spaniards and Frenchmen - belong to each other.

I'm inclined to agree with Anatol Lieven, who concluded that in an analogy with Britain, Ukraine's relationship to Russia had elements both of a colony as Ireland and as a junior partnership Scotland with respect to Russia.

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It wasn't as simple as in Ukrainian and Russian nationalist discourse. Even if true, this doesn't prove anything. No, it doesn't, you imperial ignoramus. I suggest you "nationalist" read: I've lived numerous years in Ukraine and know what I'm talking about, you know nothing except your repugnant, jingoistic chauvinism. Looks like you "assimilated" well. April 11, at 8: My own AK result, probably unsurprisingly, was Black Hundreds. It won't actually make you any smarter though.

April 11, at 9: Well, good luck with widening the debate in Russia. That is they're deprived of the rights they are supposed to get under the current regime of ethnic republics. That is it is much better to establish official languages on the level of districts or settlements rather than on the level of republics, where often the language is imposed on "non-titular" population.

Like a half of Tatarstan are Russians but they have to learn Tatar, while Tatars outside of Tatarstan cannot do that, isn't that stupid? I notice the map you include shades in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Anatoly Karlin Obviously I don't agree with Sputnik and Pogrom or rather its individual authors on everything. He's just making rationalizations for Russian imperialism. The map categorizes them as "Territories to be Returned". Obviously I don't agree with Sputnik and Pogrom or rather its individual authors on everything. Philip Owen On a Friday night, the streets in the centre of Saratov are full of women in headscarves heading for the Mosque.

The Yemeni's hold theirs in the mosque the oldest in Britain. The Welsh speaking Japanese joke of 's Welsh rugby supporters became real and has resulted in serious inward investment. Too busy to write a short letter but you made an interesting point about state RF wide access. Boris N If you want an analogy to this, you can think of Thailand forcibly annexing Laos right now, but on a much larger scale.

No, it is like if the Allies cut out independent Bavaria and Swabia out of Germany after WWII and then created the Bavarian and Swabian languages and the Bavarian and Swabian national identities, but now "mainland" Germany wants a reunification. April 11, at Anatoly Karlin Nesterov went to an English language immersion school in Moscow. Accents are a strange thing. Most people don't have any control over them. Anatoly Karlin I agree with this. You must know there is a significant Russian minority there, up to a third of the population in both Estonia and Latvia.

But even with these considerations the Baltics are not worth it. It is an ultimate backwater from the point of view of both Europe and Russia. There are nothing useful there. Their ports are close to useless, they have little to no resources, climate is damp, and full of hostile people though no as hostile as Chechens were, but why bother?

And the only occasion when Russia could do any move towards them is when NATO ceases to exist, which is unlikely in the near future, and most importantly when Russia becomes a true Russian state, which is unlikely as well. What will happen in 50 or years nobody knows. Well, a self-contradicting example. Tibet is a part of China, the Baltics are not a part of Russia, this is why Russia dares not even thinking. Russians must stop to worry about what Europeans would think and how to appease them like a submissive slave, not to say to appease insignificant Russophile marginals.

The Westerners understands only power. They understand any attempt to appease them as a sign that you are weak. I don't like that map. Apart from that silly Manilov's imperialism I agree with their program. Boris N If they want to annex the baltics and moldova, why not annex georgia, armenia, and romania too? And Russian nationalists do not like southern non-Slavic and non-European people in general. While we're at it, why not talk about how Germans and Austrians should be in one country as well as how Kazakhs and Kyrgyz, Thai and Lao people, Romanians and Moldovans, Bulgarians and Macedonians, et cetera need to be unified?

AP Germans and Austrians speak the same language. A Wandering Finn Very true.

