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Procedures must be performed by hand on an extremely small scale. Understanding the significance of manual dexterity to a dental career will help students confirm if dentistry is the right fit. Prepare for dental school interviews.

How To Get Accepted Into The Best Dental Schools

Be active in helping students practice and prepare for their dental school interviews by hosting mock interviews. Develop a compelling and comprehensive personal statement. Dental schools look for students to communicate their passion for dentistry and their commitment to becoming a dentist in their personal statement. Tell your own story in your own words. This can lead to immediate disqualification and ruin every chance to get into any dental school.

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  1. Meet the Requirements of the Dental School.
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  3. Apply Early!
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What can you contribute to this particular school or program? If you can answer these questions in a clear, concise manner, the statement will be a relative breeze.

Getting Into Dental School

Recommendations rank among the most important items in your admissions file. In many cases, they are the most important, making or breaking many an application. So start thinking about them as soon as possible. The whole process of identifying good recommenders, lining them up, and then making sure they follow through with winning letters can take a lot of time.

How To Get Accepted Into The Best Dental Schools | ULearning

Choose good writers who can express their opinions clearly. If a potential recommender seems less than enthusiastic in any way, keep looking. The more personalized and detailed your letters are, the better. Try to set up an appointment or lunch interview to discuss your grad school interests with each letter writer.

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  • Providing copies of your papers, portfolios of your work, and the like will help writers make their letters as focused and specific as possible. By all means, give them as much time as possible. Writing a good reference takes time and your recommenders will likely have other competing demands for timeā€”and other recommendations to write.

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