It wanted to "return" Laos to Thailand. AP , Philip Owen. AP Russia had a decent, but far from certain, chance of assimilating Ukraine after the Napoleonic wars, if it had given Warsaw to Austria and instead taken Galicia. By the 20th century it was clearly too late. Anon Actually, Bavaria and Wuerttemberg make a good comparison. The speech of the various parts of Italy began to diverge around the same time. Why the diversification of some East Slavic dialects years ago is of an utmost fundamental importance can be understood only by Ukrainian ideologists who invented this criteria.

Though Moldovans failed to create a Moldovan language different from Romanian. So, unlucky for Moldovans, they cannot bring in the language argument. Though, there is a close example, right there in the Balkans. Bulgarians have never accepted Macedonia and Macedonian and indeed would be happy to annex it. Though, you may claim that Macedonian was not created in as an opposite to Bulgarian, but existed from the time of Alexander the Great. Indeed, this is why there was a separate census entry in the Imperial Russian census for "Little Russians" as well as another one for "White Russians".

Plus, this is not to mention the Ukrainians in Austria-Hungary--indeed, Ukrainians whom Imperial Russian minister Pyotr Durnovo warned in February against annexing to Russia due to his accurate fear that Ukrainian nationalism is "contagious. Hack By the 20th century it was clearly too late. Not if I understand Karlin's opinion on the matter.

He still seems to think that there's still some time to apparently do some large scale, old fashioned assimilation Russification of the Ukrainians. But to be totally fair to Anatoly, outside of admitting that the Russians, Ukrainians and Byelorusians all constitute one larger Russian nation: Last that I heard, this thesis wasn't gaining any formidable strength within Ukraine: Boris N I disagree with your language policy. On the contrary, the current policy confines small languages to oblivion, because if you have no republic your language is doomed.

I only propose each district or settlement to decide what language to use and not to wait when the central republican government authoritatively decides. I see no logic when a Russian village in Tatarstan must comply with the demands of Kazan, while a Tatar village in Ulyanovsk region cannot set up its own local language policy. Anyway, my proposal is not unique: Or in Germany where Sorbs set their language at the local level.

Nobody ever proposed to create a Kashubian republic within Poland, or a Sorbian republic within Germany, where Germans must learn Sorbian. I do not see why Russian colonists are in any way different than Anglo or Spanish colonists; I never heard that Spanish-speakers in Latin America learn Amerindian languages en mass, neither Anglos in South Africa learn any African languages.

It is always Russian who "must". Propose this to Estonians and Latvians. Or your beloved Ukrainians. After centuries of oppression and assimilation, Anglos finally got the idea the Welsh have a right to speak and learn their language. And while Anglos banned Welsh and flogged Welsh pupils for even daring to utter a word in Welsh, in the Russian Empire missionaries opened schools in non-Russian languages, and then the Bolsheviks organized a full-scale de-Russification. Yet still Anglos do not feel they "must" and continue to learn in English, while Russians "must". I have not heard there are Bavarian language schools in Germany, or Neapolitan language schools in Italy, or Yorkshirean language schools in England, or Moravian language schools in the Czech republic.

Or, for that matter, Macedonian schools in Bulgaria, or Portuguese language school in Spain do you know that the Portuguese consider Galician to be a dialect of Portuguese? Yet it is Russians who always "must". You know, you've always amused me. Unbelievable and very amusing. I wonder why you haven't made a step further and haven't said Saratov is primordial Ukrainian ethnic territory. I rather would apply the German, French, or Italian policies. No need for Russia to embrace an anti-Russian separatist ideology and their "language". They were lucky - they were spared from "korenizatsiya" and separatist brainwashing.

When in Yorkshire the Londonite occupants open schools in Yorkshirean, then maybe Russians would consider opening Ukrainian schools in Saratov. Finally, it is worth noting that joining the European Union is becoming more and more popular over time in Belarus as well: Galicia's Ukrainian nationalism was largely a product of Russian Empire-ruled Ukraine and the literary language in use was essentially renamed Little Russian. I can't imagine Russians tolerating this. In fact, wasn't it Muscovy that almost totally destroyed old Novgorod in , completely laying waste to this once powerful and independent city, slaughtering thousands of its inhabitants and merchants and nobility?

The noble veche was dissolved too, something that's still having a hard time reemerging within the new Russia. The Ukraine belongs to Russians — all three major branches of Russians he actually is keeping his cards close to his vest, not wanting to divulge just how the Russian state intends to inculcate this feeling of mutuality between these three branches.

I agree with you that Russia's best chance to thoroughly Russify Ukraine would have been after the Napoleonic Wars. However, even with a "point of departure" from our timeline in the early 20th century, Russia might have been able to partially Russify Ukraine--as in, to turn Ukraine into a Russian version of Scotland or Galicia. Basically, I don't think that Ukraine's independence from Russia was pre-ordained.

However, I also see absolutely no reason to oppose Ukraine's decision to become independent in and beyond. April 12, at In the early 20th century the Kuban was barely less Ukrainian than what is today South Ukraine. That's because what is today Southern Ukraine included a large mostly-Russian city, Odessa, which skewed the overall Ukrainian percentage downward for the region as a whole yet still leaving the region slightly more Ukrainian than Kuban.

Other Ukrainian regions were far less Russian than Kuban. Ukraine west of the Dnipro river wasn't annexed until the s, and the Russian government left it alone until the late 19th century - so the French had a year head start. How many millions just want to get the best economic deal for the Ukraine? Even the people in N. Ireland have decided that killing each other is not the route. Can you imagine Scots and English taking up killing each other again?

True, but unfortunately the population of Ukraine is plummeting. From to , Ukraine's population fell from 52 million to 42 million. It's still in freefall: In 25 years, Russia could face the prospect of russifying merely twenty million Ukrainians. AP I agree with you that Galicia might not have been reconciled to such a fate. This wasn't the case with Belarus. The window would have been the late 18th century.

And Galicia - zero chance of it getting Russified after the early 20th century. Had Russification continued, all of Ukraine and Belarus would likewise be solidly Russian, Wishful thinking. Anatoly Karlin These regions had been part of France far longer, and subject to intense French cultural pressure since the French Revolution.

April 12, at 1: Anatoly Karlin Surprise surprise, the late Soviet model of ethnic republics coupled with the propiska system looks best to me. I largely agree with your rejection of the "Great Russia" concept. I don't like the concept of "great" nations in general: I really don't get the concept of why Anatoly wants the Ukraine and Belarus incorporated into Russia. Sure, I understand why you might dislike Ukraine and Ukrainians, and I sympathize with much of his stuff regarding the need to stop mass migration, encourage more homogeneous societies, and so forth, but I don't get why "uniting all Russians", much less "uniting all East Slavs" under one national banner is such a goal for some people.

A smaller, more ethnically "Russian" Russia would be much better than a large and diverse one. And this isn't a specific dislike against Russia: Also, I like the way Belarus has been run under the neocommunist Lukashenko regime, and I have no desire to see it absorbed into Putin's plutocratic capitalist state. In fairness to Putin, Russia's Gini index is slightly below America's, but given that we are one of the most unequal industrialized countries that's a very low bar. I'm quite sympathetic to the "divisive" component.

I'm not that pessimistic about the EU future. To me it's more probable that the EU influence and attractiveness will only grow in Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, so time is running out for Russia. Demography is the most important factor, if there is more Russians it's easier to expand. April 12, at 3: Hail Well that is a bit ridiculous.

This is a dilemma I'd love to hear reasonable Russian nationalists like our host here discuss. April 12, at 4: Annexing the Baltic states would be a clear case of imperialism My impression is that support for political integration into the Russian Federation by persons with four Estonian, Latvian, or Lithuanian grandparents i. Having to learn Latvian may be inconvenient, but it's hardly a crime against humanity. And what's the point? But what's the point to create a "client state"?

A wall won't solve the problem either. This is one idea, though I certainly wouldn't say that's a Russian nationalist policy per se. I doubt that's even the majority opinion. April 12, at 5: April 12, at 6: The Big Red Scary says: I like your idea about encouraging migraton of ethnic Russians to Russia however. Here's a poll from A Wandering Finn says: In this regard, Laos appears to be for Thailand something similar--but smaller population-wise --to what Ukraine is for Russia.

I thought he's lived for a long time in America like you. On the contrary your accent in English is very Russian, I couldn't believe when I heard you, I thought after so many years you would speak flawless English. And you hardly have an English accent in Russian, only small mistakes here and there mainly in word stresses , sometimes you pronounce some sounds wrong like "sh" and "zh" but most will consider you have a speech defect rather than an accent.

Nesterov went to an English language immersion school in Moscow. But your suggestion of taking only northern Kazakhstan is much better, but I'm not sure it will happen. Your number of over 4 million Russians Ukraine unfortunately is going away, and it's sad for two brotherly nation to became enemies also map is unrealistic there, maybe eastern parts of Ukraine are still pro-Russian. That said I'm also Slav and I wish the best to both countries. It's better to have two friendly countries than one where one big part of it would be antagonistic, that can't be good in the long run.

Anon I stated the number of Russians from Kazakhstan off the top of my head, which was pretty close. The ones whose ancestors settled in pre-Soviet times are almost fully assimilated; probably most of the kulaks' descendents who were settled in the s are as well. They've got several Greek Catholic parishes and operate Ukrainian Saturday schools and even have a daily school in the capital. AP "These regions had been part of France far longer, and subject to intense French cultural pressure since the French Revolution.

The ban, however, didn't really replace Little Russian with Russian not enough Russian teachers to go around and when the ban was eased in the Little Russians, now called Ukrainians, continued their efforts. Russia was struggling to raise its own literacy rates, it didn't seem capable at this early stage of sending large numbers of teachers into Ukraine. And Ukrainians, on their own, weren't interested in becoming Russified. I'm neither Russian nor a nationalist, so what follows is very much an outside observer's perspective, offered in the same spirit as "whom would I like to win the French election".

I'm not French, so it's really not my business, yet observers observe and form opinions, and what would the Internet be without idle talk? For those who don't know, the propiska system limited population movements to a large extent. Making the Chuvash or Tatars or Ossetians disappear through assimilation or making their languages disappear by withdrawing state support for their schools - that's evil to me.

Philip Owen " instead of having Tatarstan forcing Russians within it to learn Tatar" Like moving to Paris and insisting on speaking American. The proclamation of the "Reconquista" is even more strange idea. It is necessary to solve the internal problems of Russia - then the integration with Russia for Belarus, Ukraine, etc. Promotion of aggressive policies will only harm Russia protection of the Russian population in the conditions of the neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine - a very different case.

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Any comparison to Ireland is rather strained Congress Poland would be the better example, Catholicism and all , because the Ukrainian elite and middle classes were well integrated into the Empire's power structure, and repressions were meted out based on disloyalty to the central government, not a special racial animus towards destroying the Ukrainians as a people. There's a chart floating around on this blog about the height and literacy rates of conscripts in the Imperial Army from the late 19th century, the Malorussian recruits were only behind the Baltic provinces in general health and education, in many cases far superior to that of central and eastern Russians.

It is strange how Ukrainians rarely talk about how two million Kazakhs died during the same period that's how Kazakhs became a minority in their own republic , or the famine did not effect other Russian regions like Tambov, Astrakhan, and Samara to name a few. Remember, Moscow as we know it was first established by Grand Prince of Kiev Yuri Dolgoruky in the middle of the 12th century, and many regions of the Ukraine were repopulated by Russians from the 'Forrest Zone' after the devastation of the Mongol Conquest.

I hate to say this, because I'm a believer in the idea of the Greater Russian ideal, but I think the ship has sailed on the further expansion of Russia, especially in the Ukraine. You can put the blame on any number of factors, Putin's political choices are but one aspect, but at the heart of it is that the Russian state has no coherent idea of what it wants to be. As things stand, I just see stagnation and despair all around in Greater Rus' for the foreseeable future. The analogy doesn't work with respect to statehood but with respect to separate development.

Kiev and the Central-East was autonomous and de facto independent until they recognized the Tsar as ruler but had their own army, laws, government , everything west of the Dnipro River wasn't annexed until the s. Union wasn't all that significant for a long time as most administration was done at County and Parish level by the local squirearchy. Malorossiya is an instrinsic part of Russian civilization Only according to Russian svidomite ideas. Glossy On the one hand Lukashenko has done a lot of good, economically and socially. I understand the Russians who're upset by the fact that Russia is divided and that there are people who want to make that division real by teaching the young generation phony history and a new language.

Lukashenko isn't nearly as bad at this as the Kiev junta, but it's in his personal interest to exaggerate cultural and historic differences. The southeast is culturally Russian, and in contrast with Belarus, it's governed horribly by thieves and foreign-to-it nationalists. I'd love to see Russia take it back, but this should be done decisively, not in the Donbass fashion.

The junta can't resist a full-on, honest-to-goodness Russian intervention, so it would be pretty much a bloodless operation. The reason that Russian nationalists don't like Lukashenko is that they're afraid that he or his successors will turn Belarus into something like that, into another central Ukraine. If one wants to put Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians into a single country nowadays, one's best move might literally be to push for European Union entry for all of these countries and then to push to turn the European Union into a super-state.

Are there any numbers indicating that a significant number of Byelorussians or "Little Russians" actually want to join a Russian ethnostate? Even if a majority of them do I'd be surprised , there is certain to be an energetic minority who don't, and I don't see how parts of Byelorussia and Eastern and Southern Ukraine can be joined to a Russian ethnostate without significant blood-letting, which is ultimately going to be counter-productive to your nationalist project.

One place to start would be in educating the Russian diaspora and even Russians living in the country about present day Russia "a whole lot of room for improvement, but already much better than you think". After reading Riasanovsky on the varied successor states of Kiev Rus', I came to better appreciate why there should be many distinct identities among Eastern slavs.

Those who live near each other say North Dakotans and Southern Manitobans are fairly similar and generally get along well, but you aren't going to hear a Manitoban suggesting that North Dakota should absorbed into the more civilised country to its north, while you might very well hear a North Dakotan suggesting the reverse. Are they supposed to pretend to be Russians or will they be permanent 2nd class "others"? Don't confuse unity with strength. I don't think so.

A family can get free land for farming by moving to the Far East. Take up has been very low. AP They are supposed to pretend to be Russians, in which case they'll be treated just like other Russians. But if they don't pretend to be Russians they will be viewed as traitors, and as such would probably be treated worse than non-Russians. Over Spanish Conversations and Short Stories: Turkish Phase 1, Unit Chinese Mandarin Level 1: Learn German with Paul Noble, Part 3: Chinese Mandarin Level 2 Lessons Learn in Your Car: Albanian Phase 1, Units Spanish Novels for Intermediates: Citizenship Naturalization and the American Civics Exam: Japanese Phase 1, Unit Spanish Phase 1, Unit Spanish Level 1 Lessons Chinese Mandarin Level 1 Lessons Conversational Spanish Quick and Easy: Lessons 1 to 13 Unabridged Alexa Polidoro Languages.

Pimsleur Portuguese Brazilian Level 1 Lessons Lightning-Fast French for Kids and Families: Unabridged Carolyn Woods Languages. Russian Phase 1, Unit French, Level 1 Unabridged Henry N. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Learn Arabic - Level 5: Learn Vietnamese - Level 1: Learn Italian - Level 3: Learn Italian - Level 9: Advanced Italian Volume 1 Enhanced Version: Learn Italian - Level 5: Learn Thai - Level 5: Advanced Thai Volume 1 Enhanced Version: